Feature projects are intended to explore potential ideas for WordPress core. Feature projects are similar to the previously used feature plugins in many ways (including in name), but may not take the form of a plugin; in fact, they likely do not begin as plugins. Most start as ideas that need exploration to be more fully formed/fleshed out before implementation. Others become discrete patches on tickets. Others may turn into multiple plugins, breaking out the successful parts of the project into patches for core, while iterating on the less-successful pieces. Still others may remain in plugin format even after reaching a polished point, as they may not make sense as a bundled part of core but serve a valuable purpose for users.

Projects listed below are not necessarily scheduled for a particular release, nor are they promised for any future version of WordPress. For more on feature plugins, see this post.

Active Projects

active Servehappy
The servehappy project is an initiative that seeks to educate WordPress site owners about the value of having the latest version of PHP powering their WordPress site. This supports the overall goal of increasing the percentage of WordPress installs running modern PHP versions.
active Shiny Updates
Shiny Updates strives for a simplified and more streamlined experience by maintaining the context of the workflow when installing, updating, and deleting plugins and themes.
active Toolbar Experiments
The toolbar is not a consistent experience in a number of ways, including behavior on touch vs. pointer and its content as you flip between the front end and admin contexts. It should be a consistent experience with the best possible behavior on various devices so that users can use it to its best effect without being disrupted by inconsistencies.
active WordPress NUX
Increase WordPress retention by removing barriers to entry, removing potential interruptions, and experimenting with ways to decrease the time it takes for the site creator to feel ready to share the site.

Inactive Projects

merged Font Natively
Switch to system fonts for faster loading and a more native-feeling experience.
merged MP6
Simplify and modernize the design of the admin, with a focus on the rapidly growing user base using HiDPI, touch, and small-screened devices.
merged Widgets
Improve the WYSIWYG experience of widgets through non-destructive live previews. The current approach of making some changes immediately live but not others breaks users’ expectations and trust.

(more to come…)

Possible statuses: active idea merged closed