Recap of the community team efforts at WordCamp Europe Contributor day.

A brief recap of our efforts at #WCEU contributor day:

  1. The Diversity Outreach Speaker Training group wrote some documentation and worked on videos with the TV team
  2. We welcomed two new WordCamp mentors 😉
  3. There was a meeting of the WordCamp Nordic group. If you want to get involved in WordCamp Nordic, please join us in the #community-events channel on Slack
  4. After a first round of online round tables for meetup organisers, we started work on putting together a second round.
  5. The team spent time working on documentation that are incomplete or don’t already exist.
  6. We had initial conversations with potential new meetup groups
  7. Thanks to some new community team members, we started working on diagrams for our many processes


Proposal for permanent change of word for Code of Conduct

A couple of days ago, there was a discussion on Slack #community-events about how communities in India address anti-caste discrimination for Meetups and WordCamps. Currently the word “caste” is not part of or mentioned in the Code of Conduct.

Discrimination on caste basis has been a historical problem for societies across India and much of South Asia. For example, in India there is a law against discrimination, yet bias and exclusion happens regularly. More context and information can be found at the Wiki article Caste System in India and Affrimative action.

I propose we add the word “caste” in the code of conduct wording.

The change will be from:

WordCamp CITYNAMEHERE believes our community should be truly open for everyone. As such, we are committed to providing a friendly, safe and welcoming environment for all, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, ethnicity, religion, preferred operating system, programming language, or text editor


WordCamp CITYNAMEHERE believes our community should be truly open for everyone. As such, we are committed to providing a friendly, safe and welcoming environment for all, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, ethnicity, religion, caste, preferred operating system, programming language, or text editor

This change will acknowledge that discrimination or exclusion on caste basis is not acceptable at meetups, WordCamps and other WordPress events. Apart from serving as a deterrent, it would empower participants of WordPress events to be able to address violations in a more formal way.

Thoughts and comments welcome.


WordCamp Europe 2018 – Squad Goals

In a previous post we collected ideas for projects we could tackle together diring Contributor Day at WordCamp Europe 2018. We had a couple of comments and we threw a few ideas around during our most recent chat (recap to be done).

Thanks mainly to @andreamiddleton we have a number of tasks, now we need some “squad” leads. I will ping some of you in the comments and in Slack to see if you are up to leading one of the initiatives.

I will also add a card for each task in the brand new Trello board for the Community Team. The Trello board is a work in project and I just started it, bare with me… we will ask someone from the Marketing Team how they manage theirs so we can get up to speed asap.

Here is the list of the tasks: for each one I tried to add the relevant links so we don’t have to waste time looking for them on the day. If there is already someone attached to the task I added their names as well.

Ideas for experienced contributors

Ideas for less experienced contributors

  • Search through event titles for ones that have run the Speaker Training (and/or Diversity Outreach) materials and aren’t in our spreadsheet yet (@tinat@jillbinder)
  • search through event titles and list suggestions for interesting/unusual meetup event formats/topics that could be recommended in future meetup organizer newsletters
  • test and help write documentation for the personalized schedule tool (@psykro)
  • create a list of groups (sorted geographically) working on diversity and inclusion in tech, as a resource for WordPress groups that want to do diversity outreach
  • summarize 2017 accomplishments (@francina + @bph)
  • summarize proposed 2018 goals, check if someone is actively working on them and add them to Trello.
  • adding email templates for responding to life-threatening allergy and a11y needs notifications to the handbooks. See comments in this post for reference. Work with Attendee Services Team from WCEU
  • write a “How to build a diverse speaker roster” handbook page (@tinat@jillbinder)
  • translate the replies in HelpScout to different languages (cross team effort with Polyglots)
  • Meetup organisers round table. (@bph) Recaps and next steps:

Things that probably will not happen but if they do it would be great!

  • Start a conversation with @chanthaboune about team representatives: expectations, tasks, number of people involved (@francina + @hlashbrooke)
  • Start a conversation with @jennybeaumont about the WordCamp Talks project
  • Either publish something about the team structure and the decision making process or kill it forever (since without doing anything formal we changed completely the way we operate in the past 12 months I am inclined to kill it, but might be worth to have one final brief discussion for closure):@francina + @chanthaboune + @andreamiddleton + @miss_jwo (people that attended the previous discussion at WCUS)
  • Work on the “Community Team – Meet up emails” that was started at WordCamp London. I will ping the people that were present there to see if they are interested in continuing with the task

#wceu, #wceu-contributorday

Weekly Updates

Hello to all our Deputies, WordCamp organizers, Meetup wranglers, and WordPress Community builders! You were probably hard at work this weekend. Tell us what you got accomplished in our #weekly-update!

Have you run into a roadblock with the stuff you’re working on? Head over to #community-events or #community-team in Slack and ask for help!

Community Deputy Slack Group

I’d like to propose the creation of a dedicated Slack group for deputies. The general use would be to call attention to important information and help prevent it from getting lost in the back scroll.

  • Deputies can opt in or out of the list as they need to increase/decrease their current levels of involvement.
  • It will be usable by people on the list and use the same courtesy standards as channel-wide pings.
  • I’d like to call it “deputies” for simplicity’s sake.

Let me know in the comments if 1) this seems like a bad idea and 2) if you would like to be added for this additional notification or not.

@00sleepy, @_dorsvenabili, @adityakane, @amylaneio, @andreamiddleton, @bph, @brandondove, @camikaos, @chanthaboune, Cheryl LaPrade, @courtneypk, Dreb Bits, @drewapicture, @francina, @gounder, @hlashbrooke, @karenalma, @kcristiano, @kenshino, @mayukojpn, Meagan Hanes, @miss_jwo, @nofearinc, @rkoffy, @savione, Sherie LaPrade, @vc27,

Also, if you should be on this list (and in the sidebar) but I’ve missed you, please leave a note in the comments. 🙂


Announcing a new personalized schedule tool for WordCamps

Does trying to remember what WordCamp sessions you wanted to attend almost make your brain overheat? If so, I have great news!

Just in time for summer, WordCamp websites now include a cool personalized schedule tool! This tool allows attendees to:

  • mark a session as a favorite by clicking the *star* next to the session name,
  • print the schedule with your favorite sessions highlighted,
  • send an email with a list of all your favorite sessions, and
  • share a unique link to your favorite sessions (this can be used to share your personalized schedule with others, or share with yourself, between multiple devices).

Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 9.52.13 AM

Huge props to @circlecube for the feature proposal, and to @iandunn and egmanekki for making this a reality!

We’d really love to get your feedback on the UI/UX of this new tool, especially with the variety of custom CSS on all the hundreds of WordCamp sites out there.

Please test this new feature, and leave a comment on this post with any feedback or suggestions you have!

Feature Request: Give WordCamp attendees ability to mark/save sessions of interest on camp schdeule

Attending WordCamp is great, but as an attendee I have to repeatedly refer to the schedule to see which talks I wanted to go to next and which room I should be in, etc. I’d like to suggest a new feature to enable users to create a custom track from a published schedule on a WordCamp website. A way for users to select their desired session and somehow save this “custom” track or collection of sessions.

What does saving mean?

I think the MVP would be save and print or email the custom schedule/agenda. The user would select one talk (maybe more? if they’re interested in multiple sessions) per time slot to attend by clicking that slot in the schedule, and visually the schedule would highlight marked sessions. Perhaps selecting a session would even create a new list of sessions as that attendees custom agenda for the Camp and that agenda can be printed. I’m sure proper UX would deem it necessary to include some type of buttons or interface to add a session to an agenda and then to remove selected sessions too. As MVP, this could be front-end only and not even save any data. It could populate an email or be ready to print – or even simply allow users to keep the page open on their phone for quick glances during the conference.  I especially see this agenda layout being useful on mobile, where it’s tough to fit a complex schedule.

For a nicer experience though, the site would save the user’s selections and allow them to return to the schedule to see their saved/selected sessions. Ideally this would be tied to their .org account or something so either on the computer or phone they could log in and view their saved agenda.

How could it be useful to more than just the attendee?

Then if we end up being able to save this data, why not allow users to opt-in to share their schedule with other attendees or even the public. Attendees and sessions are displayed, let’s connect them. Each session abstract could indicate interest either by how many attendees have selected this talk or even list all interested attendees. I could see this being useful information to gauge general interest for talks and may help ensure to have ample space for each session. For example, if one session has a high level of interest it could be moved to a larger room to account for more attendees. Anyways, I digress…

Here I’ve mocked up a quick and ugly schedule with some marked sessions:

wordcamp raleigh schedule with marked sessions

Here’s a nasty screenshot of a schedule for WordCamp Raleigh with sessions marked as proposed. Notice there are two sessions saved at 11am, while only one session for later times.

The main point here is to have a way that when viewing the WordCamp schedule, attendees can select which sessions they are most interested in to create their own agenda during a WordCamp, and then a convenient way for users to save this agenda for quick reference during WordCamp. Sharing this interest may help attendees network and connect with others before and during the event. This data could possibly provide general feedback to organizers for planning purposes too.

I don’t believe this is the first time this type of idea has come up and I’ve had positive feedback from others and hope this can generate a useful discussion and roadmap. Thoughts?

#improving-wordcamp-org, #wordcamp-org, #wordcamps #feature-request

Discussion: Changes to WordCamp attendee life-threatening allergy and special accommodations notifications

New fields for life-threatening allergy and special-accommodations were added to WordCamp ticket registration about two months ago.

When attendee has a life-threatening allergy or need for special accommodations, an automated notification email to organizer team is sent. In addition to that, email is also sent to community team Help Scout from where we manually forward the message to organizer team. With this current procedure, organizing team receives two notifications on the same thing. This is because we take these things seriously and we want to make sure that team is taking it seriously too.

But as a downside, two emails about the same thing creates a noice to organizer teams inbox. Also the forward from Help Scout is a manual task for deputies. We are now considering changes to this process so that we don’t send team anything else than automated notification they already receive.

Please share your feedback and ideas about the process in the comments!

Dear Meetup Organizers, we need your help with Meetup Video Testimonials

WordPress meetup TestimonialsDear Meetup Organizers

A favorite moment in all WordPress meetups is that time when you meet new WordPress users and hear their stories of how they use WordPress. Sometimes it’s a simple blog, sometimes it’s a complex content management system for news, or a mid sized e-commerce site for their local store front. Whatever the story, it’s always fascinating.

We would like your help in sharing those stories with the WordPress community.

Can you take a few moments to record a video testimonial with one of the attendees at each of your meetups? Nothing fancy, no special cameras, microphones or glaring lights. Just a camera phone and a good, honest story that will inspire others as they search for how to use WordPress for their own projects.

Let’s do this in March and April, folks. WordCamps count, too.

As Dave Navarro says, impromptu videos are best.

“I work for a TV and Radio station in the midwest and I can tell you, from experience, that unpolished raw video has more of an impact on most people in social media than polished professional video.”

Suggested prompts:

  1. How long have you been using WordPress.
  2. What brought you to the Meetup?
  3. How has coming to this Meetup affected you?


  • Spontaneous or planned video testimonial.
  • Make sure the lighting is good.
  • Quiet place is best.
  • Have them speak up (good audio).
  • 1-2 minutes is best; max 5 min.
  • Upload to in the Testimonial Category. Testimonial Category for Meetup Marketing Testimonial Category for Meetup Marketing

Videos that you lovely meetup organizers upload for the Marketing The Community are here.

Once the videos are accepted and published, share, share, and share!


The Marketing the Community Team

#video-testimonials #meetups

Proposed Event: WordCamp for Organizers

Hello Community team! Recently we received an application for a new type of specialty WordCamp so we wanted to bring it to the community to make an informed decision together on how best to proceed.

@drewapicture @dimensionmedia and @carolstambaugh  have submitted an application to organize WordCamp for Organizers in Chandler, Arizona, US. This specialty WordCamp would be a departure from traditional location-based WordCamps where the focus is a specific group of WordPress users, rather than a geographical community.

While it’s the first application we’ve seen for a WordCamp for Organizers, this is not the first specialty community WordCamp application we’ve seen. The most recent example is the WordCamp for Publishers focused on the journalism community taking place in Denver, CO this coming weekend.

Here’s the WordCamp for Organizers application (with private contact details and usernames removed):

First name = Drew
Last name  = Jaynes
State = Colorado
Country = US
Attended camp before = Yes, more than one
Hope to accomplish = Inspire people to do more with WordPress, Inspire a new generation of WordCamp and meetup organizers
WordCamp location = dotOrganize – Chandler, AZ
Wordcamp date = February/March/April 2018
How many attendees = 200
Organized event before = Yes, I’ve planned events of similar size/scope
Describe events = Lead organizer, WordCamp Denver 2015, 2016, Co-organizer 2012, 2013 Asst organizer WCUS 2015, 2016
Have co organizers = Yes, I have co-organizers already
Relationship co organizers = We’re friends, We met through the meetup group/other tech event, WordCamp organizers
Co organizers = Carol Stambaugh, David Bisset    

Raise money = Yes, I’m cool with the fundraising
Interested sponsors = No direct leads, though there might be an opportunity to tap into organizational-type companies
Good presenters = Yes, I know lots of local WordPress users/developers
Venue connections = Yes, I’ve been talking to people already
Venues considering = Chandler Center for the Arts, various city-controlled venues.
Aanything else = This application is for a topic-specific WordCamp geared to current and potential meetup and WordCamp organizers. We’ve affectionately dubbed it “dotOrganize”.

Institutional knowledge abounds in the organizer community for how to run successful WordPress events and we think a WordCamp like this would allow us to effectively tap into that. Meetup and WordCamp organizers should be talking to each other and sharing their knowledge! This event would also provide a unique opportunity to use the actual organization process as a learning tool in planning future events to mobilize and strengthen the organizer community. With organizers spanning different geographic regions at the outset (Colorado, Arizona, and Florida), the event will benefit from the strengths and experience of each of these different regions.

So, why Chandler and why February|March|April? A few reasons. Holding it in the first quarter makes it possible to preempt “WordCamp Season”, which would be of particular benefit to any WordCamp organizers in attendance. Because the event will be in February|March|April, holding it in Chandler comes with several benefits too, namely the warmer climate and more moderate travel, lodging, and conference costs. WordPress’ long standing relationship with the City of Chandler (via previously hosting wcphx several years) affords us the opportunity to leverage meeting space at a very low cost and in some cases no cost to the conference. Context on the date range: The reason we cite Feburary|March|April is that we’d want to be cognizant of overlapping other events traditionally held this time of year either in close proximity or timing, namely LoopConf (Feb 6-8), WCMIA (March, which affects David Bisset’s availability), and PressNomics (usually April). We’re exploring availability across these three months with our contacts at the City of Chandler.

After a quick pass some immediate questions sprang to mind and it’s our hope to explore them here, before moving forward. I’d like to invite everyone to share their questions, thoughts, and ideas here as well.

Questions for the applying organizers:

What, on average, will it cost each attendee to participate in the event, keeping in mind airfare, hotel, ground travel, registration, meals, etc?

Would you consider organizing this event online (similar to WordSesh) rather than in-person, to make it inclusive of presenters and attendees who are unable to travel (for financial reasons or other barriers) to Chandler, AZ?

How will the presentations and content be vetted to ensure that best practices and expectations of the WordCamp and Meetup program are being shared?

And a question for the organizing team of WordCamp for Publishers:

What unexpected benefits or burdens did you find in planning a WordCamp for a specific group of users rather than for an event for members of a local community?

While those are all important questions, they’re certainly not the only questions. It’s our hope that this post is the beginning of a great conversation. Weigh in with more questions, ideas, and thoughts in the comments!