Getting Started at a Contributor Day

This guide is intended to help you get started at a contributor day. It includes a schematic outline of what the group does and how to quickly get started. If you need any help, talk to the contributor day organizer, or ask your question in the #core channel in Slack.

This is a work in progress so don’t be afraid to amend the document or leave comments, particularly if you’re at a contributor day and find that we’ve missed something.

Regular Meeting Time: Wednesdays at 21:00 UTC
Where: #core channel on Slack

Group responsibilities Group responsibilities

The responsibilities of the core group are:

  • To maintain the code and develop it for the future
  • Develop new features for WordPress
  • Maintain and improve design and UX
  • Design, develop, and maintain default themes
  • Maintain the utilities used to develop core
  • Maintaining the bug tracker

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Common Tasks Common Tasks

As a member of the core group, some common tasks that you’ll carry out are:

  • Testing patches and fixing bugs
  • Handling stability and security issues
  • Code new features
  • Work on the user interface
  • User testing for new features
  • Writing unit tests to keep WordPress stable
  • Bug gardening

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Prior Knowledge Prior Knowledge

Prior knowledge that you’ll find helpful for working on core is:

  • Grasp of whatever coding language you want to help out with, e.g. CSS, PHP, or Javascript
  • Familiarity with WordPress is beneficial but you don’t need a deep understanding of core to get started

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Tools Tools

  • A version control system: either SVN or Git
  • a local development environment; for example, MAMP, WAMP, Vagrant, or XAMPP
  • for unit testing, PHPUnit
  • Grunt for compiling assets, building release packages, and JavaScript and PHP testing
  • QUnit for Javascript testing

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Essential Reading Essential Reading

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First Steps First Steps

The first step is to get set up with a local environment:

1. Install SVN: Mac |
2. Install a local server: Mac | Windows | Windows (alternative)
3. Check out the WordPress codebase using SVN

After that:

There are other ways that you can help out:

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Tasks Tasks

Some easy tasks for a first time contributor to get started at a contributor day are: