Community Team Chat Schedule

In our Community Team Chats this month, we discussed the possibility of changing our monthly team chat to bi-weekly (every other week) or weekly. We’d like to hear what you think! Please take a moment to respond to the poll below.


Please respond by Friday, 14 April. If we all agree on a change, we’ll post an update on the change next week.

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Team Chat Agenda, Feb 27, 2014

It’s the 4th Thursday of the month, so the focus is “Contrib recognition, site stuff” — kind of a perfect day to talk about profiles, right? Thinking we might try a combo IRC/hangout so we can show what we’ve done so far this week, and since Andrea, Ian, Cami, Rebecca, and I are all in the same place today. If that sounds good, will post a hangout link before meeting time.

To suggest additional agenda items, leave a comment.

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Agenda for team meeting focus on WordCamps conferences…

Agenda for team meeting (focus on WordCamps/conferences) tomorrow, Feb 20:

  • Orientation hangouts — how are they going?
  • Let’s talk tools for administration and event sites. What’s good, what sucks, what isn’t great but probably could be with some effort and dev time?

My guess is that we can easily use up an hour talking tools. To help expedite things, if folks want to give us a head start by listing prelim thoughts on tools (existing or wish-list), that would be great.

Side note: I’m thinking that while we’re ramping up the program, it might be worth doing a meetups-centric meeting once a week for a little while to help us crank through stuff. Would anyone else be interested in doing that? Maybe tacked on to the front or back of the regular team meeting, or same time on a different day?

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