Agenda for the Polyglots chats on May 6th & 7th

Quick agenda for today’s Polyglots chats:

  • Locale stats
  • Tech stats
  • GlotPress changes
  • New projects by language page on
  • Upcoming releases, WordPress 4.3 project

The weekly chats are gonna be as follows:

Europe, South America, Africa and West Asia

Wednesdays @ 10:00 UTC

Asia, Australia & New Zealand

Thursdays @ 04:00 UTC

See you there!

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Chat notes https wordpress slack com archives core…

Chat notes:

Hard string freeze is now in effect…

6 locales already at 100%, 49 at 95%+ 🙂

Translation Teams
> ocean90: We now have 4,690 Translation Contributors, ~3 new per day.
> First is, Siobhan reached out yesterday and asked for Polyglots help for the 4.2 release video.
> They want to subtitle that for as many languages as possible.
> If you’re interested in translating the script for the video in your language, please ping @petya after the meeting with your Gmail address or drop a note on the post

Translation help needed for the WordPress 4.2 Release video
> There are two European WordCamps + contributor days this week – WordCamp Belgrade and WordCamp Bratislava
> They’ll both be on Sunday, 19th.
> I will be online and helping new contributors get familiar with the work we do.
> Anyone who wishes to mentor a new contributor on that day would be highly appreciated
If your around Sunday keep an eye on the #polyglots channel and say hi and lend a hand if you can 🙂
> I want to put a solid effort into finding new contributors for all locales around WordCamp Europe this year. Anyone interested in scheduling a separate chat to brainstorm ideas on how to do that?
> There was a chat last night in #meta-i18n about future infrastructure plans around themes and plugins in the repo, Rosetta sites etc.
> If you’re interested, the logs are here:
> And if anyone wants to sum the meeting up for everyone in Polyglots, that would be great.
I plan on doing this, but as the logs above from last nights chat in #polyglots there’s not much to sum up yet, much of discussion was about ideas of how we may want to set the sites up, kind of fleshing out the arcticture of the Multi Network, Multi Site approach for i18n’ing

Following up since the #meta-i18n chat @isaackeyet has added some thoughts and mockups of the GlotPress UI
> BTW If you’re interested, join us: Tuesdays 11:00 UTC #meta-i18n :simple_smile: (edited)

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Polyglots Chat this Wednesday at 13:00 UTC

Hello everyone!

We’re going to have a polyglots chat this Wednesday at 13:00 UTC (9:00 EDT, 15:00 CET, 20:00 ICT, 22:00 JST).

I know it’s short notice, so we’ll do again next week at the same time.

Some things to think about ahead of our chat:

  • We’re now at 50 localizations of WordPress 4.0! How do we scale to 100+ languages, both technically (GlotPress) and process-wise?
  • WordCamp SF is coming up, along with the community summit. Who’s planning on attending?
  • The first day of the community summit is an unconference-style day. What topics do we want to talk about with the community?
  • Also at WCSF, we’ll have a couple of days afterwards to talk about polyglots and work together. What things should we accomplish? Is there a project that would be easy and worthwhile to complete over the two days?

See you on Wednesday!

Edit: I forgot to mention that the chat will be in #WordPress-polyglots on IRC.

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IRC Chat Summary

IRC Chat Summary 13 FEB 2014 (Logs)

  • International forums (bbPress 2.0) – A follow up to be added after @nacin, @sams, @jjj & @netweb pow wow
  • Add @markoheijnen plugin to Polyglots P2 and extend to track dormant translation projects
  • Email report for translators to prompt validators nicely there are strings awaiting
  • Docs volunteers needed to help with Polyglots projects, can you help?
    • Update links on the P2,
    • Kill the codex pages and point to new/updated Polyglots resources (once above is completed)
  • Call to nominate a new team rep, drop your name below if you are interested.
  • Add Jetpack to Polyglots P2 for “new language request” form @sams
  • bbPress & BuddyPress milestone updates on GlotPress, don’t worry @nacin is on it

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Started a Doodle to try and schedule a…

Started a Doodle to try and schedule a team chat on IRC. Feel free to add your name and availabilty. Thanks.


Next chat on #wordpress polyglots IRC on the…

Next chat on #wordpress-polyglots (IRC) on the 3rd of December, at 21:00 UTC. (See below why).

Proposed agenda (feel free to add):

  • Team structure
  • Procedures for dealing with dormant translations
  • Meta plans
  • Access to current tools