Dev Chat Summary: February 28th (4.9.5 week 4)

This post summarizes the dev chat meeting from February 28th (agenda, Slack archive).

4.9.5 planning

Updates from focus leads and component maintainers

WCEU Contributor Day

  • @flixos90 looking for volunteers for the core team to lead WordCamp Europe contributor day.
  • @getsource will be there, but helping with Hosting Community
  • @kadamwhite will be there, but his experience from WCUS shows it may be better for REST API folks to embed with another team and support their efforts (e.g., the Editor team)
  • @antpb willing to talk on setting up a local for Gutenberg and Core development
  • @sergey will be there helping with Meta team, but open to helping with Core during afternoon
  • Also, please keep your eyes out on tickets that would be good to be tackled at WCEU contributor day
  • If you’re attending WCEU and interested in leading the core team or targeted sub-teams (JavaScript, REST API, etc.), then please reach out to @flixos90.

General announcements

  • Progress on implementing a way to catch the issue from the 4.9.3 release is being tracked in #43395
  • @mte90 looking for review on eight tickets:
    • #40810: patch has been refreshed including unit tests, needs review
    • #34706: needs review on whether work is required or not as the desired enhancement may already exist; @danieltj to take a look
    • #14148: needs review to see if a refresh is needed, otherwise needs testing
    • #17025: needs review before another likely refresh
    • #28112: needs review and docs; @audrasjb to test the patch
    • #36661: needs review
    • #15145: needs review
    • #17019: needs testing
  • @helgatheviking looking for review on #18584, but likely wait on this for now until Gutenberg lands as nav menus might get a bit of an overhaul

Next meeting

The next meeting will take place on March 7, 2018 at 21:00 UTC / March 7, 2018 at 21:00 UTC in the #core Slack channel. Please feel free to drop in with any updates or questions. If you have items to discuss but cannot make the meeting, please leave a comment on this post so that we can take them into account.

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Dev Chat Agenda: February 28th (4.9.5 week 4)

This is the agenda for the weekly dev meeting on February 28, 2018 at 21:00 UTC / February 28, 2018 at 21:00 UTC:

  • 4.9.5 planning
  • Updates from focus leads and component maintainers
  • WCEU Contributor Day
  • General announcements

If you have anything to propose to add to the agenda or specific items related to the above, please leave a comment below. See you there!

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How you can help with the Network Admin UI during contributor day

A previous write-up explains how you can help test and capture the network admin UI. Here’s a specific version for how you can help during contributor day this weekend.

There are four steps to the workflow at the moment:

  1. Capture a visual record of network admin screens.
    • Ideally on a device/browser combination that has not yet been captured.
    • If comfortable, post the screen captures and notes on
    • If you need access to Make/Flow, ask in #core-flow on Slack or around the physical room you’re in (if it’s full of contributors).
  2. Observe screens, actions, and results throughout the network admin.
    • This can happen during or after step 1. You can also just do this without the first step.
    • Look for things that don’t make sense, visual errors, pieces that are difficult on mobile, etc…
  3. Document observations in the screen sweep sheet.
    • This can be with or without a Trac ticket. With or without a screenshot.
    • Acts as a note so that we know that to come back to as part of the overall admin UI improvement effort.
  4. Help with the screen sweep sheet.
    • Open a ticket if there is none. Add screenshots if there are none. Confirm/deny the issue.
    • And patch. If there’s a ticket on the screen sweep sheet that you can patch, submit away.

While this is an ordered list, you do not need to treat it like one. Pick a step that feels comfortable and concentrate on that. If you need guidance, there are folks in Slack that are always happy to help.

Current captured visual records:

By all means, if you have a device that is already captured, don’t hesitate to capture it in your own way or to skip step 1 entirely and start observing.

Thanks for the help!

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