Hello Polyglots Team,

On the behalf of discussion on #forums channel, as there is no forum for #ur. I wouldrequest to the Urdu Locale Managers to setup the Urdu Support Forum and add me there so I can further proceed as there are number of people who are not good in English and it can be best platform for the native Urdu speakers.

Reference: https://wordpress.slack.com/archives/C02RQC6RW/p1527788470000746
Forum Chat Summary: https://make.wordpress.org/support/2018/05/may-31st-support-team-meeting-summary/

@mrahmadawais @saqibameen @farhandanish1 @petya @sajidzaman

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Bringing the new support theme to Rosetta sites

Howdy locale managers and translators!

Rosetta forums are currently using the old support forum design (example), but the new one is just about ready for everyone to use, as you can see from the link. @SergeyBiryukov has been hard at work getting the new theme ready for Rosetta forums and I’d like to open it up to any locale that would like to switch.

If you’re interested in upgrading to the new theme now, make sure you’ve fully translated the new theme and leave a comment below.

Find an issue with the new theme? Report it on meta trac in the Support Forums component.

To test your forums with the new theme you can append /?new-theme=1 to the URL, for example https://ca.wordpress.org/support/?new-theme=1.


Want to make a request…

Want to make a request for a Rosetta support forum for hi_IN locale. I would love to help and be a moderator/keymaster (hardeepasrani) or whoever is willing to contribute. 🙂

#forums, #request

Rosetta Forum Upgrades In Progress – reposting from make/meta

Hey polyglots,

Some of you might have noticed that the meta team has started migrating existing forums to bbPress2.

Here’s @jmdodd‘s post from make/meta:

Rosetta Forum Upgrades In Progress

There are also new strings added to the Forums project: https://translate.wordpress.org/projects/meta/forums so it would be great if we can get the forums fully translated before all of them migrate.

We’ve been waiting for this for a while and it’s finally happening – thank you meta team <3

P.S. Next step – Rosetta O2s (🍭💥🎉)

#bbpress-2, #forums

Hello Is it possible to upgrade ka forums…


Is it possible, to upgrade ka.forums.wordpress.org from bbPress 1.1 to latest edition?


#forums, #ka_ge, #request

I added a new forum to the Polish…

I added a new forum to the Polish forums and I wanted to rearrange the forums but clicking “Edit Forum Order” does nothing. Can you please check it out?


Plugin forums excluded from "view all topics" and "no replies"

Our forum moderator @gatespace noticed that none of the topics from our Plugins and Hacks forums are showing up under “view all topics” and “no replies” views.

  • Plugins and Hacks: https://ja.forums.wordpress.org/forum/5
  • https://ja.forums.wordpress.org/view/all-topics
  • https://ja.forums.wordpress.org/view/no-replies

We looked around and this seems to be the case for the Spanish forums too. Our guess is that the forums with ID = 5 are excluded from those two views, since the English forums treat the Plugins forums somewhat differently.

Could we get the plugins related topics back, so they won’t be overlooked?

#bug, #forums

Hi I’d like to request Lithuanian WordPress Forums…

I’d like to request Lithuanian WordPress Forums:

(1) URL: https://lt.forums.wordpress.org/
(2) Forums title: WordPress forumai
(3) First forum title: “Problemos ir sprendimai” Description: “Klausk ir tau bus atsakyta”

Neither @pokeraitis nor me has permission to commit, but we have #4 & #5 files from this list https://codex.wordpress.org/International_WordPress_Forums and bbPress is translated on LT locale.

Please let me know how should we proceed further.


#forums, #request

First of all if I visit the page…

First of all, if I visit the page of a forums thread that has a URL starting with http:// and then click “Admin”, I get redirected to the forums homepage. If I visit the same URL using https instead of http, I get a certificate error. If I tell Chrome to ignore that and then click “Admin”, it works.

Secondly, we’re experiencing trouble with an user account. A user whom I’ve been in touch with on several occasions during the years keeps getting his account marked as BOZO for some reason (maybe it’s Akismet? I don’t have sufficient access permissions to check.) Could you please investigate into that? I think it’s about the fifth time in, say, two years that I’m cancelling the bozo flag on his account and marking his posts as “not spam”. It’s pretty annoying. By the way, this time I also checked the “Akismet Always Trust” flag on his account page. Maybe this will help?

Thanks. 🙂


Our forum volunteers noticed that the hot…

Our forum volunteers noticed that the “hot topic” section of the Japanese forum top page is now filled with spammy tags.

From bb-admin, I can see a bunch of posts from bozo users with such tags. The posts themselves are no longer appearing, but looks like the hot topic section is ignoring the bozo status.

The same issue with other local forums, e.g. http://de.forums.wordpress.org and http://nl.forums.wordpress.org

#forums, #spam

On all international forum start pages http xx…

On all international forum start pages (https://xx.forums.wordpress.org/) the search forum doesn’t search the specific forum, but only the main forum (https://wordpress.org/search/test?forums=1 instead of https://nl.forums.wordpress.org/search.php?search=test&forum_id=0) – is this intentional? Or a bug?

#bug, #forums

Manage Bonzos

Hi: I need to unmark a user who is consider by BBPress as Bonzo in https://es.forums.wordpress.org/

#bbpress, #es_es, #forums, #request

Hi Zé could you please deploy the translations…

Hi Zé,
could you please deploy the translations for Rosetta and Rosetta Forums for German. Thank you very much! There is a little bit of activity there after the WCEU …

And could you add German as a language for the WordCamp base theme (https://translate.wordpress.org/projects/wordcamp-theme), and make me a validator, that would be great. Maybe it could be used in the next year …

#de_de, #forums, #request, #rosetta

“Welcome Forum” needs to translate into Polish

I want to translate some peac of the codex and forums, Particularly those that are so-called rules of posting on the forum.


Little by little, it gets confusing. It will be useful to those who do not speak English.

#codex, #forums, #request

Since forums translations are now taken from GlotPress…

Since forums translations are now taken from GlotPress, are the rosetta/ directories in locales’ SVN repos now redundant? To be precise, I mean the support-forum.po and support-forum.po files. (And if so, can the entire directories be removed?)

#forums, #infrastructure