Hello @ocean90 We wold like…

Hello @ocean90

We wold like a forum and a P2-blog added to da.wordpress.org

Thanks in advance.

#da_dk #request #forum #rosetta

As GTE/Locale manager for #nl_BE…

As GTE/Locale manager for #nl_BE and #fr_BE, can you please grant me write access to https://i18n.svn.wordpress.org/ ?
Thanks, Pascal.


Hello, Team! We have already…

Hello, Team! We have already reported the issue about the broken shortcodes at the “Development” page (http://prntscr.com/fiw05y) when switching to the Russian language. It was on Jun 07. We followed your advice and rejected the translation of the string containing “or” but the problem still remains. In fact, we don’t have any shortcodes translated, even partial. Please help us with this issue.


Hi all! I’m one of…

Hi all! I’m one of Vietnamese Locale Manager. Please grant me the right to write to repository: i18n.svn.wordpress.org/vi/ . I need to commit some changes to it.

Thanks so much! 😉

#vi #request, #svn

Hello polyglots, I am the…

Hello polyglots, I am the locale manager of locale #zh_HK. I would like to request O2 feature in my Rosetta site. Thanks!


Hey @mrfroasty! I am looking…

Hey @mrfroasty!
I am looking into joining the Swahili translation team. I have a few people who are interested and would help in doing this.

Could you please let us know how we can do this.
We can work with you or we can work entirely as a new team.



May I request svn-commit access…

May I request svn-commit access to sv_SE on i18n.wordpress.org for me, tobifjellner
Thanks in advance,


Hello polyglots, I am the…

Hello polyglots, I am the locale manager of #zh_HK. I would like to request for setting up the apps by adding translation strings for the locale of WordPress iOS and Android app in order to be translated, as there are no strings inside and so cannot be translated:

  • https://translate.wordpress.org/locale/zh-hk/default/apps/ios (@ocean90)
  • https://translate.wordpress.org/locale/zh-hk/default/apps/android (@ocean90)



Hello Polyglots, I have suggested…

Hello Polyglots, I have suggested strings for this woocommerce plugin and would like to become a PTE, can you please add me:
Name: woocommerce
URL: WooCommerce

If you have any questions, just comment here. Thank you!


Can we please add local…

Can we please add local Slack channel info for Nepali language? Slack link: https://wpnepali.slack.com/ Registration: https://goo.gl/forms/6kWo4M18rNTl2V8g1


How long does it take…

How long does it take to approve Plugin translations? I am translating the sentences of Membership 2 and I am with more than 300 translated, with status of “waiting”. I need the release to install the plugin on the website of the company I work for. If this is not the place for this question, I sincerely apologize. I am not a programmer or a developer. I was asked to keep the company website and I’m starting now with WordPress. I love the system and I’m helping with translations as I can. Thank you for your attention.


Hello Polyglots, I am the…

Hello Polyglots,
I am the plugin author for https://wordpress.org/plugins/blog-mechanics-theme-gallery/ We have a number of great translation editors that we’d like to be able to approve translation for our plugin(s). Please add the following WordPress.org user as translation editor:



Add the local glossary and style guide pages of Vietnamese

Can you guys please help us to add the info?




  • Locale: Vietnamese
  • WP locale: vi
  • Glossary: https://translate.wordpress.org/locale/vi/default/glossary
  • Style Guide: https://vi.wordpress.org/style-guide-cho-dich-tieng-viet/
  • Start Guide: https://vi.wordpress.org/huong-dan-dong-gop-ban-dich-cho-wordpress/


Please activate bbPress for sv.wordpress.org…

Please activate bbPress for sv.wordpress.org
(I hope that the forum will still appear only after we open it?)



could you please add Polish glossary to the Glossaries list?

Thanks in advance,