How to Finalize Description and Objectives

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Objectives Guidelines

Learning objectives must contain 4 parts:

  • Audience – Whose behavior do you hope to change?
  • Behavior – What is the new knowledge, skill, and/or attitude you hope to achieve?
  • Condition – What are the circumstances under which they will demonstrate the behavior?
  • Degree – How well or how often will they demonstrate the behavior?

Ex: You will be able to write learning objectives, using the ABCD model provided above, including all four components in every objective without assistance.

The objectives should be:

  • Specific 
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Time-Bound

Try to focus on what the learner will do, not what the learner will learn. 

Learning objectives will fall into one of the three categories of Bloom’s Cognitive Domain:

  1. Knowledge – Example objective verbs: Describe, recall, recognize, identify, explain, paraphrase, distinguish, give an example, summarize.
  2. Skills – Example objective verbs: Apply, modify, construct, produce, solve, use, predict, evaluate, devise, design, create.
  3. Attitude – Example objective verbs: Relate, implement, illustrate, show, defend, apply, critique.

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