Dev Chat Summary: July 10

In @chanthaboune‘s scheduled absence, @ianbelanger served as the facilitator for the chat.


@joyously called attention to the recent Make post for feedback regarding the upcoming User & Developer Survey.

Upcoming Releases

Minor Release (5.2.3)

Currently, there are only three tickets milestoned for a potential minor before 5.3.

@audrasjb encouraged a quick decision regarding a 5.2.3 release given the current list of tickets deal with regressions. @desrosj suggested that some block editor features could be backported for a point release.

Major Release (5.3)

Final features and focuses have yet to be determined for the next major release, nor has a final schedule been announced.

Open Floor

@francina mentioned ticket #11302.
@ramiy called attention to ticket #35774.

This summary was drafted by @davidbaumwald and proofread by @sergeybiryukov.

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Editor chat summary: Wednesday, 3 July 2019

This post summarizes the weekly editor chat meeting on Wednesday, 3 July 2019, 14:00 WEST held in Slack.

The agenda followed can be found here.

Task coordination

Note: If you’re reading this summary outside of the meeting, please drop a comment if you can/want to help with something!


Implemented the first pass at a potential solution for the element interpolation i18n problem


  • Worked on some performance related PRs. Mostly tried to make the getBlock selector more performant as it’s the bottleneck in terms of typing performance.
  • Reviewed a bunch of PRs. One of the most important is the Customizer Panel to edit block-based widget areas PR by @epiqueras.
  • Plans to land the block reordering animation soon.


Made a few small pull requests, reviews, focusing mostly on “custom” sources for blocks (reimplementing meta to start)
Referred that the issue with the publish button has a significant impact and might be easy to review if someone wants to take a look.


Continues working on table block tasks. Has a couple of PRs ready for review:

Has a PR which changes the way the blocks.registerBlockType filter works. Would be happy for more testing on it:


Worked on some PRs related to SlotFill with being the highest priority, followed by, in his opinion.


Has been posting some work on revised, less-intrusive tips:

He is hoping to get PR merged, once we can figure out the mysteriously-failing test.

Did some initial work on the Patterns API, and hopes to get that posted until the end of the day:


Has been working to allow any Block to be registered to handle “Grouping” interactions. Received non-consensual feedback some people think that it is a good idea while others think the opposite.
Additional feedback is welcome:

Has been working on Block Previews component along with @joen to allow it to dynamically resize and handle scale a lot better:


Continues the work on Snap to grid RFC.


Answered & debugged some issues and submitted bug fix PR’s. Reviewed some PR’s, including the blocks in the customizer and the custom parser options. Proposed a simple mechanism for themes to register styles and did updates to the image Link UI refactor PR, which was recently merged.


Has been doing some light PR reviews and issue replies… Is aiming to schedule a Gutendocs bug scrub session next week; if anyone has specific days/times that work and you want to join, feel free to comment! @chrisvanpatten would love to get good attendance.

Agenda: Non-code contributions

@youknowriad introduced the topic by referring that the idea is that we value code contributions (or PRs more precisely) more than other types of contributions: PR reviews, triage, discussions in issues… The consequence is a growing list of unreviewed PRs and untriaged issues.

@epiqueras proposed some ideas to explore:

  • draft documentation for what is good triage and reviewing, why it’s important, and where new contributors should start.
  • highlight some good live PRs to review for people to take a look at.
  • recognize these types of contributions so that their value is more obvious.

@karmatosed referred that design / technical feedback should be added to the previous list.

@youknowriad a small first step today was that he tried focusing more on “non-code” contributions during the Task Coordination and tried to highlight this work more.

@karmatosed noted that we could expand beyond ‘did you review PRs’ to say ‘did you leave feedback or offer insights’.

@nadir shared that:

being a new contributor, based on my experience in trying to review PR I would say it was really hard for me because sometimes you really need to understand the codebase, things that are agreed upon, the norms and what’s not.

the only PR that I could review are related to things I already solved issues on or had PR related to, but I felt that I wasted a lot of the core team time reviewing basic problems like how to document eslint disable rules and how to write code that matches the core team theme

@karmatosed made an essential point that every single moment investing in someone as awesome to try and contribute isn’t a waste

@mcsf thanked the share made by @nadir and said:

I think that’s a very real issue for anyone coming to the project. I have a suggestion for easing into reviewing other people’s work: recognise that you can still provide helpful feedback even when you’re not an “expert”. This, to me, means that you could define the scope of your review, or your abilities: “I can only speak about this component”, or “about the overall readability”,
Concluding by saying that a newcomer’s eye can reveal a lot of blind spots in PR’s.

@aduth also thanked the share made by @nadir referring that he is inclined to say that we need more documentation for the things @nadir referred. Followed with a set of questions: Is this documentation as it’s organized today very effective? Do you have any thoughts on what might be an effective way for you to become aware of norms and such?

@karmatosed continued the conversation by stating that: Docs are just docs. It’s surfacing and being in the right place counts.

@nadir added that triaging was also an excellent way for him to contribute since he worked on two components when he started (button & snack bar), filtering issues & PR by those components gave him a good ability to review and understand what is happening

@brentswisher joined the conversation and supported the idea of “draft documentation for what is good triage and reviewing”.

@youknowriad proposed a welcome bot that comments PR’s of new contributors. The discussion went on with people sharing insights regarding that idea and how a concrete bot implementation could like.

@karmatosed shared the following actions points as a discussion summary:

  • Recognize and highlight non-code contributions more during weekly meetings
  • Surface the docs better (how?).
  • Improve the docs. (can we create an issue to discuss what needs to be improved and how)
  • Add thoughts to welcome bot and project board:
  • Consider what role of welcome contributor could be.

And ended with a reminder: “We are all human.”

Open Floor

The open floor started with a question by @joyously: How the editor can better support themes? She added:

The old editor has an easy interface to add “Formats” with a simple PHP filter that makes a button in the editor. When can we have that again? Why change the interface to the theme? (new API)

@youknowriad answered by saying:

I think there’s a difference in the paradigm that makes applying “random classNames” to “random HTML” not a good fit for the block editor. While in TinyMCE we’re adding content as HTML, in the block editor we’re adding content as blocks which means any markup we add should be meaningful for the block.

So the idea is that we have two use-cases here:
– Apply a style variation to the block (known block) (className + stylesheet)
– Apply an inline style variation (inline class name) in RichText. We don’t have an API for that one because it’s less common, but I think you should feel free to open an issue about this “Custom Format” (talking about the RichText Format API ).

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Dev Chat Summary: July 3

In @chanthaboune scheduled absence, @davidbaumwald served as the facilitator for the chat.


@desrosj called attention to the Site Health component that was added to WordPress Core earlier this week. Congratulations and many thanks to all involved in the project, and special thanks to the maintainers. If you’d like to learn more, you can read the announcement here. To get involved, join the new Slack channel for Site Health, #core-site-health.

Upcoming Releases

Minor Release (5.2.3)

Currently, there are only three tickets milestoned for a potential minor before 5.3. There was no further discussion or decision making during this week’s chat for 5.2.3.

Major release (5.3)

The schedule and potential features and focuses for 5.3 has yet to be determined. No further discussion was had related to 5.3 during this week’s chat.

Calls from component maintainers

@kadamwhite brought attention to #core-restapi Bug Scrubs being led by @timothyblynjacobs, in the run-up to 5.3. Those who can are invited to participate. Recent scrubs have been happening at 1800 UTC on Tuesdays, and they are usually announced ahead of time on the Make WordPress Core blog.

It was also announced that there will be no formal #core-restapi chat this week.

Finally, @sergeybiryukov called attention to a recent make/hosting post requesting feedback regarding a change in the recommended PHP version for WordPress. If you have additional data or an opinion you’d like to share, please comment on that post.

Open Floor

@pers requested movement on ticket #46197 for potential inclusion in the 5.3 release.

@mikeyarce mentioned ticket #34560, and asked for direction on next steps. @adamsilverstein offered to review the ticket, and will respond there.

Lastly, @justinahinon called attention to the recent creation of ticket #47644.

The next Dev Chat is scheduled for July 10, 2019 20:00 UTC in the #core Slack channel.

These notes were taken by @davidbaumwald and proofread by @sergeybiryukov.

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Dev Chat Summary: 05 June

@desrosj facilitated a lively discussion with a number of contributors.


@chanthaboune posted earlier today about new material to help Team Leads get going. If you’d like to get started leading WordPress teams, check out her material and feel free to ask questions or leave comments. The link is

Upcoming Releases Discussion

Point release

@audrasjb, co-lead of 5.2.2, outlined some points about the small number of tickets for the milestone. Since more than 60 tickets are committed in trunk/5.3, the release team suggested looking at landing some of those in the minor. The criteria, per the release handbook: tickets need to be self-contained and may not add new functions/files/filters to Core.

As a result, we have made some minor adjustments to the schedule:

  • Release Candidate 1: Monday, June 10, 2019, 8:00 PM GMT
  • Bug scrub: Thursday, June 06, 2019, 5:00 PM GMT
  • Release Candidate 2: Thursday, June 13, 2019, 5:00 PM GMT
  • Final Release: Tuesday, June 18, 2019, 5:00 PM GMT

Major release

@desrosj reminded the group that @chanthaboune is still working on the logistics for the next major.

Got a ticket targeted for the milestone? Watching a few you’re really interested in? The team invites you to keep on scrubbing!

Call from Component Maintainers

Nothing major to say here

Open Floor

The theme review team is looking for a person with management skills to help accomplish goals and keep track of ongoing tasks.

If that interests you, please check this post out:

Some contributors asked for extra attention on these tickets:

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Editor Chat Summary: May 29th

AgendaSlack Transcript


Gutenberg 5.8 was released today, congratulations to everyone who participated in this release!

The release agenda for WP 5.2.2 is out

Regarding the WP 5.2.2 release, from the editor side, we have two PRs to be backported.

@youknowriad volunteered to backport the PR’s.

Task Coordination

  • @aduth
  • @youknowriad wants to work on
    • Exploring grid helpers when resizing images.
    • Exploring more animations (snackbars, moving blocks…).
    • document the release tool.
    • automate npm releases.
  • @nerrad
    • Implemented useSelect hook and it’s powering withSelect.
    • Is working on the useDispatch hook.
  • @gziolo
    • Spent one full working day triaging issues last week
    • – Is still awaiting feedback for the block.json proposal, hopes to finalize it this week.
    • Is helping @joen with improved UX for nested blocks.
    • Wants to start on Bring consistency to block toolbar for text blocks .
  • @mapk
    • Is working on a few Table block issues.
    • Is looking at word breaks in the Media_Text block.
    • Will look into custom fields checkbox in the Options menu.
    • Will check spacer block clearing floats.
  • @andraganescu
    • continues to work on the media blocks update flow.
  • @kjellr
    • Still helping support the nested block work from @joen
    • Thinking about providing suggested column layouts:
    • Narrowing down the icons for the Group block:
  • @jorgefilipecosta
    • Past week:
      • Worked on the widgets screen endpoints and frontend rendering of blocks in the widget areas, a summary of the work was posted in
      • Worked on other enhancements e.g.: text color in the heading, link UI on the images and some editor bug fixes.
    • Next week:
      • Will explore a short term very specific project board to make organizing PR’s and issues easier.
      • Continue the work to solve generic block editor problems affecting the widgets screen and probably external usages of the block editor.
      • Address reviews on the image link UI.
      • Work on some bug fixes and UI enhancements e.g. explore insert by URL on cover and media text blocks to make them more similar to the other media blocks.
      • Improve the contrast checking to make aware of parent colors (e.g: group block) and solve some bugs.
  • @iseulde
    • Plans to continue with this roadmap:
    • Is a bit busy with conferences.

To anyone reading this, it is possible to participate in the task coordination in an async way. Feel free to comment in this post with the tasks that you worked on during the last week and/or what tasks you plan to work on during the next week.

Inline color support

@paaljoachim asked participants in the core editor chat to discuss his comment, that proposes the addition of inline color support.

@youknowriad said:

I think that is something we can consider, it should be tracked in its own issue separately from the block level color support tracked in 8171.

@mapk volunteered to create an issue to track this task.

@iseulde said that this task is on the rich text roadmap, but would be good if there’s a separate issue.

@mapk referred that @phpbits volunteered to implement this feature. Thank you @phpbits!

@youknowriad would like some design and API explorations and referred that the following questions should be considered:

  • What inline formatting do we want to support aside colors?
  • Do we want to gather these in a panel/popover?
  • In terms of API, how can we control the availability of these options?

Open Floor

@iseulde proposed a dedicated place (a specific meeting/a channel) to have conversations related to the RichText component.

@youknowriad asked why does it need to be separate from the current meeting? While adding that he not suggesting we don’t do it but was wondering if a section during the core editor meeting could be dedicated to RichText when needed.

@iseulde shared that in her opinion core-editor has become very broad and she thinks it might be good to have something smaller. She is not sure about set meeting times, she thinks that perhaps just a space where people can chat async is enough.

The conversation went on with some people trying to understand the current challenges communication related to RichText faces, and some people showing support to the idea of a RichTextspecific communication medium.

@youknowriad ended the meeting by saying that we should experiment and see what works and asked @iseulde to keep us updated.

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Dev Chat Summary: 22 May

@chanthaboune served as the facilitator for discussion and many contributors were in attendance.


Nothing major to announce this week. Tune in next!

5.2.1 Debrief

WordPress 5.2.1 released yesterday! For information on the release you may refer to the 5.2.1 blog post. Thanks to @desrosj and @earnjam for leading such a smooth release. As of now, there are no notable issues. If you are seeing any issues, please discuss in the comments below or create a new ticket at:


There are a handful of tickets in the 5.2.2 milestone. A team is needed to help wrangle those tickets into a new release. Now is the time to volunteer for leading 5.2.2. This release would aim to be for a 2 week release cycle to clear up remaining tickets in the milestone. There were two volunteers to lead in chat today: @audrasjb and @justinahinon. Please volunteer in the comments below if you are also interested in leading or co-leading!

@aduth said there was mention of a few issues in #core-editor chat earlier today of Gutenberg bugs which would be nice to aim to include for the release:

Major release (5.3)

Comments were closed today in the call for 5.3 tickets post. @chanthaboune will be pulling those together the submissions and do some outreach to maintainers that have not included items to the post as we prepare for the next major release. These tickets will inform what focuses this release will have.

Calls from component maintainers

@azaozz, is continuing to plan for some recommended changes and focuses for the Uploads and Media components.

@desrosj reminded us that the following components: General Component, Comments, Pings/Trackbacks, External Libraries, Filesystem API, Rewrite Rules, and Script Loader are all currently without any maintainers. If those parts of core interest you, feel free to reach out to @chanthaboune to get involved!

@karmatosed mentioned that there is an editor component triage on Friday at 17:00 UTC, @desrosj and @karmatosed will be running it in #core-editor and the triage will focus on trac tickets.

@johnbillion asked if there were any component maintainers looking for new maintainers of their components and @chanthaboune made the important reminder, “open source is designed to let people move in and out of volunteer positions as needed” If you are not comfortable saying in dev chat that you would like to make changes, please feel free to reach out privately to @chanthaboune or other co-maintainers.

Open Floor

There was an ask by @afragen to have a committer review He also reminded us committers are not the only ones with valuable feedback. Please direct any thoughts about the issue to the ticket, even if you are not one. 🙂

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Editor Chat Summary, May 22nd

Agenda, Slack Transcript


  • WordPress 5.2.1 was released and comes with a few Block Editor bugfixes, including RTL keyboard navigation and Format API ones.

Task Coordination

Slack Transcript

Visibility of documentation

Agenda, Slack Transcript

@karmatosed raises the question of how we can make the User docs and Developer docs more visible. Raised from community engagement.

Action items:

  • Engage docs and marketing. @karmatosed and @chrisvanpatten
  • Publish a make post on existing doc resources. @karmatosed
  • Add links to docs in (to be discussed with marketing). @karmatosed
  • Idea worth exploring: how docs can be surfaced the Help tab in wp-admin. Unowned.

Open Floor

Slack transcript

@yannicki asks about the status of adding an inner container to the Group block. It’s in review status and there is some uncertainty around the approach. Will get more attention in the next weeks.

New package @wordpress/data-controls. To be released to npm in next Gutenberg release (expected in a week). @nerrad

Work continues to explore useSelect primitive in @wordpress/data package. @nerrad

Triage sessions: @youknowriad @nerrad @karmatosed

  • these group activities with a set schedule are valuable to bring new contributors and clarify the status of certain proposals
  • this can be resource expensive if they’re ran and attended by the core-team only
  • to be continued and evaluated after a while

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Dev Chat Summary: 15 May

@chanthaboune served as the facilitator for discussion and a bevy of contributors participated.


Make sure to participate in the 5.2 release retrospective!

Gutenberg Developer docs now live in DevHub!

Upcoming Releases Discussion

Point release (5.2.1)

@desrosj has offered to be the leader of this point release, assisted by @earnjam. Many emojis welcomed William to the release lead club.

The 5.2.1 milestone in trac should accurately reflect priorities. Anything not marked as high priority is “puntable”. Currently targeting RC on Thursday or Friday this week with a release on Monday or Tuesday next week.

5.2.2 remains a possibility depending on how thing shake out from 5.2.1, what the schedule for 5.3 looks like, and the tickets that remain open after 5.2.1.

Major release (5.3)

The call for 5.3 tickets is posted. It will remain open through the weekend, so team reps and/or component maintainers will have a little time.

Next week the component maintainers should review the tickets in that thread, and then a date for 5.3 will become the target.

Calls from component maintainers

@azaozz, the maintainer for “Upload” is planning to do a “refresh” there. Mostly dev tickets that can be unblocked and fixed. He’s going to come up with a list and share it.

Open Floor

The question of if it made sense to have New Contributor office hours in #core-editor. This question was largely ignored in favor of talking about open issues, but @jorbin came in at the end to say yes since the more it is easy to contribute, the more contributors there will be.

The number of open issues in the editor component was discussed with issues being somewhat fragmented between the Gutenberg GitHub and trac. @aduth suggested using one of the core-editor scrubs each week to focus on the trac tickets. @karmatosed volunteered to organize such a scrub along with @desrosj. It will take place May 24, 2019 at 17:00 UTC in #core-editor

Along the same lines, the question of how to support the classic editor was brought up. In general, no enhancements will be added to it and bugs should be tracked in trac.

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Dev Chat Summary: May 1


Josepha (@chanthaboune) has published a 5.0 retrospective wrap up. There are two questions at the end of the post that you are encouraged to discuss in the comments. Thank you for the time and care you have put into this, Josepha! You can find this retrospective wrap up at the following post:

5.2 updates

RC2 is planned for tomorrow with the target release date ~5 days (May 7).

Josepha brought attention a few items pending:

  1. #47093 – related to the recovery mode email translations. There’s a potential solution being worked on, but it needs review.
  2. #47070 – related to the Recovery Mode Exit button. Design input and a patch is needed, and then it will also need review.
  3. #46901 – related to the About page. A final patch is incoming that will need review.

Most tasks pending for the above tickets have an owner, but it was mentioned by Jonathan (@desrosj) that particular testing and attention to #47093 – recovery mode email translations is encouraged and appreciated.

@audrasjb asked for an idea of the timing for RC 2 tomorrow. Josepha mentioned that it will likely be in the windows of between 1430-1630 UTC and again around 2030 UTC. The earlier window is preference.


It would be great to start planning scope/teams/timing etc. for 5.3. (potential agenda item for next week!) Jonathan mentioned that we may be able to start the 5.3 branch in trunk after RC2 has released.

Open Floor

WP Campus’ Accessibility audit released today

A big thank you to WP Campus for this important initiative! You can find the blog post announcing the audit here:

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Dev Chat Summary: April 24


Josepha (@chanthaboune) is working on bringing us a 5.0 retrospective wrap up, a project digest, and a team lead interest form. She is planning to publish the retrospective wrap up this week and potentially the project digest soon after in the following week. Thank you, Josepha!

5.2 updates

#46898 WSOD Protection could use some copy review

RC1 is planned for today, with the *target release date in ~2 weeks*

Josepha brought attention a few items needing help:

There were 11 tickets open in the 5.2 milestone but that is now down to 3 as of writing this summary. @pento worked through a bunch the evening prior to devchat and @sergeybiryukov has been lending a hand today. Many of these will be moved out of the milestone, but if there are any still at this link, feel free to discuss or do the next step.

The about page outline will be ready for RC1 and will be final in the final release. Most of text should be in by RC-1 but it is not “frozen” in this time period.

Dev Notes

There are a few dev notes that are still in draft. @jeffpaul is working through the field guide and adding placeholders for those. It would be much appreciated if you’d finalize your notes so we can include them! Ideally these would release along side RC1.

Please use the following link as a list of what is pending for dev-notes: link here. If the dev note has been made, please remove the needs-dev-note keyword. 🙂

Open Floor

Influx in Forum issues/Trac Tickets

There was discussion around the continued cadence and nature of Minor/Major releases. @joyously said that she has noticed an influx in forum posts focused around bugs. Joy reminded us that directing folks to create tickets in the forums will help greatly in identifying common bugs. This also serves as a reminder that there are teams for triage in both Trac and the Gutenberg Github repo that would greatly appreciate the help. The Gutenberg triage has recently moved to a weekly cadence and the times are as follows:

Gutenberg #core-editor triage times are – Monday at 13:00 UTC

Gutenberg #design triage times are every Tuesday at 16:00 UTC

@jorbin punted #46293 as there was no decision made and there is a need to freeze strings. Many thumbs up emojis agreed. 👍

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