WP REST API: Version 2.0 Beta 5

Version 2.0 Beta 5 “¡Ay, caramba!” of the REST API is now available. Download it from the plugin repository or from GitHub.

This is a compatibility release with WordPress 4.4 Beta 1, and is required to use the plugin alongside WordPress 4.4.

Here’s some highlights:

  • Load api-core as a compatibility library
  • Now api-core has been merged into WordPress trunk (for 4.4) we should no longer load the infrastructure code when it’s already available. This also fixes a fatal error for users who were on trunk.

    (props @rmccue)

  • Switch to new mysql_to_rfc3339
  • (props @rmccue)

  • Double-check term taxonomy
  • (props @rmccue)

  • Load admin functions
  • This was removed from the latest beta of WordPress in the REST API infrastructure, a more long term fix is planned.

    (props @joehoyle)

  • Add compat shim for renamed rest_mysql_to_rfc3339()
  • (props @danielbachhuber)

  • Compat shim for wp_is_numeric_array()
  • (props @danielbachhuber)

  • Revert switch to register_post_type_args filter
  • (props @joehoyle)

We have a detailed changelog as well as the full set of changes if you’re interested.

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Beta 2 is out There are currently more…

Beta 2 is out.

There are currently more than 150 open tickets. Many need patches, many have patches that need testing. If you want to help, head over to https://core.trac.wordpress.org/report/6 and look for a ticket (or several) that you think you can help with. Many of them are not overly complicated, they just need people to give them some love.

Remember, if you find something in beta 2 that you think is a bug, report it! You can bring it up in the alpha/beta forum, you can email it to the wp-testers list, or if you’ve confirmed that other people are experiencing the same bug, you can report it on the WordPress Core Trac. (We recommend starting in the forum or on the mailing list.) If you’ve never reported a bug before, check out the Codex article on how to report bugs.

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A couple of hours ago the first 3.2…

A couple of hours ago, the first 3.2 beta release hit the ground. You know the drill: you break it, you buy it. Oh, wait. I meant, you break it, report it, and we all work together to fix it. Would be great to get more people helping with bug fixes between now and RC. Tell your friends.

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WordPress 3.0.1 is released. 55 tickets …

WordPress 3.0.1 is released. 55 tickets went into it. I opened the 3.0.2 milestone last week, and just now I’ve closed 3.0.1.

We pushed 3.0.1 twice, the second time about 20 minutes later, as we forgot about #14454. Not a big deal, but we’ve recommended over Twitter and on the announcement that you update again if you downloaded it before 2200 UTC.

We did a db version bump with the hope that we could force the API to return 3.0.1 again if you’re not at the proper version, but we don’t pass the db version via wp_update_check(). (@todo).

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In case anyone missed it, we released Be…

In case anyone missed it, we released Beta 1 last night. Thanks to everyone who has made this possible. Beta 2 sometime next week, maybe, after menus and such are finished. Test, patch, review, etc.