What’s next in Gutenberg? (April)

This is a monthly update containing the high-level items that Gutenberg contributors are focusing on for the next month. Join us in our efforts.

Full Site Editing

Work on this major focus is ongoing and is expected to continue iterating over the next months.

The team is still working on the Edit Site UI in order to bring parity with the Post Editor, support more template-management related features and improve the FSE blocks.

The important tasks have been splitted into sections and highlighted on this overview issue.

Global Styles

The Global Styles work is a major focus for this month. One of the most important aspect here is to add support for the global styles configurations (variables) to multiple blocks.

Some blocks have already been updated to support color settings and line height. This trend is expected to continue and expand to other settings and other blocks.

At the same time, the Global Styles UI is being iterated on the Edit Site screen.

You can follow the progress of this project on this overview issue.

Patterns & Inserter UI

Recently, the Patterns feature and APIs have been added to the editor. The UI is still experimental and an overall redesign of the inserter to absorb both blocks and patterns is one of the month’s priorities.

The team will continue to explore adding more patterns. This highlighted a need for more advanced block tools and customizations.

Updated Navigation Screen

A new experimental Navigation Menu screen is being explored and will serve as a block-based replacement for the existing menus page.

Refining the interface

The previous releases saw a big UI update for the editor. The team will continue to iterate based on the remaining tasks and the user feedback.

While these are our focuses don’t forget you can always help with triage, needs testing issues, good first issues and reviewing PRs.


What’s new in Gutenberg? (25 March)

This release is mostly focused on polish work for the Block UI redesign.

Screen Capture on 2020-03-16 at 15-49-00

It also includes an official API to register custom Block patterns from themes and plugins. The API is still a work-in-progress and might evolve before reaching WordPress Core.

        'title'   => __( 'Two buttons' ),
        'content' => "<!-- wp:buttons {\"align\":\"center\"} -->\n<div class=\"wp-block-buttons aligncenter\"><!-- wp:button {\"backgroundColor\":\"very-dark-gray\",\"borderRadius\":0} -->\n<div class=\"wp-block-button\"><a class=\"wp-block-button__link has-background has-very-dark-gray-background-color no-border-radius\">Button One</a></div>\n<!-- /wp:button -->\n\n<!-- wp:button {\"textColor\":\"very-dark-gray\",\"borderRadius\":0,\"className\":\"is-style-outline\"} -->\n<div class=\"wp-block-button is-style-outline\"><a class=\"wp-block-button__link has-text-color has-very-dark-gray-color no-border-radius\">Button Two</a></div>\n<!-- /wp:button --></div>\n<!-- /wp:buttons -->",



  • Add visible labels to BlockPatternPicker pattern selection buttons 19789
  • Adds always on display of media URL 19504
  • Adds current menu class to navigation block 20076
  • Block: Outline when interacting with Toolbar Block Type/Movers 20938
  • Create block: Improve how prompts and values provided are handled 20756
  • Expand create block options and add readme.txt template 20694
  • Patterns: Make adding patterns easier 20854
  • Polish a few icons 20980
  • Polish date-picker component 20824
  • Improve permalink editing 12009
  • Nicer block footprint for social links 20978
  • Show inserter only when block selected for nesting contexts 20753
  • URL: Use test data from web-platform-tests for isURL spec conformance 20537
  • Adds multi-select to categories on Latest Posts 20781
  • Add basic nav block example for inserter and styles previews 21011

Bug Fixes

  • Allow media library in gallery mode to be reset 20675
  • Autocomplete: Add support for results with long titles 20962
  • Compat: Conditionally filter editor settings for image dimensions 20939
  • Compat: Use core-js-url-browser for URL polyfill 20225
  • Data: Migrate post editor persistence with fullscreenMode false 21082
  • Edit Post: Make sidebar header focusable for button focus normalization 21031
  • Fix auto-hiding appender regression 20780
  • Fix fullscreen mode device preview 21010
  • Fix link control search results spacing. 21003
  • Fix snackbar container block portion of UI while present 21000
  • Make the inner button block not allowed as a reusable block or editable as HTML 20948
  • URL: Fix getQueryString incorrect handling of hash fragment 20738
  • Update social links block to output a custom class on each individual link 20998
  • Update the inserter’s block preview to use the AutoHeightPreview 20817
  • Latest Posts:
    • Fix link for read more markup 20917
    • Fixes the categories selector crash when category does not exist 20960
  • Fix input rules 20964
  • Trim input value in navigation search input field 19832
  • Fix mobile header 20946
  • Fix visually hidden classnames 20649
  • Fix/screen reader text 20607
  • Fix SelectControl example code synax highlight 19803

New APIs

  • Add initial API to register patterns from themes and plugins 21074
  • Convert __experimentalCreateInterpolateElement to a stable API 20699


  • Site Editor:
    • Add Fullscreen mode 20691
    • Add fullscreen close button 20989
    • Add more menu and fullscreen toggle 21006
    • Style resets for top level page 20886
    • Get current template part correctly for auto drafts 20438
    • Add template preview to the edit site template switcher 20958
    • Add things required to load custom blocks to Site Editor page 20549
    • Avoid page templates overwriting page title 20865
  • Lighter block DOM:
  • Navigation Block:
    • Fix dynamic rendering recursive function name typo 21078
    • Avoid hiding submenu when adding a link 21035
    • Fix toolbar overlap on navigation links 21033
  • PlainText v2 21076
    • Editable Component 18361


  • Add ESNext example for unregisterBlockType 20784
  • Docs/SlotFills: Small update for consistency 20767
  • Correct 2nd param of useViewportMatch() usage 20911
  • Include npm run dev guidance in “Getting Started” 21015
  • Document default login credentials and wp-env run command 20678
  • Fixes docblock for useViewportMatch 20919
  • Lowercase visual editor and code editor to match block editor and classic editor 20968
  • Update README.md 20913
  • Add Custom Block Editor to TOC and Manifest 20749
  • Add tutorial link to Table of Contents for Custom Block Editor 20750

Code Quality

  • Block Editor: Use useResizeObserver in place of direct react-resize-aware dependency 20889
  • E2E Test Utils: Improve durability of embedding matcher 20811
  • Framework: Migrate/remove temporary compatibility script initialization 19178
  • Framework: Use WHATWG URL in place of legacy url module 19823
  • Nav Block: Remove ‘frontend’ from style comments 21034
  • Project Management Automation: Add TypeScript type-checking 20850
  • Refactor the inserter menu component and split into multiple smaller components 20880
  • Remove iframe from content elements 20976
  • Update Search/RSS block render method 20977


  • Update glossary 20934
  • Improve performance testing 20802
  • Edit Post: Register block patterns as separate plugin 20871
  • Accessibility: updated headings to reflect semantic relationship between html tag and it’s content. 16444
  • Add Prettier shared config package 20026
  • Add default styles to the TabPanel component 20872
  • Add isFileURL method and use it on all native media upload checks. 20985
  • Add menus endpoints. 20292
  • Block Patterns: Update text-two-columns.json 20890
  • Block Styles: Remove the block margin in the style selector 19983
  • Block patterns: improve success notice 21005
  • Blocks: Allow the Default Style selector to be hidden. 20620
  • E2E Tests: Mock Embed response for InnerBlocks locking test 20481
  • ESLint Plugin: Relax prefer-const for destructuring assignment 20737
  • Gallery: Update UI of controls 20776
  • Improves RTL style conversion 20503
  • Minor change to switch Help link target to _blank, add rels 20800
  • Mobile: Add accessibility label to Block List Footer 20633
  • Moves category multi select from LatestPosts to QueryControls 20832
  • Paste: replace iframes with url 20983
  • Polish poster image button arrangement. 20754
  • Preview Button: Remove the separator and border, and reduce the size of the icon. 20683
  • RangeControl: Improve disabled rendering and interactions 20723
  • Reduce gap between block library and preview 20777
  • Remove aria-expanded from close button in Publish panel 20993
  • Remove feature flag for mobile page templates 20718
  • Remove inaccurate message from image block 20909
  • Removed the textarea width restriction for the Shortcode block 20624
  • Revert “Framework: Travis: Avoid skipping Puppeteer download” 20828
  • Show errors in the media replace control 19244
  • Styles Panel: Don’t force it to be closed by default. 20617
  • Update Navigation Menu Item icon 20763
  • Update page template picker after design review 20883
  • Latest Posts: Testing larger margins 20563
  • Add codeowners for env package 20667
  • Scripts: Update all webpack related dependencies 20916
  • Dependencies webpack plugin: Let the output file be specified when output is combined 20844

Performance Benchmark

The following benchmark compares performance for a particularly sizeable post (~36000 words, ~1000 blocks) over the last releases. Such a large post isn’t representative of the average editing experience but is adequate for spotting variations in performance.

Version Loading Time KeyPress event (typing)
Gutenberg 7.8 5193ms 23.05ms
Gutenberg 7.7 5134ms 22.79ms
WordPress 5.3 9512ms 25.83ms

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Editor Chat Agenda: 25th March 2020

Note taker: @andraganescu.

This is the agenda for the weekly editor chat scheduled for Wednesday, March 25, 2020, 14:00 UTC. This meeting is held in the #core-editor WordPress Slack channel.

If you have anything to share for the Task Coordination section, please leave it as a comment on this post.

If you have anything to propose for the agenda or other specific items related to those listed above, please leave a comment below.

#agenda, #core-editor, #editor-chat

What’s new in Gutenberg? (11 March)

With WordPress 5.4 around the corner, Gutenberg 7.7 is another exciting release. It introduces patterns and the first iteration of a new block UI design which aims to synthetize the learnings from these past couple years of Gutenberg being out in the wild.

New Block UI

After more than a year from its first production release, the community pushed the boundaries of the editor further than we’d have expected. The number of third-party blocks exploded and millions of users are interacting with the editor in different ways. This led to a refresh of the Block UI to apply some of the lessons learned in the meantime.

The redesign includes:

  • A simpler Block Toolbar.
  • Better UI color contrast.
  • Consistent focus styles.
  • Redesigned icons.
  • Grid-based spacing and sizes.
  • And more.

As with any feature in the editor, this is the initial release and there’s still more work planned to bring more consistency in the remaining UI elements: sidebar panels, drop-down menus, etc.

Block Patterns

While the editor has a rich set of built-in blocks, it is sometimes challenging for users to compose these blocks together in order to achieve the best designs for their pages. And as we accelerate towards Full Site Editing, this becomes an important challenge to solve.

Different existing community-provided solutions have addressed this by providing rich sets of templates/layout that are ready to use and prevent that dreaded “white page syndrome”. There is a need to bring some consistency and coherence to these features. Gutenberg 7.7 introduces Block Patterns: predefined block layouts, ready to insert and tweak to address that problem.

As a first iteration, the Block Patterns UI has been added as a sidebar plugin from where you can pick and insert the patterns. This is considered an MVP and the UI is expected to evolve over the next releases.

As a start, the plugin comes with a small limited set of patterns. The list will ultimately grow and be opened to third-party authors.

7.7 🇵🇭


  • Add the initial version of the Patterns UI as a sidebar plugin (this is not the final interface and work is in progress to integrate with the main block inserter). 20354, 20715.
    • Add an initial set of patterns 20724.


  • Update the Block and editor UI. 19344
  • Improve the Back to WP Admin button in Fullscreen Mode. 20603
  • Make the editor Fullscreen by default. 20611
  • Remove template locking from the columns block 20465
  • Make the inserter full height. 20526

Bug Fixes

  • A11y:
    • Deselect first/last gallery images on blur. 14930
    • Revert top toolbar tab order 20571
  • Add an overlay to the html block preview to fix block selection in Firefox. 20425
  • Add missing accessibility attributes in the SVG icons. 20538
  • Fix invalid syntax error on Safari 12. 20507
  • Use a consistent width for the link suggetions. 20448
  • Use full labels for directional block movers. 20664
  • Columns block: Force 50% column width at mid-range viewport. 20597
  • Media & Text block: Fix frontend styles when “Crop image to fill” is selected 20539
  • Latest Post block:
    • Fix the excerpt length. 20313
    • Don’t trim manual exerptts 20432
  • Fix sidebar scroll issue on small viewports. 20491
  • Social Link block:
    • Escape generated class name. 20479
    • Fix label attribute type as string. 20468
    • i18n: Use placeholder for the default label 20475
  • Simulated Queries (Device previews):
    • Check for match in stylesheet host and protocol to prevent Chrome breakage. 20673
    • Fix IE11 editor breakage. 20226
    • Fix incorrectly displayed preview option for private post types. 20604
    • Focus preview button after opening preview. 20570
  • Fix isURL regex to take account file urls. 20435
  • Fix error when deleting empty paragraphs in IE11. 20594
  • Fix hidden inserter toggle behind the popover. 20663
  • Fix block registration shared defaults reuse across blocks. 20565
  • Shim meta attributes for early block registrations. 20544
  • Fix bouncing Custom color formatter. 20612
  • Fix Gallery block styles in Edge causing editor breakage. 20690

New APIs:

  • wordpress/env: Add support for ZIP URL sources. 20426


  • Lighter Block DOM:
    • allow block types to render their own wrapper 19701
    • Lighter InnerBlocks. 19910
    • Automatically add block class. 20658
  • BlockPreview: Add __experimentalOnReady prop. 17242
  • Edit Site:
    • Update template navigation to use new link control. 20366
    • Update the edit site save modal UI. 20608
  • Fix the block toolbar in the Widgets and Site Edit screens. 20458
  • Fix widgets screen inserter 20680


Code Quality

  • Refactoring to existing blocks to use a lighter DOM:
    • List block. 20498
    • Image block. 20576
    • Heading block. 20493
  • Consistent block focus behavior on mount. 20577
  • Cleanup CSS variables. 20529
  • Use the EditorSkeleton component in the widgets and Edit Site pages. 20440, 20431.
  • Refactor SlotFill components. 19242
  • Remove useless style override for floats. 20501
  • Block popover: remove data-type. 20531
  • Resizable editor improvements. 20259


  • wordpress/env:
    • Save the database as a volume. 20648
    • Fix accidental quotes in Site Title. 20520
    • Set owner of wp-content to www-data. 20406
  • wordpress/create-block:
  • Fix React warning triggered by the BlockToolbar component. 20546
  • Skip the Type Writer effect component in IE 11. 20485
  • Update browserslist to fix out-of-date caniuse-lite messages 20709
  • Add storybook stories:
  • E2E Tests:
    • Add test for the Image block. 20622
    • More stable embed test. 20668
    • Fix intermittent RichText e2e test failure. 20457
  • Travis: Avoid skipping Puppeteer download. 20547
  • Plugin: Bump minimum WordPress version to 5.3 20628
  • @wordrpess/priority-queue: Fix for environments that don’t have window defined. 20486
  • Update jest configuration to only ignore tests from /wordpress/ as a subdirectory 20420

Performance Benchmark

The following benchmark compares performance for a particularly sizeable post (~ 36000 words, ~ 1000 blocks) over the last releases. Such a large post isn’t representative of the average editing experience but is adequate for spotting variations in performance.

Version Loading Time KeyPress event (typing)
Gutenberg 7.7.0 7.7s 37.86ms
Gutenberg 7.6.0 7.0s 34.97ms
WordPress 5.3 7.2s 66ms

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Editor chat summary: Wednesday, 4 March 2020

This post summarizes the weekly editor chat meeting on Wednesday, 4 March 2020, 14:00 UTC held in Slack.

WordPress 5.4 Upcoming Release

WordPress 5.4 RC 1 is out, more details can be checked on the release page.

The list of editor PR’s cherry picked can be checked on #20593 and #20613.

The team published all the block editor dev notes. In total, the team ended up publishing a total of 10 posts with block editor dev notes https://make.wordpress.org/core/2020/03/03/wordpress-5-4-field-guide/ covering 32 PR’s that needed a dev note.

@jorgefilipecosta gave a big thank you to everyone that helped the big effort on writting the editor dev notes.

@jorgefilipecosta ended the topic by sharing the following information:

For the next RC currently, we have three issues that should be fixed. Two of the issues have a PR that needs review. Another one does not have a PR yet. The status of these tasks can be checked on https://github.com/WordPress/gutenberg/projects/39

Weekly Priorities

The Post with the priorities for March is published.

@gziolo shared the following summary of the priorities:

  • Block Content Areas
  • Global Styles
  • Block Patterns
  • Tightening up

Task Coordination


@karmatosed referred that for Feedback from design just note in the core-editor channel or in GitHub.


Is experimenting with new iconography to explore the G2 iterations: https://github.com/WordPress/gutenberg/pull/20464.




  • Started development for the new block editor features API.
  • Code reviews, testing, etc.


Is continuing to work through the components and adding storybook stories to any that are missing: https://github.com/WordPress/gutenberg/issues/17973#issuecomment-591093951

Referred that if anyone has experience with the story shot integration, he has some questions in the Disabled PR: https://github.com/WordPress/gutenberg/pull/20514.



Is experimenting with WebGL blocks right now and working around the constraints. Is trying to get people’s thoughts/opinions on a Gutenberg feature request he has related to rendering in the background and providing a single requestAnimationFrame render loop for multiple blocks https://github.com/WordPress/gutenberg/issues/20483.

Open floor

Custom text color format

@paaljoachim brought to the discussion the fact that the text color may or may not be a main format.

@jorgefilipecosta clarified that the fact that the text color appears on the main formats when a color is selected and disappears from the main formats if no color is selected is not a bug. It was an implemented behavior to avoid too many main formats but at the same time give relevance to the format if color is chosen. We may discuss this behavior in an issue and it may make sense to change.

Fullscreen mode enabled by default

@paaljoachim raised the fact that now fullscreen mode is enabled by default, and referred he is very skeptical about this change as it can bring much confusion to users.

@gziolo referred that:

  • Fullscreen mode is a feature that already existed.
  • Customizer also uses fullscreen.
  • The feature will only affect new users as the current setting the users had is persisted in the local storage.
  • The feature is still being discussed and it may end up being reverted during the RC phase.

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What’s next in Gutenberg? (March)

This is a monthly update containing the high-level items that Gutenberg contributors are focusing on for the next month. Join us in our efforts.

Block Content Areas

Work on this major focus is ongoing and is expected to continue iterating over the next months.

  • Continue improving the Edit Site UI
    • Improve the saving flow. 20421
    • Improve the template selector picker. 20469 20478
  • Continue on the Full Site Editing blocks (post tags 20418, post comments 19894).
  • Work on the Block Context API. 19685
  • Continue on the experimental block-based themes.

Global Styles

  • Update the Core blocks styles to support the Global styles variables.
  • Define and document the available settings.


These are different from the Block Variations API (that was initially named patterns as well). These are pre-made post/page sections that can be inserted and edited.

  • Create a rich built-in patterns library. 20345
  • Iterate on the Patterns UI. 17335

Tightening up

  • The first iteration of the new Block UI has been merged and it will be polished/iterated on during the upcoming month. 19344
  • Implement the first version of the Block Editor Controlling API. 20588
  • The ongoing effort to use a lighter Block DOM structure in the editor and match the frontend.

While these are our focuses don’t forget you can always help with triage, needs testing issues, good first issues and reviewing PRs.


What’s new in Gutenberg? (26 February)

Gutenberg 7.6 brings considerable progress on the full-site editing (FSE) front, including four new FSE blocks:

  • Post Featured Image
  • Post Tags
  • Comments Count
  • Comments Form

In addition, this release includes many enhancements and fixes to existing blocks and features.

Any help testing FSE work is much appreciated. So, if possible, please enable FSE in your testing environments and share your feedback.

Gutenberg 7.6 also brings a rotating list of tips that appear in the Block Inserter to provide useful information to users:

The release also comes with developer-focused enhancements to wp-env and wp-scripts, thus improving the experience of building with WordPress.

Last but not least, this release cycle has prioritized bug fixing, and as a result this release brings numerous fixes that were also included in Betas 2 and 3 of WordPress 5.4.

Read on for the full change log.

7.6 🇱🇹


  • Add a rotating list of tips to the inserter help panel 20163


  • New blocks:
    • Post Featured Image. 19875
    • Comments Count block. 19953
    • Comments Form block. 19954
    • Post Tags block. 19580
  • Add new features to the Post Excerpt block. 19715
  • Allow changing Site Title block heading level. 20361
  • Render the post comments form properly 20279
  • Add new features to the Post Date block. 19857
  • Add multiple template loading 19141
  • Show error when resolved block template is empty 20239


  • Improve find-ability for social/video embeds 20224

New APIs

  • Ensure packages-update wp-scripts command works with missing dependencies 20408
  • Add new option in dependencies webpack plugin to combine assets files into one file 20330
  • Environment:
    • Add custom port numbers to .wp-env.json 20158
    • Add support for local override files. 20341
    • Add debug mode. 20348

Bug Fixes

  • Overflowing LinkControl block editor component. 20154
  • Broken gallery to image transform and inconsistent types used in the gallery block 20084
  • Missing label on heading toolbar. 20248
  • Sidebar jumpiness. 20355
  • Fix wrong imports in PluginBlockSettingsMenuItem 20356
  • Color formatter appears when color choosing is not possible 20222
  • Crash when updating a post with the latest post block 20289
  • Inconsistency on Import from JSON button look 20416
  • Inline image width pop-up ‘wanders’ down page 20232
  • Styling problem on vertically aligned blocks 20368
  • Remove unnecessary aria-label from link formatter 18742
  • Make navigation button expand to fit longer nav link text 20230
  • Flow for gallery creation and editing 20287
  • Fix background color for dark themes on the spacer block 20296
  • Show metaboxes peeking in even on tiny screens. 20262
  • Add an edit state to media frames to fix an issue when opening a new tab. 17642



  • Create block: Add support for format:js to ESNext template 20335
  • Add check for minimum system requirements on create block 20398
  • Conditionally apply Editor Skeleton html element styles 20245
  • Environment:
    • Check for legacy installs and provide the option to delete them. 20340
    • Fix testsPath on local sources 20353
    • Use user with UID=33 to run WP CLI commands 20403
    • Fix issue where docker & wp had different URLs 20228
    • No longer show error message twice 20157
    • Support wp-config.php overrides. 20352
    • Support overwriting generated file directory with an environment variable 20253

Performance Benchmark

The following benchmark compares performance for a particularly sizeable post (~ 36000 words, ~ 1000 blocks) over the last releases. Such a large post isn’t representative of the average editing experience but is adequate for spotting variations in performance.

Version Loading Time KeyPress event (typing)
Gutenberg 7.6.0 7.7s 48.59ms
Gutenberg 7.5.0 8.5s 55.45ms
WordPress 5.3 7.9s 77.23ms

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Editor chat summary: Wednesday, 26 February 2020

This post summarizes the latest weekly Editor meeting, held in the #core-editor Slack channel, on Wednesday, February 26, 2020, 14:00 UTC.

WordPress 5.4 Upcoming Release

Gutenberg 7.6.0

  • RC will be released on Monday.
  • The changelog can be checked on https://github.com/WordPress/gutenberg/releases/tag/v7.6.0-rc.1.
  • The FSE work evolved a lot, and Gutenberg 7.6 includes four new FSE blocks, besides many enhancements and fixes to the existing blocks and functionality.
  • Any help testing FSE work is much appreciated, enable FSE on your test/in development projects and share your feedback.
  • Enhancement to wp/env and wp-scripts to make the developer experience better.

Weekly Priorities

  • The first iteration of G2 (Block UI redesign) has been merged into master and will make it into Gutenberg 7.7.

Task Coordination

Note: Anyone reading this summary outside of the meeting, please drop a comment in the post summary, if you can/want to help with something.



  • Working on G2.
  • Starting a new project with @nrqsnchz about Block Patterns.
  • Help with G2 follow-ups.
  • Triaging old issues.



  • Followed up on items related to Social Icons.
  • Discussed block variations and patterns with @gzioloo.
  • Pitched in around dev notes for 5.4, and some reviews.
  • Exploring how to implement embeds as block variations.


  • Continuing work on lightening the block DOM and allowing blocks to render the entire block and inner block wrappers, hopefully making it easier to style block for block and theme authors. 



  • Paired with @azaozz to improve the build process for the editor’s JavaScript scripts in WordPress core.
  • A few bug fixes/enhancements for @wordpress/scripts and @wordpress/create-block packages.
  • Several reviews including SlotFill refactor.
  • Plan to work on the block features API proposed by @youknowriad.



  • Working on FSE and block templates from a user and theme creator perspective.


Open Floor

Capitalization in strings used in the editor

Encouraging component maintainers to get involved with the non-editor parts of Gutenberg

  • @noisysocks some discussion around how to encourage Widget component maintainers to get involved with the experimental Block Widgets functionality. There’s a lot of expertise there that the Core Editor team could use.
  • @youknowriad suggested inviting component maintainers to the core editor channel.

Query Blocks

  • @andraganescu some discussion around reusability of query block https://github.com/WordPress/gutenberg/pull/20106
  • @revgeorge It’s working, but I’m working with @epiqueras to figure out how to best structure it’s de-duplication feature, or possibly going ahead without de-duplication at launch. It’s behind the FSE flag in the branch because it needs the post blocks to display results
  • @itsjusteileen from a plugin perspective, I’d love to see it with de-dupe
  • @revgeorge I can show you how I plan to use it with a plugin use case. The current plan for deduplication is to provide a container block that uses hooks to provide a way for blocks to get a list of displayed posts and add to that list, the container would be aware of the order the blocks are in and what they’ve displayed.
  • @gziolo what’s the difference between Query block and Latest Posts block?
  • @youknowriad Query block doesn’t have a fixed output based on attributes, it uses InnerBlocks to render each “post”. So you could combine PostTitle, post content, PostExcerpt, Post* blocks as a template for each “Post” entry in the Query block.

Semantic HTML inside the Group block

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What’s new in Gutenberg? (12 February)

This is the last release that is going to be fully included in WordPress 5.4, containing one week of updates from 45 contributors. The release cycle was temporarily shortened to align features with WordPress 5.4 Beta 1.

The Social Links block has been in the works since a few releases, but now it’s a stable (no longer experimental) block.

Adding a Social Links block.
Adding a Social Links block.

Rich text can now be coloured!

Adding inline colour to text.
Adding inline colour to text.

It is now also possible to display featured images in the latest post block.

Latest post with featured images.
Latest post with featured images.

7.5 🇹🇭


  • Mark the Social Links block as a stable block 20134 19887 20074 20150 20101
  • Support adding featured images to Latest Posts block 17151
  • Add support for TikTok video Embeds 19345
  • Add inline text color support 16014
  • Add text color support to Columns block 20016


  • Add type and angle picking to the custom gradient component 19582
  • Add transform for button to buttons block 20063
  • Navigation block:
    • Implement new design for sub-menus 19681
    • Set inherit color to anchor elements 20038
    • Fix getting Navigation parent block 20032 20057
    • Set width in order to show caret 20075
    • Improve colors handling 20022
    • Rename background color CSS class 20018
  • Block Library: Avoid column width auto-adjustment when sibling width changes 19515 20169
  • A11y:
    • Incorporate settings in the edit state of the LinkControl component 20052
    • Announce all Notice components messages 15745
    • Button block: Remove title attribute 19735
    • Navigation block: Remove title attribute 19990
  • Image block: Keep existing caption if the stored one is empty 19641
  • Enhance the custom gradient picker UI 20099

New APIs

  • Allow third-party keyboard shortcuts registration in the keyboard shortcuts modal 19965
  • Stabilize the AnglePickerControl component 20118
  • Add .wp-env.json config file support to wordpress/env 20002
  • Blocks: Promote block variations to stable API 20068
  • Mark the gradients theme API as stable 20107


  • Add ability to disable the block popover through __experimentalUIParts.hasPopover option 19922
  • Add the __experimentalEditorSkeleton component to the block-editor package 20050 20132

Bug Fixes

  • A11y: Show open button when the sidebar is closed and tabbing out of the content 19726
  • IE11 Compatibility: Add DOMRect polyfill 20110
  • Block Editor: Fix warning when rendering InnerBlocks 20082
  • Featured image appears cropped 20128
  • Fix predefined text colors used in the Group block on the frontend 20119
  • Use array form for contrast checkers. 20143
  • i18n: make experimentalUseColors labels translatable 20112
  • Multi select: remove inserter between selected blocks 20096
  • Remove alignment options from nested Button blocks 19824
  • URL: Conform to URL Living Standard definition of valid URL 19871
  • Select the correct media in the media modal when replacing existing media 20100
  • Avoid resizing the editor canvas when opening the publish panel 19843
  • Fix Media & Text block styling when media is set to show on the right 20125
  • Fix excerpt rendering in the Latest posts block 19669


  • Docs: Contributor Guide update subpages 19939
  • Prettier: Update format-js to use default config, and update editor docs usage 20036
  • Target docs to manifest.json 15639
  • Update main project README 19743
  • Update the Getting Started Docs to use wp-env 20044
  • Typos and tweaks: 20055 20077 20025 20060 19470


  • Block Editor: Update BEM syntax to CSS modifer guidelines 19738
  • Block Library: Standardize PHP function names used 20085 20039
  • Project Management Automation:
    • Log skipped tasks and retain wrapped task names. 20034
    • Support adding milestones for fork PRs. 20058
    • Avoid gracefully handling error 20009
    • Avoid milestone task for forks 20049
    • Call core setFailed with error message 20012
    • Check error object for parsed errors 20014
    • Guard against non-matching commits in addMilestone. 20147
    • Tolerate duplicate milestone 20011
    • Pull Request Automation: Avoid automation tasks for forked repository 20021
  • wordpress/env:
    • Fix GitHub source pattern 20131
    • Fix syntax error where spread operator could fail 20113
  • Move existing icons to the wordpress/icons package 20091 20072 19959 20094 20087
  • Ensure the default Prettier config is used with lint-js when needed 20071
  • Data: Log first-pass useSelect errors 20122
  • Compat: Social Links: Remove legacy renderers from packages 20098
  • Core Data: Mark the getEntityRecordNoResolver selector as experimental. 20053
  • Core Data: Remove unused __experimentalUseEntitySaving hook. 20148
  • Hide the navigation block behind feature flag 20133
  • Fix Intermitent e2e test failures 20065
  • Move the e2e tests to the right folders 20135
  • Switch social link icons to import svg parts from primitives 19877

Performance Benchmark

The following benchmark compares performance for a particularly sizeable post (~ 36000 words, ~ 1000 blocks) over the last releases. Such a large post isn’t representative of the average editing experience but is adequate for spotting variations in performance.

Version Loading Time KeyPress event (typing)
Gutenberg 7.5.0 6.491s 34.695ms
Gutenberg 7.4.0 6.413s 36.81ms
WordPress 5.3 6.331s 75.19ms

#core-editor, #editor, #gutenberg

Editor Chat Agenda: 12th February 2020

Note taker: @itsjusteileen

This is the agenda for the weekly editor chat scheduled for Wednesday, February 12, 2020, 09:00 AM EST. This meeting is held in the #core-editor WordPress Slack channel.

Highlighted Blog Posts

Discussion Topics

  • WordPress 5.4 Upcoming Release
  • Exclusion of the Navigation Block from the 5.4 Release
  • Gutenberg 7.5.0
  • Weekly Priorities
  • Task Coordination
  • Open Floor

If you have anything to share for the Task Coordination section, please leave it as a comment on this post. If you have anything to propose for the agenda or other specific items related to those listed above, please leave a comment below.

#agenda, #core-editor, #editor-chat