IRC Chat Summary

IRC Chat Summary 13 FEB 2014 (Logs)

  • International forums (bbPressbbPress Free, open source software built on top of WordPress for easily creating forums on sites. 2.0) – A follow up to be added after @nacin, @sams, @jjj & @netweb pow wow
  • Add @markoheijnen pluginPlugin A plugin is a piece of software containing a group of functions that can be added to a WordPress website. They can extend functionality or add new features to your WordPress websites. WordPress plugins are written in the PHP programming language and integrate seamlessly with WordPress. These can be free in the Plugin Directory or can be cost-based plugin from a third-party to Polyglots P2p2 "p2" is the name of the theme that blogs at use (and o2 is the accompanying plugin). When asked to post something "on the p2" by a member of the Polyglots team, that usually means you're asked to post on the team blog and extend to track dormant translation projects
  • Email report for translators to prompt validators nicely there are stringsString A string is a translatable part of the software. A translation consists of a multitude of localized strings. awaiting
  • Docs volunteers needed to help with Polyglots projects, can you help?
    • Update links on the P2,
    • Kill the codex pages and point to new/updated Polyglots resources (once above is completed)
  • Call to nominate a new team repTeam Rep A Team Rep is a person who represents the Make WordPress team to the rest of the project, make sure issues are raised and addressed as needed, and coordinates cross-team efforts., drop your name below if you are interested.
  • Add Jetpack to Polyglots P2 for “new language request” form @sams
  • bbPress & BuddyPress milestone updates on GlotPressGlotPress GlotPress is the translation management software that powers More information is available at, don’t worry @nacin is on it

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Translation style guides and glossaries I created a…

Translation style guides and glossaries: I created a draft Codex page for Translation Resources. The goal is to improve multilingualization. Would you mind sanity-checking/adding links for your language? Feel free to drop them in comments or edit the Codex draft page. Particularly curious about Dutch, Turkish, and Indonesian resources (did not find any links). I appreciate your help and feedback on this!

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I want the minimum language links on every…

I want the minimum language links on every documentation page.
If we are here to translate, I wonder why there is no languages template included by default on every single CODEX page, to make easier adding other languages, and to remember that those pages are yet to be translated into those aforementioned languages

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On Codex i18n: an suggestion :)

Hello, I just thought that Translate extension can help on Codex i18nInternationalization Internationalization (sometimes shortened to I18N , meaning “I - eighteen letters -N”) is the process of planning and implementing products and services so that they can easily be adapted to specific local languages and cultures, a process called localization. This is the process of making software translatable. Information about Internationalization for developers can be found in the Developer’s handbooks.. This extension provide an GlotpressGlotPress GlotPress is the translation management software that powers More information is available at interface to translate stable docs. This page is an example, the top link Translate this page lead to the translation interface. Though languages must be added prior to users submit translations, just like the wiki concept there is no need to approve every translations by default, that is, the translation works like editing a wiki article.

Not sure if someone noticed but the KDE project and use this extension 🙂

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“Welcome Forum” needs to translate into Polish

I want to translate some peac of the codex and forums, Particularly those that are so-called rules of posting on the forum.

Little by little, it gets confusing. It will be useful to those who do not speak English.

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Hi is there a way to have RTL…

Hi, is there a way to have RTL in Codex pages?

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Is it OK if in localized * po…

Is it OK if in localized *.po/mo filesMO files MO, or Machine Object is a binary data file that contains object data referenced by a program. It is typically used to translate program code, and may be loaded or imported into the GNU gettext program. This is the format used in a WordPress install. These files are normally located inside .../wp-content/languages/ I change codex page links to localized/translated ones (in this case to codex pages translated to Croatian), or any other links?

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Forum moderators

Given that many of us here double as forum moderators for our own languages, I would like to encourage all to keep informed about what is going on over at Please feel free to contribute your own opinion, which is not only welcome, but actually needed.

One of the first examples of what you can use on your own forums is the list of Stock Answers to common problems of users not following the posting rules on the forums. The conversation which gave birth to that is here, do read it.

I suggest that each language’s moderation team should translate those answers to their own language and use them on their forums, adapting the links to their own version of the Codex, if one exists. Come to think of it, it would be brilliant if the forum rules were to exist for every language that has a forum.

A conversation about the Codex has also just begun and I think that this is the perfect opportunity to have the issues of localesLocale Locale = language version, often a combination of a language code and a region code, for instance es_MX denotes Spanish as it’s used in Mexico. A list of all locales supported by WordPress in other than English addressed from the start.

In order to post on that blog, you will need to be added to it. Should you want to, please let me know, so that I can do that (keep in mind that only forum moderators will be added)

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An issue has come up on the documentation…

An issue has come up on the documentation mailing list, concerning the links (invalid and dead) on this Codex page. This is a call to help out on the section that concerns your country and language. Who’s up for it? Thanks.


Hi I’ve started translating Codex to Croatian language…

Hi, I’ve started translating Codex to Croatian language, and I’ve translated Main page:
So if anyone can approve this and add Croatian language to Codex that would be great, so I can continue to translate the rest of Codex.

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Hi there! First of all, happy new year t…

Hi there!
First of all, happy new year to everyone! Second, where should I start if I want to help with the Dutch translation of the Codex? Are there any Dutch here working on translations?

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Is it OK for local sites not to be direc…

Is it OK for local sites not to be direct translations of the English one, but to be organized in a different manner?


A VERY determined spammer has been hacki…

A VERY determined spammer has been hacking away at on the Codex.
We’ve tried a variety of ways to stop him, but he keeps on, including
contacting one of the volunteers directly and complaining that his
spammy links were removed and his account closed. He just opened a new
account and kept going. He does not have a word of WordPress anywhere
on his site and nor in the links to the mobile ads that he is stuffing
into that article. We’re looking at ways to stop him more permanently,
but his fascination with that article has caused us to protect it and
blockBlock Block is the abstract term used to describe units of markup that, composed together, form the content or layout of a webpage using the WordPress editor. The idea combines concepts of what in the past may have achieved with shortcodes, custom HTML, and embed discovery into a single consistent API and user experience. access to only admins for the next few months.

During that time, if you have something to add or edit on that page,
if any of you have admin status with the Codex, you will be able to
access the page. If not, please contact us on the
mailing list, or me directly, and we’ll

Our fear is that he will target other pages on the Codex, so we are
looking at other serious options, but we just wanted you to know about
that page as it is so critical to your work that it be maintained and
updated. We’re sorry for the inconvenience. We’ll let you know if
anything changes on that. Thanks!!

Lorelle VanFossen

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May I have a local forum and Codex site …

May I have a local forum and Codex site set up for zh_CN?

Thank you!

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