Community Team Chat Agenda | Thursday, 16 August 2018

Hey Team!

Our bi-monthly Community Team chat is happening this Thursday, 16 August 2018. Meeting times are Thursday, 16 August 2018 at 11:00 UTC and Thursday, 16 August 2018 at 20:00 UTC in #community-team on Slack – we use the same agenda for both meetings in order to include all time zones.


  1. Deputy check-in:
    What have you been doing and how is it going?
  2. A new system for managing WordCamp camera kitsThanks to
    @sippis for pushing this forward – we now have a new system for managing and requesting camera kits for WordCamps. Here’s the announcement and handbook page.
  3. P2 posts needing review/feedback:

Please add any additional items to this agenda by commenting on this post as needed.

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Changes to WordCamp camera kits distribution

Capturing videos of WordCamp presentations should be one of the organizers higher priorities. The video is how great knowledge will live on and be shared with the world on To help organizers with recording, we have a handful of camera kits that WordCamps happening in US, Western Europe and Canada can borrow.

Starting today, we are streamlining the process of the camera kits distribution. As a part of this, camera kits need to be requested by WordCamp organizers themselves. Requests should be done as soon as the organizers know they will need the camera kits and at latest one month prior to WordCamp. Otherwise, we cannot ensure that the request can be fulfilled.

Camera kit request form is added to the WordCamp Organizer Handbook.

At the moment, camera kit requests are coordinated in HelpScout by:
US – @tashan
Europe – @sippis
Canada – @mikeyarce 

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Call for topic suggestions: monthly meetup organizer newsletter

Every month we try to send out a newsletter for meetup organizers in our program. As you can see from these examples (#, #, #), the newsletter typically spotlights:

  • an interesting event format that organizers might want to try out
  • news about global community team projects
  • news about the WordPress open source project

If you’d like to recommend an interesting event format (preferably tried and tested by a group in the chapter) or suggest an additional topic to include in the newsletter, please leave a comment on this post!

We try to send the newsletter out pretty close to the 15th of every month, so if we don’t get your suggestion in time to add it to this month’s email, we’ll consider it for next month’s email.

Also, if anyone would like to volunteer to post a call for suggestions at or around the 5th of every month, that would allow us to keep collecting suggestions with a little more time to spare. #meetups #newsletter

Call for Volunteers: Global Diversity Working Group

In the words of the author Junot Diaz, “We all have a blind spot around our privileges shaped exactly like us.”

For members of the WordPress community, it can be difficult to know where to start to make our events more accessible and inclusive to a wider variety of people. In the spirit of openness, creating events that are inclusive, welcoming, and encourage a wide variety of attendees to join are some of our community’s biggest priorities. However, even with the best intentions, inclusion only truly thrives when we collaborate with others who have different experiences and backgrounds from ourselves.

That’s where you come in.

What is the Global Diversity Team?

The Global Diversity Team is a diverse collection of WordPress community members, organizers, and participants who are interested in providing educational resources and guidelines to the community to actively promote diversity and inclusion.

Our goal is to create safe, inclusive, and welcoming events, for all participants. We believe that change starts within our communities, whether that’s at a meetup or one of the larger WordCamps. Our hope is to conduct this work in conjunction with the many other diversity and inclusion projects ongoing within the WordCamp community, such as the Diversity Outreach Speaker Training and the Code of Conduct Team.

What’s next?

We’ve been meeting bi-weekly for the past two months to develop our goals and vision for this project. In order to make our vision as inclusive as possible, we need more people to help us.

The team is still in its beginning stages. We’re looking for volunteers who are interested in developing project ideas, guidelines, and curricula for event organizers to make their events more accessible. We especially welcome participants from diverse backgrounds, perspectives, experience levels, interests, and marginalized groups.

If you’re interested in joining, please talk to us in Slack and we’ll add you to the group (names are below the post). We’re looking forward to making WordPress even more diverse and accessible with you!

The current Team is also willing to answer all the questions you have here in the comments or if you want to chat in private with us you can do that in Slack.

Laura Herzog (@lauraquellmalz)
Erica Varlese (@evarlese)
Birgit Olzem (@coachbirgit)
Bas Brader (@basbrader)
Carole Olinger (@caroleo)

Weekly Updates

Hello to all our Deputies, WordCamp organizers, Meetup wranglers, and WordPress Community builders! You were probably hard at work this weekend. Tell us what you got accomplished in our #weekly-update!

Have you run into a roadblock with the stuff you’re working on? Head over to #community-events or #community-team in Slack and ask for help!

Discussion: What makes a sponsor incompatible with our program?

A WordCamp organizing team has requested to drop a global community sponsor from their 2018 event because the company hosts some websites owned by hate groups. This is the first request of its kind for the community team, and I thought it merited a group discussion.

The current list of expectations for WordCamp sponsors (and speakers and organizers and volunteers) includes the following:

  • I understand that WordCamp organizers, speakers, sponsors, and volunteers are expected to support the WordPress project and its principles.
  • I understand that the principles of the WordPress project include:
    • no discrimination on the basis of economic or social status, race, color, ethnic origin, national origin, creed, religion, political belief, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, age, or disability
    • no incitement to violence or promotion of hate
    • no spammers
    • no jerks
    • respect the WordPress trademark
    • embrace the WordPress license; if distributing WordPress-derivative works (themes, plugins, WP distros), any person or business officially associated with WordCamp should give their users the same freedoms that WordPress itself provides: 100% GPL or compatible, the same guidelines we follow on
    • don’t promote companies or people that violate the trademark or distribute WordPress derivative works which aren’t 100% GPL compatible

Our goal is to work with sponsors that share the values of our community. We are mindful of the behavior of sponsors, organizers, speakers, and other volunteers, but we don’t examine every decision that a company or individual makes.

Sometimes sponsors make unpopular business decisions. Is there a point at which we might decide to exclude a sponsor because of a business policy or practice that is not addressed by our list of expectations?

Phrased in another way: beyond our current standards, are there additional reasons that businesses, groups, or people should not be accepted as WordPress community sponsors?

Please share your thoughts in a comment on this thread.

We’ll keep the discussion open for about 2 weeks, with the goal of closing comments by August 24.

Recap of the Diversity Outreach Speaker Training meeting on Aug 8, 2018

Attending: @jillbinder @miriamgoldman @angelasjin @webrite @lswanson @dianewallace @cguntur @ncsumarit



  • I have some quick recaps
  • Check in who else has recaps
  • Running our next train the trainers

Jill’s Recaps:

Summer has been slow. I don’t think any more groups have run it since our last meeting, though I know that Seattle is running our training this evening. Hooray!

We’ve had a trickle of a few more folks being interested in running it coming in through our HelpScout queue
(via our form here: )

A lady in Germany is very interested in promoting our work. One of her questions for me is if anyone in our team attends WordCamps in Europe, particularly wordcamp nijmegen at start of september coming up.

@sheilagomes and @simo70 have been our most active Europe members so far, so I’m pinging them.

Though of course anyone in our group out in that area is welcome to respond.

Thanks to @kelliwise for promoting our group — we’ve had an influx of new members.

Miriam’s Recap:

Status quo here. Main thing is prepping for WordCamp Montreal this weekend. Our group is being featured in my talk.

I’ll be at WCLAX September 21-23 so will do outreach there as well.

@jillbinder: Wonderful! They are a hub of Women of WordPress out that way, so we might be able to leverage that to getting some to participate in the WordPress community along those same lines further and/or run these trainings themselves.

Melanie’s Recap:

I will be attending the September WordPress Toronto meeting where I will talk attendees about our group.

I will run the training for our group likely late September or early October.

Larry’s Recap:

I submitted our Train the Trainers lesson plan last week to the #training team. They haven’t accepted the pull request yet. If folks want to see the current draft, let me know.

I’ll be speaking at WC NYC Sept 15-16. Planning to do outreach there.

Chandrika’s Recap:

I have been working on the HelpScout.

Will have more time after the 15th. So, probably can do a bit more then.

Next Train The Trainers

@jillbinder: I’d like to talk about running our next Train the Trainers for the Meetups. We have gotten through a lot of our queue of meetups waiting to be trained and now we’re down to only around 10.

However, quite a few of those would like to run it this Fall, so I would like to see if we can get a training in in August.

I will be starting a school program in September, so I have a vested interest in getting more trainers on our team ready to be training. 😉

I propose:

  • Either folks watch Larry or I
  • Maybe even co-facilitate
  • If anyone wishes, they can even be the main facilitator and Larry or I can jump in as needed

A reminder that our current version is mostly hitting play on a recording, but there is a bit of speaking before, during, and after. We have that all scripted out!

The only “winging it” parts are the Q&A. But there you just answer what you can and let them know you’ll get back to them on anything you don’t know. If Larry or I are there, we can answer those ones.

@lswanson: I could do one Sat. 8/25.

+1 for co-facilitation – and for letting new folks lead with me or Jill as back-up.

@webrite: i would like to sit in on one, how do i make that happen

@jillbinder: @webrite That would be wonderful. We run them on Zoom, so you would be another “participant” on the Zoom call.

@webrite: I will be happy to join in and see this in action

@miriamgoldman: If you have it scripted out, I can do:

  • Labour Day weekend (September 1-2)
  • September 7-9
  • September 14-16
  • September 28-30

In terms of actually running the workshop, once I confirm my WordCamps for October, I’ll figure out when I can run it that month in Ottawa.

@angelasjin: I could do one during the last week of August
(although not on Monday the 27th)
I can do the weekend of September 8th as well.

@cguntur: How long is the training? 1hr? If it is 1 hr, then I can maybe do it on the 30th

@jillbinder: We leave up to 2 hours for it. The recording is 1h 20m, and there is time for talking before and after.

It is a good timeframe, and also we will probably look at shortening it in the future. @tinat found someone to shorten our video (I’m guessing it would shave 5-10 min), which I’m looking forward to finding out how that is going.

@jillbinder: I’ll be available to participate (and/or run) one of them. Looks like @lswanson will be able to do one as well. These all work for me except for Labour Day weekend. I’ll touch base with everyone else on their desired level of participation and work the trainings around that.

@ncsumarit: I’m hoping to run one with my colleagues in the Raleigh Meet-up in the fall and spring. I’m available to help run one in the future but should at least co-facilitate or attend one before then.

@jillbinder: Wonderful @ncsumarit! I forget if we have your info in our form yet so that we can follow up with you about this? Just to make sure we’re talking about the same thing, the ones that we are running right now are for training others in how to run it. Which is slightly different from just running it for a group. Though it would still be valuable to attend this if you wish.

@lswanson: To what @jillbinder just said about us all being on same page – if anyone has ideas about how to label our three activities – 1) local folks running the workshops, 2) community team folks training local organizers, 3) more experienced community folks training those trainers to run the trainings – I, for one, am all ears

@jillbinder: So far I am calling them Training and Train the Trainers. Other titles welcome.

@jillbinder: We will be using the calendar that @angelasjin set up for us last time to share with each other when the trainings are occurring.

@webrite: Where do I find the calendar.

@angelasjin: If you DM me your email address, I’ll add you to the calendar! Everyone who has access to the calendar should be able to add other folks to it as well.

@jillbinder: Thanks all for helping to move us all forward. I’m looking forward to the Fall when Meetups are in action and we are helping them diversify their speakers.



Weekly Updates

Hello to all our Deputies, WordCamp organizers, Meetup wranglers, and WordPress Community builders! You were probably hard at work this weekend. Tell us what you got accomplished in our #weekly-update!

Have you run into a roadblock with the stuff you’re working on? Head over to #community-events or #community-team in Slack and ask for help!

Documentation review: WordPress Events in Dashboard

A long time ago, I promised to gather page to Meetup handbook about WordPress Events visible on Dashboard. I finally got it done and before adding it to Handbook, I’d like to ask you to review it on Google Drive 🙂

This documentation basically gathers together information that has been in multiple locations (comments, Slack discussions etc) previously. It tries to answer questions about what is the WordPress Events listing, how it works, why it exists, how to debug it and where to report problems.

@andreamiddleton has written excellent WordPress Events and News widget FAQ which is merged into this documentation. I propose that we deprecate that page and just link it to the new Handbook page, if it will be added. I’d also propose this documentation to be added into WordPress Meetup organizers handbook as a new page.

Leave your comments/suggestions on this post so that we can discuss changes or improvements. Deadline for comments and discussion is 2018-08-16.

#nearby-wordpress-events, #wp-admin, #documentation

Community Team Chat Agenda | Thursday, 2 August 2018

Hey Team!

Our bi-monthly Community Team chat is happening this Thursday, 2 August 2018. Meeting times are Thursday, 2 August 2018 at 11:00 UTC and Thursday, 2 August 2018 at 20:00 UTC in #community-team on Slack – we use the same agenda for both meetings in order to include all time zones.


  1. Deputy check-in:
    What have you been doing and how is it going?
  2. An update on EU camera kit management:
    We have a new manager for the EU camera kits from within the Community Team (we’ll leave it as a surprise for you to find out who it is during the meeting!)
  3. Deputies user group in Slack:
    We now have a @deputies user group in Slack that we can use to ping all of our active deputies.
  4. New Contributor Day Fields for WordCamps:
    WordCamps can now add info about their Contributor Days to their listing – this is great for tracking and adding public info for which WordCamps are hosting Contributor Days.
  5. P2 posts needing review/feedback:

Please add any additional items to this agenda by commenting on this post as needed.

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