Twenty Twenty Bug Scrub

We will be having our first bug scrub for Twenty Twenty on Friday, Sept 20th at 16:00 UTC, led by @ianbelanger in the #core-themes channel. All are invited to attend. Come help us scrub some bugs before the 5.3 Beta 1 release.

Reminder #1 – Monday, Sept 23rd is 5.3 Beta 1

Reminder #2 – We will be freezing commits to the github repo on Sunday, Sept 22nd 4:00 UTC to prepare for 5.3 Beta 1

As a refresher, here’s a post from the 4.7 release cycle answering questions about bug scrubs.

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Component Maintainers in 5.3

On the heels of APAC Triage and Bug Scrub Sessions and Bug Scrub Schedule for 5.3, thanks @pento and @davidbaumwald, I’d like to propose something a little bit different.

The WordPress 5.3 release is shaping up to be substantial. There are tons of fixes and improvements in Gutenberg, for both users and developers. Even if 5.3 only included the Gutenberg update, it would have been a very nice, very desirable upgrade.

There is more to this release! Currently there are 632 tickets on the 5.3 milestone on Trac, both open and closed. A few smaller new features and user facing enhancements are in the works, and a lot of bugfixes and under-the-hood improvements are coming up or already done.

I’d like to propose that component maintainers take more “charge” of the tickets in their components. There is a general expectation that if you moved a ticket to a milestone you are the “lead” for that ticket and will see it through to completion, or move it to a future milestone if not feasible. But that shouldn’t stop component maintainers from helping to keep those tickets moving.

With the scheduled bug scrubs, and the per-component bug scrubs that usually happen at the components’ meetings, the 329 open tickets aren’t that big of a mountain. 

The 5.3 Challenge

During the next few weeks (by beta-1 scheduled for 23 September) join me in making sure all 5.3 tickets in our components will either be resolved or moved to a future milestone. And if there are any hurdles leave a comment on the ticket briefly outlining the difficulties and include a resolution timeline.

It would also be helpful if during this time all component maintainers do a short, concise update about their component on the weekly core dev chats. These updates would typically include the number of open 5.3 tickets and whether there are any difficulties with any of them. This will help people know where help is most needed, especially any newer contributors who are having trouble deciding where to spend their time.

Also, we have a Docs Wrangler for our release! After 5.3.0-beta-1 is out, it would be great if component maintainers review all changes to their component (if not already reviewed), then, if possible, help @justinahinon with writing or editing dev. notes. There are currently 301 fixes and enhancements committed to the 5.3 milestone and they will need documentation.

The proposed change for component maintainers is to act early, before beta-1, and to regularly make updates and bring any difficulties to the core dev chat.

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Dev Chat Summary: August 28th 2019

This post summarizes the weekly dev chat meeting from August 28th 2019 (agenda / Slack Archive).


@chanthaboune mentioned a Make/Core post about using SSL for auto-updates.

@francina mentioned the recently created WP-Notify working group. They had their first meeting and they have two weekly meeting so people from different timezones can attend. If you are interested, join #feature-notifications dedicated slack channel.

WP-Notify was also added to the features list page on Make/Core.

@francina also mentioned there is a new time slot for Core tickets/Gutenberg issues triage and bug-scrubs. If you are in the APAC timezone feel free to take part into the bug scrubs, they are great to get started in understanding how WordPress is made.

Upcoming Releases


5.2.3 RC 1 is available for testing.

Release lead @whyisjake mentioned they are skipping RC2 for 5.2.3 as there are no new commits since RC1 and no regression was reported against RC1. The final release is scheduled for this coming Wednesday.

Please continue testing, and provide feedback. If you are new to testing Core releases, there is a guide to get started. Getting involved in testing WordPress means you will be directly involved in raising the quality of the WordPress user experience.


@francina announced that @audrasjb is joining the Release Team as focus lead for the accessibility part.

@davidbaumwald ran the first bug scrub of the release cycle, focused on tickets that are milestoned for 5.3, but haven’t see any movement in some time.

@johnbillion: “We need more people attending bug scrubs and scrubbing bugs. Tell all your friends.”. @davidbaumwald added that’s being added for the 5.3 cycle to give props for those running scrubs.

If you want lead a scrub, please get in touch with @davidbaumwald and it will be added to the official schedule to spread the word.

@azaozz mentioned it would also be great if component maintainers could help triage their components.

@audrasjb mentioned the accessibility team will run two additional bug scrubs dedicated to 5.3.

@karmatosed mentioned the design team also runs weekly bug scrubs.

@davidbaumwald is maintaining the list of 5.3 bug scrubs. There was a discussion about having it as a sticky post to see if it helps to increase the number of people attending bug scrubs.

@karmatosed published a post concerning the design of WP core About Page. The post is to start a discussion about what could be easier about this screen. It has a few of the current problems around it and then leads into some potential ideas. Any input on this is welcome.

Call for component maintainers

As per today, there is 6 components without maintainer. Any interested contributors is welcome to help maintain components.

@justinahinon mentioned his interest for the Site Health component.

@francina asked if all the components who seem to have a maintainer really maintained.

@jeffpaul did one component maintainers audit this year and one last year, so the current listing is nearly almost folks who committed to maintaining as best they can.

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Bug Scrub Schedule for 5.3

Now that 5.3 has been officially kicked off, bug scrubs will happen weekly all the way up to the final release. Keep an eye on this schedule – it will change often to reflect the latest information.

  1. 8/27/2019 18:00 UTC
  2. 9/5/2019 14:00 UTC
  3. 9/12/2019 05:00 UTC (APAC-Friendly)
  4. 9/18/2019 23:00 UTC
  5. 9/25/2019 17:00 UTC
  6. 10/2/2019 16:00 UTC
  7. 10/9/2019 17:00 UTC Led by @marybaum
  8. 10/17/2019 17:00 UTC
  9. 10/23/2019 TBD (If Needed)
  10. 10/30/2019 TBD (If Needed)

These scrubs are separate and in addition to the normal scrubbing and triage by individual components. Some of those sessions include:

Design Triage: Every Monday 16:30 UTC at #design
Gutenberg Design Triage: Every Tuesday 16:00 UTC at #design
Accessibility Scrub: Every Friday 14:00 UTC at #accessibility

Also, @pento recently announced a new, ongoing APAC-friendly #core bug scrub session every Thursday at 06:00 UTC.

As the release date nears, one-off, “flash” scrubs pop up for individual components. These are typically focused on a specific group of tickets or an individual feature. Some of these sessions include:

Twenty Twenty Theme Scrub: 9/20/2019 16:00 UTC at #core-themes
Media Accessibility Scrub: 9/23/2019 06:00 UTC at #core-media (APAC-Friendly)
Media Accessibility Scrub: 9/25/2019 14:00 UTC at #core-media
Accessibility Scrub: 10/1/2019 16:00 UTC at #accessibility

Finally, a reminder that anyone — Yes, you! — can host a bug scrub at anytime. You can work through any tickets you’re comfortable with. In fact, if you plan one that’s 5.3-focused, we’ll add it to the schedule here along with your name. Finally, you’ll get well deserved props in the weekly Dev Chat, as well as in the #props Slack channel!

All open tickets for 5.3, in order of priority, can be found here. Tickets that haven’t seen any love in a while are in particular need. Those can be found in this query.

If you’d like to lead a bug scrub or have any questions or concerns about the schedule, please leave a comment or reach out to me directly.

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APAC Triage and Bug Scrub Sessions

Living in APAC timezones can be difficult. From waking up at 3am for meetings, to flying 20+ for WCUS or WCEU (WCAsia is coming to fix that!), to hearing “what’s it like living in the future?” jokes for the millionth time. One thing that shouldn’t be hard is contributing to WordPress, and it’s time to make that even easier, with APAC-friendly triage and bug scrub sessions.

You may have already seen Gutenberg meetings happening every second week for the last few months, but starting Thursday at UTC 0600, we’ll alternate each week between working on WordPress Core, and Gutenberg! This week, join in the fun in the #core Slack channel for a WordPress Core bug scrub. Next week, the party will be in the #core-editor Slack channel, for a Gutenberg bug scrub. 🎉

The meeting lead will pick a report to work through, but if there are particular issues you’d like to get more eyes on, or you have a patch/PR that you’d like reviewed, this is the place to bring it up!

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5.2.2 Release Agenda

The last weekly dev chat meeting featured a call for leads for 5.2.2.

@marybaum, @justinahinon and @audrasjb are leading the release. @chanthaboune is managing communications among the different teams involved.

The current schedule shows final release for 5.2.2 on Thursday 13 June 2019.

Proposed agenda for this minor release cycle:

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5.2 Bug Scrubs for RC 1

The following bug scrubs will help us drop to 0 tickets in the 5.2 milestone by RC1 on Wednesday, April 17th:

Reminder that Wednesday, April 17th is 5.2 Release Candidate 1.

As a refresher, here’s a post from the 4.7 release cycle answering questions about bug scrubs.

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WordPress 5.1.1 Schedule

During this week’s devchat, we discussed delaying the 5.1.1 release by a few days, to better accommodate additional bug scrubs. The new release schedule for WordPress 5.1.1 will be:

  • March 7, 2019: 5.1.1 RC
  • March 12, 2019: 5.1.1 Release Date

We’ve also chosen dates for two bug scrub events to focus on 5.1.1 tickets. Please join us in #core on these dates:

If you have any tickets that you’d like to propose for inclusion in the 5.1.1 release or specific attention during a bug scrub, please leave a comment below.

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4.9.8 Schedule

Note: This release was originally announced as 4.9.7.  Due to the 4.9.7 Security and Maintenance Release that rolled out on July 5, 2018 this release will now be 4.9.8.

The primary focuses of the 4.9.8 release are:

  • Introduce the Try Gutenberg callout ( #41316)
  • Privacy fixes/enhancements

The following is the current 4.9.8 release schedule:

Important Dates

  • Beta: July 17, 2018
  • RC: July 24, 2018
  • Release: July, 31 2018

Bug Scrubs

All bug scrubs will take place in #core.

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Core editor bug scrub time shift

With the shifts in local times, we’ll adjust the weekly core editor bug scrub starting this week to be Thursdays at 16:00 UTC and held as usual in #core-editor. Our focus will continue to be on Issues in the Merge Proposal milestone so please join the weekly discussion!

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