Community Team Chat Agenda | Thursday, 18 January 2018

Hey Team!

Welcome to the new year – we’re very excited to kick things off with our first meeting of 2018 this week!

Our bi-monthly Community Team chat is happening this Thursday, 18 January 2018. Meeting times are 08:00 UTC and 20:00 UTC in #community-team on Slack – we use the same agenda for both meetings in order to include all time zones.


  1. Deputy check-in:
    What have you been doing and how is it going?
  2. 2018 goals for the global community team:
    We have a post to gather feedback for our goals this year, so let’s start putting some ideas together.
  3. P2 posts needing review/feedback:

Please add any additional items to this agenda by commenting on this post as needed.

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2018 goals for the global community team: suggestions time!

Here on the global community team, for the past couple of years we’ve started off January by suggesting and discussing what we’d like to accomplish as a group over the next 12 months. (Here are the brainstorming posts for 2017 and 2016.) It’s January again, so let’s start talking about 2018 goals! 🙂

Please consider this an open thread for suggestions about what this team ought to focus on and/or try to accomplish in 2018. Once the group has had time to make suggestions, we’ll recruit someone to summarize all the suggestions (example), and then discuss as a group, to set priorities.

What would do you think the global community team should work on, in 2018?

Global Community Team Limited Availability Next Week

Hi folks! Please note that the following people on the global community team will have limited availability from January 21 through January 26:

Payments and income attribution will continue at their normal schedule but response times in email and slack may be delayed.

Remember that many of the global community team deputies will still be hanging around in #community-events on Slack so if you need help, that will be the best place to ask any questions.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to make a call for deputies to volunteer to cover the following Office Hours shifts in #community-events:

  • Monday January 22 at 22:00 UTC
  • Tuesday January 23 at 9:00 UTC
  • Wednesday January at 24 22:00 UTC
  • ThursdayJanuary 25 at 9:00 UTC

If you can cover one of those shifts please let us know in comments.

We’ll be back to our normal schedule on Monday, January 29!


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Weekly Updates

Hello to all our Deputies, WordCamp organizers, Meetup wranglers, and WordPress Community builders! You were probably hard at work this weekend. Tell us what you got accomplished in our #weekly-update!

Have you run into a roadblock with the stuff you’re working on? Head over to #community-events or #community-team in Slack and ask for help!

X-post: Agenda for ticket scrub on January 16th

X-post from Agenda for ticket scrub on January 16th

WordCamp 2018 Global Sponsor Updates

It’s a new year, and with that comes the need to check WordCamp sites created last year with last year’s Global Sponsors to ensure they’ve been updated for 2018. An email with updated sponsor information has gone out to all 2018 camps, but the next step is a site audit to ensure sponsors are being properly recognized on each site.

We need a few existing deputies who have access to WordCamp’s Help Scout to volunteer to check each 2018 WordCamp site, let us know if the sponsor areas are accurate and reach out to the team to remind them to update if it isn’t. Ideally this project will be completed by Monday, January 15, 2018.

We’ve created a spreadsheet listing each event, the event’s region, email address, and a column for you to leave any notes. If you’re interested in checking a few sites please dive right in, just sign off on the completed items by putting your name in the “checked by” column. You can find the spreadsheet here.

The 2018 Global Sponsors by region and level are as follows:

Western Region (The Americas):
Gold: Jetpack, WooCommerce, Bluehost
Silver: Dreamhost, GoDaddy
Bronze: Boldgrid

Eastern Region (Europe, Africa, and Asia Pacific):
Gold: Jetpack, WooCommerce
Silver: GoDaddy
Bronze: Bluehost

For more details read through the Global Sponsors page in the handbook. 

If you have any questions let us know below!

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Calling European WordPress Communities

Hi, I’m Sabina Ionescu, a member of the WordCamp Europe Communications Team, and we have a project that we’d love your feedback on. Here goes:

Supporting local WordCamps

If you are a local meetup/WordCamp organizer, at some point, you might have faced at least one of these challenges:

  • Not finding enough sponsors for the local meetup
  • Facing challenges for WordCamp fundraising
  • Having trouble attracting WordCamp speakers
  • Not enough WordCamp tickets sold or tickets selling slower than expected

In 2017, the WordCamp Europe Communication team saw the opportunity to support local WordCamps around Europe. The @WCEurope Twitter account was used to promote local WordCamps and send our customized tweets expressing the needs of local WordCamps.

To send out a tweet like the one above required several actions like finding out which are the events of each month, identifying the lead organizer contact details, explaining how WCEU team can help and finally posting the tweet a few weeks before the event.

Identifying Meetup/WordCamp needs

So far, this initiative was well received and the WCEU team plans to continue to show this support as we not only see the value in promoting WordCamps, but also the importance they have on building local European communities.

However, there are 50 countries in Europe with sometimes several WordCamps organized in the same country which makes the process of reaching out to local communities quite difficult to go on like before. That’s why we’ve come up with a proposal for managing this process better, which consists of two simple steps:

1. Collecting local communities details

We’ve prepared a form to collect community data (like Twitter official hashtag, Twitter handle, lead organizer’s name) and keep it for further reference for both #Communications and #Community teams. Please take a look at it and comment below this article with your ideas and suggestions:

2. Getting in touch with the WCEU team

Unlike the form above where we collect info needed for promoting communities (like hashtags, Twitter handles, etc.), we’ve also prepared a way of them to directly get in touch with the WCEU team. This form can be used by organizers or WordCamp mentors to reach out to us. The idea behind this form is to be used when facing a challenge (i.e. “we need to sell more tickets”, “we need two more silver sponsors” etc.).

Next steps

After your feedback, our suggestion is for these two links to go in the community handbooks/WordCamp guides and be included in the emails with the local organizers as well as with the mentors mentoring European WordCamps.
Local meetup/WordCamp details
Get in touch with WordCamp Europe

And that’s basically it! Hope this collective effort builds up into a database of local WordCamps that we’ll be able to use over the coming years to help strengthen WordPress communities across Europe. Also, this initiative could easily be replicated by other major WordCamps to support their closeby events.

We’ve notified @andreamiddleton about this and she mentioned @bph has a similar initiative in mind. Also, anyone who has a suggestion on how we could roll this is welcome to contribute!

Weekly Updates

Hello to all our Deputies, WordCamp organizers, Meetup wranglers, and WordPress Community builders! You were probably hard at work this weekend. Tell us what you got accomplished in our #weekly-update!

Have you run into a roadblock with the stuff you’re working on? Head over to #community-events or #community-team in Slack and ask for help!

Weekly Updates

Hello to all our Deputies, WordCamp organizers, Meetup wranglers, and WordPress Community builders! You were probably hard at work this weekend. Tell us what you got accomplished in our #weekly-update!

Have you run into a roadblock with the stuff you’re working on? Head over to #community-events or #community-team in Slack and ask for help!

Recap of the Diversity Outreach Speaker Training meeting on December 27th, 2017

Start time stamp in Community-Team Slack

@jillbinder @BlogAid @meher

Goals of Today’s Meeting

Reviewing the core messaging that @cguntur and @jillbinder wrote, and talking about moving the plan moving forward long term.


Core Message

We are choosing to focus for now on reaching out to meetup organizers to run this training at their local meetups.

The current version of the message for us to send out, with the call to action edited by @blogaid and @meher is:

Have you ever had trouble getting women to speak at your meetups and WordCamps?

We are looking for meet up organizers to run the Diversity Outreach Speaker Training workshop. It is a workshop to help more women want to speak. We will train you and provide the materials.

This workshop has been run in Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, and Montreal. The combination of running this workshop and putting in other related efforts, these cities all had a significant increase in the number of WordCamp speakers who identify as women. In particular, Vancouver has had 50% for 3 years in a row, and this year Seattle had the highest so far, 60%.

Now we are bringing it to Meetups in other cities. We want to hear from you! Let us know if you’re interested in conducting this workshop for your local meetup or any hesitations you have. Please fill in this form.

Along with a form that has some required radio buttons for:

  • “I’m in”
  • “Not now” or “Later”

And a text box for “Anything else you want us to know?” for more open ended responses.

We would contact them a couple of days later.

@blogaid asked where this will be posted. @jillbinder will check with @andreamiddleton. She’s thinking probably using a google form, and doesn’t mind using her google account if that is appropriate. If not, Andrea will be able to tell us which account to use. Likely it will be posted on the community P2. Again, Jill will check with Andrea.


Long-Term Plan

Our long-term plan suggestions so far:

  • Reaching out to the meetup organisers from different places
  • WCUS Twitter
  • Possibly WCEU twitter
  • Writing articles (coordinate with marketing for their help)
  • Speaking about it in the Slack groups of countries
  • Speaking about it in Facebook groups
  • Speaking to people about it at WordCamps
  • People who are already doing Diversity work, ask for a mention in their talks or a tweet out to their followers
  • Leveraging the monthly or quarterly email newsletters to chapter meetup organizers that may be starting
  • Asking former workshop attendees to write articles about how attending the workshop affected them
  • which posts to YouTube. Creating a YouTube playlist.

@jillbinder said that for Twitter we need a shorter message.

@blogaid suggested: “Want to encourage more women speakers at your next WP MeetUp?” along with a link to an article that explains more. The article will include the form. She suggested that if we use Bitly, we can create the shortlink for the article, video, etc and have a better time tracking the spread of the word too, or even have a hashtag to track shares, such as #wpwomenspeaker or #wpwomenspeak.

@blogaid suggested that we activate everyone in our working group to post on their social media accounts when there is a new article, video, etc. We can post the tweet to #community-team for our team to use.

@blogaid belongs to about 40 industry related Facebook groups and says this would be appropriate to post in several of them.

@meher has access to multiple social streams that she can post to.

@jillbinder suggested that we look at the long-term plan in the next meeting (second week of January) with the larger group. For starting in the new year, the first steps can be the easy-to-do items:

  • Contacting meetup organizers directly (If we have access to them. She’ll find out from @andreamiddleton)
  • Tweets out to WCUS and WCEU (@newyorkerlaura has access to WCUS and we can ask WCEU)
  • Writing to Slack and FB country-specific groups. Jill has access to Canada on Facebook and Vancouver on Slack. We can find out who else in our group (or anyone reading this meeting) has access to other places.



The next meeting will be second week of January where we look at the plan as a group.

In January @jillbinder will also be holding the second part of the workshop training for those who took it either live with her or watched the recording after. It will be a half hour wrap-up of the work people did on their own after taking or watching the first module with her. Date and time tbd.


End meeting time stamp