Howdy Polyglots I am the plugin author of…

Howdy Polyglots!

I am the plugin author of the Google Analytics Dashboard for WP ( We have a number of great translation editors that we’d like to be able to approve translation for our plugin(s). Please add the following users as translation editors for their respective locales:

If you have any questions, just comment here. Thank you!

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As official translator for italian wordpress i wish…

As official translator for italian wordpress i wish to be added to manage revision and pproval for bbpressbbPress Free, open source software built on top of WordPress for easily creating forums on sites. project on The platform for contributing to the translation of WordPress core, themes and plugins. thanks

#bbpress, #it

anyone interested in starting and taking the role…

anyone interested in starting (and taking the role of validatorValidator See translation editor. of) the buddypress localizationLocalization Localization (sometimes shortened to "l10n") is the process of adapting a product or service to a particular language, culture, and desired local "look-and-feel." in italian language?

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