Local Slack Teams

If you find an error or would like your team to be added, please report it in the #polyglots SlackSlack Slack is a Collaborative Group Chat Platform https://slack.com/. The WordPress community has its own Slack Channel at https://make.wordpress.org/chat/. channel or post a request on make/polyglots.

Local teams often use Slack as a tool for communication around translations and local community events. Here is a list of local Slack teams that you can use to connect with your local community.

Note that for most teams, an @chat.wordpress.org address is the easiest way to register. If you don’t have one yet, log in to wordpress.org and follow the instructions on make.wordpress.org/chat/.

As owner of a slack you can allow all people with an @chat.wordpress.org account to join. Just follow these instructions.


AfricaSign up (first time): https://wpafrica.slack.com/signup
Team URLURL A specific web address of a website or web page on the Internet, such as a website’s URL www.wordpress.org: https://wpafrica.slack.com/

Slack group for the whole of Africa
KampalaSign up (first time): ?
Team URL: https://wordpresskampala.slack.com/

Slack group for Kampala and around
KenyaSign up (first time): https://wordpresske.slack.com/signup
Team URL: https://wordpresske.slack.com/

Slack group for Kenya
LugandaSign up (first time): https://wp-lug.slack.com/signup
Team URL: https://wp-lug.slack.com/

Slack group for Luganda
NigeriaSign up (first time): https://wpnigeria.slack.com/signup
Team URL: https://wpnigeria.slack.com/

Slack group for Nigeria
South AfricaSign up (first time): https://wpsa.slack.com/signup
Team URL: https://wpsa.slack.com/

Slack group for all matters related to the local WordPress South Africa community. Access using your @chat.wordpress.orgWordPress.org The community site where WordPress code is created and shared by the users. This is where you can download the source code for WordPress core, plugins and themes as well as the central location for community conversations and organization. https://wordpress.org/ email address or get a quick invite: https://wpsouthafrica.org/

YorubaSign up (first time): https://wordpressyoruba.slack.com/signup
Team URL: https://wordpressyoruba.slack.com/

Slack group for all matters related to the Yoruba WordPress community. Access using your @chat.wordpress.org email address.

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Asia / Pacific

Asia (General)Sign up (first time): https://wpasia.slack.com/signup
URL: https://wpasia.slack.com/

Slack for WordPress community members in Asia (Not locale-specific). For signup, use your @chat.wordpress.org address from https://make.wordpress.org/chat/

ArabicSign up (first time): https://ar-wordpress.slack.com/signup
Team URL: https://ar-wordpress.slack.com/

Slack for WordPress in Arabic. For signup, use your @chat.wordpress.org address from https://make.wordpress.org/chat/

AustraliaSign up (first time): https://wpaustralia.org/
Team URL: https://wpaustralia.slack.com/

Slack for the Australian WordPress community at large, and also organisers.

BangladeshSign up (first time): https://wpbangladesh.slack.com/signup/
Team URL: https://wpbangladesh.slack.com/

Slack for WordPress in Bengali. For signup, use your @chat.wordpress.org address from https://make.wordpress.org/chat/

BhutanSign up (first time): https://wpbhutan.slack.com/signup
Team URL: https://wpbhutan.slack.com/

Slack for Bhutanese WordPress. For signup, use your @chat.wordpress.org address from https://make.wordpress.org/chat/

India – MumbaiSign up (first time): https://wpmumbai.org/slack/
Team URL: https://wpmumbai.slack.com/

Just another WordPress community – slack channel for Mumbaikars discussing WordPress meetups and WordCampWordCamp WordCamps are casual, locally-organized conferences covering everything related to WordPress. They're one of the places where the WordPress community comes together to teach one another what they’ve learned throughout the year and share the joy. Learn more.. English (mostly) / Some usage of Hindi and Marathi.

India – GujaratiSign up (first time): https://wpgujarati.slack.com/signup
Team URL: https://wpgujarati.slack.com/

Slack in Gujarati. For signup, use your @chat.wordpress.org address from https://make.wordpress.org/chat/

India – HindiSign up (first time): https://wphindi.slack.com/signup/ or https://goo.gl/F9RgPh
Team URL: https://wphindi.slack.com/

Slack in Hindi

India – KannadaSign up (first time): https://wpkannada.slack.com/signup
Team URL: https://wpkannada.slack.com/

Slack for Kannada WordPress. For signup, use your @chat.wordpress.org address from https://make.wordpress.org/chat/
India – KeralaSign up (first time): https://goo.gl/vR78NZ
Team URL: https://wpkerala.slack.com/

Slack in Malayalam

India – MarathiSign up (first time): https://goo.gl/LBpcYf
Team URL: https://maiboli.slack.com/

Slack in Marathi

India – Oriya/OdiaSign up (first time): https://wporiya.slack.com/signup
Team URL: https://wporiya.slack.com/

Slack channel for WordPress Polyglots in Oriya(ory)/Odia Language.

India – Tamil தமிழ்Sign up (first time): https://wptamil.slack.com/signup
Team URL: https://wptamil.slack.com/

Slack channel for WordPress in Tamil.

IndonesiaSign up (first time): Self-invite via https://chat.wp-id.org/ or register via https://wp-id.slack.com/signup using a @chat.wordpress.org address.
Team URL: https://wp-id.slack.com/ 

Slack in Bahasa Indonesia

Iran – PersianWordPress Persian Developers Support Telegram Group:
WordPress Persian Developers Support Telegram Channel:
JapanSign up (first time): https://wpja.slack.com/signup/
Team URL: https://wpja.slack.com/

Slack for the Japanese WordPress Community. Access using your @chat.wordpress.org e-mail address. Official documentation is on https://ja.wordpress.org/support/article/slack/

KoreaSign up (first time): https://wpkr.slack.com/signup/
Team URL: https://wpkr.slack.com

Slack for the Korean WordPress Community. Access using your @chat.wordpress.org e-mail address.

NepalSign up (first time): https://goo.gl/forms/6kWo4M18rNTl2V8g1
Team URL: https://wpnepali.slack.com/

Local Slack channel info for Nepali language

New ZealandSign up (first time): https://wpnz-slack.herokuapp.com/
Team URL: https://wpnewzealand.slack.com/

Slack for the NZ WP Community and organisers.

PakistanSign up (first time): https://wp-pakistan.com/join/
Team URL: https://wp-pakistan.slack.com/

Slack for WordPress in Urdu.

PhilippinesSign up (first time): https://wpphilippines.slack.com/signup/
Team URL: https://wpphilippines.slack.com/

Slack for WordPress in Tagalog.

SingaporeSign up (first time): https://sgwp.slack.com/signup
Team URL: https://sgwp.slack.com/ 

Slack for the Singapore WordPress Community. Access using your @chat.wordpress.org e-mail address.

Sri LankaSign up (first time): https://wplk.zulipchat.com/register/
Team URL: https://wplk.zulipchat.com/
Group chat for the Sri Lanka community.
TaiwanSign up (first time): https://wordpress-tw.slack.com/signup/
Team URL: https://wordpress-tw.slack.com/

Slack for the WordPress Community in Taiwan. Access using your @chat.wordpress.org e-mail address.

ThaiSign up (first time): https://th.wordpress.org/participation/
Team URL: https://wpth.slack.com/

Slack for the Thai WordPress Community.

UzbekSign up (first time): https://wordpressuzbekistan.slack.com/signup/
Team URL: https://wordpressuzbekistan.slack.com/

Slack for the Uzbek WordPress Community.

VietnamSign up (first time): https://wpvi.slack.com/signup
Team URL: https://wpvi.slack.com/

Slack in Vietnamese

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AlbanianSign up (first time): https://sqwp.slack.com/signup
Team URL: https://sqwp.slack.com/

Slack for the Albanian WordPress Community

Austria (German de_AT)Sign up (first time): https://austriawpcommunity.slack.com/signup
Team URL: https://austriawpcommunity.slack.com/

Slack for the Austrian WordPress Community

BelgiumSign up (first time): https://wpbelgium.be/slack/
Team URL: https://wordpressbelgium.slack.com/
BulgariaSign up (first time): https://wpbulgaria.slack.com/signup
Team URL: https://wpbulgaria.slack.com/
CzechSign up (first time): https://wpcz.slack.com/signup
Team URL: https://wpcz.slack.com/

Slack for the Czech WordPress Community. Access using your @chat.wordpress.org email address.

DenmarkSign up (first time): https://wpdk.herokuapp.com/
Team URL: https://wpdk.slack.com/

Slack channel for the folks that are involved in the Danish WordPress community.

DutchSign up (first time): https://wpnl.slack.com/signup
Team URL: https://wpnl.slack.com/

Slack channel for the folks that are involved in the Dutch WordPress community.

FinnishSign up (first time): https://wordpressfi.slack.com/signup (using your chat.wordpress.org e-mail address)
Team URL: https://wordpressfi.slack.com/

Slack channel for the folks that are involved in the Finnish WordPress community

FrenchSign up (first time): https://join.slack.com/t/wordpressfr/shared_invite/zt-1rvk7csl3-M1jWYcn71tSRLsAluZ9CmQ
Team URL: https://wordpressfr.slack.com/

Slack channel for the folks that are involved in the French WordPress community.

GermanSign up (first time): https://dewp.slack.com/signup
Team URL: https://dewp.slack.com/

Slack channel for the folks that are involved in the German WordPress community.

GreeceSign up (first time): https://wpgreece.slack.com/signup
Team URL: https://wpgreece.slack.com/

Slack channel for the folks that are involved in the Greek WordPress community.

ItalianSign up (first time): https://italia-wp-community.slack.com/signup
Team URL: https://italia-wp-community.slack.com/

Slack channel for the folks that are involved in the Italian WordPress community.

LithuaniaSign up (first time): https://kodopoetai.slack.com/signup
Team URL: https://kodopoetai.slack.com/
NorwegianSign up (first time): https://wpno.slack.com/signup
Team URL: https://wpno.slack.com/

Slack for the Norwegian WordPress Community

PolishSign up (first time): https://wordpresspopolsku.slack.com/signup/
Team URL: https://wordpresspopolsku.slack.com/

Slack channel for the folks that are involved in the Polish WordPress Community

PortugueseSign up (first time): https://palheta.wp-portugal.com/acesso-ao-slack/ (or https://wp-portugal.slack.com/signup using a @chat.wordpress.org address)
Team URL: https://wp-portugal.slack.com/

Slack channel for the folks that are involved in the Portuguese WordPress Community

RomanianSign up (first time): https://wpromania.slack.com/signup
Team URL: https://wpromania.slack.com/

Slack for the Romanian WordPress Community

RussianChat for the Russian WordPress Community uses Telegram.

Note: The Russian team also uses:
– Telegram, https://t.me/wp_translate, and
– A sub-forum in the Russian supports forums: https://ru.wordpress.org/support/forum/translations/
SerbianSign up (first time): https://wpserbia.slack.com/signup
Team URL: https://wpserbia.slack.com/

Slack for the Serbian WordPress Community

SlovakSign up (first time): https://wpsk.slack.com/signup
Team URL: https://wpsk.slack.com/

Slack for the Slovak WordPress Community.

SpanishSign up (first time): https://wpes.slack.com/signup
Team URL: https://wpes.slack.com/

Slack channel for the folks that are involved in the Spanish WordPress Community, Spanish (es_ES) and Galician translations (gl_ES).

SwedishSign up (first time): https://wpsv.se/wpsv-slack/
Team URL: https://wpsv.slack.com/

Slack for the Swedish WordPress community and Swedish translations (sv-SE)

SwitzerlandSign up (first time): https://wpch.slack.com/signup
Team URL: https://wpch.slack.com/

Slack for Switzerland in all languages (FR, IT, DE, ROH)

TurkeySign up (first time): https://wp-tr.slack.com/signup or by using the invite link
Team URL: https://wp-tr.slack.com/

Slack for Turkish WordPress Community. Access with your @chat.wordpress.org e-mail or @wp-tr.org e-mail (if you have one)

UKSign up (first time): https://wp-community-uk.slack.com/signup
Team URL: https://wp-community-uk.slack.com/

A Slack team for the UK WordPress community & organisers.

UkrainianSign up (first time): https://ukwp.slack.com/signup
Team URL: https://ukwp.slack.com/

Slack for the Ukrainian WordPress Community

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Latin America

ArgentinaSign up (first time): https://wpargentina.slack.com/signup
Team URL: https://wpargentina.slack.com/

Slack team for the Argentina community and about translation of WordPress to es_AR. Use your chat.wordpress.org address to register yourself.

BrasilSign up (first time): https://slack-wpbrasil.herokuapp.com/
Team URL: https://wpbrasil.slack.com/

Brazilian slack channel to talk about WordPress, WordCamps and Meetups. No support allowed.

ColombiaSign up (first time): https://wpcolombia.slack.com/signup/ (Use your-wp-username@chat.wordpress.org after first signing up for main WordPress slack at https://make.wordpress.org/chat/.)
Team URL: https://wpcolombia.slack.com/
EcuadorSign up (first time): https://wordpress-ecuador.slack.com/signup/ (Use your-wp-username@chat.wordpress.org after first signing up for main WordPress slack at https://make.wordpress.org/chat/.)
Team URL: https://wordpress-ecuador.slack.com/
MexicoSign up (first time): https://wpmexico.slack.com/signup (Use your-wp-username@chat.wordpress.org after first signing up for main WordPress slack at https://make.wordpress.org/chat/.)
Team URL: https://wpmexico.slack.com/
PapiamentuSign up (first time): https://wp-papiamentu-o.slack.com/signup/ (Use your-wp-username@chat.wordpress.org after first signing up for main WordPress slack at https://make.wordpress.org/chat/.)
Team URL: https://wp-papiamentu-o.slack.com/
VenezuelaThe translation team in Venezuela uses Telegram for their co-ordination. Join via https://t.me/WPVenezuela_l10n

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North America

CanadaSign up (first time): https://wp-ca.slack.com/signup
Team URL: https://wp-ca.slack.com/

WordPress community in Canada.

AlabamaSign up (first time): https://wordpressalabama.slack.com/signup
Team URL: https://wordpressalabama.slack.com/

Community of people that live in Alabama and want to work together to Organize WordPress meetups around the state.

IllinoisSign up (first time): https://peoriawp.slack.com/signup
Team URL: https://peoriawp.slack.com/

Slack for the WordPress community in central (Peoria area) Illinois, in the US!

NashvilleSign up (first time): https://wpnashville.com/slack/
Team URL: https://wpnashville.slack.com/

Representing Nashville-area WordPress folks. We are a volunteer team of local WordPress enthusiasts who strive to give back to the Nashville community.

OrlandoSign up (first time): https://wporl.herokuapp.com/
Team URL: https://wporl.slack.com/

Slack for the WordPress community in Orlando, FL

St. LouisSign up (first time): https://stlwp.org/wp-login.php?action=slack-invitation
Team URL: https://stlwp.slack.com/

St. Louis WordPress community come together in Slack to help others and coordinate events.

UtahSign up (first time): https://utahwp.com/slack/
Team URL: https://utahwp.slack.com/

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Allow @chat.wordpress.org

As an OWNER of a slack space, you can allow all contributors with an @chat.wordpress.org login/email to automatically join your chat.
E.g. to signup for the WordPress Kenia slack, the link https://wordpresske.slack.com/signup is allowing this:

To allow this, as owner, you can go to the Administration > Settings and Permissions > Settings > Joining this workspace. The direct link is x.slack.com/admin/settings#signup_mode (replace x with your slackspace name). There you can allow joining with that email:

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