First of all if I visit the page…

First of all, if I visit the page of a forums thread that has a URL starting with http:// and then click “Admin”, I get redirected to the forums homepage. If I visit the same URL using https instead of http, I get a certificate error. If I tell Chrome to ignore that and then click “Admin”, it works.

Secondly, we’re experiencing trouble with an user account. A user whom I’ve been in touch with on several occasions during the years keeps getting his account marked as BOZO for some reason (maybe it’s Akismet? I don’t have sufficient access permissions to check.) Could you please investigate into that? I think it’s about the fifth time in, say, two years that I’m cancelling the bozo flag on his account and marking his posts as “not spam”. It’s pretty annoying. By the way, this time I also checked the “Akismet Always Trust” flag on his account page. Maybe this will help?

Thanks. 🙂