JavaScript chat summary, Sept. 10th, 2019

Below is a summary of the discussion from this week’s JavaScript chat (agenda, Slack Transcript). Thanks to @c4rl0sbr4v0 for putting these notes together.

Agenda: Upgrading jQuery when user on the front end.

@adamsilverstein comment the idea of upgrading jQuery on the front end, due to the crashes that appear if you try to update the wp-admin part. There was discussion about removing jQuery from all WP, but is a hard task to do and we have still to be compatible with old browsers like IE11.


Anything new should either not use jQuery or at the very least work with the current version correctly.

Keep the discussion going in the ticket and hopefully we can arrive at a way forward.

Out of agenda: jQuery dependency on admin bar

@williampatton raised this Issue regarding the jQuery dependency of the admin bar.

The main discussion is what to do, use a temporary patch (for 2020 theme we are considering just enqueueing jQuery) or try to completely remove the jQuery dependency of that admin bar.

Seems that a “hoverintent” is the main problem of removing jQuery there, also other keyboard actions should be checked before removing it.


Keep tracking the issue

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WP Notify weekly meeting agenda for 16 September 2019

Here is the agenda for the weekly meeting happening later today, Monday, September 16, 2019, 14:00 UTC and Monday, September 16, 2019, 22:00 UTC.

We were unable to meet last week, so this meeting will be follow up from the last meeting held on the 2nd of September, and will probably be a lot shorter.

  • Project contributors document
  • Follow up on project naming
  • Follow up on requirements gathering
  • Meeting host availability and contingency plans
  • Open Floor

If you have anything to propose for the agenda or specific items related to those listed above, please leave a comment below.

This meeting is held in the #feature-notifications channel , to join the meeting, you’ll need an account on the Making WordPress Slack.

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Dev chat summary: September 11


@Francina asked the group for announcements, and @jbaudras highlighted this Make/Design post:
There are 3 tickets waiting for final decision in order to land in WP 5.3

Then she added two more:

Make WordPress Core
Introducing Twenty Twenty
The Block Editor will soon celebrate its first birthday in Core and with every update it grows more capable. The promise of the block editor is to give users the freedom to design and structure the…

Make WordPress Core
Defining Content–Block Areas
One of the major projects from this year’s focuses is to expand the block editor beyond the content area and into other parts of the site. This included, so far, explorations to bring blocks into o…
Sep 5th

Media component maintainer Anthony Burchell told the group he’s been sharing that link around and getting great feedback.
@francina praised the video in the post. She added, “Personally I’m looking forward to seeing all the possibilities that blocks are giving us!”
After @afercia mentioned some accessibility feedback, @francina moved the discussion forward, inviting everyone (you too, dear reader!) to leave comments on the relevant posts.

Upcoming releases: 5.3

Bugscrubs: @davidb opened with this news: we still had 314 tickets milestoned for 5.3.

The discussion that followed surfaced a general preference to focus on enhancements and features between now and Beta 1, when features freeze, and on bug fixes between Beta 1 and release.

As of devchat, 120 features and enhancements are milestoned for 5.3 on Trac.

@davidb and the focus leads will do a bit of promoting to get more folks to come to bugscrubs.
(Ed. note: Beta 1 should land September 23; final release is slated for November 12.

Default theme focus lead @ianbelanger reported in on the next default theme, Twenty Twenty. has a weekly meeting, on Mondays at 19:00 UTC, and has opened its Github repo to contributors.

Marketing has nominated @miker as its focus lead for the release. It’s started meeting on Fridays at 16:00 in the Marketing channel, to work on copy for the About page. @marybaum and @miker asked for input from maintainers on enhancements they think are important.

In Docs, we have one dev note published and two more under review. Lead @justinahinon is going to all the component meetings, to let their teams know the Docs team is around to help with their notes.

Media: @mikeschroder is the 5.3 focus lead.

Next bugscrub is Thursday at 05:00 UTC. Check the rest of the schedule at


@antpb reported in on Media, which is also taking the lead on APAC-friendly meeting times. As he said:

“This devchat does not align with normal hours for him, so I will help with updates here. Discussion about the scope of the 5.3 Media will take place tomorrow at 13:00 UTC (agenda to come soon in the #core-media room). I anticipate the scope to largely focus on a11y and image handling improvements. I know of a few on my plate currently that will also fit in line with the release focus of UI improvements.”

@clorith and @jeffpaul will work to get scrubs posted on WordPress 5.3 Development Cycle – Make WordPress Core.

@pierregordon volunteered to become a maintainer for the External Libraries component.

And there was more discussion on getting people to come to bugscrubs.


As we hit the hour, folks who needed to do other things (like sleep, eat or work) signed off. But the chat was still lively enough that several people stayed on tolerant more about exactly what a component maintainer’s role includes.

@jbaudras referred to this post:

These maintainers are vital to keeping WordPress development running as smoothly as possible. They triage new tickets, look after existing ones, spearhead or mentor tasks, pitch new ideas, curate roadmaps, and provide feedback to other contributors. Longtime maintainers with a deep understanding of particular areas of core are always seeking to mentor others to impart their knowledge.

From (edited)

Devchat ended at ten minutes past the hour.

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Core editor chat summary September 11th, 2019

This post summarizes the weekly editor chat meeting agenda here. Held on Wednesday, 11th September 2019 held in Slack. Moderated by @youknowriad.

Weekly Priorities

Gutenberg 6.4 and WordPress 5.3

The upcoming Gutenberg release next week (Monday 16th September) is going to be the last one that is backported completely to Core for 5.3. WordPress 5.3-beta is due on 23 September.

By this time, all the features that are meant to go into WP 5.3 should already be merged, so it is a matter of getting in the last few features. After the beta1, we’ll have more time to polish/fix bugs.
@gziolo is working on the WordPress Core Patch. It needs more testing and approval.
@jorgefilipecosta added some backport of PHP API for block styles registration from Gutenberg.

Task Coordination

@jorgefilipecostaLast week:
Continued the iterations on the Gradient mechanism, proposed a buttons block and submitted some bug fixes and regression fixes.
– Refactored the cover min-height resizing to use a true min-height on the editor (instead of height).
– Helped the core update patch (reviewed and ported the block styles server functions).
Next week I will less available time, I will try to help some PR’s arrive at the finish line, namely the color formats, gradients and continue to help some core tickets.

@gzioloLast week:
– Updated the WordPress Packages to the ones used in the Gutenberg 6.4 release.
– Generated asset file in PHP format with the list dependencies to use with plugins and core.
– Added new Babel macro (or plugin) which handles block.json file transformation with 18n support.
Next week:
Whatever is necessary to have Gutenberg 6.5 ready and integrated with WordPress 5.3.

@youknowriad – Worked a little bit on a reusable blocks refactor which hopefully solves a bunch of related issues.
This week.
– I’ll be totally focused on WordPress 5.3 on the next days/weeks.
– I want to add a small friendly reminder note about the “Dev Notes” for WordPress 5.3.
– If you worked on these PR’s that require Dev Notes, it’s a good time to start writing these. I will write some of these and I’m available to help others too.

@paaljoachim – I have focused on older PR’s asking about status updates and how we could move them onward. This also means there seems to be a few PR’s that are it seems stuck and need some last adjustments, final code reviews and merging.

Open Floor

@yannicki – As already discussed in the previous meeting, a padding option for group block would be a much needed feature for 5.3.
Adds basic dimension controls to Group Block
Add DimensionControl component
@youknowriad Yes, that’s a great feature. Thought at this point, It does seem that it’s probably too late for this to land in a good state.
@paaljoachim Btw @get_dave has been very busy for a while now so that he has not had the opportunity to continue work lately on the padding/margin PR’s.

@afercia – To my understanding RichText is now split in two RichText components.
– “wrapping” RichText and “bare” RichText.
On the other hand, we’re also getting warning for the deprecated wp.editor.RichText which is now wp.blockEditor.RichText
I can’t figure out how to make the custom blocks work and make them compatible with WP 5.1 / 5.0, described here: RichText changes and custom blocks backwards compatibility for WP 5.3
Deprecations warnings are totally fine and we are going to support both ways to use RIchText through wp global.
We should provide a backword compatible support for removed props if they were removed. – See the Slack discussion for more information.

Would working with floats become easier, when this PR is merged?
Fix: Clear floats on specific successive blocks that use alignment tool
I feel “floats” are intrinsically complex and it will always be the case. I’d love if we could actually remove them entirely. It’s not going to happen, don’t worry, but things like columns, grids… make floats less necessary.
UI consistency in regards to the heading should be merged and land in core:
Heading block: move alignment controls to toolbar
Yes, this one is a good quick win, I’ll see if we can land it this week. Might need to work with @andraganescu on it.
Some links might be embedded while others are not.
Option to use text link instead of auto embed.
It looks like the solution here is a block transform from embed blocks to paragraphs which is arguably easy to add. If there’s any new contributor that would want something to try, this seems like a good opportunity.
@desaiuditd Volunteered to work on the issue. Here is the PR.

I was hoping for feedback/direction on SlotFill sorting with a priority property if possible.
To be honest, I’m not entirely sold on this because it’s very tied to the implementation of the Slot. (not a fully semantic API). I don’t have a better alternative at the moment. I know @matias have some thoughts about that as well.

Had specific questions for Introduce a filter to override Document label in Document Settings Header. See the Slack discussion for more information.

Media Meeting Recap – September 5, 2019

The following is a summary of the weekly media component meeting that occurred on Thursday, September 5, 2019. Weekly media meetings are held every Thursday at 13:00 UTC. A full transcript can be found here in the #core-media room in the Make WordPress Slack.

Attendees: @anevins, @sergeybiryukov, @pstonier , @afercia, @francina, @mikeschroder

Media Focus Lead for 5.3

Much like the 5.0 release, 5.3 will have many designated release leads around each focus/component in the project. 5.3 is right around the corner and now is the time for a decision to be made on a release lead representing the Media component. Previously @antpb had offered to take on the role if no others were interested. In this weeks Media meeting, a volunteer emerged! @mikeschroder has graciously offered to take on this role. Thanks Mike! Mike is in the JST time zone. This brings an awesome opportunity to have global representation in the team. @antpb has offered to help with relaying information or representing where time zones do not conveniently meet for Mike.

5.3 Ticket Triage

#47135 – Drag and drop functionality unavailable to keyboard or touchscreen — It was determined by the team that this issue exists more globally in meta boxes. It was deemed appropriate to document the information from the Media focused instance of this in an existing ticket on the issue: #39074 No method to move meta boxes using keyboard which was also given the keyword wpcampus-report for tracking purposes.

#47137 Insuficient form semantics – @anevins asked “Is there a technical reason why there isn’t a form element being used around that attachments browser code? That would defeat all of the remediation advice.” @afercia had these recommendations: “Ideally it should be a form because that helps in establishing semantic relationships. However, the sidebar is not rendered in all the views, so including the select area, the attachments list and the sidebar within one form might be a bit complicated.
The list of attachments is perceived as a list of checkboxes so it makes sense to wrap it within a fieldset + legend. I’d tend to think it would need more work in the future because yes, it’s a group of checkboxes but it actually works like a mini-application with custom interaction. I’d say fieldset + legend would help, for now.”

Triage on unanswered tickets continued after the meeting closed, and can be followed here.


If you have any feedback on the above, please feel free to leave a comment, join in #core-media for a chat, or attend the next meeting on September 12, 2019 at 1300UTC!

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WP Notify meeting for this week cancelled.

Due to circumstances out of my control, I was unable to post the agenda last week and I’m unable to run the early WP Notify meeting this week.

We will therefore skip this week’s meeting and pick things up next week.

Apologies to anyone for the inconvenience.


Core editor chat summary September 4th, 2019

This post summarizes the weekly editor chat meeting agenda here. Held on Wednesday, 4th September 2019 held in Slack.

Guided by Mark.

Weekly Priorities

Here are specific items:
NUX: Make tips appear inline
It seems like 16592 was closed and merged, so can we pick this one up again? Comment from
@kjellr suggested: To just drop this specific PR. As per the original issue, the direction has changed a bit, and we need to now:
1. Turn off the existing tips
2. Implement the intro modal.
More details here.

Edit Media Flow
Make the “change an image” flow clearer
Recent feedback was given on the PR:
WIP: PoC for a media flow component in the block editor.

Background Color for Cover block
Cover: Allow directly setting a background
Merged in Allow directly setting a background to Cover

Gradient backgrounds
Add support for gradients in cover image
Needs a design review on the PR:
Add: Preset gradient functionality button block
It also depends on 17154 which also needs a code review.

Comment from @jorgefilipecosta
The PR needing a code review looks huge. But the change is really simple, the styles change is just a file move and some class renaming.
Also we are creating new internal base component Update: Refactor ColorPalette by extracting its design but not exposing it for now, so it is a safe change (we can easily apply any change again if needed).

Screen height image expand Add FullScreen control to the block alignment toolbar Needs some more dev work from @retrofox.

Daily work – Progress this week.

@danr is working on:
A few fixes to the Modal component
Table Block tasks.
Also working on Add navigator for nav block.
It would be great to get feedback on these issues:
Visual queues for Edit and Navigation Mode
Navigation Mode and Keyboard Shortcuts

Last week:
Submitted several general small/chore improvements to our codebase.
Applied the entities mechanism to the widgets screen Use entities on the widget screen (it disabled the update button when there are no changes to save and remove lots of code).
Refactor color palette and submitted a solution for preset gradients on the button block.
Iterated on the legacy widgets PR.
Updated the button styles and added a border-radius feature. (edited)
Now/Next week:
Propose a buttons block.
Work on a solution for custom gradients.
Look into some possible regressions on the last release.
Fix issues related to widgets and help the navigation block. (edited)

I’m working on some cleanup for block movers:
Try a pill-shaped block mover.
Align Gallery block movers with the standard block mover style.
Try showing more controls only for the selected block.
… and otherwise focusing on some 5.3 trac tickets.

I uploaded a mockup of how dragging and dropping images could work to create a Gallery block. Simple block + Simple block = Complex block.

@Grzegorz (Greg) Ziółkowski
Last week:
WordPress core integration with Gutenberg 6.4 is close to ready.
Merged changes Blocks: Stop showing errors and warnings when blocks gets successfully updated from deprecated version.
Worked on improvements to the webpack plugin which will auto-generate version and dependencies for Gutenberg script, which will make it easier to integrate npm packages into core and plugins. Build Tooling: Generate asset file in PHP format with the list dependencies.
Next week:
Further refinements for the release workflow for WP core and npm packages.
Continue on new Babel macro: Add new Babel macro which handles block.json file transformation.
Finished working on Accessibility: Move focus back to the modal dialog to More Menu when it was used to get there, it was based on the fix for Modal from Dan.
A label that should be used more often:

Open Floor

@mattchowning and @tug
Improve translations for gutenberg mobile. Feedback wanted.
Should the glotpress script be updated? If not then an explanation is needed.

Would like more feedback on:
Add fullScreen control to the block alignment toolbar.

@paaljoachim Brought up the following PR’s.
Added nofollow option for links. Alexander needs some pointers to move it onward.
Add option to add text color to specifix text inside RichText editor.
@jeffreycarandang is back from vacation and is able to continue working on this PR.
Fix: Clear floats on specific successive blocks that use alignment tool.
PR needs more information from @obenland
Heading block: move alignment controls to toolbar.
@Andrei Draganescu is working on this PR. Keeping with consistency it would be very nice to get this PR merged.

PluginPrePublishPanel uses icon property and inherits from registerPlugin.
…is ready to go and Ryan will add some examples on how to test it.

Adds basic dimension controls to Group Block
Add DimensionControl component
Using classes would allow theme developers to change the values and make it responsive if they want.
The new demo theme and others are using 2 spacers (1 at the top, 1 at the bottom) to create padding inside each group because there are no other options available. I don’t think that’s a very good way to build a website.


Editor chat summary: Wednesday, 28 August 2019

This post summarizes the weekly editor chat meeting on Wednesday, 28 August 2019, 14:00 WEST held in Slack.

Weekly Priorities

  • Inline tips #16582 was closed until #16592 gets resolved.
  • Edit MediaFlow #11952 received feedback and needs to be updated).
  • Regarding the architecture work preparing the editor to handle multiple entities, @epiqueras shared that the framework changes and everything up to the site block is done. Now we need designs for template selection/creation, and post block save flows, etc.
  • Background color for the cover block was merged and release.
  • Regarding the gradient backgrounds, @jorgefilipecosta proposed a PR implementing gradient functionality. @jorgefilipecosta shared that we need to decide if the predefined gradients created by themes should use a class or an inline style. And asked: Is there an expectation that when a theme switch happens, the gradients should change? If you have any thoughts on this subject, please share them!
  • Screen height image expand has been updated and just about to cross the finish line. 

Task coordination

Note: If you’re reading this summary outside of the meeting, please drop a comment if you can/want to help with something!

  • @swissspidy is looking at support non-consecutive block multi-selection and would like a helping hand.
  • @nadir is going to revisit some blocked PRs he has made so he can advance them.
  • @kjellr is working on:
  • @jorgefilipecosta will continue the work on gradients, continue the block style improvements (is hoping to merge theme default block styles soon), and other smaller improvements like button block styles.
  • @joen is helping PR #16897 for a new social links block.
  • @mapk is looking to:
    • Spend time triaging and reviewing PRs.
    • Create some more structured mockups for dragging and dropping blocks next to each other: #13202.
    • The PR that adds resizing image to full-height, and also the gradients PR.
  • @brentswisher worked on a demo of using a full-screen modal for publishing #17225. This week will work on moving some old PR’s along. If time allows will come up with something for PR “Block inserter doesn’t show that some blocks are disabled” (would like some help).
  • @gziolo revisited a PR which stop showing errors and warnings when blocks get successfully updated from deprecated version (#16862). Plans to update WordPress core packages and fully automate the way we maintain script dependencies.

Open floor

@paaljoachim would like some feedback on the last comment he made on PR #16682. Asked if anyone can take over PR #16490, @mcsf said he was hoping to grab the referred PR in the next days. And to conclude @paaljoachim said PR #14367 is almost ready for a final review.

@welcher would like some feedback on PR #17198 (header toolbar).

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What’s new in Gutenberg? (28 August)

With the date of the WordPress 5.3 beta release approaching, testing Gutenberg is increasingly more critical. Any help testing the plugin is much appreciated as it may avoid bugs in a future WordPress beta release.

The Gutenberg 6.4 release brings some interesting highlights.

The Cover block got two new significant functionalities: the ability to be resized and the ability to use a solid color as a background instead of a video or an image.

Recently we added an API that allows themes and plugin developers to create block styles using just PHP calls. In this release, we continued the improvements to the block styles and added the ability for the users to select their preferred default style per block. Each time the user inserts a block, the preferred style is automatically applied.

Another relevant improvement in this release is the introduction of the “Typewriter experience“. We hope this makes writing more “fun” and overall more comfortable, especially on mobile.

6.4 🇫🇷




New APIs

Bug Fixes




Performance Benchmark

The following benchmark compares performance for a particularly sizeable post (~ 36000 words, ~ 1000 blocks) over the last releases. Such a large post isn’t representative of the average editing experience but is adequate for spotting variations in performance.

Version Loading Time KeyPress event (typing)
Gutenberg 6.4 5.6s 66.36ms
Gutenberg 6.3 5.4s 66.87ms
Gutenberg 5.3 (WordPress 5.2) 6.0s 75.79ms

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WP Notify Kick off meeting agenda for August 26th 2019

Here is the agenda for the kick off meeting happening next week, Monday, August 26, 2019, 14:00 UTC and Monday, August 26, 2019, 22:00 UTC. Please share any items you’d like to include in the comments below!

  • Opening and welcome
  • Review of current project status
  • Discussion of next steps
  • Open Floor

If you have anything to propose for the agenda or specific items related to those listed above, please leave a comment below.

This meeting is held in the #feature-notifications channel , to join the meeting, you’ll need an account on the Making WordPress Slack.

#agenda, #feature-notifications