Hello Polyglots, this my first…

Hello Polyglots, this my first day here and I have a general (and probably unusual) question.

I have read almost everything I could find about contributing and translating.
I also found my first project. I intend to support mainly Open Source projects.
I downloaded the Style Guides for English and German (there isn’t one yet for Greek). I downloaded the glossaries for German and Greek (as CSV-files) from:


Then I went to: https://translate.wordpress.org/projects/wp/dev/de/default/

where I have the possibilty to download the strings in various file-formats but not as a CSV-file.

So, here is my question (at last):
Is it possible to get a CSV-File from this Page, with the same structure as the glossaries I mentioned earlier? (source – target – pos – comment)

Would you/could you please consider adding CSV as an export option to this Page (and the other similar Pages)?

I ask this because I prefer translating with my own CAT-software. I am much faster and feel much more comfortable using it for my projects.
If I have CSV-files with all current/approved strings, I can create my own glossaries and TMX-files, which I then can integrate to my CAT-software.

I am looking forward hearing your answer on the subject, but also your comments, suggestions and advice to a newbie like me (to your Community).

Best Regards


Hello everyone

We would like to have the string messages in French langauge instead of English in N’ko (nqo)
Wordpress domain .Can someone help for that ?


Forum request Hello Polyglot! Could…

Forum request
Hello Polyglot!

Could we have our forums enabled for our locality – https://pt-ao.wordpress.org/ please?

Please define the following user as keymasters: @marcio-zebedeu

Thank you!

#request, #forum

Hi, I want to add…

Hi, I want to add Hindi translation for bbPress 2.4.x
but I am not able to find any Locale for Hindi Translation. https://translate.wordpress.org/projects/bbpress/2.4.x


Ability to temporary block translators who submit garbage

I’m not sure if this is the case only for my locale, but lately there’s been more & more submissions that are obviously just imported *.po files, which were translated using Google Translate and with no further inspection.

The plugin / theme authors think that someone did a great job and ask for PTE rights for such a person.

As most strings are short, about 50% of such translations are correct, while the rest is garbage – totally wrong even for really easy & obvious strings (example: “Dashboard” was translated to “Dashboard of a car” in my language). That aside, no PHP context is considered for such translations.

This means that reviewing such submissions requires literally making the translation from the start, reviewing the context, fixing the lost letter capitalization, correcting inconsistencies. A GTE would therefore do the translation as if there was none. This does not help, it actually takes up the GTE’s and project author’s time. This is the opposite of what helping in translation is.

If such garbage is submitted and it’s obvious that it’s an automatic translation (not just a case of not sticking to the conventions), I myself reject all Waiting strings submitted by such a user for that project.

Here are my requests:
1. Easy: somewhere near the *.po import buttons, place a warning saying “If you submit a translation which was done automatically (like using Google Translate) and isn’t manually corrected, ALL the strings will be rejected, even if a lot of them came out correctly. If you did the whole translation manually, you don’t need to worry.”. Maybe even warn: “You will be blocked from further submission to all projects for 2 weeks.”.
2. Enable the GTEs to actually block translation submission from such accounts, for 2 weeks seems fine.
3. Enable GTEs to bulk-remove all non-accepted translations made by a user for all projects at once.


Locale-specific slack rooms.

Currently, different localization teams organize themselves in many ways: mailing lists, forums, P2, Facebook groups and even “own” slack workspaces.

It seems most teams are moving towards a tool that combines real-time conversations and long-term searchability. And Slack could be that tool for localization teams, the same way it’s already doing it for other teams WordPress (design, accessibility, meta, polyglots, marketing,…).

Having specific channels for specific polyglots/localization teams has been requested in the past (see https://wordpress.slack.com/archives/C02QHM0P8/p1420651944000505), but has never been implemented. And the alternative of creating their own Slack workspace seems far from optimal to me: people need to follow a new register process (with, potentially, different usernames), history gets lost after 10k messages, etc.

By having new slack rooms (only created on demand by GTE/Locale managers), we could allow different teams (like for example polyglots-ca, polyglots-es or polyglots-en_CA) to have a WordPress-support channel of communication.

Also, as a side effect, this would also simplify reaching GTEs and PTEs (single point of contact for everyone, same user across all systems).

Of course, this would only apply for locales that need Slack and don’t want to pay the overhead of managing/moderating a new slack instance. I’m assuming, medium-small polyglot teams would be the most benefited by this option being available.

Is there any interest from the polyglots community on pursuing this?


SVN cleanup request

As there is probably no other way to publish new WP 5.x.x package with JSON language files, I would like to request SVN repository cleanup for Czech (cs_CZ) to fulfil conditions for automated release packages without any customized files.


SVN Permission Request

As https://translate.wordpress.org/locale/th/default/wp/dev is 100% translated. I would like to have i18n SVN access for the Thai (th) repository to release package.

Thank you,


Hi everybody

I’m Lorenzo and I want to help to translate Plugins and Theme from English to Italian. Thank you contact me if you want.


Why are transations not installed automatically?

I have translated my plugin on the polyglots website, but for some reason, the translation of German (Formal) is not showing up in the installed plugin “lang” directory. Do I have to commit everything additionally via SVN to get it to work on each installation?

I thought when a translation is finished on the site, the corresponding .mo and .po files will be distributed automatically to the user’s websites.

Best Regards


el Forum request

Hey there Polyglots!

Could we have our Forums enabled for our locale — https://el.wordpress.org/ please?

Tell me if you need any more information and I’ll get back to you asap.

Please set the followoing users as keymasters: @xkon @dyrer

Thank you!

#request el forum

Hello i have translate all…

Hello i have translate all of my plugin in french language (our original language) with .po and .mo
But on the plugin page a message say “Cette extension n’est pas encore traduite en Français. Aidez à la traduire !”
How can i hide it?


WCUS Contributor Day Leads Needed

Hey all, I hope this is the right way to do this again (It’s how we did it last year). I’m organizing the WordCamp US contributor day and I need someone, or better yet a couple people, who will be attending and able to lead the polyglots group during contributor day. Most of the responsibility is helping facilitate the group on the day of, but there is also some planning to do ahead of time.

I generally try to ask three things of the leads:
1) Please have a plan in place for onboarding new people to your team – whether that’s training them, getting them tools, just explaining what you actually do, etc.
2) Please have a plan in place for existing contributors to be productive, maybe a project/goal.
3) If either of those are completely fleshed out or particularly cool, let me know! The WCUS marketing, content, and social teams would love to talk about them 🙂

Contributor day is the last day of the conference (December 9th) in Nashville, TN


Pinging mentors:
@petya, @ocean90, @nao, @chantalc, @deconf, @casiepa, @coachbirgit, @sergeybiryukov, @tobifjellner, @danieltj

Request to Release Saraiki

kindly release Saraiki


Hello Polyglots, I am the…

Hello Polyglots,
I am the plugin author for “Kletterpartner-Suche” and i need GTE-Reqest for my Plugin
https://de.wordpress.org/plugins/kletterpartner-suche/ to translate in other languages… so, please add me: nirus

Thank you! 🙂
if you have any questions… write me 😛