Requesting a GTE role for the #ar locale

I’m interested in contributing to the localization of WP core, themes and plugins.

I’m a web developer from Algeria, with quite good translation skills around these languages : English, French and Arabic. I’m quite familiar with collaborative translation projects (worked on Yoast SEO plugin and OwnCloud platform years ago) and I’ve used WPML content/string translation on various occasions.

If I am attributed the role of a GTE for #arabic, I’m wiliing to :
1. Enrich the #arabic glossary with missing terms, and discuss with the community to tackle any ambiguity issues between similar terms,
2. Try to put together a style guide for arabic locale contributors,
3. Suggest modifications (ncessary ones) to the core of the #ar #locale itself (in #GlotPress),
4. Share the load of the other GTEs and s in both string translation and reviewing.

I am keen to help provide an exhaustive and consistent high quality #ar localization for the popular / most used plugins and themes, but also some of the plugins/themes that target mainly arabic language users.

For that, we can put some milestones to prioritize our work :
1. Hit the 100% for the WP core localization.
2. Target the most used plugins/themes first (10 – 20 -50 – 100 most used) and make it above the 95% threshold for them to be integrated in current and future releases.
3. Gradually clean the crowded plugins/themes of any warnings/fuzzy strings (one at a time).

For the time being, I can dedicate at least one hour of reviewing and 2 hours of translation on a weekly basis..

I hope I can get along with you guys and learn from your experience within this community 🙂

Best regards,
Abderraouf Mehdi Bouhali.

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@petya @ocean90 @nao @chantalc


Notes from the Polyglots chats on January 18

Locale stats

Below stats are dated 2017-01-18 compared to 2017-01-11 (differences between brackets)

Releases: 164 (±0) locale, 65 (-3) up to date, 3 (+3) behind by minor versions, 12 (±0) behind by one major version, 17 (±0) behind more than one major version, 58 (±0) have site but never released, 9 (±0) have no site.
Translations: 164 (±0) total, 64 (-1) at 100%, 4 (+1) over 95%, 3 (±0) over 90%, 31 (±0) over 50%, 55 (±0) below 50%, 87 (±0) have a language pack generated, 7 (±0) have no project.

Requests: There are 15 unresolved editor requests out of 585 (+8) total and 9 unresolved locale requests out of 41 (+1) total.

Translators: There are 483 (±0) GTE, 1 251 (+18) PTE and 12 295 (+62) translation contributors.
(A account could have multiple roles over different locale)

Site language: 51,762% (+0,010%) of the WordPress sites are running in en_US (English (US)).

  • Armenian (#hy), Persian (#fa_IR) and Welsh (#cy) seem to still be at 4.7 . @luisrull will contact them to see if they need help with the release

Tech update

Outreach Campaign on Rosetta sites

  • @petya proposes a review of the Rosetta sites for the released/active locales and reaching out to communities in different countries on the possible use of Rosetta because some might not be aware that they are welcome to use their Rosetta sites to announce events and discuss local community topics. So to focus on working with the community team and make Rosetta sites more useful.
  • Volunteers are needed to help make this happen. The job is mostly talking to people here on Slack.
  • Actions would consist of:
    • Review all Rosetta sites and see who are not updated regularly
    • Check if there are meetups/WordCamps in the location the site is built for
    • Reach out to those organisers and ask them if they’d be ok with announcing the events on the Rosetta site as well
  • Communities that seem to be really using Rosetta already are Romania, Italy and Bulgaria
  • Contents that can go on Rosetta:
    • Translations of the release posts
    • Announcements for events
    • Local contributor updates starting with a page on how to join the translation team
  • @francina already wrote a first page in the handbook:

Open Discussion

  • Some plugin authors from the top plugin list were contacted and informed how easy it was to get on
  • @juhise is looking for volunteers to help with #hi_IN translation
  • @petya would like to have a page on Rosetta displaying all local users and their roles. @tobifjellner was proposing to maybe also add an opt-out.
  • The Camptix for WordCamps plugin is since yesterday available on . Please review your language or assign a PTE where and if possible.

Action items

  • @petya : chat to the community team about making organisers aware of the Rosetta review
  • @luisrull : contact the 3 locales to see if they need help with releasing (@casiepa)
  • @casiepa : Propose spreadsheet for the Rosetta review
  • @casiepa : Check for volunteers and lead of the Rosetta review during next meeting (@casiepa)
  • @casiepa : Check for existing trac tickets about a Rosetta page displaying local users and roles



GlotDict 1.0.6 – After the GWTD

At GWTD I have done a super easy fast session about how a browser extension can change your translation workflow on glotpress, in this case on
Link for the live session about this extension for the new users:
So what is the new features of this awesome super cool extension?

  • Fix for terms detection near () symbols
  • Fix alignment of toolbar for PTE
  • Enhancement: New UI on first use
  • Enhancement: No default language on first use
  • Feature: Shortcut on Ctrl+Enter to click “Suggest new translation” or “Add translation”
  • Feature: Shortcut on Page Down to open the previous string to translate
  • Feature: Shortcut on Page Up to open the next string to translate
  • Enhancement: New glossaries: he_IL, ro_RO, th, en_AU, en_CA
  • New icon by Crowdedtent

Actually the languages supported are 18!
How to add a new locale? see the video!

The interesting part of this version are the hotkeys to speed up the translations!
With ctrl+enter (ctrl not command for the OSX users) the string that your are translating is saved (you don’t need to click with mouse, is automatically done by GlotDict) and with Page Up and Page Down you can switch between the strings (on the switch they are not saved).

For issues:

#browser, #glotdict, #glotpress

GlotDict – Custom glossaries for GlotPress in the browser

First of all thanks everyone for all the job that you done for translate the WordPress world.

I’m Daniele Scasciafratte a Mozilla volunteer and also a WordPress Italian contributor so when in the Italian community @Xtraboy ask about someone that can develop a browser extension for the community itself I jump that opportunity to help.

This browser extension fix an annoying problem for the non-english translators that use a custom glossary for their languages and need that information on on terms (the terms with a dotted bottom border).
Actually GlotPress have only one glossary that contain English information and not for specific locales so this extension fix that problem.

This extension support different glossaries (actually only the Italian is available) to add the same look and feel and experience of the native English terms.

Download for your browser

How use it


After the installation you get on the dropdown menu on the right “Pick the glossary” to choose the glossary (that information is required only the first time, it’s saved in the browser for the future).
After the installation and this step you can use the glossary automatically!
As you can see in the screenshot the username term get the dotted bottom border and a tooltip with the Italian terms information.

Developer zone

How works

The code is very simple, the core part is loaded on every page of the JSON that contain the glossary: the terms to highlight, comment, pos and translation.
Here you can find the Italian JSON that actually is the only one available but I wait for your pull request to add new glossaries.

Generate the glossary

The Italian community maintain a glossary on Google Drive so for a developer like me was not a big problem to create a script that generate the JSON automatically for the extension.
This python script use the Google APIs to parse that document and save a compatible JSON for the extension and can be an useful start point for the other communities.

The next steps

  • New glossaries for many languages
  • Improve the UI/UX of the extension (if there are suggestions)
  • New icon (actually is the glotpress icon)
  • Better readme (I am a developer but the target of that extension is also for non-developers so need to be more simple)

Thanks to the Italian community for their work not only on translation but also for support and promotion!

#browser, #extension, #glotpress

Hi The last couple of weeks I have…


The last couple of weeks I have translated several of my favorite plugins into my native language and run into an issue.

I was not able to find an answer at glotpress site:
Editing a string

So I posted my question at WP forum a week ago:

Unfortunately no response so far, can anybody here take a look?

I don’t want to create incorrect translations…



As the end of the year is near…

As the end of the year is near, I want to share something for future thinking:

There are more languages coming with more than one language variant (mostly default and formal). At the moment de_DE and pt_PT have two variants. nl_NL is the latest language that has added a new (formal) variant.

But at the moment GlotPress is not optimized to handle that well. We should look for optimizations to handle languages with more than one language-variant better.

What would be helpful?

  • A side-by-side-view for example would be great. But do we have enough space/width?
  • Or should we add the variant(s) below the default translation? Could be very long/confusing if you have plurals, which have already more than one textarea …
  • Or a copy from (x) feature – where (x) is a select with all variants, suggested here #432
  • Adding a diff view, to just see the strings which differ between the variants …

This is a problem for the future of translating WordPress and I want to start the discussion about possible solutions. This has not to be solved fast, but we should think about it. If GlotPress is handling this better, I think, more languages will use more variants.

Do you have an idea? Want to make a design mockup? Every help is appreciated.

Maybe we can help making GlotPress better for handling more language variants in 2016.
This would be great!

#formal, #glotpress, #informal, #variants

Translating Themes and Plugins

Howdy all you wonderful polyglots!

We’re getting very, very close to turning on translations for themes and plugins. Within the next few days (or weeks), we’ll start importing active themes and, shortly there after, plugins to

The first import might be a bit… painful. There aren’t a lot of sorting options built-in to GlotPress, so importing, say, 1500 themes will make it hard to see which theme is important. We’re working on that. After import, it will be important to use and find “pain points” in the experience. Then… let us know! You can file a ticket on meta trac with an idea for improvement and we’ll work to improve things over time. Or, you can ping me personally (sam on Slack) or even just leave a comment here.

For themes and plugins with their own, external translation sites, we’re recommending the author post here on make/polyglots with a list of their translation editors and request that they be added to with project-level permission. That means that they’ll only be able to approve translations for the specific theme or plugin, which they can already approve translations for on an external site.

That might sound a bit complicated, but I wrote up a handbook page with all of the details. Please read through and let us know if you have questions.

One thing I’m recommending to everyone is to follow a hashtag for your locale. For example, the Swiss German translation editors would follow #de-ch in their profile notifications. Any time, across, someone enters #de-ch, they’ll receive an email notification about it. It’s a great way for anyone “in the know” to ping translation editors and entire teams.

P.S. If you haven’t already, now is a great time to translate the theme and plugin directory interfaces.

Related posts: Meta team, Theme team

#glotpress, #meta, #plugins, #themes

I have given out our language url https…

I have given out our language url ( to potential translators. I recently discovered that the “Administration” partial of the WordPress translation isn’t visible there. This led to me not getting any help with that one this time… What’s up with that? 😉


Hello I keep getting all sorts of warnings…

I keep getting all sorts of warnings like “Warning: Lengths of source and translation differ too much.” or “Warning: Lengths of source and translation differ too much.” when I try to translate a string at This happens for every string. Could someone please take a look?

#bs_ba, #glotpress, #request

Notes from the GlotPress discussion at #WCSF Community summit

Notes from the discussion on improving GlotPress (Mon, Oct 29th), suggested by Marko for the Community Summit in San Francisco.


Birgit Olzem, Catia Kitahara, George Stephanis, Mayo Moriyama, Marko Heijnen, Paolo Belcastro, Petya Raykovska, Rafael Funchal, Sam Sidler, Stephane Daury, Xavier Borderie.

If you were there and I missed your name, please leave a comment.

Continue reading

#community-summit, #discussion, #glotpress, #notes

Notes from the Polyglots meeting at WordCamp Europe

Hey everyone,

Here are my (slightly) structured notes from the Polyglots and GlotPress meeting at WordCamp Europe Contributor day on September 29th.

If you were there, please feel free to add to the notes if you feel I missed something important.

Roadmap for GlotPress

  • GlotPress is not even at 1.0 – Doesn’t have caching, doesn’t have translation memory. Who’s gonna work on it?
  • Scaling
  • Data Schema, different one – Nacin and Nikolay are going to work on that
  • Next step: Include Themes and Plugins in GlotPress
  • Be prepared for hundreds of new validators
  • Find a way to fight spam and security issues

Promised: Marko will ship profiles for GlotPress before WCSF

Scaling the community

A lot of languages don’t have an active validator – we need to change that

Average number of strings:

  • Themes – 200-300 strings
  • Plugins – 150-200 strings
  • Core – 4000 strings
  • BuddyPress – 1400 strings

Next step for Polyglots and i18n: Plugins & Themes

There needs to be a way for readmes to be translated.

There’s a lot of potential to get WordPress to 90 different languages.

We need to find developers to help with translations who are not heavily involved with core.

How do we put all the plugins on GlotPress (

30 000 plugins that need to be translated

Rosetta sites will have their own theme and plugin directories with all translated plugins and themes

need a search that will work across languages. Search for plugins and themes should target both the translated language and English.

We start with 25 plugins

We need a mechanism to block spammers better. For forums, for local sites.

Global Communities

  • agreed that each global communit should have their own P2
  • there will be functionality to approve comments as approve/delete/move to forum
  • @siobhan to get in touch with Jetpack ppl about subscribing to tag
  • should have lists of validators. Lists of validators should also be on local sites.

Promised: Remkus is doing the forum theme for BB Press for the local sites/forums 🙂

We need to make it easier for validators to work

Redesigning GlotPress, improving the tools

Security concerns with strings

Possible decision: Two tears of validators. Trusted validators for the core project and some of the other main projects.

Other validators for all of the plugins etc.

Polyglots team leads

The current goal is to split the role of Polyglots lead in two:

Technical role/team
Community role/team – pushing validators, pushing people, finding validators, pinging validators, giving validator rights, helping validators and translators get started. The goal is to have a team of community ppl from at least three different parts of the world.
Sam will document the specific tasks of the role of Community Lead for Polyglots and also the technical lead

Selection process

  • Select people from the existing validators and community
  • Select people who we know are responsible and will get the job done
  • Give them a long term role and back them up with others

#glotpress, #polyglots, #polyglots-meeting, #wceu

As I understand there are no active validators…

As I understand, there are no (active) validators for Lithuanian at the moment. I would like to be one.

#glotpress, #lt_lt, #request

How do the translations of the GlotPress web…

How do the translations of the GlotPress web interface itself (i.e., those at get implemented?

#ga, #glotpress, #question, #request

I found that wrong Untranslated count is…

I found that wrong “Untranslated” count is displayed for “Swiss German (Formal)” in GlotPress.

Anyone can recount this (like forum)?

#bug, #glotpress

As there are currently three separate discussions regarding…

As there are currently three separate discussions regarding GlotPress enhancements I’ll post this here as it probably should have been posted already.

GSoC Students Accepted

Arian Allenson M. Valdez (@secretmapper) — Working on GlotPress UI and profiles with Yoav Farhi (@yoavf) and Marko Heijnen (@markoheijnen) as mentors

Secretmapper will post updates to

Now is probably be a great time to get more involved and help shape the direction of GlotPress

#glotpress, #gsoc