Hi @ocean90, We would like…

Hi @ocean90,

We would like to be active in our local rosetta site, may we request forum and team P2-blog added to tl.wordpress.org?

Thank you and kind regards!

#request #forum #rosetta

Hello @ocean90 We wold like…

Hello @ocean90

We wold like a forum and a P2-blog added to da.wordpress.org

Thanks in advance.

#da_dk #request #forum #rosetta

Hi Polyglots, I am GTE…

Hi Polyglots, I am GTE of Marathi (mr) language. I would like to request you to add support forum page for Marathi locale.

These users like to be keymaster (admin) for forum @mkrndmane @patilswapnilv and @bornforphp

Thank you.

#mr #request #forum

Hello can I get admin access for Indonesian…

Hello, can I get admin access for Indonesian forum?
We need to get rid of bozos and update translation. Thanks.

#forum, #request

Hello It seems that id wordpress org has…

It seems that id.wordpress.org has been abandoned. Last release was 3.5.1 (last year).
Sent message using the contact form but it seems the admin email no longer exist, got a failure daemon.

@Admins, pls verify if ID localization team is still there. I need to be able to do some commits on the site.


#forum, #id_id, #request

Request A forum for WordPress Arabic at http…

Request: A forum for WordPress Arabic at http://ar.forums.wordpress.org

Something like http://id.forums.wordpress.org (Indonedia), http://es.forums.wordpress.org (Spain) and http://pt.forums.wordpress.org (Portugal).

As an arab, and throughout my experience in other FOSS communities, I believe that the arabic WordPress user will benefit a lot from an official forum on WordPress.

#arabic, #forum, #request

We have a little problem with the community…

We have a little problem with the community forum of galician translators. Currently we are using a BuddyPress support forum thread: https://buddypress.org/support/forum/plugin-forums/wordpress-en-galego/

Paul Gibbs have sent us this notice:
“Why are we discussing translation of WordPress on the BuddyPress.org support forums?
This is probably better discussed on your WordPress.org i18n site, or on https://make.wordpress.org/polyglots/.”

Our community is very small and has few contributions lately. Today we only have time to do some work on the translations of WordPress. The translation of BuddyPress and other additions are waiting, and we don’t know when we will be able to take them again.

Until now, maybe by carelessness or lack of time, we have no forum in the galician WordPress i18n site.

Under this circumstances, we continue to work as before, waiting for better times with complete translations and enough time to have a forum on our WordPress i18n site.

I contact polyglots forum in order to see what we need to have updated site and forum.

When I have an answer, I will post in the galician translators BuddyPress site, in order to leave the BuddyPress thread as soon as possible, when any of the Contributors commit to undertake the changes.

#forum, #gl_es, #request

Hi All As I see nobody is moderator…

Hi All!

As I see nobody is moderator for https://ka.forums.wordpress.org/
Can you add me and one more person, http://mamaduka.wordpress.com as ka Forum moderators?

#forum, #ka_ge

Thanks But there are some links still pointing…

But…there are some links still pointing to the english doc 🙁 how to change that?! Link Documentação must point to https://codex.wordpress.org/pt-br:Página_Inicial and Welcome etc must point to https://codex.wordpress.org/pt-br:Bem-vindos_ao_Fórum_de_Suporte (This one are the most important, I think).


Hi Zé may I have admin access on…

Hi Zé,

may I have admin access on our id.forums.wordpress.org, so that I can rearrange the subforums and/or perhaps to move topics and posts to different subforums?
Some users are a bit confused as where to post (in the current subforums) because of somehow overlapping similar subforum topics, and there are also requests to create new subforums as well.

Thank you.

#forum, #id_id, #locale, #request

Hi Zé I’ve requested rosetta new deploy for…

Hi Zé ,
I’ve requested rosetta new deploy for 3.2 RC and I need a new deploy for locale forum also. Please deploy all translation for all locale sites for my_MM.

#deploy, #forum, #my_mm, #request, #rosetta

Zé Pls if it is possible make a…

Pls if it is possible, make a new deploy for Burmese forum. I’ve made correction for some bad translations. I think support forum plugin translation files is still not deployed. All string for support forum plugin is only in English. Pls make a new depoy for all translation files.

#deploy, #forum, #my_mm, #request

Zé I think I’m ready to start locale…

I think I’m ready to start locale forum. I have uploaded all requirements. Let me know if there is something I missed. One more thing is I notice that all links for style sheet and javascripts on locale forums don’t work on ssl connection. We need to use ssl connection because We have very restricted access to internet you know. Can you make it work on Burmese locale forums with ssl connection?

#forum, #my_mm, #request

Hi Could you please deploy Rosetta translation at…

Hi. Could you please deploy Rosetta translation at cn.wordpress.org, and Support Forum translation at zh-cn.forums.wordpress.org? I’ve already committed them onto http://svn.automattic.com/wordpress-i18n/zh_CN/rosetta/


#forum, #request, #rosetta, #zh_cn

Hi I want to be a moderator in…

Hi, I want to be a moderator in pt_BR forums https://br.forums.wordpress.org/ while I’m not so busy. My username is Dianakc https://br.forums.wordpress.org/profile/dianakc.

Some more tasks…
I fully translated all intro links in Forum, if someone can set that…The translated links are in the english docs
Also, the tabs in https://br.wordpress.org/ and Forum can link to https://codex.wordpress.org/pt-br:Página_Inicial

That’s all for now! Thanks a lot!

#forum, #request