MicroGrants Program Agenda Feb 21st 2017 meeting

The next meeting on the MicroGrant Program is Tuesday February 21st at 13:00 UTC   Based on the transcript of the Feb 10th meeting, I created the agenda below:

  • Documentation
  • Overview of Grant Application Process
    • Guidelines on amounts
    • Number of grants per meetup at any one time (1)
    • Keep it Simple
    • Quick Approval
    • Trust
  • Goals-Metrics
  • Development
    • Must document the program before coding
    • Form considerations
    • Where does one apply?

Please add any agenda items in the comments @bph @miss_jwo @emanuel_blagonic @ryelle @camikaos


Hello to all our Deputies, WordCamp organizers, Meetup wranglers, and WordPress Community builders! You were probably hard at work this weekend. Tell us what you got accomplished in our #weekly-update!

Have you run into a roadblock with the stuff you’re working on? Head over to #community-events or #community-team in Slack and ask for help!

Feature request: Sorting in Application…

Feature request: Sorting in Application Status page: ‘Status’ and ‘Milestone’ should follow workflow logic

Hi all,
The application-status page (https://central.wordcamp.org/application-status/) can be sorted by ‘Status’ or ‘Milestone’, but this results in an alphabetical sorting and not a ‘workflow’ sorting.
When ordering by one or the other, the WCs close to be ‘scheduled’ should figure on top because they have a good change of moving on and the ones ‘declined’ or ‘pre-planning’ somewhere lower in the list.

I have opened trac ticket https://meta.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/2502, but I first need approval here.

If you agree with the feature request, I can help in proposing the ‘order’ because a decision will be needed how the order should be. Based on the different possible status and milestones, I can make a proposal.

Let me know !

WordCamp Status Weekly Report (February 9th to February 15th)

Hello, Community Team! This is a report of all the WordCamp applications that we’ve seen work on this week (from February 9th to February 15th).

We saw 24 WordCamps with activity this week out of 84 applications total. If you’re organizing a WordCamp that isn’t on the list, but you’re still working hard, drop a comment in the weekly update post so we know you’re still okay!

1)  4 new applications that need vetting

  • WordCamp San Antonio, Texas, USA
  • WordCamp New Delhi , Delhi , India
  • WordCamp Skopje, Macedonia
  • WordCamp Goiânia Goias Brasil

2) 1 applicant asked to build local community

  • WordCamp Ibadan

3) 5 applicants that need an orientation/interview

  • WordCamp Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
  • WordCamp Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
  • WordCamp for Journalists: Denver
  • WordCamp Oklahoma City, OK
  • WordCamp Portland, Oregon, USA

4) 6 WordCamps moved to pre-planning (sent agreement and signed, site created, templates, etc.)

  • WordCamp Porto Alegre, Brasil
  • WordCamp Belgrade
  • WordCamp Athens, Greece
  • WordCamp Birmingham
  • WordCamp Tel Aviv
  • WordCamp Denver, Colorado

5) 1 WordCamp that needs a budget review

  • WordCamp Mexico City

6) 0 WordCamps (with approved budget) awaiting contracts

7) 3 WordCamps that need a signed contract

  • WordCamp Tokyo
  • WordCamp Bratislava
  • WordCamp Sacramento

8) 2 WordCamps waiting on Central Listing information

  • WordCamp Berlin
  • WordCamp Jackson, Michigan, USA

9) 2 WordCamps published to the schedule

  • WordCamp Kansas City
  • WordCamp Colombo

10) 0 WordCamps needing debriefs

If you have questions (or your WordCamp is missing) let us know in the comments!

Have you run into a roadblock with the stuff you’re working on? Head over to #community-events or #community-team in Slack and ask for help!

Grants Program: Update and Next meeting

Our first meeting of the microgrants program was held in slack on Feb 10th. Here is a link to the Transcript  Thanks to all who participated.

For the next meeting I would like to have it at a time that is easier for more to attend. I would like to have the meeting on Tuesday February 21st at 13:00 UTC

Please let us know in the comments if this date and time will work for you.   I plan on posting an agenda by Wednesday next week based on last week’s meeting.

CampTix sales through PayPal Weekend Outage

On Saturday we got two separate reports that ticket sales were not working:


Sales were disrupted from (roughly) 0100 UTC on Saturday, Feb 11 until 2200 UTC on the same day. If any WordCamp organizer received complaints during that time, sales are back up and you can ask attendees to try their purchases again.

Hello to all our Deputies, WordCamp organizers, Meetup wranglers, and WordPress Community builders! You were probably hard at work this weekend. Tell us what you got accomplished in our #weekly-update!

Have you run into a roadblock with the stuff you’re working on? Head over to #community-events or #community-team in Slack and ask for help!

X-post: Building a Machine-Readable List of WordPress Events

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Moving from SupportPress to Help Scout

Remember when we mentioned the possibility of switching over to a more practical support desk for all of our community support needs? Well, that possibility has finally become a reality and we’re very happy to announce that, as of today, we have fully moved from SupportPress to Help Scout as our community support desk.

The Benefits

It’s been no secret that, while SupportPress worked, it had a number of insurmountable issues that were always going to be there. With that in mind, we set to work on finding a new support desk that would better suit our needs by allowing us to support the community without being dragged down by missing features. After looking at a number of options and evaluating their features (as well as their prices), we settled on Help Scout as the best solution for supporting the global WordPress community.

There are a ton of features in Help Scout that we will be making extensive use of – there’s too many to list them all here, but here are a few of the important ones that really helped to motivate us to move over from SupportPress:

  • Ticket assignments
  • Chronological notes
  • Full-featured notifications with per-user controls
  • Collision detection (to prevent simultaneous replies from multiple people)
  • Conversation branching & merging
  • A powerful advanced search
  • The ability to follow conversations
  • Rich text formatting

Even with those features alone the move would have been worth it, but there’s a whole lot more that Help Scout offers that will be of huge benefit to the community – you can see their full feature list here. One distinct advantage that Help Scout has over all of the other support desk options, is that their free plan includes everything that we need. With the possible exception of workflows and the ability to build custom integrations, there aren’t really any features that we’re missing out on by sticking with the free plan. Those items are not essential though, so there’s no real loss there.

Up Next

There are a few processes we should be sure we all agree on and document if needed. Primarily we’ve noticed the following things:

  • Internal notes and privacy
  • When to assign and unassign tickets
  • When to change customers on tickets

If you are an active community deputy then you will be added to the Help Scout instance shortly. You will receive an email in your inbox instructing you how to proceed with setting up your profile. If you have not received an email by Feb 13th, then please comment here and we’ll make sure to have you setup in no time.

WordCamp Talk Proposals weekly chat notes 08/02

Weekly chats are back to business as usual after a week that I was away (where lots of things happened around the project I might add, should maybe go away more often), and last week where there was a time zone mix up (read: I screwed up and had a conflict) and we opted to postpone.

This was a short meeting as we decided to schedule a work session/sprint for this Monday, Feb 13 at 20:00 UTC. The archive starts here.

Main talk points revolve around staying on target for our milestone, and not getting overly caught up in UI questions still open for debate before we can get the plugin out into the world for some concrete feedback. So we are pushing for:

  • A clean, streamlined codebase, free of anything extraneous/not immediately useful.
  • A single CPT approach (sessions), but dual menu item approach (opting to keep proposals and sessions separate for now).
  • Maintaining custom user roles (juror, rater, blind rater), possibly adding pre-fixes to make clear they intended purpose (alternative access for non organizers / non site admins who may participate in voting process).

Blockers seem to be time and body count, Tom has asked if we can’t recruit some additional dev support. Initial call to arms to previously interested parties has gone unanswered.

I’m hopeful, and rather confident, that our upcoming sprint will be the concentrated push we need to bring this home—possibly a second needed. Ideally I’d love to see a validated (by meta) working product ready by the time Andrea leaves on sabbatical.

It is also my hope that getting this out into the world will get us the feedback we need to make decisions on the outstanding questions and debates, as well as inspire others to make contributions.

Next chat scheduled for Wednesday Feb 15 at 17:00 UTC.