The tag policy is supposed to serve as a guideline for anyone who wants to post on this website. The policy implies what topics are supposed to be discussed here. If used correctly, you should be able to subscribe (with rss) to the tags that interest you – say if you’re a member of (or just want to follow) the finnish translation team, you might want to subscribe to the tags “fi” and “release”.

request all requests (meaning you’re asking someone in the WP Polyglots team to do something). If your request is a general one, for the whole community of translators (a request for help in translating, for instance), there is no need to use this tag.
announcement any announcements from the polyglots or core team regarding rosetta, glotpress, infrastructure, etc.
release posts about (imminent) new releases of WordPress (should be used with care!)
core posts about WP core, either from core developers (such as string freeze) or questions surrounding core (such as questions with strings)
infrastructure posts about this website (informational, questions, notifications about changes, etc.)
suggestion improvements for this website (suggestions for glotpress belong at
[language tags] posts about specific locales should be tagged with the corresponding language tag, e.g. “fi” for finnish and “nl_NL” for dutch
[translation files] the tags “continents and cities“, “multisite“, “core“, and “twentyten” should be used for posts about specific translation files. Tags such as “buddypress“, “bbpress“, “iphone” and “android” can also be used
codex posts about the codex pages Translating WordPress (and other codex pages related to i18n)
forums posts about locale forums (e.g.
glotpress posts about
handbook posts about the Translator’s Handbook
rosetta posts about (the backend of) the locale websites (e.g.
svn posts about

Please use the comments to suggest new tags/changes in tag policy: