Reviewing Facilitator Applications

When someone applies to be an Online Workshop facilitator they do so from the form on and their application goes into Help Scout. When reviewing online workshop facilitator applications, you need to review the content they would like to facilitate, as well as the person who is applying.

For the vetting process of the individual, follow the same guide as for Faculty Members.

For vetting the topic, the only real criteria are:

  1. The content is about WordPress
  2. It is facilitated online

If an application requires more information, reply to them using the “Online Workshop: Request more information” saved reply and modify it to be as specific as you need for the situation.

If an application must be declined, reply to them using the “Online Workshop: Declined” saved reply and edit it to explain the reason.
If an application is successful, reply to them using the “Online Workshop: Accepted” saved reply and provide more information about aspects you particularly liked in their application.

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