Community Team Chat Agenda | 03 August 2017

Hello community team!

Our bi-monthly Community Team chat is happening this Thursday, August 3rd. Meeting times are 08:00 UTC and 20:00 UTC in #community-team on Slack – we use the same agenda for both meetings in order to include all time zones.


Please post in the comments if you have some agenda items to add so we can update this post as we go.

1. Deputy check-in – What have you been working on? Any blockers? Anything that you need help with?
2. Decision Making Process – we posted about it on the P2 and we would love to gather more feedback, discuss this during the call.
3. Highlighting a few P2 posts – No real discussion needed, but these are posts worth highlighting for all deputies (add the posts in the comments and I’ll add them here 😉)

Recaps will be in the comments

  • 08:00 UTC
  • 20:00 UTC Notes

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Community Team Chat Agenda | 20 July 2017

Hello community team!

Our bi-monthly Community Team chat is happening this Thursday, July 20th. Meeting times are 08:00 UTC and 20:00 UTC in #community-team on Slack – we use the same agenda for both meetings in order to include all time zones.


Please post in the comments if you have some agenda items to add so we can update this post as we go.

1. Deputy check-in – What have you been working on? Any blockers? Anything that you need help with?
2. Decision Making Process
3. Highlighting a few P2 posts – No real discussion needed, but these are posts worth highlighting for all deputies:

Recaps in the comments

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Meeting notes for Community team chat on June 25, 2015

Link to meeting in Slack:

Ian Dunn shared that the follow-up survey on themes/templates is closed now, with a really good response rate, and he’ll be publishing the results in the next few days. The CSS importer is getting closer to a minimal viable product, and he hopes to launch it next week.

WordPress stickers have finally been ordered, and we’ll be shipping some stickers directly to WordCamps during the end of June/early July.

We discussed a standardized system of tagging for the Community SupportPress queue. There were no objections to the proposed component/priority/keyword structure. It was agreed that we shouldn’t be assigning tickets to people via tags; people should be assigning tickets to themselves and then following through.

If a ticket is labeled “Urgent” then that should mean that anyone who can answer it, should do so asap — before addressing the older tickets in that bucket.

We got hung up on how to handle location tags, though. Among the options:

  • hashtags (troublesome for meetups)
  • city name (variations on city name like Vegas/Las Vegas or Rio/Rio de Janeiro make this tricky)
  • unique ID in a or FB URL (these can be changed easily)
  • wordcamp subdomain (doesn’t really apply if there hasn’t been a wordcamp there yet)

We still need to come up with a solution for location tagging, as we did come even come close to finding consensus on this one. Jen aptly pointed out that we need a geo tag that references the overall community not just the meetup or WordCamp.

Suggested keywords (these are the actions that need to be taken):


Please weigh in on the question of location tags, if you have a solution you think will work. 🙂

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Meeting Summary for February 20, 2014

Full meeting transcript:

This week’s focus was WordCamps/conferences. Bolded subjects link to the point in the chat transcript when we started talking about it.

WordCamp organizer hangouts: We’ve held 4 orientation hangouts now, and while they have generally been successful, we agreed to make a few changes. First: schedule some topic-specific hangouts about things like budget, CampTix, tools, and video. Second: record one baseline hangout every month (and transcribe it) or so for those who can’t join but focus on more interaction between organizers and community team members. Andrea clarified about whether the hangouts are intended just for new WordCamp organizers: they’re intended for everyone, as repeat organizers will benefit from hearing about tools and practices that have been adopted since they organized last.

WordCamp Tools: It was agreed that new page templates for the WordCamp Base theme are always welcome, and that it might be nice to have more options for ways to display speakers, sessions, etc. Then we moved along to identifying other tools we might need/use for WordCamps.

Newsletters: All chat participants who’ve used a third-party tool for WordCamp newsletters said they had used MailChimp. There was concern about the security of attendee data when we use third-party tools, and general discussion about how WordCamps use newsletters as well as other methods of communicating important information with attendees (email, posting to the site, SMS). We agreed we should start with a list of the specific needs that we’re currently using third party tools to meet; WordCamp organizers can post those lists to the community site.

Accessibility: WordCamp sites should be accessible, and right now they’re not, very. @jenmylo suggested we ask the Accessibility team to review the themes in play as base themes, and fix those themes based on their advice; she also suggested we create a guide of baselines for CSS accessibility (contrast, etc) so organizers can meet those guidelines. I’ll post to the Accessibility P2 to ask for help.

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Meeting Summary for February 13, 2014

Full meeting transcript:

This week’s focus was mentorship and diversity programs. Bolded subjects link to the point in the chat transcript when we started talking about it.

Google Summer of Code (GSoC). Our application has been submitted. I posted the questionnaire portion on this blog for anyone who’s interested. We’ll find out if we are accepted as a mentoring organization on February 24.

GNOME Outreach Program for Women. Deadline to apply is this Friday. We discussed the pros/cons of participating and agreed that for this summer it would be better to focus on developing our in-house mentorship program, and think about doing OPW again later on when we have more structure in place to help ensure successful internships.

In-house Mentorship Program. Jen to contact each contributor group about developing a 1-month/3-month pilot per the post about it. For this team, we’ll try pilotsaround meetup organizing, WordCamp organizing, and Jen and Andrea will work out the volunteers and will set up a meeting next week to discuss the content with those volunteers. @andymci will be one of the first meetup mentors. @STDestiny reminded us of the work done last year around a WC mentorship program. (We need to find you a new username that doesn’t make people think of STDs.)

Speaker Diversity at WordPress Events. @jillbinder gave a briefing on the brainstorming/practice workshop for women interested in becoming speakers they’re doing in Vancouver in March. Andrea and I committed to doing one in Portland, and are reaching out to a couple of other local communitios about doing them as well as a pilot. If successful, we can write up a curriculum for it and post it for meetups and other groups to use to increase speaker diversity in their areas. (Note: this would not be limited to women) 

Sponsoring Third-party Events. Automattic is sponsoring the diversity mixer at Philly Tech Week for WordPress. @liljimmie is one of the organizers. We’re looking at the Philly Ladyhacks event also. Anyone with events by other groups that help underrepresented groups get started with tech (especially/specifically WordPress), let Jen know. Likewise if there are third-party groups e should consider partnering with on outreach or educational programs. Will make a form or something for submitting suggestions, and will try to have a point person to act as the liaison with each group we decide to work with. 

Girl Develop IT/Training. @liljimmie summarized the work she’s done around WP tracks with GDI Philly, and we talked about how we could standardize with modules for training (which had staled again, but Tracy picked up the child theme module again and it’s looking good). She hopes to standardize her WP training content across GDI. As we develop more training on, we’ll be able to hare more. Jen offered to make connections as needed to help Tracy with a more advanced WP programming track for GDI. Tracy will be wrapping up the child theme module for and will then look at the forat to extend to other modules for our theme school project. @sabreuse will take another stab at updating the troubleshooting curriculum from our pilot workshops a year ago so we can finally get that posted and distributed. 

Next Week’s meeting will focus on WordCamps.


Meeting Notes from February 6, 2014

This was our first meeting using the new topic-by-week plan, and it was definitely more focused and had more participants than the usual old, “Hey, who has stuff?” meetings we did before. In addition to existing team members, these event organizers participated: Andy (andymci) from Toronto, Andrew (andrew_cpht) from NYC, Blossom from Austin, Mark (WPNI) from Belfast, Lisa (lschuyler) from Antigonish, bastetmilo from Wroclaw. chapter account update:
We have 67 groups on the account. There are a couple that are inactive or have some sketchy goings-on that need to be contacted. There are a few that didn’t fill in the form in time for the rollover so probably won’t get added until March. There are a couple of new applicants that need to be contacted for a talk about the initial commitment. And then there are the couple of hundred meetups not on the chapter account that still need to contacted about joining ( limits to contacting 3 per day).

Discussed who was/wasn’t on the chapter account of the people at the meeting. Toronto and NYC are not on chapter and had reps there. Plan to set up a group chat with Andy from Toronto and his co-organizers to discuss joining. Andrew from NYC said he would ask Steve to respond to the email I’d sent him about it.

Kinds of Meetup Events
We discussed kinds of events different from the standard lecture format that people are interested in trying, including contributor days, demo days to promote WP as a platform (perhaps with a standardized presentation created by volunteers to the project), smaller gatherings etc. Also discussed reaching out to colleges, which we’ll discuss more at the next chat since it ties in with GSoC as well. Also discussed wanting to bring the meetup groups closer to the .org project in general, so in addition to contributor days talked about lining up virtual speakers from the project via hangout to multiple groups at a time, contributor drives for specific contrib groups, etc.

During the course of this discussion Andy (Toronto) made it clear that he should be an active participant in the chapter program because his suggestions were all similar to the things we have been asking the chapter meetups to start doing. 🙂

Connecting Meetups
There’s a desire to create more connections between organizers and groups between cities. Dsicussed adding forums, sister-city pairings, and organizer mentorships/buddy program. Will start the latter in the next week or two, with Andy being one of the first mentors and Lisa and Mark being his mentees. More on that to be discussed in the next team chat re mentorship programs.

Bad Actors
We discussed the possible negative outcome of opening up groups to letting anyone set events and contact the full group: scammers, spammers, and flakes taking advantage of the openness to their own ends and/or people posting meetups but not showing up to lead them. Agreed on a 3-strikes you’re out rule, with the local organizers having the leeway to boot sooner or immediately for severe actions such as harassment or other over-the-line actions.

Helping New Organizers
Previously mentioned buddy program. Also discussed resources we can provide like signage so people can find each other. Swag, sign in sheets, name badges, etc. Handouts explaining WP/Project/Community/etc to give new attendees to explain things instead of organizers having to give the spiel over and over. Will try to get a little group together to figure out what a welcome pack should include, and will continue adding pages to this site similar to for meetups.

WordCamps/Meetups/Local Events
We talked about how these labels are possibly becoming less useful because it sets up divisions instead of one cohesive local events/community umbrella. No decisions on this one, just some back and forth on what people thought. Will be discussed again in future.

Events on
Discussed the plans to bring in WC and meetup activity to profiles and to an events page. Starting with and chapter events. Talked about facebook groups etc, especially where more popular with int’l groups, but lack of ability to vet content is an issue. Discussion kept coming back to wanting official meetup/local community groups to have the official presence on rather than 3rd party sites, and to syndicate the content out to locally-preferred channels like fb rather than the reverse. Bigger project. 🙂

Connecting with Other Local Groups
Discussed connecting with other local groups in the same general interest areas. For example, Toronto working with another group for a kids coding workshop, working with GDI in Philly (via Tracy Levesque rather than the meetup organizers), BarCamps, non-wp meetup groups, etc.

And that’s our first meetups meeting! Sorry it took so long to post these notes. The channel wasn’t being logged, and the “smart transcript” I saved from colloquy wasn’t very smart as it interleaved the dev channel activity, so it took some time to parse it all out. The channel is now being logged, so moving forward we can post summaries and link to the transcript for this level detail rather than trying to cover every little bit.

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The Community Expectations working group had its kickoff…

The Community Expectations working group had its kickoff chat today (irc log). In attendance were Mika Eptein (@ipstenu), Aaron Jorbin, Siobhan McKeown, Tracy Levesque, George Stephanis, Brooke Dukes, Carrie Dils, Kronda Adair, and me (@jenmylo). Cátia Kitahara is also on the team but couldn’t make the meeting.

The plan:

  • Carrie and Brooke and Aaron are on the front line, reviewing similar policies from other open source orgs and seeing if there’s good stuff that we can reuse (if licensed appropriately, of course) or be inspired by. They will be dropping the chunks they think would be good to use or reference into a doc by Tuesday, 10/29/13.
  • I will drop a headings outline into the doc, also by Tuesday.
  • On Wednesday, 10/30/13, the “write new content” group will step up and start creating sections as needed. This includes Aaron, Mika, George, with Jen and Siobhan as needed (who’ll also be editing all the pieces together as they’re added). Complete this portion by Tuesday, 11/5/13. The rest of the group will drop in and comment as time allows in this period.
  • Regroup to review what we have so far, and plan how to proceed to finish draft for community review.

A note on creating this working group:
There were some comments on the thread that announced this project that indicated some discomfort at the idea that I wanted this working group to be diverse itself. Without getting into who’s male/female/gay/straight/disabled/etc, I want to make it clear that no one was added to this group based on some sort of diversity quota rather than merit.

As it happens, the process for creating a diverse group is pretty similar to creating a diverse speaker roster for a WordCamp, so I thought I’d share the process I used.

First, I started with the people who volunteered on the post by the time we got started. This is the same as choosing from speaker applications. You check them out and if they look good you say yes. Really very easy on the organizer, not hard work. As it happened, those people were all people known to me, and have all either written or presented on a topic related to appropriate behavior in our community, diversity, etc. on their own, so that made it easy to say yes to all of them. No one who explicitly said, “I want to help with this,” in the comments by the time we started the group was excluded.

Within these volunteers there was some diversity in sexual orientation, family makeup, religion, politics, length of time in WP community, etc, but it appeared to be all white women* from the U.S., so I wanted to broaden the perspective of the group by including some more people of different backgrounds (with a cap at 10 for logistical purposes). That meant I needed to reach out and make an effort to see if there were any qualified people that could round out the team that maybe hadn’t seen the post or had not felt comfortable volunteering.

This is the step that tends to freak people out. For WC organizers, it’s a lot of work, and if they don’t know a lot of people who are qualified then it turns into a choice-based-on-demographics, which is obviously not good for anyone. I’m lucky enough to be familiar with a lot of talented people in our community from many regions, levels of involvement, areas of expertise, etc. so that wasn’t a problem here. Everyone I reached out to met the same professional WP standards as the original volunteers, as well as having spoken or written somewhere about these issues already (including the 2 white dudes with beards 🙂 ).

In the end, our group of course could be still more diverse, but within the limited number of people we do have there is a pretty broad variety of viewpoints and experiences to draw on in our drafting process, which is the goal. Not to prioritize one demographic group over another, but to be sure that more viewpoints are included in the process and have a voice.

*Remember you can’t tell much from a gravatar. Someone who looks white may be biracial, someone who looks male may be female or vice versa (remember how we all thought Mika was a man for years because of her Frank Sinatra-eque hat gravatar?), and there are all sorts of other diversity components that have nothing to do with what your face looks like, so we have to remember not to make assumptions.

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Kickoff Meeting Notes

Just a few quick notes from our Skype meeting earlier today.

  • For now, we are focused on publishing “pending” posts only.
  • 3-4 posts per day max between us.  If you see posts have already gone out for the day, schedule it for tomorrow.
  • Keep your eyes peeled for Faux-go and any sponsorship logos, which are not allowed.
  • If you see a pending post with an issue of some kind, update the title of the post to reflect what the issues is.  For example:  Uploaded Video – Faux-go in video.

Once we all get out feet wet, I’m sure there will be more issues and questions that come up. If they do, feel free to post them here if you need feedback/consensus. 

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