Community Team Chat Agenda | Thursday, 21 June 2018

Hello team!
Our bi-monthly Community Team chat is happening this Thursday, 21 June 2018.
Meeting times are Thursday, 21 June 2018 at 11:00 UTC and Thursday, 21 June 2018 at 20:00 UTC in #community-team on Slack – we use the same agenda for both meetings in order to include all time zones.


  1. Deputy check-in:
    What have you been doing and how is it going?
  2. P2 posts needing feedback/action:
  3. Highlighted posts for all deputies

Please add any additional items to this agenda by commenting on this post as needed.

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Call for volunteers: Contributor Drives Document

Hi Team

we have been contacted by Angela Jin, who is putting together some documentation for small scale contributor drive events for individual Make WordPress teams.

The goal is to create a how-to resource which hopefully will make organising contributor drives an easier process for everyone involved .

This documentation will consist of:

  1. A “Contributor Drive Community Team Overview”, which will provide information about your team and the projects available for contributor drives
  2. A general “Contributor Drive Overview” that introduces what contributor drives are and how to organize one.

Feedback from the Community Team is needed to identify projects within the Community Team that are suitable for contributor drives: we should be also able to explain how each project fits into the overall team goals, what steps contributors would need to take to tackle the project, as well as what resources/tools/skills contributors need to do so.

Angela is working on a document and it would be great if someone within the team could lead this effort.

If someone is interested in working on this, please say so in the comments 🙂


#contributor-day, #contributor-meetup, #contributors

Weekly Updates

Hello to all our Deputies, WordCamp organizers, Meetup wranglers, and WordPress Community builders! You were probably hard at work this weekend. Tell us what you got accomplished in our #weekly-update!

Have you run into a roadblock with the stuff you’re working on? Head over to #community-events or #community-team in Slack and ask for help!

Recap of the Diversity Outreach Speaker Training meeting on June 13, 2018

Attending: @jillbinder, @lswanson, @dianewallace, @miriamgoldman, @simo70, @angelasjin




First item is where has the workshop been run since our last meeting.

As far as I know, the place who has run the workshop since our last meeting was Montreal. Yay @zoonini! (Who was one of the key coordinators and contributors of our current incarnation of our workshop work.)

So now there have been 12 who have run it! Pretty much halfway to the goal of 27 for the year. If we have one or two more run it in June then we are exactly on track. 🙂

If anyone else has run it, please do let us know.


I’m hoping that once I connect with Larry and get the training, I can run it here (Ottawa) in September. That’s my goal.


Yay @miriamgoldman. That would be great.

I’m a stats fiend and I can’t stats without all the stats, so I want to know who has run it. Haha.

On that note:

We are training up our team internally to start running workshops themselves. I think most folk have received the training now or will soon with Larry before end of June?

Call out to anyone we are missing in our team who wants it? Let me know here or after the meeting.

I am highly encouraging our team members to run it if they can. It’s the best way to understand what we are doing in our team. Plus it’ll make a huge difference in your community.

Said workshop being Speaker Training which has optional Diversity Outreach components to it.


A thank you to @dianewallace and @maryjob who are filling in for @cguntur while she is in transit on a plane for a few days: They’ve been answering our HelpScout queue (folks asking for workshop training) and filling out our spreadsheet.

Here is a big thing that is happening: WCEU Contributor Day is tomorrow!

@tinat is going to be there and will lead items for our team.

In order of priority from highest to lowest, this is the list:

Likely asking for help from the WordPress TV Team:

  1.    Edit out the stumbles and pauses in our train the trainers video

Community Team:

  1.    For the Handbook- Write “How to build a diverse speaker roster”
  2.    Which Meetups have run our Speaker Training? Looking through the Meetup titles.

Training Team:

  1. Changing some of the workshop material with better methods I have learned since then
  2. Fixing some of the workshop material errors

It’s quite a bit, so I don’t expect all of it to get tackled. They’re all the options.

Any of these items that we don’t get to tomorrow will be available for anyone to pick up and do after. 🙂

I also have a little side project for anyone who has short amounts of ongoing availability for a small item that will have a huge impact:

It would be great if we could start following up with the folks who have run the workshop. Find out what worked, what didn’t, what they needed to change for their region in the world, what kind of support they would like next, and anything else they would like us to know.

Any volunteers who are here today?


I’d love to tag-team with someone on that.


I can help out following up.


Ohh, great idea @miriamgoldman. It could be a multiple person thing. And I know you’re too busy to be solo on something like this, you go-getter you.

Yeah @dianewallace! Alright, I will speak with you both after. It could be up to 3 people, so any other volunteers now or who are reading this later are also welcome.

There are some Meetups who would like to get trained soon for their upcoming WordCamps. Like within a few weeks from now.

If anyone feels comfortable running the recording and answering questions (and send me the questions you can’t answer), please let me know.

And if not yet but you want to work up to it, you could always shadow when myself or when @lswanson runs it.

I’m thinking of possibly even @angelasjin, @MelanieMartin, @cguntur? 🙂  Shadowing?


Yes please!


Other folks are welcome too, I just named them because they have expressed interest in doing this in particular. 🙂

The rest of the time is open discussion.

Any other questions or comments? Anything around running the workshop yourselves? Anything else? 🙂


Alright, I think this is a wrap.

Thank you all for all you bring, whether it’s doing things, bringing your energy, your ideas, etc.

I’m glad to have you here.




Call for volunteers: the Core team is looking for new release leads

Looking for your next adventure in the WordPress project? Here is one for you!

The Core team is looking to increase the diversity of the release leads: this was mentioned in a Core team chat on Slack on June 6th and Jeffrey Paul, one of the Core team reps is reaching out to all the team reps to gauge the interest.

Here is some documentation that you should read to better understand what is expected of you as a potential release lead:

If you are interested, either post it in the comments or reach out to @francina or @hlashbrooke in Slack, or reach out directly to @jeffpaul

Thank you!

Office Hours during WordCamp Europe

WordCamp Europe is happening next week, which means that many of the members of the Community Team will be offline for much of the week. This affects Office Hours in particular, so I would like to make sure that we have at least one deputy who can commit to being online to manage for each of the four sessions next week.

If you can commit to any of the times, please tick the box next to the relevant one(s) below. if the box is already ticked by someone else, then please comment on this post to say with which one(s) you will be able to assist. The checkboxes here are to make absolutely sure we have at least one person available, but having more than one person managing Office Hours is always a good thing.

Note that the times above will be displayed in your local timezone.

Office Hours is simple enough to host and we even have some handy documentation about how to do it.

Recap of the Diversity Outreach Speaker Training meeting on May 30th, 2018


@jillbinder @sheilagomes @caroleo @Kelli Wise @lswanson


Ok, first a report on speaker diversity workshops ran since our last meeting. Verona, Italy ran the workshop last week.

At least a couple more are scheduled in early June.

We haven’t run any trainings as I’ve been focused on the logistics of trainings for our team.

I’ve been having folks fill out a doodle poll. If you haven’t yet, please do!

This is for running a training just internal for our group, so that more of our own members can start running it themselves.

The best dates right now are Monday, June 4, Wednesday, June 6, and Wednesday, June 13.

June 13 has the highest but I feel like it’s far away. I’m thinking we should run one sooner.

The folks who can’t make it those 3 days have different availabilities from each other. I had been thinking I’d run a second one, but a third might be needed…..?

Also I haven’t asked him yet but it’s possible that @lswanson could run one on a weekend if that would be helpful for people.

Any thoughts from those here today on the current votes and if a weekend day would be useful?

Alright, well I’ll chat with folks about it.

So for the rest of the time I wanted to talk about obstacles you’re having to running the workshop.

As mentioned last week, we’re a microcosm of the larger community. Our obstacles reflect what we’ll be helping folks with.

@caroleo, I know you’ve been working through some issues for running it. Can you remind us what those were?



My obstacles are other projects and limited amount of time

I was and I am involved in the organisation of 3 different WordCamps in the past 8 months.



I think you said you’d be able to do it later in the year, possibly?

Were you the one asking about venue sponsorships?



It’s getting better for me after WCEU.

Yes, that should be feasible.

Nope I don’t think so.



Yes, I can do a weekend training in June. June 2 and 23 best bets for me, but I can work with Doodle results.



Great! Let’s PM about times on those days and I’ll add them.

If people want weekend dates. I’ll check.


@Kelli Wise

I think I could run it if there’s a meetup that wants it.



Alright! Nothing to figure out on this topic today. That’s ok!

Let’s wrap up in 10 min. Does anyone have any questions, concerns, comments, etc on this or anything else in our group’s work?



Not yet.


@Kelli Wise

No questions here.



Between Confab last week and long holiday weekend, I’m a little discombobulated – should be back on even keel by weekend.



Thanks, @lswanson! We knew in advance that that was happening. Thanks again for the work you’re doing behind the scenes on the material for our two trainings: the main workshops and the training to teach people how to run the workshops! We’ll stay in touch on it, of course.

The Training team has asked me to give a report in tomorrow’s meeting about where our materials are at. You sound busy Larry so I’ll do up the report, but if you have the time to look it over before tomorrow at noon that would be helpful.



Will do.

Assuming the train-the-trainer lesson plan should still top my list?



Yes. The other one is waiting for me to send you items. And it is lower priority.



Action item list:

  1. Fill out the doodle poll for our internal trainings

  1. Let me know if you want weekend dates for our internal trainings. Larry is available June 2 and 23.
  2. Give me your thoughts on waiting until June 13 or doing one sooner, this coming week: June 4 or June 6
  3. The ones who can’t make those days have scattered availability. What should we do for that?

Alright. Thanks all for joining today. I feel that we’re in a great spot of forward motion and I’m looking forward to what we’re doing next, having more folks in the team run the workshop and then be more empowered to do more within the team!


/end meeting


Diversity Speaker Outreach Training Group Onboarding / Summary

My team asked me for a summary of what has been done so far so that it’s easier for them to onboard and start helping.

I put it in today’s meeting, and I’d like to have a separate post for it so that I have something to point to for the new folks joining us.

*waves hello to future new folks*




Speaker Training [and Diversity Outreach] workshops were created in the past. They have been extremely successful and this team was formed to promote the work and train folks globally to run it. (They are here:


  • Gotten volunteers for this team
  • Created a core message that we can send out about our workshop and what our team offers
  • Created a form that interested Meetups can fill out
  • Started promoting our message and form (
  • Started training the Meetups who request it on how to run our workshops
  • Recorded a “train the trainers” video so that it is easy to keep running


  • Improving the “train the trainers” workshop
  • Continuing to run “train the trainers” training for Meetups
  • Encouraging more people on our team run the workshop, in person or online
  • Encouraging more people on our team to train others to run the workshop


  • The cycle of promotions and training becomes a self-perpetuating system that continuously expands to reach more and more Meetups.
  • Our team decides how the material changes over time. When people make suggestions, because we’ve run it, we know what would work and what would not.



Thanks and welcome to the group. We look forward to working with you!



Meetup Organiser Newsletter: 16 May 2018

Howdy WordPress meetup organizers!

Welcome to another meetup organizer newsletter full of news, information and inspiration for your local meetup.

Newsletter contents:

  • WordPress 15th Anniversary
  • Data privacy tools coming to WordPress Core
  • Speaker training workshops held around the world
  • WordCamp Europe live stream

WordPress Turns 15 This Month!

On May 27, WordPress will turn 15 years old — meetup groups all over the world are celebrating this auspicious occasion, and it’s sure to be a fun month! Some of the celebrations have already taken place, but many more are on the way over the course of the month.

There’s still time to request some unique 15th Anniversary swag for your event, but we can’t guarantee that it will arrive before May 27. No matter where you are in the world, however, you can always print your own WP15 swag.

If you want your event to show up on the WP15 website, all you need to is make sure that is scheduled for sometime between now and June 10, and that ‘WP15’ or ‘Anniversary’ is mentioned in your event title.

Don’t forget to share pictures of your celebration and your WordPress memories using the hashtag #WP15, and join the worldwide celebration! Check out the #WP15 stream at

Data Privacy tools are Coming to WordPress Core

The upcoming release of WordPress (v4.9.6, scheduled for May 17) will include a number updates to privacy and information storage options. This is important for all WordPress site owners to take note of, as it will assist you in making sure that your site is legally accessible from across Europe once GDPR comes into effect.

You can follow updates about the data privacy and transparency features on the Core team blog — this is a good opportunity to talk to your local meetup group about data privacy and transparency concerns with their websites and how to manage them with the new European regulations as well as other privacy standards from all over the world.

Speaker Training Workshops Held around the World

Have you ever had trouble getting women and people from other groups underrepresented in tech to speak at your meetups and WordCamps? Check out the Diversity Outreach Speaker Training workshop:

Variations of this workshop have been run in Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, Montréal, New York City, Toronto, and Brighton, and each community had a significant increase in the number of WordCamp speakers who identify as women.

Vancouver and Montréal have had at least 50% for 3 years in a row, and in 2017 Seattle had the highest ratio so far, with 60% women speakers.

We are starting to run more regular trainings. Last week the community team’s working group trained 11 cities! Places that have run it since the last WordPress Meetups newsletter went out include:

  • Milan, Italy
  • Turin, Italy
  • Hamilton, ON, Canada
  • Bellingham, WA, USA

Did we miss you? Have you run it this year? Are you interested in running it? Let us know here:

Watch the WordCamp Europe Live Stream with your Local Community

WordCamp Europe 2018 is happening on June 14-16 and, to allow people all over the world to enjoy the great content, the organising team is opening up a live stream of the event.

This live stream will available for free all over the world, making it a great opportunity to get your local community together to watch it. To help you out we have created an event template on titled “WordCamp Europe Live Stream Party” — you can use that to create and schedule your event. If you need to rent a venue for a WordCamp viewing party, you can apply for financial assistance by making a Meetup Venue Approval Request.

Subscribe to the WordCamp Europe website for updates about how to access the live stream when it goes live.


That’s it for now — chat to you next time!

Your friends on the Community Team


WordCamp Incubator Program 2018: Update

In February, we announced a new edition of the WordCamp Incubator Program 2018, with the intent to help spread WordPress to underserved areas through providing more significant organizing support for a first event. The plan is to select three cities in 2018 where there is not an active WordPress community — but where it seems like there is a lot of potential and where there are some people excited to become organizers — and to help those communities to organize their first WordCamp.

We received 104 applications for this program, and we’ve winnowed down that list to 14 communities:

Tunis, Tunisia
Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Kota Bharu Kelantan, Malaysia
Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
Lhasa, Tibet
Nablus, Palestine
Qazvin , Iran
Siem Reap, Cambodia
Yangon, Myanmar
North Nicosia, North Cyprus
Havana, Cuba
Teresina State, Brazil
Montevideo, Uruguay

Emanuel Blagonic and Roberto Remedios will each incubate one WordCamp this year, and we’re still open to other Community Deputies open to co-lead or intensively mentor an additional community that applied for the incubator program. We’re currently in the stage of talking to applicants about their communities and what kind of time they think they can put toward organizing a small, one-day, one-track event geared toward the goal of generating interest and getting people involved in creating an ongoing local community. At the end of May, we hope to announce the three locations selected.

If there are deputies interested in stepping up to co-lead or intensively-mentor another WordCamp organizing team in a location on this list, please let me know! I think there are more than a few communities listed above that just need extra support (and possibly a better understanding of how modest and uncomplicated an event can be) to organize a WordCamp in their town. I’d love to match a few more deputies up with communities that are excited to try something new — assuming we have some mentors with extra bandwidth. 🙂

Questions? Concerns? Feel free to share them in a comment!

#wordcamps #incubator