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Here, we make WordPress core. Follow our progress with general updates, status reports, and the occasional code debate.

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  • Daniel Bachhuber 6:54 pm on February 27, 2015 Permalink |
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    Next Shortcake (Shortcode UI) discussion: Monday, March 2nd 

    • What: Let’s chat about Shortcake (Shortcode UI), a proposed feature plugin that’s currently midway through its development cycle.
    • Why: Shortcake is nearing a v0.2.0 release (see all issues). We’d like to discuss where it’s at, and where we want to go with it in the future.
    • Where: #core channel on Slack
    • When: March 2, 2015 22:00 UTC
    • Who: Shortcode aficionados. See you there!
  • Pascal Birchler 7:37 pm on February 25, 2015 Permalink |
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    WordPress Core Weekly 

    Hello everyone, let’s have a look at what’s going on in WordPress core! This edition covers February 19th, 2015 [31479] through February 25th, 2015 [31544].

    If you want to write the next WordPress Core Weekly summary, check out the table over at make/docs and get in touch in the #core-weekly-update Slack channel.


    • Make sure WP_Customize_Manager::theme() never returns null. [31536] #31445
    • Add theme browsing and theme switching to the Customizer. Brings into core the Customizer Theme Switcher feature plugin. You can now browse, preview, and activate themes right from the Customizer [31533] #31303


    • Provide proper label associations and descriptions throughout the network admin [31517] #38406
    • Add missing labels to Archives and Categories dropdown widgets. [31520] #18650

    Press This

    • JSON encode the URL before appending it to the bookmarklet. See #31373. [31537] #31373
    • Hard-code the minified bookmarklet js. Adding the non-minified bookmarklet to the browser bookmarks bar may have unexpected effect. #31373
    • PressThis v2, first run. [31534] #31373


    • Add orderby=description support to get_terms(). This appears as a sortable column header. [31532] #31364
    • Pass taxonomy name, not object, to edit_term_taxonomy and edited_term_taxonomy actions. [31525] #30999


    • Better image-type support checks in image unit tests. PHP can be compiled without support for certain image types. Our unit tests should be sensitive to these configurations. [31510] [31512] #31124
    • Specify globals in media JS files – it is important to denote where we are diverging from dependency injection. [31489] [31491] [31492] [31493] [31494] #28510


    Script Loader


    • Menus: Remove fixed height from .description-thin fields. [31524] #31426
    • Menus: Prevent checkboxes and radio buttons from being stretched to full width on mobile. [31523] #31425


    • Use a darker color for “No themes found” message to increase contrast. [31519] #26600
    • Add feedback for screen readers when search results are changed. [31497] #26600
    • Update the theme count when searching for installed themes, like we do on Add Themes screen. [31495] #26600


    • Add comment-author-is-site-member class to comment output for site members. [31518] #24054
    • Delegate focusin and focusout events for row actions to make sure the actions are always revealed on focus. [31509] #29765


    • Multisite: Pass a response code of 200 to wp_die() when a user is successfully added to an individual site after using the /newbloguser/ URL from an invite email. This is a user facing success message. [31514] #31224
    • Multisite: Avoid clearing stored capabilities for a user when removing their built in role in multisite. [31516] #18934
    • When creating a new user, pasting a password should update the password strength indicator. [31483] #31226


    • Improve table footer tab sequence by moving <tfoot> after <tbody>. [31513] #30914
    • Dashboard: Add a filter for the query arguments used for the Recent Posts widget. [31508] #29374
    • Quick Edit: Make date fields a bit wider. [31507] #27912
    • Use correct closing tag for “Under the Hood” header on About screen. [31503] #31402


    • Do not activate plugins on initial installation in multisite. Check is_multisite() before activating a plugin that has been installed via AJAX. Without this check, the plugin would be automatically activated on the main site of the network. [31511] #31327


    • TinyMCE wpView: don’t insert nested paragraphs when inserting embeddable URLs. [31485] #29526

    Bundled Themes

    Thanks to @afercia, @ AramZS @atimmer, @azaozz, @boonebgorges, @celloexpressions, @cfoellmann, @danielbachhuber, @dd32, @designsimpl, @dipesh.kakadiya, @DrewAPicture, @folletto, @ianmjones, @ipm-frommen, @iseulde, @janhenckens, @jeremyfelt, @jlevandowski, @joedolson, @joostdevalk, @kraftbj, @lancewillett, @mako09, @marcelomazza, @markjaquith,@michael-arestad @MikeHansenMe, @neil_pie, @NikV, @obenland, @ocean90, @PeteMall, @ravindra-pal-singh, @rachelbaker, @rianrietveld, @SergeyBiryukov, @stephdau, @stevegrunwell, @swissspidy @tyxla, @Viper007Bond, @westonruter, and @wonderboymusic for their contributions!

  • Gary Pendergast 1:26 pm on February 25, 2015 Permalink |
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    Emoji Chat Agenda, February 25, 2015 

    Here’s the agenda for Wednesday’s Emoji Chat in the #core channel on Slack.

    Time/Date: Immediately after the Dev Chat.

    1. Emoji Helper – On platforms that don’t have an emoji keyboard, should we provide one?
    2. Performance – When we’re falling back to Twemoji on large pages, we have to consider how it will perform. Are there faster ways of replacing the emoji characters with images?
    3. Open Floor – There’s still time to rant about the evils of emoji! Let us know how you really feel.
  • Drew Jaynes 12:00 pm on February 25, 2015 Permalink |
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    Dev Chat Agenda, February 25, 2015 

    Here’s the agenda for Wednesday’s Dev Chat in the #core channel on Slack.

    Time/Date: February 25 2015 21:00 UTC:

    1. Feature Plugins – The Customizer Theme Switcher and Press This were merged into core on Tuesday. Please test and create new tickets for any issues you find
    2. Component Updates
      1. Accessibility – @afercia
      2. Mobile – @ryan
      3. Components – All the news that is news with @nacin
    3. Enhancements Deadline Reminder – Beta 1 is 2 1/2 weeks away. Need to start wrapping up enhancements.
    4. Open Floor – Looking for dev feedback on a ticket? Use this part of the meeting to let us know
  • Jeremy Felt 6:17 am on February 25, 2015 Permalink |

    Multisite Office Hours Recap (February 24, 2015) 

    Multisite office hours are held every Tuesday at 21:00UTC in #core-multisite and are followed by a casual bug scrub / ticket conversation at 22:00 UTC.

    We had a great conversation in office hours today around network types as a follow-up to some of the discussion generated by the network types thread from last week.

    I think the chat log is the best place to get a full picture of this one as we covered a lot of material and several possible approaches.

    In short:

    • We’re trying to balance “decisions, not options” with a configuration that has many possible permutations. One way to do this would be a list of checkboxes covering each setting during network setup. It seems everyone agrees that it is much more desirable to have a limited interface to make the option easier.
    • While discussion on the network types thread tended to covered the ability to register new types and filter existing types, the conversation today took an interesting turn toward a model where a small number of key options were offered during network setup.
    • The most important options we should start with in building this out are: (a) Allow new users to register – Yes/No, (b) Allow users to create sites – Yes/No.
    • With each of these questions, we narrow down a set of options (see @johnbillion‘s quick list) to define the “network type”.
    • It’s possible a 3rd or 4th question is useful, though we agreed that starting with these two questions would be a route to progress.
    • We can repurpose #30145 away from our loved and then unloved, but always confusing wp_is_trusted_network() to something along the lines of “Introduce better default settings during network creation” (credit @ipstenu).

    I think that grasps the overall intent of today’s conversation. The entire log is a good read. Please leave feedback here and in the network types thread as you have it! :)

  • Drew Jaynes 11:00 am on February 23, 2015 Permalink |
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    This Week in 4.2: February 23 – March 1 

    This is the jump-start post for the sixth week of the WordPress 4.2 release cycle.

    The feature plugin merge window is scheduled to close this week on Wednesday, February 25th. Beta 1 starts in 2 1/2 weeks, on Wednesday, March 11th.

    Core Meetings this week:

    4.2 Feature Chats this week:

    Priority tickets this week:


    • #18650 – Make archives and categories widgets dropdown ada compliant
    • #26600 – Search installed themes input has no submit button
    • #30619 – The wpView toolbar is not accessible by keyboard
    • #31326 – Edit comment screen: misplaced-missing labels


    • #29989 – Hide Media Buttons on small screens
    • #31187 – Allow swiping the admin menu open and closed on touch devices
    • #29906 – Submenus can’t be dismissed on mobile
    • #29993 – Media action links are cramped on small screens

    Posts seeking your feedback:

    Notable updates from last week:

  • Drew Jaynes 12:00 pm on February 22, 2015 Permalink |
    Tags: , , tickets   

    4.2 Enhancements Deadline is March 10th 

    In a typical release cycle, the beta stages are known as the period where we ramp down and shift focus to testing and fixing bugs only. The testing stages in the 4.2 release cycle will not differ on this point. However, unlike in some previous releases, the shift to working on bugs and testing will be more pronounced in 4.2.

    According to the release schedule, Beta 1 is set to begin on March 11th — just about 2 1/2 weeks from now. This means that on March 10th, any enhancement ticket that has one or more commits against it, and/or is owned by a core committer will be converted to a blessed task.

    Without exception, all enhancement tickets not converted to tasks on March 10th will be punted to a future release or closed.

    So, if you’ve got a pet ticket you’d still like work on for 4.2, now is the time to start if you haven’t already.

    If you’re looking for an enhancement to work on, there’s a whole report to choose from!

    Next Steps:

    Developer Feedback

    If you have a patch that needs developer feedback, add the dev-feedback keyword to the ticket and leave a comment. I would also encourage you to mention the ticket in the comments of the Monday jump-start or Wednesday dev chat agenda posts on make/core. You could also mention the ticket number during the “Open Floor” time at the end of the weekly core dev chat on Wednesdays.

    Accessibility/Mobile/UI Feedback

    If your ticket has anything to do with administration or UI, jump into the #accessibility, #core-flow, or #design channels on Slack to get accessibility, mobile, or design feedback.

    Not Ready

    If you feel like you just aren’t going to have time to work on your enhancement ticket between now and the March 10th deadline, no problem. Just leave a comment to that effect on the ticket and somebody will come along and mark it for Future Release.

  • Morgan Estes 9:50 pm on February 19, 2015 Permalink |
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    WordPress Core Weekly 

    Hello everyone, and welcome to this installment of the WP Weekly Roundup! This edition covers February 11th, 2015 [31411] through February 18h, 2015 [31478].

    Right at the top of the list: the release of 4.1.1 rolled out Wednesday. You can read the changelog for full details, but here’s the overview.

    WordPress 4.1.1

    • Tag 4.1.1 [31478]
    • Bump $tinymce_version in the 4.1 branch. [31477]
    • Remove errant string. [31475]
    • About: Add changelog for 4.1.1. [31474]
    • Add SVN eol-style = native where missing. [31471]
    • Add eol-style property and normalize EOLs. [31470]
    • Bump 4.1.1 version numbers & dates. [31431]


    • Revert [31198] from the 4.1 branch, as it is an incomplete fix that introduces more problems than the tiny issue it was attempting to solve. [31468] #30725
    • Don’t try to read a non-existent Exif:Title tag in wp_read_image_metadata(), as it’s not a part of the Exif standard. [31462] #31043
    • Fix the display of Audio and Video in the Media Library when using IE8 and below. [31444] #31058
    • Prevent IE9 and lower displaying the download file dialogue when attempting to upload using the html4 Plupload handler. [31429] [31430] #31037


    • Fire nodeChanged when an embedded iframe is resized so we can adjust the editor height and other UI components. Props iseulde, [31466] #30646
    • Ensure the image toolbar stays visible when the image is much wider than the editor. Merges [31362] to the 4.1 branch. [31437] #30696
    • Select the iframe element by id. Needed as some browser extensions insert extra elements in the page. Merges [31180] to the 4.1 branch. [31436] #30785

    Bundled Themes


    • Add inline documentation to clarify the reasoning behind the various conditions that control how WP is loaded. [31463] #30935
    • Improve ‘orderby’ syntax for WP_Comment_Query[31467] #31045, #30478, #31265
    • Replace hardcoded usage of comment-page with the comment pagination base. [31459] #18084
    • Respect ‘default_option’ filters during early sanity checks in add_option() and update_option()[31473] #31047
    • Add $expiration as a parameter to the pre_set_transient_{$transient}filter. [31414] #30576
    • Restore PHP 5.2 to Travis CI. [31472] #31244
    • Return a WP_Error if an empty name is provided when registering a post type. [31450] #31134
    • Posts list table: Add a filter to disable the months dropdown. [31438] #30254
    • In paginate_links(), don’t override custom format arguments when setting up default ‘add_args’. [31433] #30831
    • Avoid a PHP Warning when add_args is passed as false to paginate_links(). [31432] #30831


    • Remove margin for hidden controls. [31460] #31330
    • Don’t focus new widgets if they are added programmatically. [31428] #31295
    • Escape Customizer links in the admin menu. Fix usage of add_query_arg(). [31427] #30952
    • Restore showing a login form inside the previewer if an user is logged out. Broken since [31370]. [31421] #31294
    • Widgets: Add return param for widgets admin page to the “Manage in Customizer” link. [31420] #30888
    • Improve [31252] to show the move-widget buttons only if there is more than one rendered sidebar. [31419] #30690


    • More careful type conversion in WP_Query is_*() methods. [31458] #24674
    • Add tests for some of WP_Query‘s sticky post logic. [31439] #27282


    • Remove title attributes from ‘About WordPress’, ‘Add New’, and ‘My Account’ items. [31456] #31324
    • Add a label for search field on front-end. [31455] #31323
    • Use require_once() to prevent a fatal error if _wp_admin_bar_init() is called twice. [31411] #31287


    • Provide a secondary sort order for wp_get_archives() when type=postbypost[31452] #30480
    • Update the default admin color scheme for more unity and refinement.
      This removes the red channel from blues and cools the grays a bit for a more cohesive and purposeful color scheme. [31422] #31234


    • Return a WP_Error if an empty name is provided when registering a taxonomy. [31449] #31135
    • Split shared taxonomy terms on term update.
      When updating an existing taxonomy term that shares its term_id with another term, we generate a new row in wp_terms and associate the updated term_taxonomy_id with the new term. This separates the terms, such that updating the name of one term does not change the name of any others. #5809

    Networks and Sites

    • Use get_admin_url() to get the correct My Sites URL without calling switch_to_blog() directly. [31448] #31314
    • Create the My Sites URL in the context of a user’s primary site.
      Switch to the user’s primary (or active) site before creating the My Sites URL. This previously linked to the current site’s dashboard, even if a user was not a member of that site. [31445] #31314


    • Use correct default values for some admin template functions. [31446] #31308
    • Rename unused argument and remove obsolete global in iframe_header(). [31443] #31309
    • _list_meta_row() should always return a string. [31442] #31310
    • Terminate JS statements in two admin files. [31440] #31311
    • Move the (recently added) .notice admin notices below the first H2, same as the .updated and .error notices. Merges [31023] to the 4.1 branch. [31434] #30885
    • Admin menu: Ensure top level menu item keeps hover color when hovering over or focusing on the submenu. [31424] #31275
    • Introduce a logout_redirect filter so the redirect destination can be changed when a user logs out. [31417] #27617


    • Use RegEx instead of DOMDocumentwhen protecting <pre> tags in WP_oEmbed::_strip_newlines(). It is incredibly difficult to maintain character encoding and whitespace when parsing viaDOMDocument. [31423] #31214
    • After [31415], make sure str_replace() only occurs once for each matched tag to avoid overwriting until <pre>s. [31416] #31214
    • Protect <pre> tags when parsing oEmbed responses in WP_oEmbed::_strip_newlines() in DOMDocument is available. [31415] #31214
    • oEmbed discovery fails on encoded link URLs: decode HTML chars in the HTML-encoded URLs that are returned. [31413] #31213

    Dev Chat Notes

    The merge period for Feature Plugins has opened. The two candidates, Customizer Theme Switcher and the revamped Press This were both approved and will be “shepherded” in over the next week.

    Also discussed were the possible switch in build tools from CSSJanus to RTLCSS (#31332), using the button element for buttons (instead of <a href="#">) and recruiting release leads for 4.3 and 4.4, with a reminder that this isn’t necessarily a developer position.

    Yeah, so, the leads are already thinking about who might lead 4.3 and 4.4. The goal was always to announce these ahead of time, and hopefully see overlap with releases, but if nothing else, the release lead for next major +n can be looking at feature plugins, tracking them, pushing them, etc.

    With 4.3 starting development in less than 3 months, now would be the time to throw your hat into the ring. I think, ideally, there is an announcement before 4.2 hits beta. This wouldn’t be about doing nothing for the next 3 months, but already getting started in terms of laying the groundwork.

    If you are interested in leading a release in 2015, now would be the time to say something. Same if you are interested in helping to lead a release in 2015.

    Tickets needing a look

    These tickets were specifically mentioned by developers looking for assistance or an extra set of eyes:

    • #31218: nav-menu.js menu item added event
    • #27282: WP_Query returns more results when there are sticky posts
    • #17817: do_action/apply_filters/etc. recursion on same filter kills underlying call
    • #31332: RTL CSS generation: Switch from CSSJanus to RTLCSS
    • #23367: Remove message parameters from admin URl’s in the browser address bar
    • #31233: Dismissable admin notices
    • #31251: Show username in wp_dropdown_users when deleting users, not display name
    • #22768: EXIF/IPTC captions should populate caption/post_excerpt on upload, not description/post_content

    Thanks to @adamsilverstein, @afercia, @azaozz, @barrykooij, @boonebgorges, @boonebgorges, @clifgriffin, @cweiske, @danielbachhuber, @dd32, @dlh, @DrewAPicture, @GregLone, @helen, @herbmillerjr, @hugobaeta, @Idealien, @ipm-frommen, @iseulde, @jdgrimes, @jeremyfelt, @johnbillio, @johnbillion, @johnjamesjacoby, @jorbin, @lancewillett, @mattheweppelsheimer, @mboynes, @melchoyce, @mgibbs18, @MikeHansenM, @morganestes, @nacin, @netweb, @norcross, @nunomorgadinho, @obenland, @ocean90, @r-a-y, @SergeyBiryukov, @simonwheatley, @sippis, @stevehickeydesign, @tywayne, @tyxla, @webord, @westonruter, and @wonderboymusic for their contributions!

  • Drew Jaynes 7:46 pm on February 18, 2015 Permalink |
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    Dev Chat Agenda, February 18, 2015 

    Here’s the agenda for Wednesday’s Dev Chat in the #core channel on Slack.

    Time/Date: February 18 2015 21:00 UTC:

    1. Feature Plugins:
      1. Consider the Customizer Theme Switcher plugin for merge [Proposal] [Plugin]
      2. Consider the Press This Revamp plugin for merge [Proposal] [Plugin]
      3. If you haven’t looked at either of the merge proposals yet, please spend some time today before the meeting. Please comment on those posts if you haven’t already.
    2. Component Updates
      1. Accessibility – @afercia
      2. Mobile – @ryan
    3. 4.3 Release Lead – If you’re interested in leading a future release, it’s time to speak up.
    4. Open Floor – If you have something you’d like to discuss, leave a note in the comments
  • Michael Arestad 7:42 pm on February 18, 2015 Permalink |
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    Press This Revamp Merge Proposal 

    What is it?

    Press This is a redesign of an existing feature with a focus on automation, speed, and mobile usability.

    Download the plugin and check it out for yourself!


    One of the requirements of core is at least feature parity with the old version of Press This. Here’s a comparison chart of where the new Press This is.

    Feature Old New
    Drag & drop install on desktop Yes Yes
    Editor, including: title, image/gallery addition Yes Yes
    TinyMCE buttons (minus kitchen sink) Yes Mostly [1]
    Ability to publish or save as draft Yes Yes
    Post formats Yes Yes
    Categories Yes IYes
    Tags Yes Yes
    Content Scraping Yes Improved [2]
    Media Discovery Yes Improved [3]
    Alert before closing/navigating away Yes Yes
    Can add to bookmarks Yes Yes
    Responsive, clean design, updated icons No Yes
    Fast loading (speedy!) No Yes
    Mobile installation No Yes

    [1] A number of TinyMCE buttons are removed intentionally. Only necessary WYSIWYG buttons are shown now.
    [2] Not only is it included, but it’s quite a bit smarter than the previous one.
    [3] Now is actually quite exposed in the UI.

    More generally

    • Trimmed down UI for extra-speedy reposting of your favorite left shark gif
    • Core architecture of the plugin/tools is an as-pure-JavaScript-app as possible
    • Currently AJAX-driven, but ready to be switched to using the WP-API endpoints as they become available in the future
    • Backward compatible with the current version of the Press This bookmarklet as bundled in WP, but also bring its own, more powerful one with it
    • Can blog content from any web page found online
      • highlighted text gets pulled in as a blockquote
        • if nothing is highlighted, it makes a good guess as to what should be quoted
      • in-page images get pulled in to choose from
        • Said images are augmented with meta data to sort them in the order the site advertises to be best
      • audio, video, and and twitter embeds are also listed in the suggested media to insert at your whim
    • Saving draft sends you into the full editor (and saves) so you can do your fancier WYSIWYG-y things
    • Publishing is awesome and quick
    • Image side-loading
    • Ultimate (the best ever probably) WYSIWYG toolbar that’s trimmed down to just B, I, Blockquote, Link/unlink, undo, redo (and lists on wider screens)
    • 2 modes
      • Direct access: Like quick post, but awesome and totally usable on a fancy phone
      • Bookmarklet
        • Similar to the older Press This in use. Save as bookmarklet > Press a site for quick reposting of things
        • If no content detected (new tab), you can use it like a quick post application

    So which problems are we solving?

    • Outdated UI –> Updated
    • No responsive styles –> ultra responsive
    • Decent automation –> better automation (suggested media, blockquote, etc)
    • Pretty dang near impossible to add as a bookmark and use on a tablet/phone –> Added our own tool page (temporary) to add improved markup (still could use a bit of finessing)
    • Suggested media was hard to find –> Now is hard to miss
    • A bit rough and slow to use and compose with –> Pretty dang streamlined

    What brought us to this solution and what other potential solutions did we explore?

    When we were initially exploring designs and ideas, a few people suggested just improving Post New. The main reason we opted not to was speed. Post New comes with all of wp-admin and its files. It’s a bit of a beast. We wanted an extremely light, extremely fast (both in performance and in usability) way to post and keeping Press This was a good way to go. We can also pull the ideas and techniques we like back into Post New if successful and useful.

    We experimented with SVG icons (one less http request, but ultimately removed as Dashicons are required for the editor). We planned to use the upcoming API. We have trimmed down stylesheets and JS (only the styles necessary for a PT view). There is no extra UI that could get in the way of going from 0 to published post. Press This also has the luxury of being able to fall back to the full editor (via Save Draft) for those that have plugins and other features the need to set before posting.

    Usability testing (not user testing y’all)

    We did a couple rounds of usability tests. One for a11y and another with some new users.

    Both had tremendous difficulty in even adding the bookmarklet. @marcelomazza did a pretty solid job fixing up the add bookmarklet screen.

    We ran into a number of a11y issues and addressed as many as we could. Could still use another round of a11y testing.

    Once the new users figured out how to install it, they didn’t have many issues creating a post. I’d like to do more with ultra Space Jam pro users like yourselves.

     Mega thanks to everyone involved so far:

    @stephdau @azaozz @marcelomazza @ryan @kraftbj @afercia @iseulde @melchoyce @folletto @georgestephanis @helen @drewapicture @danielbachhuber @dd32 (for epic Github > SVN sync)

    And thanks to all the testers so far!

    • Jeremy Felt 8:00 pm on February 18, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      This has really turned out excellent. There’s been a ton of progress over the last couple weeks and as an “every once and a while, but hoping to use it more” user of Press This, the new UI is looking great.

    • Ansel Taft 9:51 pm on February 18, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      “Trimmed down UI for extra-speedy reposting of your favorite left shark gif”

      Nice reference. I actually spit coffee in a pop of laughter you awesome jerk.

      “Jerk” not meant seriously.

    • Ionel Roiban 10:42 pm on February 18, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Will test and see if it can actually work as a bookmarking service, something like Pocket (or its Open Source version Wallabag), or for content curation, similar to what Scoop.it does.

      • Michael Arestad 10:58 pm on February 18, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        I’ve actually been testing it as a bookmarking service, but it’s a little tricky the way I was using it. (actual bookmarks).

        • Ionel Roiban 11:26 pm on February 18, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

          How about a Chrome extension. “bookmarklet” to me sounds like a quick hack, although it really works, pulling the image and highlighted text.

          I would also take it further, to content curation, the hot 2015 trend for SEO.

          Congratulations for bringing this feature back to life!

    • Stagger Lee 11:47 pm on February 18, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Do you guys (mis)use Amphetamines ? :)

      I have never seen so much activity in any CSM community. You really deserve No. 1 place in the world of CMSs.

    • Shaped Pixels 6:11 pm on February 24, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      A suggestion…. if Press This detects a Copyright meta tag, that it doesn’t allow any content from that source to be scraped.

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