Recap of the Diversity Outreach Speaker Training meeting on Aug 8, 2018

Attending: @jillbinder @miriamgoldman @angelasjin @webrite @lswanson @dianewallace @cguntur @ncsumarit



  • I have some quick recaps
  • Check in who else has recaps
  • Running our next train the trainers

Jill’s Recaps:

Summer has been slow. I don’t think any more groups have run it since our last meeting, though I know that Seattle is running our training this evening. Hooray!

We’ve had a trickle of a few more folks being interested in running it coming in through our HelpScout queue
(via our form here: )

A lady in Germany is very interested in promoting our work. One of her questions for me is if anyone in our team attends WordCamps in Europe, particularly wordcamp nijmegen at start of september coming up.

@sheilagomes and @simo70 have been our most active Europe members so far, so I’m pinging them.

Though of course anyone in our group out in that area is welcome to respond.

Thanks to @kelliwise for promoting our group — we’ve had an influx of new members.

Miriam’s Recap:

Status quo here. Main thing is prepping for WordCamp Montreal this weekend. Our group is being featured in my talk.

I’ll be at WCLAX September 21-23 so will do outreach there as well.

@jillbinder: Wonderful! They are a hub of Women of WordPress out that way, so we might be able to leverage that to getting some to participate in the WordPress community along those same lines further and/or run these trainings themselves.

Melanie’s Recap:

I will be attending the September WordPress Toronto meeting where I will talk attendees about our group.

I will run the training for our group likely late September or early October.

Larry’s Recap:

I submitted our Train the Trainers lesson plan last week to the #training team. They haven’t accepted the pull request yet. If folks want to see the current draft, let me know.

I’ll be speaking at WC NYC Sept 15-16. Planning to do outreach there.

Chandrika’s Recap:

I have been working on the HelpScout.

Will have more time after the 15th. So, probably can do a bit more then.

Next Train The Trainers

@jillbinder: I’d like to talk about running our next Train the Trainers for the Meetups. We have gotten through a lot of our queue of meetups waiting to be trained and now we’re down to only around 10.

However, quite a few of those would like to run it this Fall, so I would like to see if we can get a training in in August.

I will be starting a school program in September, so I have a vested interest in getting more trainers on our team ready to be training. 😉

I propose:

  • Either folks watch Larry or I
  • Maybe even co-facilitate
  • If anyone wishes, they can even be the main facilitator and Larry or I can jump in as needed

A reminder that our current version is mostly hitting play on a recording, but there is a bit of speaking before, during, and after. We have that all scripted out!

The only “winging it” parts are the Q&A. But there you just answer what you can and let them know you’ll get back to them on anything you don’t know. If Larry or I are there, we can answer those ones.

@lswanson: I could do one Sat. 8/25.

+1 for co-facilitation – and for letting new folks lead with me or Jill as back-up.

@webrite: i would like to sit in on one, how do i make that happen

@jillbinder: @webrite That would be wonderful. We run them on Zoom, so you would be another “participant” on the Zoom call.

@webrite: I will be happy to join in and see this in action

@miriamgoldman: If you have it scripted out, I can do:

  • Labour Day weekend (September 1-2)
  • September 7-9
  • September 14-16
  • September 28-30

In terms of actually running the workshop, once I confirm my WordCamps for October, I’ll figure out when I can run it that month in Ottawa.

@angelasjin: I could do one during the last week of August
(although not on Monday the 27th)
I can do the weekend of September 8th as well.

@cguntur: How long is the training? 1hr? If it is 1 hr, then I can maybe do it on the 30th

@jillbinder: We leave up to 2 hours for it. The recording is 1h 20m, and there is time for talking before and after.

It is a good timeframe, and also we will probably look at shortening it in the future. @tinat found someone to shorten our video (I’m guessing it would shave 5-10 min), which I’m looking forward to finding out how that is going.

@jillbinder: I’ll be available to participate (and/or run) one of them. Looks like @lswanson will be able to do one as well. These all work for me except for Labour Day weekend. I’ll touch base with everyone else on their desired level of participation and work the trainings around that.

@ncsumarit: I’m hoping to run one with my colleagues in the Raleigh Meet-up in the fall and spring. I’m available to help run one in the future but should at least co-facilitate or attend one before then.

@jillbinder: Wonderful @ncsumarit! I forget if we have your info in our form yet so that we can follow up with you about this? Just to make sure we’re talking about the same thing, the ones that we are running right now are for training others in how to run it. Which is slightly different from just running it for a group. Though it would still be valuable to attend this if you wish.

@lswanson: To what @jillbinder just said about us all being on same page – if anyone has ideas about how to label our three activities – 1) local folks running the workshops, 2) community team folks training local organizers, 3) more experienced community folks training those trainers to run the trainings – I, for one, am all ears

@jillbinder: So far I am calling them Training and Train the Trainers. Other titles welcome.

@jillbinder: We will be using the calendar that @angelasjin set up for us last time to share with each other when the trainings are occurring.

@webrite: Where do I find the calendar.

@angelasjin: If you DM me your email address, I’ll add you to the calendar! Everyone who has access to the calendar should be able to add other folks to it as well.

@jillbinder: Thanks all for helping to move us all forward. I’m looking forward to the Fall when Meetups are in action and we are helping them diversify their speakers.



Recap of the Diversity Outreach Speaker Training meeting on June 27, 2018

Start time stamp in Community-Team Slack

Attending: @jillbinder @miriamgoldman @dianewallace



Reports on what folks in the team are working on




A theme for today: People in our team have been doing great things and some of the items are stalled because I have been in heavy client deadline land for the last few weeks.


@jillbinder‘s report:

@lswanson and @jillbinder have been focusing on getting our team trained up so that we can start running the workshop, training others to run the workshop, and make group decisions.

I thiiiiink everyone in our team who wanted training has gotten it? Let me know. Plus we always get new members and we’ll want to train them too. We’ll keep running them of course. For internal to our team and external to our team.


@lswanson’s report:

@larryswanson ran a Train the Trainers session for our team on Saturday. He thinks it went well and says that @miriamgoldman @angelasjin and @Kelli Wise can let us know.

One of the things he’s working on is getting our Train the Trainers workshop up in the new #training Team’s GitHub system. “I hit a glitch in my GitHub learning experience so the train-the-trainer training lesson plan isn’t up there yet. Hope to get to that by the end of the week.”


@miriamgoldman‘s report:

@miriamgoldman: I can confirm @larryswanson’s report. It was fantastic. I have my notes at home.
I participated in the Train the Trainers workshop. Very good. My next step is to review the initial training video, and get myself comfortable with the curriculum.

@jillbinder: Awesome. We also have a recording of the first module fully played out (and with additional teacher notes) so that is available for anyone who wants to understand further.

@miriamgoldman: After that, I will set my availability to train others – being on the east coast it will help to have options. I will also be running the workshop MYSELF, upon determination of WordCamp Ottawa’s dates.

I will be working with @dianewallace on following up with those who have held the workshop. We just have a few logistics to clear up before before that can commence.

The obvious, I’ve been doing the reminders for the meetings. And organically promoting our team where I go.
I will be at WordCamp Montreal, and will be promoting our group there.

I’ve applied to WCLAX and WCPhilly so hopefully I will get in and promote there too. Also applied to WCUS too.

That’s it for our team. Since it’s a long weekend here, I plan to continue my community deputy training as well.

@jillbinder: Hey, a favour — while you’re going through Deputy training, could you tell me if anything is relevant to our group? That is an item that @andreamiddleton thought might be helpful for me in our team but it’s a long training and it went to the bottom of my to do list…

Our group is sort of in a no person’s land in between ready-made WordPress group structures, so she and I have been pulling and guessing here and there as to what is useful.

@miriamgoldman: Of course!


What @dianewallace and @miriamgoldman are up to:

@dianewallace and @miriamgoldman are starting up the follow-ups with Meetups who have run it. Diane has written a first draft of an email to send to them in HelpScout (and some are not in our HelpScout). I need to go through and do a second draft.


What @cguntur, @mariaojob, and @dianewallace are up to:

@cguntur has been doing a great job continuing to do our HelpScout queue every workday, even while she’s in India right now! She also wrote up some instructions to help folks write our Recap posts. (Which I still need to review.)

Next week Chandrika is traveling and wasn’t sure what her internet situation will be, so @mariaojob and @dianewallace will fill in her for her again like they did recently.


What @tinat has been doing:

@tinat was our representative at WCEU Contributor Day and in WCEU in general. She did a lot of promoting for our group and new Meetups and groups out there are interesting in our work.
On Contrib day she wrote a first draft for a “So you’re a WordCamp and you’re not getting diverse speakers applying, what can you do” (<– my unofficial name for it 😉 ) “Improving your diversity speaker roster” post. It’s waiting for me to do up a second draft.

She also got someone on the WordPress TV team to agree to edit our current train the trainers video down to tighten it up.

She might have done more, but that’s what I remember right now!


What @simo70 has been doing:

@simo70 has been continuing to run the workshop for WordPress and non-WordPress meetups in Italy. She ran one at a non-WordPress (I think?) in Milan recently. It went really well and she has very positive feedback from it!


@sheilagomes‘ report:

“One piece of news I have is that I discussed with our local group in our last meetup about starting a new meetup called Women in WordPress (Mulheres no WordPress, in portuguese, as we are a brazilian group), which would address topics on diversity and anything related to women’s issues and work related to WP. I’d appreciate it if you or others could point me to other similar initiatives.”

@jillbinder: Yes! You’ll want to talk to:

  • @bridgetwillard and @jenblogs4u have started up a Women Who WordPress group in OC and have been working to spread chapters globally. ( (Best logo:
  • @morgankay started up a WordPress Women series in Seattle. She’s a good resource too.
  • @cguntur attended that and may also be able to help from an attendee’s perspective?
  • @zoonini has done a lot of work for women in tech in general. I’m not sure if she has a specific women’s group but I do know she has collected a number of resources.

@miriamgoldman: That’s another of my lengthy to-dos. I’m considering launching a chapter here in Ottawa for our area, and obviously those from Montreal and Toronto who wish to join us can, if they are in town.

@jillbinder: That would be amazing, @miriamgoldman! Mayyyybe partnering with someone to co-create that so that there is a bit less on your to do plate for it? 😉

@miriamgoldman: Haha, yes @jillbinder. I’m talking with Christie Witt soon here.


Question from @angelasjin

@angelasjin just did the training with Larry and made a request for today’s meeting:

Can we discuss where all the latest materials and resources are currently housed?

@jillbinder: Answer:

We have 2 workshops in the #training team space:

The main thing that we are promoting, which is our Speaker Training and Diversity Outreach workshops. It is 5 modules, and the latest version is always at:

I made a handy link so I could easily point people to it when I’m public speaking about it.

And also it’s easy to share here, online, tell people about it, spread the word, etc. 🙂

The other is our Train The Trainers workshop. This is for: How do we teach people how to run our main workshops. I have a non-public version written out. Larry is hoping to have it up in the #training team’s new system within about a week. Once we have that link we can share it.



@jillbinder: Thanks @miriamgoldman, @dianewallace, and interested lurkers. 😉

Everything’s going great, I will be available to work on things again soon, and I will talk to you all again soon.


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Recap of the Diversity Outreach Speaker Training meeting on February 7th, 2018

Start time stamp in Community-Team Slack

@jillbinder @dianewallace


Today’s Agenda

  • Update on core message and contact form
  • How to use HelpScout
  • HelpScout autoresponder
  • Our promotions spreadsheet
  • Looking for volunteers to start training meetups
  • Questions from testers
  • Hashtag
  • Summary

Update on Core Message and Contact Form

Our core message and form are ready to start sending out and promoting. They can be found here:

How to Use HelpScout

As of yesterday the HelpScout system is set up for us. This is so that we can have several people be in correspondence with meetups who are interested in running the workshop.

I’ll be looking for a few people to be on the HelpScout team. Preference will go to people who are interested in taking leadership positions in our group to replace me within the year, though that is not required.

The interface looks like this. It’s mostly fairly standard email-looking.

The part we’ll need to pay attention to is “Status” and “Assigned”.

By default the status is “Closed”, but we want to keep them “Active” until we are certain there is no more communication that we need to have with them. [Edit: Have since set this to Active by default.]

Initially we want to keep it assigned to “Anyone” so that any of us can jump in and reply next. There may be certain circumstances where there is something a particular person needs to be in action for, so that’s when we would assign it to someone.


HelpScout Autoresponder

I’ve had a couple of requests from the testers for autoresponders so that people know their message went through.
Edit since meeting: @iandunn and I set up the autoresponder.


Our Promotions Spreadsheet

When someone messages us, we will put it right away into our spreadsheet:

As well as messages we will keep track of our promoting in the spreadsheet on another tab. Mark down what you’re planning on doing and when you did it.


Looking for Volunteers to Start Training Meetups

I’m going to start looking for people to start being “train the trainers” so that when meetups ask for training, we can help them. Please tell me if you’d like to do this.


Questions from testers:

Q: Where can we find the materials for the pitch and description of the workshop to send out when you’re holding it for your local group?

A: It’s the “Description” at the top of each module. I wil try to make that more clear.

Q: Where can we find the handouts?

A: I haven’t put those up yet but I will very soon.

Also when I’ve trained people on this material lately they’ve been wanting slides, so I have talked with the #training team about how we can put up slides. We are going to use reveal.js, and soon the lessons will be moved over to github and everything will be hosted there.

Seattle gave me their slides, so I will use those as a starting point. I may call out for volunteers to help with slides.



We have a tweet from the last recap to use and we have a hashtag: #WPWomenSpeak.

If you want to see all the recaps easily in one place, we’re using that same tag to mark them. So they’re all here:


In Summary:

  • Looking for volunteers for replying to meetups in HelpScout
  • Looking for volunteers to start training meetups on our workshop
  • It’s time to start promoting. Let me know how and by when you’re planning on sending it out and we’ll keep track in the spreadsheet.


End meeting Time Stamp


Group Meetup Orientation at WCEU Contributor Day

Greetings potential meetup organisers!

At the Contributor Day for WordCamp Europe this year (which will be taking place on 15 June), we will be holding a group meetup orientation at some point during the day. So, if you’re planning on starting a meetup group in your area and you will be attending the Contributor Day, then please get your meetup application in as soon as you can by filling in this form. That way we can process it before the day and you can join in the group meetup orientation along with the other new organisers who will be doing the same thing.

Even if you are attending the Contributor Day as part of a different contribution team, you can still attend the meetup orientation as it will not be longer than 1 hour. We will decide on the time of day for the orientation closer to the date, and will let those of you who are going to be a part of it know when it will be.

This will be a great way to kick start your meetup group as you will immediately have a friendly network of other organisers who you have chatted to in person 🙂

#meetups #training #deputies

Call for Deputy Training Group Leaders

We’re excited to open up the second call for experienced community deputies to lead study groups for new and experienced community deputies using the self training program. Our first call for training was in February, and while we had some response, there were many deputies and would-be-deputies that didn’t have availability to complete the program and meetings at that time.

All deputies — experienced, new, and those who have been wanting to get started — need to complete the training . To make it a more collaborative experience we’ll be recommending that each deputy join a study group. Ideally each group will have two meetings 1 week apart. This first an introductory meeting and the second a meeting to discuss what you’ve learned. We anticipate that these groups will work best with no more than 5 deputies taking part in the individual discussion groups.

Round 2 of these discussion groups should begin the first Week of May and wrap up prior to June 5, 2017.

If you’re an experienced deputy we’d like to invite you to lead a conversation group with other deputies. In the comments please indicate your interest and what days/ times will work best for your groups. We’ll announce a schedule and allow others to sign up for your groups by the end of next week.

#deputies #training

Deputy Training Feedback

Now that you’ve signed up for a Deputy Training study group you’ll likely have some feedback or notes you’d like to share with everyone. Let’s share them all here for ease of updating and discussion.

If you’re providing thoughts or feedback on a specific lesson in your comment please reference the lesson title so we can all be certain we’re on the same page.

Study group leads please post a recap here after your final meeting.

#deputies, #training

Deputy Training Module Feedback

A team at WCUS edited and tested the current deputy training materials. This post is for gathering the feedback we’ve received so we can integrate it and make it an amazing and useful tool.
#training #deputies

More on the Tuesday Training

Okay, so the first training coming up will be aimed at giving new helpers an overview of how we currently process meetup applications, walking through our vetting and setup processes, and seeing who’s up for pinching in. We’re starting with this because the backlog of email in the WordCamp/Meetup SupportPress is really bad, so our greatest need right this minute is for incoming email triage and starting the vetting process for applications that have been waiting. As we get the queue under control, we’ll do more trainings around other aspects of the program and gradually spread everything out as much as possible.

As mentioned, the first training will be Tuesday June 16 at 6pm UTC. We will record the video of that session and post it so that the Australia side of the world can view it in the morning, and we’ll do a 2nd training Q&A at 11pm UTC the same day (that’s Wednesday morning for Australia, during the time block @andywashere suggested).

If you are up for being trained on meetups, please say if you are planning to come at the 6pm UTC time or the 11pm UTC time, or if you want to get involved but can’t make either of those times. Thanks!

#community-management, #meetups-2, #training

A Community Core Team

While gathering feedback from the deputies/mentors (also, can we just say deputies instead of separating that into two different labels? “people helping with community wrangling” is the definition for both despite different tasks) is important in deciding what changes to make to this program, there is plenty of low-hanging fruit that we can start knocking down.

Here’s an apple dangling from its branch:

We need to make leadership of the community team more decentralized, more globally distributed, more reliable, and more transparent. 

Starting the deputies program was a step in that direction, but we need to go a lot further, and I think we are ready.


Right now, the “official” leadership of this team rests with Josepha and Cami, with me and Andrea coming back in for awhile to help catch up the backlog and try to organize some stuff to be more efficient. All four of these people are in the US, and all four are employed by Automattic. Then we have a handful or two of deputies that help out a little or a lot, depending on what else they’ve got going on. Most of these deputies are not employed by Automattic, and a few are not US-based, but we don’t necessarily know how much time they can give each week, and the core people for whom this is a full-time job wind up feeling overwhelmed when the backlog grows and they have to try and catch up when the volunteers have other things to do that week. The vagaries of wrangling volunteers and making up for when they won’t or can’t deliver should be familiar territory for all our deputies, since you’ve been in this position yourselves when organizing WordCamps or Meetups. It’s frustrating, right? I have an idea.

Expand the Team Leadership

What if we decide as a group that we want a little more structure on this team, and create a community core team made up of the people who are able to commit to x hours per week of the various tasks involved in running the program? Obviously that would still include the current full-time 4, but just like the core team that makes the software we all know and love (on good days, anyway), we would include people who have some dedicated time donated by their employers, and the self-employed/freelancers who’ve decided to make this a commitment as equally “official” members of the team, where some people do it full time and others are just a couple of hours per week (but they are good hours 🙂 ). If we knew for sure we could count on these people, we could start decentralizing responsibilities that are time-sensitive or that touch sensitive information to be shared by more people. This could get the full-time 4 out of the never-ending pit of backlog/reactive customer support, and we could focus some time on creating tools and processes to make things easier instead of always treading water (sometimes less successfully than anyone likes). Sound like a plan?

I’ve started reaching out to some business owners in the wp ecosystem that seem like a good fit for donating an employee’s time. It doesn’t need to be full-time (though wow that would be great); even a few hours each week can make a big difference if we know we can count on them no matter what. So:

  • If you have a business and would be willing to donate some employee time
  • If you are already volunteering on company time (or your own) and would like to make it official
  • If you are already volunteering but not on company time and would like help convincing your boss that it’s a good idea
  • If you are not yet volunteering but would like to, if you can convince your boss (or are willing to make the commitment on behalf of your own time)

…let me know. You can leave a comment here, or if you’d rather raise your hand less publicly, you can email me at jenmylo at I am happy to reach out to your boss if it seems like a good fit. We’re especially in need of people outside the US for both time zone and language reasons, but also just because our community team leadership should be representative of the community team itself, which spans dozens of countries.

Getting Trained

In the meantime, we are going to start training more people on how to do more stuff here, whether their bosses are paying them for it or not. We’ll do the first of these trainings (video format) on Tuesday, June 16 at 11am Pacific, 2pm Eastern, 6pm UTC and cover how to process meetup group applications and get organizers started with new groups or roll their current group into the chapter account. If this time doesn’t work for you, don’t worry, we’ll record it and post it, and will set up a another training in the future that’s friendlier to the Asia/Australia side of the world. If you are interested in attending the training on the 16th, please let us know in the comments so we can decide which format will work best (hangout, hangout on air+slack, zoom, etc) and we’ll give you the link to join that day. We’ll work out the topics of future trainings as we get feedback from the deputies and can take a more educated guess at which tasks will make the biggest impact if they are shared more widely.


When we have more people doing the work, we’ll have more available time to work on things like tools for managing stuff, tracking progress, etc, and we can say goodbye to private google docs forever in favor of transparent information posted right here on this site. But first we need more people we can count on so that we can plan appropriately. Can you help?


#deputies, #community-management, #mentors, #training

When is a new mod no longer a n00b?

A long time ago, there was a mod (let’s call him super-mod) who used to schedule all videos for publication, and all the other mods tagged their videos READY FOR PUBLICATION, to let super-mod know that they, well, ready for publication.

That didn’t scale very well, so we implemented what we have now. All mods schedule their own posts, no super-mod needed with one exception: New mods.

For new mods joining our merry band, we ask them to use the old READY FOR PUBLICATION tag so current mods can double check to make sure everything is great, and then schedule the video if it is. After an ill-defined period of time we let these new mods know that they are good to start scheduling their own video, and all is good with the universe

The problem though is that this doesn’t scale well either.

Given the possibility of growing our squad even more, and expanding our role to include other activities like post-production and translation, I wanted to ask you all (new and current mods alike) what you think a better system for on-boarding new team members could be? How can we create a system that makes new mods feel welcome and gives them a place to go for questions, ensures that videos are moderated correctly, and is a little more sustainable than the current READY TO PUBLISH tagging system?

#new-moderators, #training, #wordpress-tv