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    Dev Chat Summary: October 19 (4.7 week 9) 

    This post summarizes the dev chat meeting from October 19th (agenda, Slack archive).


    Dev Notes / Field Guides

    • In general, if you worked on something that needs to be called out for testing or building upon, there should be a post about it. ¬†These are all tagged as `dev-notes` on the Make/Core site. ¬†The target is everything written before beta 2 so we can get a field guide summarizing them and an email sent to all plugin developers while we are still in beta.¬†In general all active components should have at least one post about what has changed.

    Final Merge Decisions

    • Twenty Seventeen (@davidakennedy)
      • Merge Proposal & Trac ticket
      • 59 contributors. Merging later today.
      • There are 34 issues left, some of which will be moved to Trac. There are 0 pull requests left.
      • A code review was performed by @aaroncampbell, and he didn’t find anything that should hold up merge.
      • Theme does not depend on any core features being merged before/at the same time, but will greatly benefit from any completed.
      • Video headers (#38172) needs consensus on the best approach and testing of functional patches
      • Merge proposal accepted.¬†ūüéČ
    • REST API: Content API (@kadamwhite)
      • Merge Proposal &¬†Success metrics
      • 99 contributors. 25 merged PRs in the past 3 days.¬†27 issues left in the current milestone and a few stray PRs, which will be closed out shortly¬†or moved to Trac.
      • Monday meeting in #core resulting in conditional merge approval
      • Conditions:
        • 1) 4.7: Press This / Quick Draft Core feature (#38343 and #38342)
        • 2) 4.7: Object / non-single level meta.¬†@joehoyle, @jnylen and others have been working on this, tracking via GitHub.
        • 3) 4.7: Define success metrics (see link above)
        • 4) 4.7: Continuing to ensure the API forward compatibility (EVERYONE should be building things with it).
        • 5) 4.7: Review .com API settings discrepancies, determine how to resolve or where to document.¬†@joehoyle, @jnylen and others have been working on this;¬†Progress/documentation.
      • WP-API is code-frozen at this time; open enhancements will be ported over by @rachelbaker as appropriate.
      • Merge proposal accepted (“Let‚Äôs do it.”).¬†ūüéČ

    Components and Other Enhancements

    • i18n (@swissspidy)
      • Nothing newsworthy from the i18n side which isn’t already on Make/Core.
    • Make it easier to visualize where to put your content in a given theme (aka “dummy content”)
      • If there are people out there interested in content writing and stuff like customizer integration, hit up @helen.
    • Media (@mikeschroder, @joemcgill)
      • We’re working on trying to get #31050 (Better PDF Upload Management) into shape for commit this week. Still some issues to iron out, but it’s getting close.
      • I want to call out that we’ve removed the automatic fallbacks for generating `alt` attributes from images with consultation from the a11y team to improve the user experience for screen readers. See: #34635 for details.
      • We have a few other things we’re looking at this week, but if there is anything pressing that needs eyes specifically from someone on the Media team, please reach out in #core-media.
    • Customize (@westonruter, @celloexpressions)
      • Remaining three major 4.7 feature projects merged in the last 24 hours.
      • #27403 and #38164 are our larger remaining tickets needing attention currently, with #29158 and #22058 pending final patches for review and discussion.
    • Editor (@azaozz, @iseulde)
      • TinyMCE: allow pasting in image captions (#36211) needs some more testing
        • Add an image in the editor, add a caption, then try pasting different things copied from another web page in it. This makes some assumptions of what the user expects, and what should happen, i.e. when pasting an image into a caption it should remove the image but let the text in, or keep all that is pasted but move it under the caption?
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    Dev Chat Summary: October 12 (4.7 week 8) 

    This post summarizes the dev chat meeting from October 12th (agenda, Slack archive).


    Feature Proposals for 4.7

    • REST API: Content API (@kadamwhite)
      • REST API Team Update
      • Content API endpoints have been stable for some time and now have the missing functionality established at the start of this development cycle
      • We pitched merging in the OAuth 1 server alongside those content endpoints, to simplify the process of authenticating from remote applications
      • The auth method in core right now is cookie/nonce-based, so it’s available to any code running within the same domain as the main WordPress install and leverages the existing login cookie
      • plugins and themes that utilize JS¬†to enhance the editing experience within their admin UI have full read/write access, restricted to the capabilities of the authenticated user
      • External applications, e.g. a mobile app, desktop app or external server, would have read-only access
      • readers, aggregators, etc are possible without authentication, and more complex read-write apps can be written by installing one of the available authentication plugins, of which OAuth is but one
      • Reference for options and when/how to use
      • 90 contributors for¬†the rest-api plugin
      • automated test coverage currently at¬†90.44%
      • 37 more open tickets
      • weekly meeting on Monday at 1400UTC in¬†#core-restapi
    • Discovering and installing themes in the customizer (@celloexpressions)
      • Related Make/Design and Make/Flow posts, but best to post all feedback to the Make/Core feature proposal
      • Working through the accessibility feedback, but it’s a bit unclear what’s specific to this feature versus the customizer in general, and which issues are also present in the admin theme installer
      • Haven’t heard anything from polyglots, security (unlikely to have any issues), or docs
      • There is one known i18n concern where we’ll need a compromise until we have JS i18n in core
      • @celloexpressions to¬†do a final iteration to pick up any remaining feedback on¬†Thursday, then pass to @westonruter for the code review process
    • Custom CSS with live previews (@celloexpressions)
      • seems to have decent support as a feature, with the biggest question in the comments being how to store and output the CSS
      • CSS is output¬†from the db via a style tag, use of `style` tag is key for targeting for `postMessage` live preview
      • Post-based storage allows for¬†revisions built in (ensuring that there are hooks for a plugin that wants to write a file would alleviate many concerns)
      • CSS is theme-specific in the proposal for this, with a post object for each theme that has CSS
      • Scheduling a meeting¬†to go through these concerns and make a decision, coordination to occur in¬†#core-customize
    • Customize Changesets (n√©e Transactions) (@westonruter)
      • Technical Post¬†(audience is developers who have extended the customizer significantly, as there may be impacts to any heavy customizer integrations since changesets touches some very low-level stuff in the customizer)
      • Users will be able to bookmark a customizer session¬†since the changeset UUID will be part of the URL
      • Theme switches will no longer result in changes being lost (no more AYS dialog)
      • a few other open questions and issues that have been noted


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    Dev Chat Agenda for October 19 (4.7 week 9) 

    This is the agenda for the weekly dev meeting on October 19, 2016 at 20:00 UTC:

    If you have anything to propose to add to the agenda or specific items related to the above, please leave a comment below. See you there!

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    Dev Chat Agenda for October 12 (4.7 week 8) 

    This is the agenda for the weekly dev meeting on October 12, 2016 at 20:00 UTC:

    If you have anything to propose to add to the agenda or specific items related to the above, please leave a comment below. See you there!

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    Dev Chat Summary: October 5 (4.7 week 7) 

    This post summarizes the dev chat meeting from October 5th (agenda, Slack archive).


    Components & Features

    • Non-4.7 Feature Proposal:¬†Notifications API (@johnbillion)
      • Discussion on this in¬†#feature-notifications, but no meeting scheduled
    • Non-4.7 Feature Proposal:¬†Status API for taxonomy terms (@boonebgorges)
    • Customize (@westonruter, @celloexpressions)
      • Feature proposal¬†for¬†4.7: Discovering and installing themes in the customizer (@celloexpressions)
        • Deadline for feedback and review from various teams is Wednesday, October 12th
        • Need review/audit from¬†Flow (and mobile),¬†Docs,¬†Security,¬†Polyglots/i18n,¬†Design/UX,¬†Accessibility, and when those are done a¬†Code Review (@westonruter)
        • Would like user testing¬†& testing of the patch itself
        • Please provide feedback as a comment on the Feature Proposal Post, User Testing Post, or via Trac
        • The plan is to begin final code review/commit next Wednesday, October¬†12th, so feedback needs to be received by then
      • Merge proposal for Customize Changesets (fka Transactions) – Trac & Github
        • Needs developer attention, specifically on expected/best behavior on maintaining changesets across multiple theme previewing/testing. Details to be included in a Make/Core post by @westonruter with discussion continuing in¬†#core-customize
      • Otherwise we’re working toward finalizing patches for all of our other projects and will publish a feature proposal for custom CSS in the next week. All 4.7 customize non-bugs have an owner assigned to work toward commit or punt to a future release.
    • Twenty Seventeen¬†(@davidakennedy, @melchoyce)
      • Highlight:¬†start testing the theme, we need help on the features from a development perspective,¬†plan is¬†theme merging into core by October¬†19th with enhancements needing to complete by October¬†26th
      • Latest theme update
      • Latest features update
      • Theme recap: This week the initial design implementation was merged into the master branch on GitHub. The rest of the theme is moving along nicely, and the initial design implementation should make it easier to test the theme’s features. Please start testing, and creating issues! The next step is to get a public demo up to help with that. Best way to test is to get it via GitHub ( if using wp-cli, wp theme install <github-url> --activate).
      • Features recap: For the multi-panel feature, at the weekly meeting, the feature was reduced in scope to focus only on the front page of sites, only include content from pages and be implemented in the Customizer. @karmatosed has some mocks posted¬†(including live preview). For the video headers feature, it still needs to be focused with a reasonable MVP defined. Although, some recent feedback on the ticket is helping there.
      • Twenty Seventeen needs you. Home pages should be fun to create and a heck of alot easier. Headers can be even more captivating. If you‚Äôre interested in working on either of these projects, please let @davidakennedy¬†know.
    • REST API (@krogsgard, @kadamwhite)
      • Settings (PR against the main plugin repo) and Meta (PR here against the meta repo) are still open for review from the team; we’ll be formally posting updates on Make/Core outlining the new functionality as these land
      • Need a lot of eyes on Authentication,¬†released v2 beta 14 last weekend and¬†intend to release a beta 15 with the merge-candidate functionality. Plan to propose that¬†OAuth1 be included in the merge.
      • Testing and review is top priority right now. Docs for folks getting up and running with the API will be getting a strong push post-Proposal.
      • Next meeting: Thursday at 2pm UTC
    • Media (@mikeschroder, @joemcgill)
      • Latest update
      • Media search doesn’t include file name (#22744):¬†Just committed a fix for a bug that was trampling existing JOINs. Please test, especially if you’re doing any custom filtering to media queries that might be impacted.
      • Starting work¬†on potential feature plugin to introduce additional UX improvements to the media library. Likely¬†future release material,¬†but expect to fix some bugs and lay groundwork during this release.¬†Development will happen in GitHub.¬†Plan to make a feature project proposal after we’ve had some initial conversations about UI/UX direction.
      • After some conversation with @sheri, may still try to land a core media widget (#32417). Most of the work here has already been done, but need to make some decisions. We’ll plan to talk about this during our meeting on Friday at 5pm¬†UTC in #core-images.
    • i18n (@swissspidy)
      • User Admin Language (#29783) landed this week.¬†It allows each user to set their language (locale) and the admin will be translated accordingly for them. A dev note has yet to be written.
      • Focusing¬†on making use of that feature by sending emails in the respective user’s locale. See #26511 if anyone wants to help with a new patch.
      • Introduce some JavaScript i18n functions (#20491):¬†progress currently happens outside of core. There’s a proof of concept for extracting strings from JavaScript files as well as a PR on the GlotPress repository to add JSON export functionality.
    • Editor (@azaozz, @iseulde)
      • We‚Äôll work on a better experiences for when nonces expire; posted an¬†idea dump in #core-editor, thoughts on any points are very welcome.
      • Bug scrub Thursday at 4pm¬†UTC in #core-editor.
      • In order to move ahead with several UI proposals/tickets we will need to get more usage data.
      • Planning to update TinyMCE next week, even if no new version by then.
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    Dev Chat Agenda for October 5 (4.7 week 7) 

    This is the agenda for the weekly dev meeting on October 5, 2016 at 20:00 UTC:

    If you have anything to propose to add to the agenda or specific items related to the above, please leave a comment below. See you there!

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    Dev Chat Summary: September 28 (4.7 week 6) 

    This post summarizes the dev chat meeting from September 21st (agenda, Slack archive).


    • Schedule:¬†We are 3 weeks from the final chance to merge in major features. This includes Twenty Seventeen.
    • Tickets:¬†There are currently 196 tickets in the 4.7 milestone. This is 14 more than last week. In just 6 short weeks, this needs to be zero. For any tickets you‚Äôve moved into the milestone, please make sure these are active tickets, with some kind of activity in the last 10 days.
    • Bug Scrubs: We’re looking for people to help run a bug scrub, please reach out to @jorbin if you have interest (details here).¬†Bug scrubs this week¬†plus¬†one on Monday and one on Wednesday next week at yet to be scheduled times.

    Components & Features

    • Twenty Seventeen (@davidakennedy, @melchoyce)
      • Latest update
      • Add multi-panel feature to pages through add_theme_support (#37974) & Enable Video Headers in Custom Headers (#38172) need eyes and help the most
      • Additional i18n eyes on¬†Better support for non-latin font fallbacks¬†especially¬†designers who use non-latin alphabets natively¬†to hear suggestions for non-latin font stacks that would look good in the theme
      • Next meeting¬†Friday at 18:00UTC (theme-focused), Tuesday (feature-focused)
    • Media (@mikeschroder, @joemcgill)
      • Latest update
      • Unexpected change to media title behavior in WP 4.6.1 (#37989) ‚Äď Looks like @sergey added a patch that fixes the remaining issues with some UTF-8 characters. Should be committed soon.
      • Media search doesn’t include file name (#22744) ‚Äď The current implementation is trampling any preexisting JOINs. Should have a patch a new patch ready to test soon.
      • Also looking at pursuing additional media organization improvements through a feature plugin, details still need discussion,¬†@karmatosed on board to help with design
      • Next meeting¬†Friday at 17:00 UTC
    • Customize (@westonruter, @celloexpressions)
      • Latest update
      • Primary commit for Harden panel/section UI code by removing contents from being logically nested (read: goodbye margin-top hacks)¬†(#34391) is in, and a dev note is scheduled to be published after today’s dev chat
        • Some major changes here, so we need plugin and theme authors to test
      • Received design feedback on A New Experience for Discovering, Installing, and Previewing Themes in the Customizer¬†(#37661) and¬†working on making those revisions by the end of this week and planning to publish a feature proposal on Friday
        • Need to discuss themes again during tomorrow’s #design meeting for final approval before the changes are made
      • Need attention on Provide a better gateway for code-based theme customizations with the Customizer¬†(#35395)
        • Discussion¬†of whether this direction is appropriate lead to¬†tentative consensus that this is likely appropriate for core
        • Next steps will be to loop @folletto in to improve the design and polish up the patch
        • Big other block discussed: sanitizing and validating the CSS & most appropriate¬†corresponding capability
          • Currently rudimentary validation in the patch for balanced braces and comments. Need improvement if relying on it heavily, but it¬†provides instant user feedback
          • Capability¬†solution needs to¬†work for multisite if at all possible, since that’s a primary use case
          • Discussion to continue on the¬†Trac ticket and/or #core-customize
    • i18n (@swissspidy)
      • Feedback/help on Introduce a locale-switching function¬†(#26511) would be appreciated
        • The problem is that labels of custom post types and taxonomies are only evaluated once, so switching locales wouldn’t properly translate those.
        • There’s a proposed fix for built-in types and taxonomies, but we prefer¬†a better solution that works for all of these.
    • Editor (@azaozz, @iseulde)
      • Would like to help with a survey (scratchpad/draft). Need to start gathering user usage stats,¬†should be opt-in, start with a plugin first, and¬†release the aggregated data
      • Weekly¬†data tracking (back-end)¬†meeting¬†Wednesday at 1900 UTC
    • HTTPS (@johnbillion)
    • REST API (@krogsgard, @kadamwhite )
      • Latest update
      • Whether the API should follow core behavior and save a revision every time a post is updated
        • Right now every update to a post creates a revision and¬†can be a bit painful for some clients, so: 1) should that always happen? 2) should we have the ability to turn it off?
        • Decided on:¬†1) Yes. ¬†2) The ability to use auto-drafts like in core makes sense, but doesn’t need to block merge.
      • How to handle image permissions, specifically for the case where an image is attached (uploaded) to a private post and then featured in a public post
        • Specifically, if I upload an attachment to a private post, its visibility is governed by that post, so it too is private¬†but, in wp-admin I can add it as featured media to another public post.¬†When that public post is queried: what happens!?
        • @joemcgill summary:¬†I happen to think it’s an oversight in WordPress that we allow an image attached to a private post to be set as the featured image of another post (and by an author without permission to view the private parent post). We should probably either close this loophole or detach the attachment from the private post whenever it’s set as a featured image on another post.
        • @kadamwhite to document decision,¬†@rmccue @joemcgill @helen et al will¬†identify core tickets that should be opened.
      • Whether (and how) to expose edit locks through the API
        • Main thing here is whether this is a blocker? Decision:¬†edit locks are great,¬†but doesn’t need to block merge.
      • Next bug scrub is Thursday¬†1400 UTC; next team meeting is 1400 UTC on Monday, October 3rd
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    Dev Chat Agenda for September 28 (4.7 week 6) 

    This is the agenda for the weekly dev meeting on September 28, 2016 at 20:00 UTC:

    If you have anything to propose to add to the agenda or specific items related to the above, please leave a comment below. See you there!

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    Dev Chat Summary: September 21 (4.7 week 5) 

    This post summarizes the dev chat meeting from September 21st (agenda, Slack archive).


    • Schedule: As of this meeting,¬†we are 4 weeks from the final chance to merge in major features. This includes Twenty Seventeen.

    Bug Scrubs

    Components & Features

    • Twenty Seventeen (@davidakennedy, @melchoyce)
      • Announcement post, latest update
      • Maintainers¬†are out travelling today, but #core-themes is active and they will be holding a meeting on Friday¬†at 18:00 UTC
    • REST API (@krogsgard, @kadamwhite )
      • Latest update
      • API discussion is at 7 am Pacific on Mondays
      • Settings endpoints and meta support both have first-passes on them, which need internal review and some more testing before we ship
      • We have a path forward for passworded posts (password in the query string, eww, but only viable option),¬†there really isn’t a way we can see to avoid sending them as a query param
      • Meeting tomorrow in #core-restapi at 21:00 UTC to go through open issues around non-trivial, conceptual issues in WordPress. REST API¬†team will prepare summary of issues for component maintainers and/or lead devs to review, question, and¬†help guide¬†discussion¬†towards¬†consensus.
    • Media (@mikeschroder, @joemcgill)
      • Latest update
      • Moving our weekly meetings up to Fridays at 17:00 UTC starting this week
      • Unexpected change to media title behavior in WP 4.6.1 (#37989) ‚Äď The main issue here was resolved, but there seems to still be some odd behavior affecting words being chopped off filenames with international characters. Could use extra eyes from anyone (along with @sergey) more versed in i18n. Regression on¬†the attachment titles that we generate on upload all became URL encoded instead of reading like a normal title.
        • @jeremyfelt & @swissspidy to co-lead 4.6.2 release to include this issue and any others¬†awaiting release
      • Media search doesn’t include file name (#22744) ‚Äď Committed earlier this week. Please report any issues that come as a result.
      • Next step in improving the organization of the media library is to assess both the infrastructure and UI improvements that need to be made here. Prefer to include #design early in this process, rather than asking for UI feedback on development driven decisions, hope to¬†be part of the #design chat agenda tomorrow
    • Customize (@westonruter, @celloexpressions)
      • Latest update
      • In this week’s meeting we developed a schedule for publishing make/core feature proposals/dev notes for the remaining primary 4.7 customize projects, working backward from anticipated time to commit after the proposal and current readiness:
        • Week of 9/19: Improving sliding panels UI (34391, @delawski)
        • Week of 9/26: A new experience for themes in the customizer (37661, @celloexpressions). Please review soon for any requested changes in direction or design.
          • Summary:¬†The existing themes section in the customizer is replaced with a full-screen theme browser and installer… The UI is nearly identical to wp-admin/theme-install.php…¬†The .org-based theme-install previewer is not accessible here because it is likely to cause confusion with its customizer-like interface and the resulting need to switch contexts back and forth…¬†An overarching goal is to avoid switching in and out of the admin/frontend/customize contexts during theme installation and previewing, instead staying in the hybrid customizer context that provides a combination of frontend plus controls…¬†On the technical side, this heavily leverages JS-templated customizer controls and scales nicely to hundreds of themes.
          • Visual:
          • Please comment on the ticket with your feedback as soon as possible, preferably with specific concerns/ideas and reasons.
          • @celloexpressions to check in with @karmatosed on user testing ahead of posting final feature proposal
        • Week of 9/26: Customize transactions (30937, @westonruter evaluating this week and might punt again)
        • Week of 10/3: Code-editing gateways, via CSS (35395, @johnregan3/@celloexpressions). Awaiting approval/feedback on the acceptability/ability to bundle the two proposed libraries in core, with feedback particularly needed from committers and anyone familiar with the Jetpack fork of CSSTidy.
        • Week of 10/10: Customizer browser history (28536, @westonruter)
    • I18n (@swissspidy)
      • User Admin Language (#29783) –¬†almost ready, another review this week¬†and will commit if no blocker pops up
      • Introduce a locale-switching function (#26511) –¬†@ocean90 to do some benchmarking
      • Introduce some JavaScript i18n functions (#20491) –¬†GlotPress side has¬†a solid plugin for exporting translations as JSON files (assistance on testing would be helpful). Still tinkering with the WordPress side and would love to get some additional feedback there.
    • Editor (@azaozz, @iseulde)
      • No updates, but would¬†love to figure out a way to get more user feedback that helps us set direction for the editor. Will look to add some Core questions to annual survey on WordPress.org. Otherwise¬†will start with something in the beta tester plugin, biased audience but it‚Äôs one that exists, is more likely to opt-in, and will be more flexible.
    • HTTPS (@johnbillion)

    Open Floor

    • @pbearne on¬†Add filters to wp_new_user_notification and wp_password_change_notification (#38068) –¬†added a set of filters to allow us to override email messages send by the wp_new_user_notification and wp_password_change_notification functions.¬†@johnbillion to review as¬†it relates to work on¬†notifications.
    • @danieliser checking for¬†interest for core in a set of reusable templates, models & functionality for forms, tabs & modals
    • @ericlewis on Bulk actions: Reactivate bulk actions hook + add hander hook for all admin screens (#16031) – could use a review of the latest patch, looking to¬†commit sometime in the next week
    • @dshanske¬†still working through the Pings and Trackbacks component
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    Dev Chat Agenda for September 21 (4.7 week 5) 

    This is the agenda for the weekly dev meeting on September 21, 2016 at 20:00 UTC:

    If you have anything to propose to add to the agenda or specific items related to the above, please leave a comment below. See you there!

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