Hi. Even though I’m no…

Hi. Even though I’m no longer a translator, I’m still getting contact from submissions from this page:

It’s very annoying. Is there a way to be removed from this (in addition to the translation messages)? I looked and can’t seem to find a way to do it.


Hi, I am the author…

Hi, I am the author of the Custom Post Widget plugin.

@kubecki has kindly translated my plugin into #pl_PL

Can a Polish translation editor please review and approve the added strings?



Rebalance translated in Catalan

Hi, I translated Rebalance theme (https://translate.wordpress.org/projects/wp-themes/rebalance) to Catalan. Could you please review my translations and stabilise them?


Strings for WordPress Apps project…

Strings for WordPress Apps project not imported for #gu locale. Can you please import strings?

Thank you 🙂


We’ve finished the translation of…

We’ve finished the translation of development version for Uzbek language and now it’s time to manage the locale website and support forums.

I have access to both uz.wordpress.org and uz.wordpress.org/forums dashboards but I’m having hard time customizing the themes. I’d like to make the Uzbek website look just like ru.wordpress.org. I feel like my role on the website is limited.

What role do I need in order to freely customize my locale website and forums?

Please, give me higher role on uz.wordpress.org and uz.wordpress.org/forums websites.


#irish – Hello gaeilgeoirí, I’d…

#irish – Hello gaeilgeoirí,

I’d like to re-open this discussion – we’re heading into 2017 and would love to know if anyone is interested in reviving the Irish translation for 2017?



hi, I finished the WP…

hi, I finished the WP Realtime Sitemap #zh_CN translation. Please advise how to get it approved. Thanks,


SVN Commit Access Request

Hi lovely Polyglots (ping @ocean90), could I please have ci access to http://svn.automattic.com/wordpress-i18n/sv_SE ? I want to add the 4.7 branch so the Swedish language pack for 4.7 can be packaged up for sv.wordpress.org.

Username: isaackeyet

I wish many cute kittens in your near future.


Howdy! We’re hoping to submit…

Howdy! We’re hoping to submit WPiOS 6.8 toward the end of next week and we could use some help translating the app strings and the release notes. Would you mind helping us translate the release notes and the app strings?

Thank you!



BuddyPress PTE request

Please add me as editor of the Chinese (Taiwan) translation plugin for https://translate.wordpress.org/projects/wp-plugins/buddypress at the request BuddyPress.
Chinese (Taiwan) (#zh_TW) (@kaiconan)

Thank you,

#editor-requests #request

Want to make a request…

Want to make a request for a Rosetta support forum for hi_IN locale. I would love to help and be a moderator/keymaster (hardeepasrani) or whoever is willing to contribute. 🙂

#forums, #request

Hello Polyglots, I’m a translator…

Hello Polyglots, I’m a translator and editor of the Latvian language locale. In recent months I have translated pretty much WP texts, including Rosetta, Theme Dir, Plugin Dir and others.
At the moment it seems that the Latvian locale has a couple of problems:

  • Local code on meta list is “lv”, which probably should be “lv_LV”
  • Android and iOS are not found on the meta project list for lv. On “Translation status overview” site row with lv, below Android and IOS are empty “-“.

Some other lv editors with whom I have tried to speak, could not help.

Some advice please 🙂


Hi Polyglots, I am GTE…

Hi Polyglots, I am GTE of Marathi (mr) language. I would like to request you to add support forum page for Marathi locale.

These users like to be keymaster (admin) for forum @mkrndmane @patilswapnilv and @bornforphp

Thank you.

#mr #request #forum

Seems I have insufficient rights…

Seems I have insufficient rights (I thought I had) to add someone to a locale team. Could someone please add user macmhicheil to the Scottish Gaelic team with translator rights? Or alternatively, bump up my rights so I can deal with this myself? Thanks


Hello Polyglots,

My plugin has 2 language packs already active on translate.wordpress.org

After updating my plugin, 4 strings was added to code & POT file. Unfortunately I can see them on Translation of Development (trunk).
Why? What am i doing wrong?

I still have strings from previous plugin versions, that not exists today…

How can I (or maybe you) fix it?