Hello polyglots,, I am a…

Hello polyglots,, I am a locale manager of #zh_HK. I need write access on i18n.svn.wordpress.org so that I can upload my translated readme.html and wp-config-sample.php files to the repository. Thanks!


WPiOS 6.9 Translation Help

Hey there Polyglots!

We’re submitting WPiOS 6.9 on Monday February 13 2017 to the Apple App Store. The new/changed app strings and the release notes are all ready in GlotPress for translation. Would you mind helping us translate these items for the release?

Thanks a lot!



Hi Polyglots, I’m the author…

Hi Polyglots, I’m the author of Front End PM (https://wordpress.org/plugins/front-end-pm/)
I see some of locales get translated but not approved yet, Can you please review and approve following locales translations


I am GTE of Nepali…

I am GTE of Nepali language. I would like to request for new O2 Team for Nepali language. Thanks.


Urdu Team site (O2) & Forums

Dear all, Please also start a team site & forums for Urdu Language.

cc to: @mrahmadawais @farhandanish @amreendanish @sajidzaman #Ur

Thanks & Regards

#Urdu #Ur


Hello polyglot

I am one of the GTEs for locale #zh_hk. Now I need the permissions to release the release package and edit zh-hk.wordpress.org website, but currently I don’t have the right to do so.
@wisley @greglui, would one of you please edit the permissions for my wordpress.org account for this (I mean upgrading my account to locale manager) ? Thx!


Hello, please import Apps strings…

Hello, please import Apps strings to #uk locale.


Hi Polyglots,

I’m the author of the theme The NewsMag: https://wordpress.org/themes/the-newsmag/

Can you please add the following user as the translation editor for this locale:

Bishal Napit

#editor-requests #request

Hi. Even though I’m no…

Hi. Even though I’m no longer a translator, I’m still getting contact from submissions from this page:

It’s very annoying. Is there a way to be removed from this (in addition to the translation messages)? I looked and can’t seem to find a way to do it.


Hi, I am the author…

Hi, I am the author of the Custom Post Widget plugin.

@kubecki has kindly translated my plugin into #pl_PL

Can a Polish translation editor please review and approve the added strings?



Rebalance translated in Catalan

Hi, I translated Rebalance theme (https://translate.wordpress.org/projects/wp-themes/rebalance) to Catalan. Could you please review my translations and stabilise them?


Strings for WordPress Apps project…

Strings for WordPress Apps project not imported for #gu locale. Can you please import strings?

Thank you 🙂


We’ve finished the translation of…

We’ve finished the translation of development version for Uzbek language and now it’s time to manage the locale website and support forums.

I have access to both uz.wordpress.org and uz.wordpress.org/forums dashboards but I’m having hard time customizing the themes. I’d like to make the Uzbek website look just like ru.wordpress.org. I feel like my role on the website is limited.

What role do I need in order to freely customize my locale website and forums?

Please, give me higher role on uz.wordpress.org and uz.wordpress.org/forums websites.


#irish – Hello gaeilgeoirí, I’d…

#irish – Hello gaeilgeoirí,

I’d like to re-open this discussion – we’re heading into 2017 and would love to know if anyone is interested in reviving the Irish translation for 2017?



hi, I finished the WP…

hi, I finished the WP Realtime Sitemap #zh_CN translation. Please advise how to get it approved. Thanks,