Dev Chat Agenda for September 4th 2019 (5.3 week 3)

Here is the agenda for the weekly meeting happening later today: Wednesday 4 September 2019 at 20:00 UTC. Please share any items you’d like to include in the comments below!

  • Announcements and highlighted posts
  • Upcoming Release Discussions
    • 5.2.3 Updates
    • 5.3 Updates
  • Calls from component maintainers
  • Open Floor

If you have anything to propose for the agenda or specific items related to those listed above, please leave a comment below.

This meeting is held in the #core channel. To join the meeting, you’ll need an account on the Making WordPress Slack.

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Dev Chat Summary: July 31

This post summarizes the weekly devchat meeting from July 31st, 2019 ( Slack Archive).


@chanthaboune reported that she was recently told what a patient and welcoming group Core is. Kudos to all for being so welcoming!

The following announcements were posted requesting feedback in the last week:

Also, PHP 7.4 has hit the beta stages and is target for public release in late November.

@kadamwhite asked what the most productive way to express support for the proposed plan to raise the minimum PHP version. The fear expressed was that +1 comments would be unproductive noise. @miss_jwo confirmed she was OK with +1 comments.

Upcoming Releases

5.3 Update

@chanthaboune has a few updates that she still needs to post.

However, after reaching out to a few people (and being proactively reached out to by several others), the picture being painted indicates an early November release is feasible. This would mean a post WordCamp US (November 1-3) but pre US Thanksgiving (November 28) timeframe.

Some attendees expressed hesitation to committing to a release date too soon after WCUS. But there seemed to be a sentiment that with enough advance notice and an early enough release candidate (early October at the latest), a date within this general timeline could work. There is currently no new default theme planned for 5.3.


A few people thought that 5.2.3 could still be warranted between now and November. #47797 was raised as a possible ticket (and anything else needed to prepare for a PHP version bump in 5.3) for inclusion in 5.2.3.

Component Maintainers:

The following upcoming meetings were called out by component maintainers in attendance:

  • Media – Thursday, August 1, 2019 @ 13:00UTC
  • REST API – Thursday, August 1, 2019 @ 1800 UTC

@jorbin also called out that now is a great time to make the push for PHP 7.4 compatibility. Getting the 7.4 job to pass in Travis is a good first step.

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Dev chat summary: July 17

@earnjam led the meeting. @marybaum took notes and is writing this summary.


Gutenberg 6.1

@earnjam announced the release of Gutenberg 6.1 last week. New features include animations/motion to block reordering, improved messaging for REST API errors and more.

Check out the release post for more details:

Look for version 6.2 RC to land next week.

PHP Coding Standards

@pento posted a followup to some proposed coding standards changes from a few months back.
See the decisions on these changes here (they might surprise you!):

And keep in mind these affect only the code for WordPress Core. In your own Themes and Plugins, use the coding conventions that make sense for you.



With four tickets in the queue and none of them affecting functionality, it’s still not clear that they warrant a separate 5.2.3 release. Scheduling for that is still pending further info on a roadmap for 5.3, which should land in early fall.


As yet the Core team is progressing on current open tickets — there are 57 in the queue — while @chanthaboune continues gathering data from component maintainers on feature priorities for 5.3.

Component maintainer updates


@azaozz asked for more eyes on #40439.

If you can help test, please check out the ticket or head to #core-media.


@clorith pointed to the call for input for bumping the PHP recommendation and said that soon a Make blogpost will outline next steps—and next versions.

For now, the site-health team isn’t looking to raise the hard minimum. This will be a soft bump up to nudge users toward the minimums that will follow.

Open Floor

Triage Team

@joyously asked about progress from the Triage Team, and the responses came from several quarters.

@desrosj posted a link to his three-month summary: and plans to post more often on

@karmatosed mentioned that Design holds two triages a week, and that from where she sits, triage seems to be going gangbusters and spreading across the WordPress Project.

@azaozz pointed the group to his efforts on TinyMCE:

@marybaum mentioned having been in an accessibility triage last Friday.

Gutenberg Phase 2

Newcomer @Lu asked about the timing of Gutenberg Phase 2, with a particular interest in widget blocks. @earnjam answered with a summary of the release discussion earlier in the chat.


@marybaum asked the group for their thoughts on a more systematic, global approach to the copy in strings.

For now, the group agreed to have #meta add two keywords to tickets—needs-copy-review and has-copy-review.

Props to @garrett-eclipse, who opened meta#4609 and its counterpart meta#4610 on the spot.

Right at the close of the official chat, @audrasjb linked to

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Dev Chat Agenda: March 6

Below is the agenda for the weekly devchat meeting on 2019-03-06 21:00:

  • 5.1.1 updates
  • 5.2 updates
  • Updates from focus leads and component maintainers
  • Open Floor

If you have anything to propose for the agenda or specific items related to those listed above, please leave a comment below.

This meeting is held in the #core channel in the Making WordPress Slack.

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Dev Chat Summary: February 27th

This post summarises the weekly dev chat meeting from February 27th (agendaSlack archive).

WordPress 5.1.1 Updates

To allow a little extra time, WordPress 5.1.1 will now be released on March 12. To make the most of the available time, two bug scrubs have been scheduled. You can read more about them on the WordPress 5.1.1 schedule update post.

The are currently 18 tickets milestoned for 5.1.1.

WordPress 5.2 Updates

There was some discussion last week about the release schedule: @jorbin proposed shifting the release dates by a week. The new release dates for WordPress 5.2 are:

  • Beta 1: 21 March, 2019
  • Release Candidate: 17 April, 2019
  • General Release: 30 April, 2019

The WordPress 5.2 scope and schedule proposal included a suggestion for “feature release leads” to help keep the release running on time. If you’re interested in volunteering, please comment on that post, and mention @chanthaboune.

Updates from focus leads and component maintainers

There have been quite a few ongoing discussions around release cadences, @desrosj has kindly summarised the situation into a post. If you have thoughts or feelings on this topic, please comment on this post:

There are several tickets for plugin PHP compatibility with patches that need testing, feedback, and committing. If you’re able to do one or more of these, please lend a hand! 🙂

The work on reverting the recent bulk ticket close will be kicking off soon. If you’re a component maintainer who does not want to have tickets in your component re-opened, please ping @desrosj know.

General Announcements and Open Floor

@joyously asked about determining if there are test cases for everything, which lead to a discussion about setting up a code coverage tracker. #46373 now exists for researching options, and setting this up.

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Dev Chat Summary: February 13

This post summarizes the weekly dev chat meeting from February 13th (agendaSlack archive).

5.1 updates

5.1 is currently on target for the Feb 21 release date.

RC1 went out last week. Two remaining bugs have been fixed (remaining open tickets can be tracked here). Right now, all that is left is the About page, which needs some design work and some minor bug fixes. @pento expects to release a small RC2 either late this week, or early next week.

The WordPress 5.1 Field guide is out, thanks to the hard work of @desrosj, @jeffpaul, and the many contributors who wrote individual dev notes for this release.

Since the meeting adjourned, 5.1 has been branched, and Trunk is open for 5.2–alpha enhancements.

5.2 and 5.1.x Logistics

Release target and cadence

Based on the desire to update the PHP requirements in April, @pento proposed targeting late April for a 5.2 release. That leaves about a month for alpha, a month for beta, and two weeks for RC.

@youknowraid proposed shortening the release cycles for WordPress to shorter, predictable cycles that are time-based instead of feature based. After some discussion, @chanthaboune suggested an official proposal be drafted on, and @desrosj volunteered to help draft the post.

Potential features for 5.2

While there are no firm commitments, a few ideas for 5.2 features include:

  • Gutenberg performance and UX improvements
  • Core widgets converted to blocks
  • PHP Fatal Recovery (WSOD)
  • Site Health Check

5.1.X Releases

Barring any major regressions in 5.1, the target for a 5.1.1 release will be 2 weeks after 5.1. With 5.2 targeted for April, 5.1.x releases will be limited to 5.1 regressions and important bug fixes that would be good to get out earlier, and exclude additional features or enhancements.

Updates from focus leads and component maintainers

An initial implementation of CODEOWNERS file in Gutenberg was merged, which is kind of a joint JavaScript and Gutenberg update.

From the Gutenberg desk: there is a lot from last week’s meeting, but there is a call for reviewers that’s worth taking a look at.

From Media: the team did a ticket triage and left excellent notes with calls for testing and patches.

From the JavaScript desk: There’s a request for feedback from @youknowriad on how to tackle selecting data over multiple stores.

General announcements and open floor

The Navigation block is currently being discussed and there are mockups in GitHub that would benefit from people’s feedback.

@afercia proposed an audit of the project’s components and maintainers soon to ensure the project is properly organized to maintain all parts of the codebase and increase participation where necessary.

Additionally, @afercia recommended that all components and teams use the correct headings level when authoring a post, and please refrain from using emojis or other extraneous content within the headings. This relates to an ongoing effort to improve the headings hierarchy across the .org network.

Finally, @chanthaboune published a post titled, Strengths and Challenges: Follow Up, earlier this week. Everyone should read it, as it applies to all teams. Additionally, she is working on the first “Scrum of Scrums/Weekly Digest/Wayfinding” post, which she expects to publish later this week.

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Dev Chat Summary: January 30th

This post summarizes the weekly dev chat meeting from January 30th (agendaSlack archive).

5.1 updates

Beta 3

5.1 Beta 3 was delayed by 24 hours following issues with the PHP error recovery (aka WSOD) feature. The current plan is to release beta 3 a few hours following the dev chat today.

Schedule update

Remaining planned schedule dates remain the same, with RC 1 and a hard string freeze on February 7 and a final release planned for February 21.

See also: WordPress 5.1 Development Cycle

Dev notes status report

All but three dev notes planned for 5.1 have been published

@desrosj is continuing to coordinate 5.1 dev notes. There are also plans to release a Field Guide for 5.1 on the day that RC1 is released. If any component maintainers have information they would like to have included in the Field Guide, please provide them to @desrosj before February 6, 2019.

Updates from focus reps and component maintainers

Meeting notes and summaries

Other calls/proposals

  • The REST API team is aiming to have owners for every ticket milestoned for WordPress 5.2, so could use more help if people are looking for tickets to work on.

PHP error recovery (WSOD) update

Earlier this week, security concerns were raised about this feature, which ultimately has lead to the decision by the #core-php team to revert this feature from 5.1 and try again in 5.2 in order to adequately address the issues identified. For additional context, people can reference the original ticket (#44458) and the new ticket created to track new refinements (#46130).

Continued work on this feature will be coordinated in #core-php on Slack and during weekly meetings on Mondays at 16:00 UTC.

Additional follow up

  • @flixos90 is in touch with the original reporter of the security concern.
  • @aaroncampbell agreed to follow up with the author of the ZDNet article to inform them about the feature being removed. The article has since been updated to reflect this change.
  • From a marketing perspective, @joostdevalk reminded that because of the open nature of our project, these kinds of things are going to happen, which isn’t itself a concern, as long as we are actively following up.

Open floor

@kadamwhite mentioned that the upcoming Gutenberg roadmap would likely require enhancements to the REST API in Core and suggested that there be closer coordination between the editor team and the REST API team regarding implementation of new features or enhancements.

It was suggested that when new features require knowledge from other teams, that the people working on those features reach out via component slack channels or in comments to component/team meeting notes, which should be published consistently by all active teams.

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Dev Chat Agenda: January 30

Below is the agenda for the weekly devchat meeting on Wednesday, January 30, 2019 at 21:00 UTC:

If you have anything to propose for the agenda or specific items related to those listed above, please leave a comment below.

This meeting is held in the #core channel in the Making WordPress Slack.

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Dev Chat Summary: January 23rd

This post summarizes the weekly dev chat meeting from January 23rd (agendaSlack archive).

5.1 updates

Beta 2

5.1 beta 2 went out earlier this week.

There are a few tickets still open, most of them are related to fine tuning the WSOD handling.

Schedule update

Beta 3 is scheduled for January 29, this is also the soft string freeze. All string changes must be committed by then (except for the About page).

See also: WordPress 5.1 Development Cycle

Dev notes status report

5.1 is being accompanied by a nice collection of dev notes, mainly from Make/Core but also from Make/Polyglots.

@desrosj is continuing to coordinate 5.1 dev notes. There are also plans to construct a 5.1 Field Guide that summarizes collects all dev notes.

Updates from focus reps and component maintainers

Meeting notes and summaries

Other calls/proposals

Open floor

The Gutenberg Team is looking for more pull request reviewers. If you’re interested, please touch base with them in the #core-editor Slack channel. Details to be shared soon in a Make/Core Post.

About including recent Gutenberg changes in the currently scheduled release: the WordPress 5.1 cycle is being a bit stricter about non-regression bug fixes landing during the beta period, but WordPress 5.2 is expected to be able to take bug fixes during the WordPress beta period.

About the recent Post concerning the bulk edit process: many relevant opinions and thoughts were shared during the meeting.

  • @matt expressed a desire to reopen the tickets closed in the recent bulk edit.
  • @desrosj and @jeffpaul will work on a strategy for reverting closed tickets that have not been changed since the bulk edit, to allow the tickets to be properly evaluated for closure.
  • Component maintainers to review related tickets (via this custom query). However, the 5.1 release is probably going to delay the ability to do that.
  • Contributors can also use this Trac report (replacing “myusername” with their username and scrolling to those updated on January 4th) to find the tickets they have been involved with that were affected by the bulk closing.
  • A stale keyword and/or status was discussed as a good way to leave tickets open long term and avoid closing them as wontfix and maybelaterstatuses.
  • A post on Make/Core is coming next week to kick off the efforts of the new Triage Team.

This Dev Chat Summary post is open for further comments and discussions.

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Dev Chat Agenda: January 23rd

Below is the agenda for the weekly devchat meeting on Wednesday, January 23, 2019 at 21:00 UTC:

  • 5.1 updates:
  • Updates from focus leads and component maintainers.
  • Open floor.

If you have anything to propose for the agenda or specific items related to those listed above, please leave a comment below.

This meeting is held in the #core channel in the Making WordPress Slack.

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