Guide Program

The Guide Program serves to support new contributors to the Training Team, similar to a mentorship or buddy program.

The Guide Program provides a structured pathway for individuals who are new to contributing to the Training Team. Navigating the vastness and intricacies of the WordPress project can be daunting, especially for those taking their first steps! That’s where a mentorship aspect of the Guide Program comes in. Through this program, new contributors are connected with seasoned contributors who provide guidance, answer questions, and help them navigate the contribution process with confidence.

Overview of the program

Experienced Training Team members serve as Guides for new team members, regularly checking in with them as they make their first contributions to the team. Guides stay available as a point of contact for new contributors if they have questions while completing the onboarding program. Details on the processes of the program can be viewed in the Guide Program Handbook page.

The Guide program can be taken at a self-chosen pace, but it is expected that it would take no longer than a month’s time. You can read about the background for this program in the proposal post.

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How to participate in the program

If you are a new contributor to the Training Team and interested in being matched with a Guide, please complete the interest form. If you do not receive a response within two weeks, please reach out in the #Training channel in Slack.

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Current Guides

Listed below are Training Team Guides who have onboarded at least one contributor via the Guide Program, and are currently available to guide again.

NameTime ZoneRegionLanguage(s)
Wes TheronUTC +12OceaniaAfrikaans, English
Destiny KannoUTC+9AsiaEnglish, Japanese
Muhibul HaqueUTC +6AsiaBengali, English
Ganga KafleUTC +5:45AsiaNepali, English
Sumit SinghUTC +5:30AsiaHindi, English
Prem TiwariUTC +5:30AsiaHindi, English
Jonathan BossengerUTC +2AfricaAfrikaans, English

Guides are typically Training Team members that have been contributing consistently to the team for at least 6 months. If you are an experienced Training Team contributor and would like to be a Guide for new contributors, please complete the application form.

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