Installing WordPress Locally

This section of the handbook contains tutorials that will walk you through the process of installing WordPress locally.

Why do I need a local WordPress install? Why do I need a local WordPress install?

If you want to contribute to WordPress core, you need to have a local install of WordPress on your computer to break, play with, and develop with. A local WordPress install allows you to create/test patches, find/fix bugs, and help develop/test new features during a release cycle.

There are two steps to installing WordPress on your computer for contributing to core:

  1. Choose and install a local server
  2. Install WordPress trunk

If you haven’t installed a local server yet, you’ll need to do that before continuing.

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Zip File, SVN, or Git? Zip File, SVN, or Git?

Once you have your local server installed, you can download a zip file of the latest nightly release, check out a copy of WordPress trunk using Subversion (SVN), or install from our GitHub mirror.

Installing the latest nightly release from a zip file will allow you to beta test the code, and contribute bug reports. However, if you want to contribute patches along with those bug reports, you’ll need to install a version-controlled copy of WordPress trunk.

SVN and Git are both version control systems. You’ll become very familiar with them when you are contributing to core.

  • Subversion (SVN) is the official version control system used by the WordPress Project.
  • For those who prefer working with Git, a mirror of the SVN repository is hosted on GitHub. Please do not make pull requests, but submit your bug reports and patches to Trac instead.