Plugin forums excluded from "view all topics" and "no replies"

Our forum moderatorForum Moderator Forum Moderators are active contributors who moderate their local support forums. Generally, these contributors get the permission to moderate from a forum admin of their language after contributing to the forums for a while. Moderators can be added by the local forum admins or the Polyglots team leads. @gatespace noticed that none of the topics from our Plugins and Hacks forums are showing up under “view all topics” and “no replies” views.

  • Plugins and Hacks:

We looked around and this seems to be the case for the Spanish forums too. Our guess is that the forums with ID = 5 are excluded from those two views, since the English forums treat the Plugins forums somewhat differently.

Could we get the plugins related topics back, so they won’t be overlooked?

#bug, #forums