Hello Polyglots,

My plugin has 2 language packs already active on translate.wordpress.org

After updating my plugin, 4 strings was added to code & POT file. Unfortunately I can see them on Translation of Development (trunk).
Why? What am i doing wrong?

I still have strings from previous plugin versions, that not exists today…

How can I (or maybe you) fix it?


I found a bug while translating the front…

I found a bug while translating the front page for my plugin. For one paragraph, instead of using the paragraph’s translation, is only translating one word inside the paragraph and the remaining words are in English.

This is the paragraph translation: https://translate.wordpress.org/projects/wp-plugins/github-release-downloads/stable-readme/es/default?filters[status]=either&filters[original_id]=1817785&filters[translation_id]=34034093

Word translation: https://translate.wordpress.org/projects/wp-plugins/github-release-downloads/stable-readme/es/default?filters[status]=either&filters[original_id]=1817758&filters[translation_id]=34034030

Spanish front page: https://es.wordpress.org/plugins/github-release-downloads/
(is the paragraph below “Configuración” title)


Plugin forums excluded from "view all topics" and "no replies"

Our forum moderator @gatespace noticed that none of the topics from our Plugins and Hacks forums are showing up under “view all topics” and “no replies” views.

  • Plugins and Hacks: https://ja.forums.wordpress.org/forum/5
  • https://ja.forums.wordpress.org/view/all-topics
  • https://ja.forums.wordpress.org/view/no-replies

We looked around and this seems to be the case for the Spanish forums too. Our guess is that the forums with ID = 5 are excluded from those two views, since the English forums treat the Plugins forums somewhat differently.

Could we get the plugins related topics back, so they won’t be overlooked?

#bug, #forums

There is an issue of multiple strings at…

There is an issue of multiple strings at – https://translate.wordpress.org/projects/wp/dev/cc

check out “Gujarati” language. It shows a total of 503 translations instead of 487.

During translation, i observed that when i did some particular thing, it just made two original strings. I thought it would be a temporary bug, but in actual it created two different strings. Any idea why?

Also, check this one out – http://postimg.org/image/d09749vcl/


Hello i dont know if here is the…

Hello, i dont know if here is the right place to write this but there is a translation bug in twenty twelve theme. In twentytwelve-tr_TR.po file there is a word “tarafınadan” which must be “tarafından” on line 55. How can i request from team to fix that?

#bug, #translation-to-turkish

The Permalinks tab in Admin has a translation…

The Permalinks tab in Admin has a translation bug in Hungarian. It says:
“Ha szeretnénk, megadhatunk saját struktúrát a kategóriák és címkék URLcíméhez. Például használhatjuk a temak kifejezést kategória előtagként, és a kategória hivatkozások így fognak kinézni http://example.org/topics/nincs-kategorizalva/”
The problem is that “temak” and “topics” shall be the same literal string.

#bug, #hungarian

I found that wrong Untranslated count is…

I found that wrong “Untranslated” count is displayed for “Swiss German (Formal)” in GlotPress.


Anyone can recount this (like forum)?

#bug, #glotpress

Hi everyone I’m experiencing a strange behaviour with…

Hi everyone,

I’m experiencing a strange behaviour with glotpress. After translating some text and hit “Add Translation” instead of going next, it passes next string and goes after that. I tried with Mac OS X Firefox, Chrome, Windows Firefox, Chrome and same result. Are there anyone experiencing same issue?


On all international forum start pages http xx…

On all international forum start pages (https://xx.forums.wordpress.org/) the search forum doesn’t search the specific forum, but only the main forum (https://wordpress.org/search/test?forums=1 instead of https://nl.forums.wordpress.org/search.php?search=test&forum_id=0) – is this intentional? Or a bug?

#bug, #forums

Hi I’ve found some strings which have been…

Hi, I’ve found some strings, which have been translated and worked well in previous releases, but in the current rosetta package the translations not showing up, although there’re translated in GlotPress.

First report about these bugs in hungarian package came with 3.6-RC1.

#bug, #hu_hu, #rosetta

wp in to the set the php excute…

wp in to the set the php excute plugin install then the u have multiple time click in to the update button then <?php is convert in to the html special character then your php code can not execute this problem all version of the wp


This is where GlotPress keeps weirding me out…

This is where GlotPress keeps weirding me out: http://cl.ly/0520243U2f0Q021B2006 Every single view shows there a no strings left to translate, but yet it keeps nagging me about 5 untranslated strings. Is this a cache issue or a bug @nacin?

#bug, #nl_nl

The link Translation from Google in glotpress…

The link “Translation from Google” in glotpress gives the following error since a couple of days

Error in translating via Google Translate: undefined!

#bug, #glotpress

@vanillalounge @eyesx and others I created a ticket…

@vanillalounge @eyesx and others.. I created a ticket here: https://glotpress.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/166 based on these posts:

#bug, #glotpress

http wppolyglots wordpress com 2011 10 17 hm…


#bug, #glotpress