Team Values

In January 2023, members of the Training Team participated in two, 2-hour exercises to discover shared values. More details about this exercise can be found in this announcement post, and this recap post.

The top five values identified for the Training Team are: 

  1. DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging): We create an inclusive environment that reflects the global, diverse community. We create accessible content that appeals to different learning styles.
  2. Collaborative: We foster trust and cooperation, through mentorship and respect. This is a supportive place that encourages reliability and motivation. 
  3. Sustainable Growth: As individual contributors and as a team, we hope for constant improvement! However, we aim to accomplish this by maintaining sustainable, innovative, and adaptable practices that uphold the team’s energy as well as the consistency and quality of content.
  4. Impact: To help WordPress enthusiasts really learn, we desire to make an impact. This means that we connect with the right audiences and meet their needs. We deliver quality content and consider how this fits into the future of WordPress.
  5. Empathy: Contributors are often led to the Training team by personal passion for teaching others. We maintain that joy by maintaining a spirit of helpfulness and kindness, and readily celebrate each others’ successes. 

Exercise recordings

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Session 1 – APAC time zone

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Session 2 – EMEA time zone

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