Discussion: Logos in WordCamp Videos

The WordPress.tv submission guidelines kindly request:

Please don’t add sponsor or producer logos to the videos.

This has been extrapolated to mean that banners that include sponsor logos should not be displayed in the videos, as well as slides with company logos on them (whether they are event sponsors or not). In fact, the WordCamp Organiser Handbook says:

Please don’t include sponsor or production company logos in the final videos; WordPress.tv is a non-commercial community site and not a place for advertising.

The problem is that this kind of thing becomes very hard to moderate as banners included in the footage can generally not be removed. As a result, the ‘no logos in videos’ rule has been very flexible and not implemented reliably.

To remedy that, it would be valuable to re-examine this issue and develop more precise expectations. This will help prevent confusion and the possibility of WordCamp videos with valuable content being blocked from WordPress.tv.

To help clarify expectations, some community input on the following questions would be valuable:

  1. Should we ask allow logos of event sponsors to be included in WordCamp and meetup videos? This would include logos in visible banners, as well as on speaker slides.
  2. Should we allow logos of event sponsors to be added in post-production?
  3. If a speaker includes their company logo in their slides, but their company is not an event sponsor, should we include their slides in the video?
  4. Should we allow production companies to add their logos in post-production?

WordCamp US 2018 – Community Team Plans

Hi Team!

We have 60 days before Contributor Day at WordCamp US happens, I’d say it’s time for plans!

And since we couldn’t really do much at WordCamp Europe, due to the lack of wi-fi, I suggest we reuse the plans we had for June 😉

We also need to decide who is going to lead the table and coordinate with @aaroncampbell

Ideas for experienced contributors

  • run a real-time mentorship training for any experienced WordCamp organisers who want to be trained as mentors. See:
  • making process diagrams for processes described in our handbooks
  • organising the Trello board
    • Brainstorm with other teams that are using Trello: how they got started, how do they encourage its use, etc…
  • work on documentation from our “needs documentation” list
  • run a real-time deputy training discussion group for anyone who’s interested in becoming a deputy and has finished the deputy training quizzes. See:
  • application vetting sprint. See:

Ideas for less experienced contributors

  • search through meetup.com event titles and list suggestions for interesting/unusual meetup event formats/topics that could be recommended in future meetup organiser newsletters
  • summarise 2017 accomplishments
  • summarise proposed 2018 goals, check if someone is actively working on them and add them to Trello.
  • adding email templates for responding to life-threatening allergy and a11y needs notifications to the handbooks. See comments in this post for reference. Ping Attendee Services Team from WCEU for help
  • translate the replies in HelpScout to different languages (cross team effort with Polyglots)

Things that probably will not happen but if they do it would be great! 

  • Either publish something about the team structure and the decision making process or kill it forever (since without doing anything formal we changed completely the way we operate in the past 12 months I am inclined to kill it, but might be worth to have one final brief discussion for closure)

Have more ideas? Please add them to the comments and before the event I will put everything in a nice list so we can work through it during Contributor Day!

Team Reps

When we elected team reps last time around, the events contributor group didn’t exist yet. Groups that formed since the last elections had a team rep appointed for them until such time as there were enough group members to vote. You’ve made it, and it’s time to vote for your team reps!

There will be two event team reps. The hope for the role is that every six months when we vote, a new person will get tagged in to learn the responsibilities over the first half of the term, and then take over in the second half while the ‘elder’ steps back into the backup role. Rinse, wash, repeat. This way, we continually invest in the process of growing new community leaders. (This means please vote for two names, not just the same one twice.)

The team rep role is responsible for posting weekly updates to the team reps blog, and participating in team rep chats as needed. Note that this role is mostly administrative; it’s not a role that carries solo decision-making power. More detailed information about the team reps role is available after the jump.

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Managing Online Classes

The Diversity Outreach training team is trying to streamline our operations and hoping the meta team (@iandunn, @coreymckrill, et al.) might be able to advise and/or help us. As discussed with Ian at WordCamp Vancouver, posting this here for community input.

We currently run trainings for meetup and WordCamp organizers once a month or so. Trainings are conducted online, typically via Zoom. We hope to increase the frequency and scope of trainings as the program grows.

We communicate with our trainees via Helpscout. We currently list class dates on a Google calendar and manage attendees via Helpscout email, using tags to classify whether they are interested in taking the current class or a future class.

So far it looks like Helpscout isn’t the ideal tool for managing this. We could automate some of the correspondence with its workflows feature, but that wouldn’t give us a way to manage event details. If anyone knows a way to do that in Helpscout, we can stick with that tool.

Ideally, we’d love to have functionality that is a bit more than a calendar but less than a full-blown course management system. Ideally, a tool that would let:

  • us specify and set training class times
  • us set (and change) event details, such as the link to the online meeting, time, etc.
  • us send confirmation notes to both students and trainers after folks sign up
  • us send automatic reminders to registrants (and trainers)
  • students pick from a list of already-scheduled training times
  • students view class times in their own timezone (nice to have; UTC could work fine)

Do folks know of

  • a WordPress plugin that does this (ideally one that we could install at .org, but we could host somewhere else, too)?
  • other tools that check off most of the items on this list? (we’ve looked at using Meetup, Eventbrite, and similar tools, but each has limitations)

Do others in the community routinely schedule online classes or other events, and if so, how do you handle registrations and student communication?

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer,

WordCamp Blocks: Round 1 Designs

For more details, see “Converting WordCamp Shortcodes to Gutenberg Blocks,” “WordCamp Block: Speakers,” and “WordCamp Block: Organizers and Sponsors,” “WordCamp Block: Schedule,” and “WordCamp Block: Sessions.”

Thanks to everyone who’s commented on all of my previous posts! Your feedback has been integral to designing WordCamp blocks that will hopefully make site building easier for organizers.

I’ve now finished initial designs for all of the first round of WordCamp blocks — Speakers, Organizers, Sponsors, Schedule, and Sessions. Here’s where they stand:






What’s Next?

Time to build out the blocks! If you’re interested in contributing code, or following along with the development process, leave a comment so everyone knows who to coordinate with.

Announcement: monthly chat for WordCamp organisers

A long, long time ago we started a discussion, here on the blog, about how we could support Community team mentors. This is completely OT and somehow related to this announcement 🙂

If you read the comments you will see that one of the issues that I raised is that we have a lot more WordCamp Mentors but still a lot of WordCamps don’t have one: this is why I am starting a new monthly chat for all WordCamp Organisers and I hope this will also help Mentors come together and exchange information.

Who is this for

WordCamp organisers, old and new, potential organisers, mentors.

Proposal for a general agenda

  • 1 hour meeting
  • 30 minutes – updates from the WordCamp Community Support: posts from the blog that you might have missed, new tools, deep dive into a specific handbook section
  • 30 minutes – open floor, bring up anything you need help with

Kick off meeting – October 25th 2018, 13:00 UTC

Since we need to start somewhere, I am taking the initiative to schedule the first meeting at a time that is a bit in between: Thursday, October 25, 13:00 UTC.

For the following chat we can decide together when it’s the best time to meet. If other mentors want to host the chats we might even do it twice a month 🙂

We will meet in the #community-events channel in Slack

Agenda for October 25th 2018

  • Introductions: mission, plans
  • WordCamp Organising news: posts from the blog that WordCamp organisers and mentors should be familiar with
  • One handbook section at a time: venue and date
#agenda, #meeting

Proposed 2019 Global Community Sponsorship Program

Below you’ll find a proposed draft for the 2019 Global Community Sponsorship Program.


Rates increase by about 10% this year, across the board.

Benefits we’d like to remove:

  • Dedicated tweet announcing sponsorship from the Twitter account of each WordCamp (this is included in every local package anyway, so why duplicate in the global packages)
  • Event-unique “trackable link” (purl) in your sponsor description (this was not important to sponsors last year)

Two benefits we’d like to add:

  • “Featured” acknowledgement on two meetup organizer newsletters per year (received by 1200+ organizers) — Gold
  • Listing on resource page for new user workshops/charity hackathons organized by meetups or at WordCamps — Gold & Silver

And one experiment:

We propose offering a Global Subscriber package for $2000/year.

Global Subscribers would receive an email notification every time:

  • a meetup group is added to the WordPress chapter program
  • a WordCamp is added to the pre-planning schedule
  • a WordCamp is added to the official schedule

Questions? Feedback?

The actual program description is quite long, so I wanted to make the call for feedback a little earlier. 🙂 If you have any questions, observations, or critical feedback about the program in general or these proposed changes, please comment on this post! Thanks so much for the hard work, input, and feedback by @kcristiano, @lucasartoni, @kenshino, @laryswan, and @radolina!

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Meetup Organiser Badge Assignments

A couple of weeks ago, we called for all WordPress meetup organisers to provide us with their usernames so that we can start assigning the new Meetup Organiser badge to as many people as possible.

After leaving the sheet open for a few weeks and sending out a few reminders about it, we’re pleased to announce that we have now assigned the badge to 760 organisers. If your username was added to the sheet then you will find that your WordPress.org profile now has a shiny new badge!

There are, however, still quite a few groups that have not yet added their usernames, so we’re going to keep the sheet open for a while longer to give more people the time to add their usernames in.

There are still 251 groups in the sheet that have no usernames supplied for them, so if you haven’t done so already, please head over to this sheet and add the usernames of your meetup group organisers: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1LYnNDDpBQC7przZyufG4W5mdO67BcTTy_yz8eHY24lc/edit

This is what the new Meetup Organiser badge for your profile looks like:

Feature Request: Email receipt after submitting WordCamp talk

When you submit a talk to a WordCamp, it would be great to receive some kind of “receipt” in your email with your form submission data. This will help people keep track of what talks they’ve submitted to WordCamps, and when. (Originally posted: https://meta.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/1946)

WordCamp Incubator 2018 Update Thread: October edition

Hola Community Team!
I’m sure you were wondering how the WordCamp Incubators are going…
So, yes! this is the moment of our monthly updates about the two WordCamp incubators in Montevideo (Uruguay) and Kota Kinabalu (Malaysia) 😉

Pinging @remediosgraphic and @emanuel_blagonic for you both to tell us how your Incubators are going. Thanks in advance!

#incubator #wordcamps #monthly-updates