How to Use HelpScout

The Faculty team uses HelpScout to manage incoming training team emails for:

  • Training team contact form submissions
  • Faculty team applications
  • Tutorial applications
  • Online Workshop facilitator applications
  • Lesson plan applications
  • Lesson plan testing and feedback applications
  • Course applications
  • Content feedback

We have a number of Saved Replies set up in HelpScout for you to use. Please do not delete any emails but either mark them as:

  • Pending – the email has been processed but requires further action. You can assign it to a team member.
  • Closed – the email has been processed and no further action is required
  • Spam – anything that you identify as spam. If in doubt, ask another team member.

Note about managing spam in HelpScout:

If spam has arrived through an application form, please mark it as spam in the site dashboard under “Feedback”, and not in HelpScout. Simply close the message in HelpScout. This is to avoid HelpScout flagging legitimate submissions as spam.

Training team contact form submission

Follow reviewing Training team contact forms guide.

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Faculty team applications

Follow reviewing Faculty team volunteer applications guide.

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Tutorial applications

Follow reviewing Tutorial presenter applications guide.

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Online Workshop facilitator applications

Follow the Reviewing Facilitator Applications guide.

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Lesson plan applications

Details to follow.

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Lesson plan testing and feedback applications

Follow review lesson plan testing applications guide.

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Course applications

Details to follow.

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Content Feedback

Follow reviewing Learn content feedback guide.

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