I’m the author of the plugin WP GDPR Compliance. There are currently lots of translations waiting to be manually approved:

French (fr_FR)
German (de_DE)
Dutch (nl_NL)

Finnish (fi)
Hungarian (hu_HU)
Bulgarian (bg_BG)

I’d be much appreciated if you’d approve these translations.

Thank you so much!


Hello Polyglots Team,

On the behalf of discussion on #forums channel, as there is no forum for #ur. I wouldrequest to the Urdu Locale Managers to setup the Urdu Support Forum and add me there so I can further proceed as there are number of people who are not good in English and it can be best platform for the native Urdu speakers.

Reference: https://wordpress.slack.com/archives/C02RQC6RW/p1527788470000746
Forum Chat Summary: https://make.wordpress.org/support/2018/05/may-31st-support-team-meeting-summary/

@mrahmadawais @saqibameen @farhandanish1 @petya @sajidzaman

Thanks & Regards,


Import already existing language files

Hello everyone!

I´m the plugin author of “Subscribe to Double-Opt-In Comments“.

My plugin has multiple language packs added before this translation site was established. I´m now searching for a way to import these language packs into the translation process.
I´ve read the documentation, but got no hint about the import process for my case. It only states that existing translations were imported when the switch to this site was made. But it didn´t happen for my translations because there was an error. It is fixed now, but how can I get my translated strings into this process here :-)?

— Tobias



I am using the All In One WP Security & Firewall plugin, there is no Turkish translation and the translation plugin (Loco) Translate did not suffice. Login.php did not find the “Remember Me” line for login text. How could I solve it?



Hello, I’m Naoko, an autistic…

I’m Naoko, an autistic lady from Hungary. My native language is Hungarian, but I speak English and Russian. And now I’m learning the Hebrew language.
I have no plugin, I’m just a translator. I like to translate.
Good to be here 🙂
I just looked here 🙂
Have a nice day! 🙂


Creation of https://nl-be.wordpress.org/team/ Dear team,…

Creation of https://nl-be.wordpress.org/team/
Dear team,
Can you please create the ‘team’ site for #nl_be ?
Please grant admin access to all current GTE (@davelo, @jeroenrotty and @casiepa) and also @littlekitten (Locale manager)


Hi, I would like to…

Hi, I would like to know how to export translation files before they are approved…? I would really like to use a plugin (Ultimate Member) and make use of the unfinished translation into Finnish, because it already has 50 % of the work done… But when I export, I only get the English versions, none of the unapproved work…=


Hello, I’m the author of…


I’m the author of Leyka plugin.

Some time ago, we successfully migrated our plugin localizations to the GlotPress repository.

But now we see a problem with dev and stable locales refreshing. Any commit to the plugin folders in WordPress repository (be it trunk or tags) doesn’t trigger the plugin code rescanning to find new lines.

At the same time, Loco Translate and PoEdit see all lines changes. E.g., right now in the Loco Translate the plugin trunk folder includes 1023 lines (77 are not translated yet). But the GlotPress plugin directory sees only 964 lines (all of them are translated).

We’ve tried exporting the current *.po file and importing it in GlotPress plugin directory, but to no effect. GlotPress tells that “0 new lines imported”.

What are we doing wrong, and how can we initiate the plugin locales refresh?

Thanks in advance.


Hello Polygots,

Still waiting for someone to add me as a locale manager so that I can add editors plus adding our locale site(lug.wordress.org) on the Luganda language.

Tim W. Hergty


Managing my plugins translations

Hello Polyglots, I am the plugin author of 3 plugins in the repo.
SKU generator for Woocommerce by ATR
Woocommerce Global Price Options
ATR advanced menu

I’d like to know if there’s a some kind of super editor for my plugins translations. Is it possible at all? (I am looking for a way to skip the editor request for me on my plugins)



Invitation to translate the WordPress 15th Anniversary website

Greetings, Polyglots!

The 15th anniversary of the creation of WordPress (WP15) is coming up soon, and a small team of us have been working hard on an official website to spread the word and help people around the world celebrate the occasion.

The content on the site is fairly static, so we’ve made all of it translatable in a project on GlotPress:


The site header includes a language picker based on the one at login.wordpress.org. Any locale that is available for WordPress Core can be chosen from the list, even if WP15 translations aren’t available for it yet. We would love your help in getting as many of these locales as possible to 100%, through contributions and through getting the word out to other polyglots!

If you have questions or comments about the WP15 site content or anything locale-related on the WP15 site, leave a comment here and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you!




We want to change the [locale-native] value from “Uyƣurqə” to “ئۇيغۇرچە”. Could you help me do this or is there any method we can change it ourself ? Thank you !


Hello, I got a message…

Hello, I got a message that I have been added to it_IT polyglots team, but I should be in lt_LT – Lithuanian, not Italian…
Could you change that?


Hello everyone. I have a…

Hello everyone. I have a lot of experience doing technical English translations into Spanish. I would like to support in the translation of plugins, themes or documents.
Thank you. Jorge Pineda. Email: [Redacted]

Hola a todos. Tengo bastante experiencia realizando traducciones de inglés técnico a español. Quisiera apoyar en la traducción de plugins, temas o documentos.
Gracias. Jorge Pineda. Email: [Redacted]



please add Persian language for translation