Diversity Outreach Speaker Training – Last Meeting of 2018 this Wednesday

Hi team!

As the second meeting of December will land during Christmas holidays (Dec 26th), the Wednesday this week (Dec 12) will be our last meeting of the year. ^_^

1. It will be a special one. Like a little holiday party. In addition to covering items for moving us forward, I am also going to ask you, from our team’s first year:

  • What would you like to acknowledge a team member(s) for?
  • What would you like to be acknowledged for?

If you can’t make it, please send me your answers in advance.

Participation is optional of course, but we’ve done so much this year and I would really like to commemorate our efforts, looking back over our great Phase 1 2018 work before we move into an exciting Phase 2 in 2019.

2. I would like to have a meeting in early January to kick off Phase 2 by webcam. We’ll talk about the new things we’re doing in the new year and see how people would like to help (big, small, or just lurking… all is welcome).

My question there is is it better for you to join a webcam call at our usual meeting time or on a weekend?

Please let me know here or DM me on Slack (@jillbinder).

New folk are also welcome at this December meeting or in January. Please join us!


Recap of the Diversity Outreach Speaker Training meeting on Nov 28, 2018

Attending: @jillbinder @miriamgoldman @angelasjin @sheilagomes

Start time: https://wordpress.slack.com/archives/C037W5S7X/p1543424373488000

Today’s Agenda:

  • Reports
  • Next training Dec 16
  • Email questionnaires
  • “Also talked to” doc
  • Meeting this weekend
  • Doc of all docs


It’s been a quiet two weeks for me. Prepping to run the training on December 16th.

Also quiet here. Prepping for WCUS, and getting ready for our meeting on Phase 1 & Phase 2

I am mostly working on year-end items. Gathering stats for our year-end report, looking back at this year and forward to next year, and putting in a lot of work at school to do all the little steps before asking for funding for this project, and next week starting to ask for funding directly from sponsors at WCUS.

Other folks are working on things as well. I do feel that as we’re wrapping up Phase 1, we are mostly on maintenance mode rather than creating new things mode, although there are some things we are still cleaning up, like the little details that will make the Train the Trainers process before, after, and during trainings smoother.

And I hope to be working on new items in the new year to scale up our efforts. More of that in our weekend meeting.

So, the good news: the brazilian community has been talking about diversity and just today we opened a new slack channel to share content and tips on how to get more women to participate in meetups and other events.

I’m writing an article about it that will be shared in our blog, and I also told everyone we’re working on online training as well. People are excited about all this and I hope it helps bring more women and other minorities to our events

@sheilagomes I have a document to share with you that will be helpful. It’s almost ready to be published in the Community Handbook but there are a few details left for me to incorporate, and that got bumped to lower priority. But sometime in December. I can show you the draft in the meantime. It will help this new endeavour.

It’s on Buiding A Speaker Roster and it covers not only speakers but creating good environments for diverse folks in general at events as well.

I’m looking forward to hearing more about it from you. I expect there will be some help back and forth between our groups.

Next Training, Dec 16

The next Train the Trainers will be run by @miriamgoldman on Sunday, Dec. 16.

@sheilagomes will be attending as the first step of training to become one of our trainers. She has already run Lesson 1 many times, and it will be great to be exposed to the rest.

I would like to invite other members of our team to join as well. It is still a good first step in our team to run the training in your local community if you can, or online. You can do this without attending a training, but many find it does help.

The training will be primarily for meetups to learn, but anyone running WordPress events who might want to run it for their own group are welcome.

Email Questionnaires

@dianewallace is busy sending out our first email questionnaire follow-ups. This is something we will start doing regularly some time after people have taken the training, after we think they have run the training.

We have also been checking in why people may not have run trainings after being trained.

I hope to have results to report by our next meeting or two.

Who We’ve Talked To

Last time we started talking about which cities/regions we’ve been talking to about our work. They may or may not have gone and used our work, but we’ve discovered that just knowing about it sometimes is all it takes to start making a difference. We have some who went ahead and got speaker diversity without the training but because of the awareness that they got from us. And this is a stat we want to report on.

Right now we’ve spoken to 53 in total!

I created a document for us to collect this info:


It’s in the tab “Also talked to.”

I added all the ones that you told me in the last meeting. Please go in and fill in the rest of the details.

And those who haven’t let me know, please fill those in as well.

The “has been trained or has run a training” column is important because it’s the “no”s that we are adding to our stat. We’ve already got the rest covered in our Workshop Tracker.

On that note, if you hear of someone who has run a workshop and didn’t let us know, please do add it to the workshop tracker.

If possible, it would be great to have that by Nov 30 so that we can add it to our stats for potential possible reporting at WCUS.

Meeting This Weekend

We decided that in order to have a proper discussion about Phase 1 vs Phase 2, it’ll be on Zoom and it’ll be this weekend so that those in offices can participate.
Sunday, December 2, 2018 at:

7:00 pm UTC
11:00 am (Vancouver/Seattle)
2:00 pm (Ottawa/Toronto
5:00 pm (Brazil)

on Zoom (webcam) https://zoom.us/j/9103925289

to talk about:

  1. How did we do this year?
  2. What could we have done better this year? Were there any barriers?
  3. What could we accomplish next year?
  4. What should we focus on in order to accomplish it?

To help me in planning us scaling up to make a bigger impact in 2019.

You are invited!

Please bring headphones and if you also have one, a microphone.

Doc of all docs / Where Everything Lives

Even with paring down our goals and to do list, our team still has a lot of moving pieces!

I finally collected them all into a document that links to them, as they live in different places and different people’s google drives:


Please take a look and let me know if there is anything to add.

And if you recommend any different kind of formatting. I’m playing with formatting to make it less unwieldy, such as I made the titles into the links so that cleaned up all the long links that were making it hard to skim.

As always, you can reply to items here, on the Recap I will post, or to me or our group on Slack.

Thanks all! Talk to you the second week of December, and see some of you in our webcam meeting this Sunday.

End: https://wordpress.slack.com/archives/C037W5S7X/p1543426441529000

Next Actions:

  1. Any of us who haven’t taken a training yet are invited to join our Training on Sunday, Dec 16th
  2. @dianewallace is sending out email followup questionnaires to folks who have run our workshop
  3. @jillbinder report on findings from that and from asking folks why they may not have run trainings after being trained, in one of the December meetings
  4. All please fill in which cities/regions WordPress event organizers you’ve talked to about our work by November 30th (and ongoingly after that)
  5. Join our “Phase 1 vs Phase 2” discussion on webcam this Sunday
  6. Take a look at our document of documents and let me know if there is anything we need to add, and formatting suggestions.

Diversity Outreach Speaker Training Zoom Meeting This Weekend

We are having a ⭐ bonus ⭐ meeting on Sunday, December 2, 2018 at:

7:00 pm UTC
11:00 am (Vancouver/Seattle)
2:00 pm (Ottawa/Toronto
5:00 pm (Brazil)

on Zoom (webcam)

to talk about:

  1. How did we do this year?
  2. What could we have done better this year? Were there any barriers?
  3. What could we accomplish next year?
  4. What should we focus on in order to accomplish it?

To help me in planning us scaling up to make a bigger impact in 2019.

Please message me on Slack (@jillbinder) for the Zoom link.

Please bring headphones and if you also have one, a microphone.


Recap of the Diversity Outreach Speaker Training meeting on Nov 14, 2018

Attending: @jillbinder @miriamgoldman @angelasjin @webrite @simo70 @sheilagomes

Start time: https://wordpress.slack.com/archives/C037W5S7X/p1542214858258200

Today’s Agenda:

  • Happy 1 year anniversary to us!
  • Celebrating Milan’s results! (featuring on next Meetups newsletter)
  • Reports
  • What Meetup cities/regions have you talked to about our project?
  • Discussion: Who is going to WCUS? Meeting up and goals
  • Discussion: Phase 1 and Phase 2
  • Train the trainers ironing out details continuation

Happy 1 year anniversary!

A year ago yesterday I hit publish on the announcement of this group and call-out for volunteers:

Thanks to our group, our workshop has been run in 17 cities so far this year, 36 have been trained to run it, and 53 have expressed interest in 24 countries. And the year isn’t even over yet!

I’m really proud of us. Just last week I wrote up an article on HeroPress about how this group came to be, our celebrating 1 year, and what we’ve accomplished!

Celebrating Milan’s results! (featuring on next Meetups newsletter)

To explain what they’ve done, I’m going to show the feature I am thinking of sending to this month’s Meetups newsletter. In addition to celebrating, I’d love any feedback by the next couple of hours after our meeting.

As a note, so far the Meetups newsletters have been our best promotions. We typically get a few more signups after each one goes out.

WordCamp Milan, Italy

We have had great success stories from folks who have taken our training and run our workshop. For our first region feature, we are highlighting WordCamp Milan!

Last year, they had 4 women speakers out of 19 (21%). They wanted to make a change this year. Simona Simionato took our training and started running our workshop live as well as online for those who couldn’t attend otherwise. She also posted on some digital female groups and personally contacted women in the community who potentially had interesting experiences to share and invited them to apply.

The results: They increased their speaker diversity at Meetups, which is important to build the roster of speakers for WordCamps. And for their WordCamp this year? There will be 11 women out of 21 speakers (52%!). One of them is also an LGBT community member. Nine of these speakers (of both genders) will be first-time speakers! Not only that….. but they had 45% speaker applications from women! Incredible!

“The workshop was useful in two ways: some people found the strength needed to overcome the fear of speaking in public, others simply a way to find topics (solving the ’I do not know what to say. issue)”

Would you like to know more and are you thinking about running the workshop? We’d like to hear from you!

(I also have a note before that about this group and a link to our workshop material.)



I ran a “train-the trainers” session on Saturday, and had five attendees – all very active in the chat room! No major new questions, but lots of commentary as we watched the video. Two of them joined the Slack group and have been added to the proper channel.

I’m also helping out with small tasks here and there, as my workload has permitted it.


It has been pretty low key on my end, just a little HS triage every now and then.

@jillbinder Angela, you were very involved in October so pacing seems like a good idea before your next batch of big involvement.

What Meetup cities/regions have you talked to about our project?

We realized while looking through the spreadsheet of Meetups trying to find places who have run our workshop without our knowing, that there are a number who have gone ahead and done the work in other ways because they have heard of the work we’re doing and were inspired.

So we want to include in our year-end report how many cities/regions we’ve talked to.

Right now I have the number who have contacted us in total: 53!

I know that we’ve been talking to folks privately and at WordCamps, so it would be great to add those to our list.

Could you please send me as many cities as you can think of who you’ve talked to about our work?

Either check with our spreadsheet, or just send the list and we’ll cross-reference.

@miriamgoldman This year I’ve talked at Miami, Montreal, and Los Angeles about the project…and Ottawa is a given because well, I live here. I think last year I mentioned us to Rochester?

@simo70 I’ve talked of the project during my speech at WordCamp Verona

@angelasjin I’ve talked about it with folks in NYC, Seattle, Vancouver, Portland. I’ve mentioned the training to folks from Phoenix, Austin, Montreal, Tampa Bay, Atlanta, Santa Clarita.

Who is going to WCUS?

@angelasjin I will be there! So excited

@jillbinder I will be there!

I’d love to organize a meetup for our group for anyone who will be there so we can meet.

And also I’d like to chat about our WCUS goals.

For those of us who are there, if you have the time, these are the goals I am thinking of:

  • Talk to as many folks at Community Bazaar as we can. Meetups are represented there, and I got quite a few of them interested in our work at the Bazaar last year
  • Talk about our project when you’re networking and in the sessions where it’s related. It’s a great place to get more interest in what we’re doing!

Last year I held the first Train the Trainers on Contrib Day. This year I won’t be able to attend Contrib Day. I also don’t think it’s as vital as now we are running it regularly as the group online. That doubled as a kick-off to get more volunteers in the group as well.

For those who are there on Contrib Day, though, I have ideas for a couple of projects we can add to Community team.

I want to be mindful that we’re sticking to Phase 1 items (more on that later) so that we’re not adding too much to our plates before it is time.

I learned from WCEU that the more we add on that day, the more follow-up work there is. And until I get sponsorships to do this work, my bandwidth is limited.

So my ideas are:
– Editing our training video. (I have the notes and times already done.)
(Possibly getting someone on the WordPress.tv team involved.)
– Make our workflow diagram look nicer (and still be editable)

Although right now @miriamgoldman and I are doing up a new version of that workflow diagram, so that may not be needed. We’ll see.

I’m also open to other ideas of what we could have Community Team working on with/for us. Easy tasks that new folk could work on are best for Contrib Day. Although we could also take advantage of the team’s wealth of knowledge.

@angelasjin I’m going to be volunteering at WCUS, so my time is going to be limited, but I definitely plan on talking to folks about this working group and the training at the very least!

Phase 1 and Phase 2

As I mentioned last time, it’s important for us to get a clear sense of when we can call Phase 1 of our project done. Then for Phase 2 either I’ll get funding to be able to keep leading or co-leading, or we’ll be recruiting a new leader.

I think we are very close to being able to call Phase 1 done. My current goal in my head is wrapping it by Dec 31, 2018.

Phase 1

I think we need to:

  • Iron out the basic, essential details for our Train the Trainers sessions.

Things we are looking at:

  • Sending out a follow-up email questionnaire (which is finally composed and @dianewallace has started sending out last week!)
  • Keeping our scheduled trainings doc up to date: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1v0EsrRLXTXr579kDjFE2DmeEeFKpsCxMYyqkUQaC5wg/edit?usp=sharing
  • Creating a good Helpscout workflow, including our system for Dormant emails
  • Having a solid pre- and post-train the trainers checklist

Some items that we are working on now but aren’t essential for Phase 1:

  • Event signups and reminders
  • A system for those who don’t have their own Zoom accounts
  • A place to keep all our docs

Also, not related to Train the Trainers but rather related to our main workshop:

  • Posting our “How to run 5 lessons in 4 hours” document somewhere

Those are my thoughts right now. We’re quite close!

@sheilagomes Sorry, it’s been a long time I was here last, but where’s this “How to run 5 lessons in 4 hours” doc?

@jillbinder Right now it’s in a private Google document. It’s for those who want to run all 5 modules in an afternoon, we have a suggested timeline written out.

For Phase 2, I have written down a wish list of everything I could think of. I’m sure it won’t be all these things. Those leading Phase 2 can decide what is really important.

Phase 2

Would love to hear your thoughts on this Wish List

Main Workshop:

  • Implement and test improvements suggested in the follow-up email questionnaire we’re sending out
  • Implement and test improvements to the main workshop material that are in my brain (bios, outlines, “uh”, some instructions needed, a repeating section)
  • Work with Training team to fix the little logistical details
  • Test current slides
  • Slide deck playlists? Do we need?
  • Adding to the speaker lessons: How to use, how to create lessons playlist
  • Little logistical details of the speaker series lessons
  • Translations
  • Coordinating with Training team how the translations happen
  • Figure out our system to have designated gatekeepers approve or deny changes to the workshop material.

Train the Trainers workshop:

  • Work with the WordPress Training team to design and test a better, sustainable, scaleable, easier to understand “train the trainer” curriculum for training the Meetups to do our workshop
  • Creating a Q&A system that is more robust and searchable
  • Figure out our system to have designated gatekeepers approve or deny changes to the workshop material.

Our team:

More folks running Meetings, doing Meeting recapsCo-leaders (maybe also new leader… still determining my plans for next year)


  • More promotions: articles, blogs, videos, etc. and keeping better track of what has been done
  • Promote my Seattle 2017 WordCamp talk

Important Other:

  • Get sponsor(s) for Meetups’ venue and other costs who are running our workshop
  • Article on how to get more diverse folks to come out to meetups
  • Connecting with related groups to see how we can help each other

This is my “ideal” list. I think it’ll be more like a starting point of ideas for Phase 2.

Idea I just thought of right now:

Phase 1 was simplified when I cut out anything that didn’t support our main goal. Maybe what’s most useful is creating a new main goal for Phase 2. And then the leadership can choose to do only what supports that.

I’ll toss out a couple of ideas for all to mull over and we can continue this next time….

Right now our goal was 27 meetups have run it this year. (Even though it’s unlikely we’ll meet that, we’ve had 17 so far and we will certainly have more by the end of the year, so I’m still calling it a success…)

I think for next year we should pick how many we want to train, how many we want to have run it, and then create the systems that support sustaining and growth.

@sheilagomes So, I have this article I wrote in Portuguese that I can translate to English, talking about the workshop done in the last WordCamp São Paulo. It kind of breaks the workshop down for people to know what it’s about and what is typically done, incuding the motivations and expectations we have with the workshop. I’ll translate it by the end of this week and send it to you, then you let me know what you think. It’ll need to be proofread anyway.

Train the trainers ironing out details continuation

These are the things we are working on currently, as far as I know.

  • Q&A doc
  • Event signups and reminders
  • Pre and post checklist
  • Email questionnaire
  • Keep our doc up to date: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1v0EsrRLXTXr579kDjFE2DmeEeFKpsCxMYyqkUQaC5wg/edit?usp=sharing
  • I share my zoom account
  • Dormants

Any quick thoughts since our last meeting about any of these that we could do now?

Ok we can chat between meetings or in our next meeting.

@sheilagomes I’m a bit lost right now, not having participated in the last months’ meetings.

@jillbinder You rejoined in a meeting where I’m throwing in everything!  Here is a P2 post to help people catch up to where we are quickly. We are still where this doc says we are, we are just in some of the details of it now.

Diversity Speaker Outreach Training Group Onboarding / Summary

Thanks again team! I’m proud of our work.

Next Actions

  1. Everyone: Please send me feedback in the next couple of hours about the feture for the Meetups newsletter.
  2. Everyone: Please send me which cities/regions you’ve talked to about our work
  3. @miriamgoldman is sending me the Google doc of our workflow later this week
  4. Everyone: Please send me your thoughts on Phase 1 items, Phase 2 items, and Phase 2 overall goals.
  5. @sheilagomes is sending me her article by end of this week to proofread and decide how we can use it.
  6. Are you going to WCUS? Let me know!


End time: https://wordpress.slack.com/archives/C037W5S7X/p1542218631347600

Recap of the Diversity Outreach Speaker Training meeting on Sept 26, 2018

Attending: @jillbinder @miriamgoldman @angelasjin @cguntur @laryswan

Start: https://wordpress.slack.com/archives/C037W5S7X/p1537981268000100

We have a full meeting today. We have so much high impact activities going on in our team right now!


  • Reports and updates on things you all and I are working on
  • Report on our speaker roster essay
  • Upcoming trainings statuses
  • How we should manage the Helpscout queue when there are trainings lined up
  • Get your feedback on the “a meetup has run a workshop” followup questionnaire
  • If time: Start talking about how Phase 1 is going, when we consider it to be complete, and what should be saved for Phase 2
  • Open floor for questions, comments, concerns, etc.


So first, how is it going? What things have you been working on and how are they going?

I just got back from WCLAX where I spoke about our group in various conversations. I’m preparing to lead my first training this weekend, and then I’m going to get up to speed on Helpscout.

Great work, @miriamgoldman! How were the conversations about our group at WCLAX received?

Very well! WCLAX seems to have one of the more receptive and open crowds at camps I’ve been to

Lovely! I know they have done a lot of work around Women in WordPress already. They founded the group of that name and are pioneers in this area for WordPress.
Did you moderate a Women in WordPress panel at this one?

Yep. Forgot to mention our group during the panel though.
Had a bit of anxiety right before due to the previous speaker cutting it way too close with timing

Oof, sorry to hear that happened! And glad you were still able to talk about it in other places.

@cguntur and @angelasjin
We are working on the Meetup titles spreadsheet to find any workshops that have been run that our team doesn’t already know about.

I’m communicating and scheduling the trainings in Helpscout for the Meetups who would like the trainings coming up, and sending out confirmations and logistics.
I’ve scheduled a training for October 17th. I’m also working on creating some documentation for using predefs in HelpScout.

Had a couple of conversations at WC NYC about our work and pitched us in my session (thanks for attending, @angelasjin).

That is fantastic, @laryswan! How was it received there?

I get the sense that NYC is ahead of the curve on diversity and inclusion, so sort of gratifying to see it not be something novel 

Our speaker roster essay

After our team gave feedback that I incorporated, we sent out the essay to the WordPress community to look over for two weeks.

We had one person reply. It was @mrwweb from Seattle. They did a lot of great work in Seattle last year in particular where with their huge focus on getting more women speakers at their WordCamp, they broke the record with 60%.

I need to look over and incorporate his feedback.

This week my focus is on the follow up email questionnaire, so it won’t be this week. Likely in the next week or two, and then we can publish it and promote it.

So if anyone else has feedback, you still have time!


Upcoming trainings statuses

We have three trainings scheduled coming up!

Saturday, September 29th at 16:00-18:00 UTC
@laryswan and @miriamgoldman are running this one.
I believe we have 2 confirmed. There may be some more after Angela wrote to more folks about it.

October 17, 2018 at 18:00-20:00 UTC
@angelasjin is running this one.
I think we have a few signed up for it.

Saturday, October 27, 2018 at 16:00-18:00 UTC
@laryswan is running this one.
It was by special request. We have that Meetup confirmed for it. There may be more from Angela’s new Helpscout replies.

It looks like we have more confirmations this time, so I’m expecting (hoping) for a higher likelihood of folks who said they’d be there show up. ;D
And on that note…

How we should manage the Helpscout queue when there are trainings lined up

So far when people write in, @cguntur lets them know that we’ve received their response and that we’ll get back to them with training dates.

What I’d like to see happen now that we are planning trainings out a month or more in advance, we start replying with the upcoming dates.

@angelasjin created a “predef” (aka template) in Helpscout that is accessible via one of the icons in the Helpscout toolbar.

The predefs are available from here:

Yep! I made two predefs: one for sharing dates and times for upcoming trainings, and the second for confirming that folks are signed up for trainings. I’ll put together some instructions on how to use them

Yes! Following on what Angela said, the other thing I’d like to see is timely follow ups when people say yes to a training, giving them the info with their confirmation, the webinar link (or as in Angela’s case, letting them know that she sent them a google hangout invite), and that they should wear headphones if they can. She’s written this up in the other predef.

I can do that as I am the one replying to people when we get the initial emails

That would be excellent, @cguntur. So when you’re doing your daily checking for the new, initial emails, you could use the predef letting them know about upcoming workshops to reply to them in place of the current message you’ve been using.

I believe there’s a spot to change the dates of the upcoming workshops. So we need to make sure that you know all of the dates.

Maybe we can have a shared Google doc where everybody can post the upcoming training sessions? I can check that doc and update the predefs as required?

The info should also be in the shared calendar

Ok! How about: We keep the list in the shared calendar, and we also ping you any time we schedule a new one?
That way you’ll know when there’s been a change.

That’ll be perfect!

I’m thinking that for the scheduled trainings, the person(s) who is running the training should send the confirmation.

Would that work?

And do folks think that just looking through the messages themselves is enough, or should we create a system to keep track of who we said yes somewhere? (Which still means going in and reading the messages anyway!)

For writing new trainings to people already in the queue, and for following up with folks who say yes,

each trainer should also know which trainings are available so that they can include all the dates in their messages.
Well, also we’ll have the predef.
@angelasjin, does the predef save the dates or do they need to be written in each time?

They’ll need to be written in each time

Ok. I’m wondering now if there’s a way to save them so that each time one is created, it can be added. And then the person sending it out would just need to remove any that have passed.

What do you think?
And maybe remove any that the individual they are writing to has already indicated wouldn’t work for them.

Thinking out loud and haven’t thought this all the way through, but . . . Maybe use Meetup to let folks RSVP for classes. Or Eventbrite. Or set up a site and use a class-registration plugin.

I like the class registration plugin

A much simpler version of that was when I sent out the signups in a form (typeform I think). That had a high attendance rate.

existing tools are nice and existing 🙂

Yeah. Instead of sending the dates in the email, we could send a link to something where they choose which one they would like to attend. And then bonus, we have an easy list created for the trainer.
The trainer still needs to follow up with the details, if the tool we choose doesn’t include that.
Who can look for something simple for us to use?
Until we have that sorted, let’s continue with our email system that we’re creating. Easiest way to keep going, for now.

“A meetup has run a workshop” Followup Questionnaire

Next agenda item is exciting to meee. It’s been something I’ve been working on here and there for months, and now we have a deadline of end of this month so I’ve put more focus on it.

@miriamgoldman and @dianewallace said yes to writing this and sending it out back in the summer, and there have been delays. I’m happy we’ll be able to start doing this soon.

So the quick background is:

Several of us were thinking that we support Meetups up until the workshop, and then they don’t hear from us anymore.

It would be great if they could have a way to tell us how it went, tell us about any suggested changes, etc.

And then I learned that it would be even better if we can collect data for reporting to the bigger WordPress community at the end of the year some important stats about what we’re doing.

And that delayed me. Heh.

It’s a much bigger thing to think through the strategy of combining both of these needs.

And so finally I thought through the strategy on this and then @andreamiddleton and I fleshed out how to get these questions answers both quantifiably for our global report as well as get the qualitative info that our team wants.

I’d like us to take a few minutes now to look over what we’ve done up, please!

Diversity Workshops Email Questionnaire Follow Up


I believe you can comment in the doc itself, or you can tell me your thoughts here.

The last agenda item was open floor discussion, so if there is anything burning feel free to post it here while folks are looking at the document.

Looks good to me

Thanks, @cguntur!

A couple more things on this:

After we have created the Google Form, it would be great if one of the people on our team who has run the workshop in their city could fill it out and then tell us how long it took, so that I can include the time in the message. Hopefully people knowing how long it will take will encourage a higher response rate.

I will want everyone on our team who has run it to fill it out anyhow so we can capture your info too.

Can you remind me when we send this out? Is it immediately after a group runs the training?

Yes, it would be immediately after.

Plus the ones who have already run it in the past so that we don’t lose them.

It would be tricky for folks to answer questions 10 and 11, but it is also important to capture that info

Good point! @andreamiddleton and I were thinking we could flag those ones in Helpscout and then write to them again after they’ve done their WordCamps. eta 3-6 months later.

Ok cool. I think that’s a great plan!

I’ll find out from @miriamgoldman and @dianewallace how they want to track it and then handle doing those follow-ups 3-6 months later.

The other thing to mention is why there is a timeline now:

On the small chance that our findings might be reported at WordCamp US, that is two months from now. We want to give folks time to get their responses in to us. So two months is a good amount of time to give them and consolidate the info.

I’d like to get more feedback from our team before we create it and start using it. I think maybe a week from now? Is that enough time?

I am officially bringing the meeting to a close. We can always chat about any of the items after the meeting, as always.

I’m really proud of how much our team is doing. Lots of folks working on what I call “high impact” activities right now! All for forwarding our singular goal of getting 27 Meetups to run the workshop this year, and the important support items around that.

Thanks for your work everyone!


End: https://wordpress.slack.com/archives/C037W5S7X/p1537985019000100

Input Requested: “Building A Diverse Speaker Roster” Document

Hello! The Diversity Outreach Speaker Training group is creating a document for WordPress Meetups and WordCamps entitled: “Building A Diverse Speaker Roster.”

Before we post it in the handbook, we would like to get your feedback on it, please.

Deadline: 11:59pm Pacific time Sunday, Sept 23 (6:59am UTC Monday, Sept 24)

I am posting the content below. You can make suggestions by commenting on this post or by doing it directly in the Google doc:

Document: “Building A Diverse Speaker Roster”

Lack of Diversity

Have you noticed that there is mainly one kind of speaker at your WordPress events?

It is a common phenomenon in technology for those who belong to the major population of an area to become the ones to do most of the public speaking. Those who do not fit into that group have many reasons not to step up to speak, – for example, they may not view themselves as belonging to that group, or they may not believe they have anything of value to contribute. As a result, the kinds of speakers at tech events – in our case WordPress events – can frequently become homogeneous.

In North America, for example, many speakers at WordPress events are young, white, cisgender, straight men. There are so many other voices that aren’t being heard as much: women, non-binary and trans folk, genderqueer folk, LGBTQ+, people of colour, people of various physical abilities, people with varying mental health, folks who are older, etc.


Why does it matter who is at the front of the room speaking?

  1. The audience is not represented by the speakers

Many WordPress events are successfully expanding the kinds of folks who are in the audience. For example, there have been more women-identifying WordPress event attendees in Vancouver, Ottawa, Toronto, and Montreal, Canada. That doesn’t mean that everyone in the audience is reflected in the speaker roster – a different group may feel like they don’t belong there. But there are many folks with a wide range of knowledge to share and everyone can feel included.

  1. Users are not represented by the speakers

WordPress is amazing in that it is open source and so all sorts of people use it. We want a more fair representation of our users among the people who are speaking.

  1. Our speakers help shape our technology

One of the ways in which WordPress is being shaped is by the people who speak about it publicly. Many diverse folks, by nature of having had different life experiences, would approach problems differently. Just as how a developer’s point of view is different from a user’s point of view, so are our viewpoints vs the standard speaker. Many people have experiences that aren’t necessarily being shared right now.

  1. Diverse technology needs

If only one kind of person is speaking about the technology, they may be missing key issues that don’t affect them but would prevent other kinds of folks from having the same, positive experiences and success. Size of text and color contrast are two simple, but significant examples. There is much more that can be considered if folks who are affected have the opportunity to speak up.

  1. Unique perspectives benefit everyone

Different kinds of people bring in different kinds of ideas that benefit everyone. A famous example in the physical world is the curb cuts that were first installed to help disabled veterans in the 1940s. They turned out to benefit many more people than the group for which they were originally intended.

By bringing in more diverse people, there’s also an increased chance of bringing in folks who straddle several roles, thus creating unique things with unique perspectives. Power users who use technology in interesting ways, front-end developers, business people who use plugins to make specific kinds of sites, typographers who use WordPress to do cool things with typography… People to talk about running a business in WordPress, how developers can communicate with designers, different things you can do with WordPress… etc.

Now that you know why it is a great idea to build up a diverse speaker roster, let’s look at some challenges in doing so and some potential solutions.

None In My Community

There are no diverse folks in my community

  • There are no diverse people coming out to your events, and you don’t know any personally who do WordPress.


  • Ask your network for folks they know of those groups who do WordPress that they could introduce you to.
  • Find those communities in your area – online and in person. Try to form genuine, friendly relationships with members so that they can then help you reach the WordPress enthusiasts in their communities.

None applied to speak

No diverse people have applied to speak for my event

  • There are diverse folks who do WordPress in your community, yet they are not applying to be speakers.

Solution: Ask them directly. They may tell you their reasons they wish not to and if they do, listen. The following replies can help. See the next few points.

Nothing to talk about

I ask them directly and they say no because they think they have nothing to talk about

  • Typically, when member of the dominant group of a region knows a little bit about a topic, they feel like they know enough to give a talk about it. Conversely, frequently when someone from an underrepresented group knows a little bit about a topic, they don’t feel they know enough to talk about it.
  • Thus, when we ask diverse people: “Would you like to apply to speak at our WordCamp?” we often get these two answers:
    • “What would I talk about?”
    • “I don’t know enough to give a talk,” or “I’m not an expert in anything”


  • Mentor them on the spot. Suggest things you know they could talk about. Explain that you don’t need how-tos but rather stories. Stories are more engaging for audiences. Everyone’s an expert in their own story. Ask if they have a good story about something that they’ve learned or mistakes they’ve made. If they feel they haven’t learned anything yet, one idea is to suggest that they take notes as they start to learn so that they can tell their story about it.
  • Run our Speaker Training [& Diversity Outreach] workshop that will help them see they have many things they could talk about, and also helps them through many other obstacles they may have currently to public speaking:

(Please tell us you’re running it so we can track how many trainings happen in a given year and/or request help with it here:

     http://tiny.cc/wpwomenspeak )

Nervous about public speaking

I ask and they say no because they don’t feel comfortable public speaking yet

  • They have no experience with public speaking or have had bad experiences with it and are not feeling comfortable doing it (but they do want to).


  • Small steps to build confidence are valuable. Suggest that they speak first to:
    • the mirror
    • a video camera
    • pets
    • friends and family
    • smaller Meetups
    • your local WordPress Meetup (before speaking at a WordCamp)
    • etc.

  • Suggest they be the moderator of a panel of a topic that they are interested in.
  • Suggest they give a lightning talk. Ten minutes is a great way to start.
  • Suggest they give a duo talk with someone who is a confident speaker.
  • Remind them that just about every public speaker is nervous, even if they don’t look like it!


I ask and they say no because of the Q&A section

  • Handling the Q&A section is preventing them from being willing to speak


  • Read through our info about that in our workshop material. We have solutions for:
    • Tricky questions
    • The smarty-pants
    • Unrelated questions
    • Silence
  • Let them know that they don’t have to have a Q&A section. Some speakers and events have done away with it.           

Being An Effective Ally

I want to help with diversity but I don’t know how.

You are in a position where you can offer to do more to help, and don’t know what to do.


  • Offer to help them with their talk proposals. Their talk may be great, but if the proposal isn’t good, it won’t even be considered.
  • Offer to help them with crafting their talks and slides.
  • Offer to be a person they can rehearse with.
  • Read over our workshop materials at http://diversespeakers.info/ and use that info to help them.

Call For Diverse Speakers

How can we write our Call for Speakers in a way that encourages a diverse range of applicants?

  • You don’t know how to write up the speaker call-out on your WordCamp website to encourage more diverse applicants


  • Let them know they don’t need to be experts. You’re interested in all range of experiences. Everyone’s voice is valuable and interesting.
  • Encourage stories.
  • Encourage them to talk about anything in WordPress that they are passionate about. Remind them that non-technical talks are also welcome, such as users, community, design, marketing, and others.
  • Folks with impostor syndrome – which is more common amongst people of diversity – will self-select themselves out when they see words like these:
    • Rock star
    • Superhero
    • Ninja
    • Jedi
    • Guru
    • Genius

Use a tool like https://textio.com/ to make your writing more inviting for more people.

  • Be mindful of using photos throughout the site for your event that show different types of people so that it is clear that diverse people are welcomed at the event. Be sure to include them on the call for speakers page.

Accessible Events

What invisible things are preventing a more diverse group of people from attending and speaking at our events?

  • We don’t know what invisible things are preventing more kinds of people from attending and speaking at our events


  • Don’t use gendered words like:
    • Guys
    • Girls
    • Women
    • Men
    • Ladies
    • Gentlemen
    • Etc.
  • Instead opt for words such as:
    • Folks
    • People
    • Friends
    • Assembled guests
    • Colleagues
    • Esteemed colleagues
    • Y’all
    • Guests
    • Esteemed Guests
    • Collaborators
    • My companions
    • Partners
    • All assembled
    • etc.
  • Offer childcare.
  • Have the event at different times that work for people with families. Don’t hold them all at 9pm at night. Weekend afternoons may work. Ask those with children what works for them.
  • Elevators and ramps rather than stairs.
  • Washrooms:
    • Have washrooms that are trans friendly
    • Have single stall toilets available for trans women who may prefer it and for non-binary folk.
    • Washrooms that are power wheelchair accessible
  • Request no one wear scents for the folk who are allergic.
  • Live captioning.
  • Sign language interpreters.
  • Pronouns on your name badges so that people who don’t use the binary pronouns feel welcome. One suggestion is to make this optional so that folks who don’t feel comfortable outing their pronouns in public yet won’t feel obliged, and those who don’t feel comfortable without proper pronouns will feel included with the majority of folks sharing theirs.
  • Not everyone may want their photos online. It could be for personal reasons or even in some cases, safety reasons. Allow a way for people to opt out of being photographed, such as having a different color lanyard.
  • Anything else you can think of that expands the kind of person who can speak at and come to your event.

Following these suggestions will help in the road to including more people; that kind of radical inclusion creates an amazing space of respect and innovation for everyone.

Thank you in advance for your help!


Recap of the Diversity Outreach Speaker Training meeting on Sept 12, 2018

Attending: @jillbinder @miriamgoldman @dianewallace @angelasjin @simo70 @cguntur

Start: https://wordpress.slack.com/archives/C037W5S7X/p1536771695000100


  1. Reports from you
  2. Reports from me
  3. Status of our Speaker Roster essay
  4. Doing trainings
  5. Anything else / open discussion

1. Reports from you

@jillbinder: First I’d like to hear about what you’ve been working on, any promotions you’ve done or are planning to do, any trainings you’ve run or are planning on running, anything else related to our team.

@miriamgoldman: I’m getting ready to run a train the trainers session with Larry at the end of the month. I’m also going to be promoting the training, and our group, at WCLAX next week.

Once my workload decreases at the day job, I’m going to run an actual in-person training session here in Ottawa. I have a friend who wants to do it, and there might be other interest.

@jillbinder: Have I or @lswanson shown you the script yet? If not, I’ll send that to you after the meeting.
It makes it easier, as @angelasjin can attest. 😉

@miriamgoldman: Not yet @jillbinder, so sending it along would be great!

@jillbinder: nods It’ll be up in public on the Training site soon, but is not quite yet as far as I know.

@angelasjin: Jill and I did a train the trainers session in late August, which went well! I’d love to do it again 🙂

@jillbinder: Yay @angelasjin! You did so great. In the Training section of this meeting today let’s talk about scheduling you for another one. 🙂

When we talk about the Training section, we can talk about how Angela and I did it. She lead while I watched and jumped in to fill in blanks as needed. Now she’s ready to do on her own (in my opinion……).

But there’s also the option to watch while someone else leads, too. Like @webrite recently did. 🙂 I believe she feels ready to start training too now.

@simo70: I’m organising WCMIL, and I did a “one to one workshop” 🙂

@jillbinder: That sounds great, @simo70 . What is a “one to one workshop” ?

@simo70: I did the workshop for a women that suffers “impostor syndrome”. After a call with me, she sent two applications 🙂

@jillbinder: Wow, @simo70 ! That is fantastic. Also thank you again for running it so many times for full groups, too. You’ve been a star with this.

@dianewallace: I have been talking to WordPress London about doing something, such as a workshop event, with the training – either stand alone or as part of a contributor day… I just need to do the training myself first!

@jillbinder: Fantastic, @dianewallace. Let’s talk in the Training section about getting you set up for getting trained. 🙂

Great work, everyone. We feel quite on track. I’m feeling pleased.

2. Reports from me

@jillbinder: Speaking of on track, my report starts with numbers. Wooooo numbers.

Our full number of folks who have expressed interest in some fashion: want training, have been trained, have run it with or without training: 45 !!

That actually includes the folks who have run it for more than one group: @sheilagomes and @simo70 in particular have added to that number.

The number who have been trained by us and/or who have felt ready to run it without our help: 32 !

A special mention goes to how many of those folks are members of our team: 14 !

I’m really pleased at our own team’s high participation. Particularly after my recent revelation that that was a priority for us. Also, when @kelliwise  ran a training, a number of those folk joined our team, so they added to our number as well.

The number of times it has been run for Meetups or groups that are close enough to Meetups to count towards that number (I’m counting companies sometimes, or Meetup-adjacent like WordCamps, BarCamps, etc.): 15
[number edited to reflect a Meetup popping in to the meeting letting us know that they ran one too]

That is the number that I am aware of, but it’s possible it has been run more times than that.

Our goal for the year is 27, so I’m very interested in finding out if there are others that we don’t currently know about and have tracked in our spreadsheet.

As a reminder, we track it in our spreadsheet here:


Does anyone have ideas on how we could find out who else has run it?

None? I have a couple of ideas for how we could find out if anyone else has run it…. Wondering what your thoughts are on these.

  1. We could ask the Meetups in the next newsletter that goes out. We almost always have an article in it, so we could include it in our article.

(Along with the mention of the Sept 29 Train the Trainers that @miriamgoldman and @lswanson are running.)

2. We can look through all the titles of Meetups that have been run this year and see if any look like they could have been our speaker training…….

Thoughts on these? And/or do they jog other ideas?

@dianewallace: We could ask our local meet ups to tweet/message all their local communities?

@jillbinder: Sure!

For the second idea, looking through the titles of Meetups, would anyone be willing to spend 1-2 hours within the next couple of weeks, before our next meeting, to do this? @andreamiddleton can tell us how to view all the Meetups titles.

@andreamiddleton: It just does it in CSV form only :slightly_smiling_face: and it’s not publicly available yet — lemme know time periods and I can export a report.

Fun fact: between June 1 and Sept 1, our chapter had 1335 meetup events!

@cguntur: I can work on the meetup titles

@angelasjin: I can work with @andreamiddleton on that

@jillbinder: Thanks both! Maybe you can both split it up and do half each?

We can get it in the Meetup newsletter going out later in September, and we can ask our local meetups to tweet/message their local communities asking them. @dianewallace’s idea doubles as a way to promote what we’re doing, too. I like it.

3. Status of our Speaker Roster essay

@jillbinder: I’ve gotten some good feedback from some folks on our team and a group not on our team who found it useful. I just need to finish incorporating the feedback, and then it’s ready to show the larger WordPress community for their feedback.

My goal is to finish it today or tomorrow and post it on the Make Community blog with a deadline of our next meeting.

That way it’ll overlap with the Community meeting a week from tomorrow.
There tends to be more response after posts are announced in that meeting. 🙂

And then in 2 weeks I should be able to incorporate that feedback then and then get it on up in the handbooks.

And then we can announce to everyone everywhere that there is this great resource that they can use. ^_^ #smallgoals

Particularly to our WordPress folks, of course. Tweets, mentioning at WordCamps, putting it into one of the Meetups newsletters, etc.

4. Doing trainings

@jillbinder: I would like to know:

  1. Would you like to run a Train The Trainers coming up? By yourself, as the lead with someone who is trained being your support, or watching/being support while someone else leads?
  2. I’m also interested in: Having you run the workshop for your local community, or even remote communities online.

    Do you have what you need for that?

    Do you need training? (cc @dianewallace)

@dianewallace: If there are any coming up I will sit in, but I should be able to just go through the training on my own tbh. Just need to find the time!

@jillbinder: Sounds good, @dianewallace. You have the option of sitting in on one, or if I haven’t already, I can send you the recording and the script.

@dianewallace: @jillbinder that sounds good – it would be useful to have the recording and the script (I’ll check in case you have already sent it though

@jillbinder: We have one running Sept 29th at 9am Pacific time. That is within an hour of this meeting, so it might work out in your timezone….

(I forget where that time lands in daylight savings time.)
It’s a Saturday.

@jillbinder: I know @angelasjin is happy to run another, so let’s also talk about what would be good timing for that. How about sometime in September or October, Angela?

@angelasjin: I can run one the week of October 15th!

@angelasjin Great! You can either pick a day that works for you in 9am PT, or you can doodle poll the folks in Helpscout who want the training and see what would work for them.

@angelasjin: I’ll reach out to the folks in HS

@jillbinder: Is anyone else either ready to run the Training or the Train the Trainers, or have a question that will help them get set up to do it?

5. Anything else / open discussion

@jillbinder: In our last 2 min, anyone have other questions or items related to our team’s work that they’d like to bring up?

Wonderful. Thanks all for attending. If there is anything, you can always reach me here or in DM afterwards.

I feel great about how we’re doing. Thank you all!

End: https://wordpress.slack.com/archives/C037W5S7X/p1536775277000100


Recap of the Diversity Outreach Speaker Training meeting on Aug 22, 2018

Attending: @jillbinder @angelasjin @andreamiddleton @dianewallace @meher @webrite @cguntur

Start: https://wordpress.slack.com/archives/C037W5S7X/p1534957241000100


  • Reports on what folks are working on
  • Our Trainings coming up
  • Meetups newsletter
  • Email follow-ups after workshops
  • Status of our Build a Diverse Speaker Roster doc
  • Workshop timeline
  • And! A new Diversity group is being formed. What that’s about and how we may be coordinating with them.
  • Running our workshop


Seattle held a diversity speaker training meetup about two weeks ago, and we’re planning on making them a more regular occurrence. Next Wednesday, I’ll be doing a train the trainers session with Jill.

I’ll be joining you to @angelasjin

Yay @angelasjin and @webrite! I’m looking forward to that. We have one Meetup signed up so far for that, and I’m expecting more to come in. That is the “Train The Trainers” training for Meetups to run our workshop.

Spoke about our group in her talk at WordCamp Montreal. It was really well received. People were surprised and pleased to learn about all the different ways they could get involved. Nobody asked about our group specifically, but Miriam did highlight it in the talk.

In addition to replying to our HelpScout queue every workday, Chandrika is also now reaching out to the Meetups who would like the training and is coordinating who is taking which training.

@jillbinder: It looks like we have 2 sign ups so far, I think. One for each — Sat the 25th and Wed the 29th.

I still mean to go through the speaker training – then hopefully be able to help out.

That would be wonderful, @dianewallace. Let us know if we can support you with that.

@dianewallace and @miriamgoldman
Are on hold on following up with groups after they have run the workshop, waiting for @jillbinder to finalize the goals and questions for that. I will talk about where that project is at in a bit.

Meetup newsletter

We are announcing our two August trainings in the newsletter, in addition to our regular “hey come get training with us” call-out.

@andreamiddleton is hoping to get it out this week, which would be great as it’ll be before our Saturday training.

@larryswanson and @miriamgoldman scheduled running a Sept training later in the month so that we’ll be able to be in the September newsletter for that as well.

Follow ups after Meetups have run our workshop

Currently it feels like we give them a lot of support up until they run it, and then no support after to check in how it went, giving them the chance to give us feedback, etc. Also there are some stats we’d like to collect for a report at the end of the year.

@dianewallace created a great draft, and when I showed it to @andreamiddleton I realized we need to put a lot more thought into the goals of what we are doing with this data.
After the initial convo with Andrea I have been giving it a lot of thought, and now together we are creating the next version of it.

I think it /might/ be close to done, and we’ll be able to start sending it out soon. Possibly! Depends a bit on my client schedule too, as I have been quite swamped this summer and that has delayed some things. It does look like I have some time opening up, so I hope to finish it.

I will keep everyone posted on the status of that.

Building A Diverse Speaker Roster

@tinat started working on a great draft for our “Building A Diverse Speaker Roster” document for the WordPress community at WCEU.
I have done the next draft of it recently, and now @andreamiddleton and I are working on the next version of that.

I think after a bit more work it’ll be ready for feedback from our team.

Workshop timeline

@anchen, one of our Train the Trainers participants, has taken the timeline that Vancouver used to run all 5 modules in 4 hours and has written it up in a format that anyone can use. I need to talk to the #training team to see where would be appropriate to put it in our training.

This timeline is ready for our team’s feedback. Please take a look and let me know any changes you think there should be:


Big Announcement: Global Diversity Working Group

@Laura from Germany is creating and leading a new Global Diversity Working Group.

It’s very exciting stuff!

The concept and how our group will connect with it are still in discussion… But this is what they and I are thinking so far:

Their group is going to be to connect people around the world to work together on getting the WordPress events like the Meetups and WordCamp to be more diverse and inclusive. <3 <3

It’ll likely be an umbrella working group that all the Diversity groups and projects will fall under, such as the Community Code of Conduct and our Diversity Outreach Speaker Training team.

If it goes the way we are envisioning, there will likely be cross-over opportunities for people to work on the diversity topics they are currently passionate about at any time. That means that we’ll have access to more people to work on ours, and you’ll have more opportunity to contribute to the diversity of WordPress in many areas, if you wish!

And of course to continue to help further the diversity of speakers, always. 😉

I think this is going to really help forward our team as well as put a spotlight and solutions on some much needed issues.

It is still in discussion if this is the right way to get more people involved. There are a lot of diversity projects that are possible and we would love to see as many folks passionate about this topic, as we all are, working on them.

It will be great to expand the resources available to community organizers as they work toward the goal the community team sets for all our people: to create welcoming, inclusive, and participatory events


Currently they are working on their mission statement and self concept. There is no action to take yet and no changes to our group yet.

However if anyone would like to help them with these initial parts, reach out to @Laura.
Currently their meetings are at 6:30am PT / 9:30am ET / 14:30pm UTC on the same days as ours. I believe that will be changing.

Running Our Workshop

Last official item for today is to chat about folks in our group running the workshop in their own cities and/or online, and then for those who feel inspired, run more trainings for the Train The Trainers.

How are folks doing with setting them up in their own cities? I know a handful were thinking of doing one this Fall…

With respect to setting up trainings in Seattle, we’ve talked about hosting more regular workshops, but summer is definitely keeping everyone busy. I’m hoping that we’ll have a more defined plan over the next couple of months.

Yes, excellent. I know you just ran one, and it’ll be great to start having more throughout the year.

Ok, wrapping up for today. If anything else comes up, you can reach out here or reach out to me after.

Thanks again everyone for all the group work you’re doing and that we are going to keep doing.

End: https://wordpress.slack.com/archives/C037W5S7X/p1534960030000100


Recap of the Diversity Outreach Speaker Training meeting on Aug 8, 2018

Attending: @jillbinder @miriamgoldman @angelasjin @webrite @lswanson @dianewallace @cguntur @ncsumarit

Start: https://wordpress.slack.com/archives/C037W5S7X/p1533747634000032


  • I have some quick recaps
  • Check in who else has recaps
  • Running our next train the trainers

Jill’s Recaps:

Summer has been slow. I don’t think any more groups have run it since our last meeting, though I know that Seattle is running our training this evening. Hooray!

We’ve had a trickle of a few more folks being interested in running it coming in through our HelpScout queue
(via our form here: http://tiny.cc/wpwomenspeak )

A lady in Germany is very interested in promoting our work. One of her questions for me is if anyone in our team attends WordCamps in Europe, particularly wordcamp nijmegen at start of september coming up.

@sheilagomes and @simo70 have been our most active Europe members so far, so I’m pinging them.

Though of course anyone in our group out in that area is welcome to respond.

Thanks to @kelliwise for promoting our group — we’ve had an influx of new members.

Miriam’s Recap:

Status quo here. Main thing is prepping for WordCamp Montreal this weekend. Our group is being featured in my talk.

I’ll be at WCLAX September 21-23 so will do outreach there as well.

@jillbinder: Wonderful! They are a hub of Women of WordPress out that way, so we might be able to leverage that to getting some to participate in the WordPress community along those same lines further and/or run these trainings themselves.

Melanie’s Recap:

I will be attending the September WordPress Toronto meeting where I will talk attendees about our group.

I will run the training for our group likely late September or early October.

Larry’s Recap:

I submitted our Train the Trainers lesson plan last week to the #training team. They haven’t accepted the pull request yet. If folks want to see the current draft, let me know.

I’ll be speaking at WC NYC Sept 15-16. Planning to do outreach there.

Chandrika’s Recap:

I have been working on the HelpScout.

Will have more time after the 15th. So, probably can do a bit more then.

Next Train The Trainers

@jillbinder: I’d like to talk about running our next Train the Trainers for the Meetups. We have gotten through a lot of our queue of meetups waiting to be trained and now we’re down to only around 10.

However, quite a few of those would like to run it this Fall, so I would like to see if we can get a training in in August.

I will be starting a school program in September, so I have a vested interest in getting more trainers on our team ready to be training. 😉

I propose:

  • Either folks watch Larry or I
  • Maybe even co-facilitate
  • If anyone wishes, they can even be the main facilitator and Larry or I can jump in as needed

A reminder that our current version is mostly hitting play on a recording, but there is a bit of speaking before, during, and after. We have that all scripted out!

The only “winging it” parts are the Q&A. But there you just answer what you can and let them know you’ll get back to them on anything you don’t know. If Larry or I are there, we can answer those ones.

@lswanson: I could do one Sat. 8/25.

+1 for co-facilitation – and for letting new folks lead with me or Jill as back-up.

@webrite: i would like to sit in on one, how do i make that happen

@jillbinder: @webrite That would be wonderful. We run them on Zoom, so you would be another “participant” on the Zoom call.

@webrite: I will be happy to join in and see this in action

@miriamgoldman: If you have it scripted out, I can do:

  • Labour Day weekend (September 1-2)
  • September 7-9
  • September 14-16
  • September 28-30

In terms of actually running the workshop, once I confirm my WordCamps for October, I’ll figure out when I can run it that month in Ottawa.

@angelasjin: I could do one during the last week of August
(although not on Monday the 27th)
I can do the weekend of September 8th as well.

@cguntur: How long is the training? 1hr? If it is 1 hr, then I can maybe do it on the 30th

@jillbinder: We leave up to 2 hours for it. The recording is 1h 20m, and there is time for talking before and after.

It is a good timeframe, and also we will probably look at shortening it in the future. @tinat found someone to shorten our video (I’m guessing it would shave 5-10 min), which I’m looking forward to finding out how that is going.

@jillbinder: I’ll be available to participate (and/or run) one of them. Looks like @lswanson will be able to do one as well. These all work for me except for Labour Day weekend. I’ll touch base with everyone else on their desired level of participation and work the trainings around that.

@ncsumarit: I’m hoping to run one with my colleagues in the Raleigh Meet-up in the fall and spring. I’m available to help run one in the future but should at least co-facilitate or attend one before then.

@jillbinder: Wonderful @ncsumarit! I forget if we have your info in our form yet so that we can follow up with you about this? http://tiny.cc/wpwomenspeak. Just to make sure we’re talking about the same thing, the ones that we are running right now are for training others in how to run it. Which is slightly different from just running it for a group. Though it would still be valuable to attend this if you wish.

@lswanson: To what @jillbinder just said about us all being on same page – if anyone has ideas about how to label our three activities – 1) local folks running the workshops, 2) community team folks training local organizers, 3) more experienced community folks training those trainers to run the trainings – I, for one, am all ears

@jillbinder: So far I am calling them Training and Train the Trainers. Other titles welcome.

@jillbinder: We will be using the calendar that @angelasjin set up for us last time to share with each other when the trainings are occurring.

@webrite: Where do I find the calendar.

@angelasjin: If you DM me your email address, I’ll add you to the calendar! Everyone who has access to the calendar should be able to add other folks to it as well.

@jillbinder: Thanks all for helping to move us all forward. I’m looking forward to the Fall when Meetups are in action and we are helping them diversify their speakers.

End: https://wordpress.slack.com/archives/C037W5S7X/p1533750137000481


Info For New Members To The Diversity Outreach Speaker Training Team

Creating this post to have everything in one easy link that I can share as we get new members.

Purpose of this team:

Call for Volunteers: Diversity Outreach Speaker Training

What we’ve done so far and where we’re going:

Diversity Speaker Outreach Training Group Onboarding / Summary

Current focus for main team members:

Run the workshop! In person or online. Let us know if you’d like training.

Please let us know if you run it. We keep track of where it’s been run for our own info, to report to the WordPress community, and for our annual stats.

Bi-weekly Meetings

We meet 2nd and 4th Wednesdays at 5pm UTC in the main WordPress Slack #community-team channel. Usually it’s 30 min and we allow for up to 60 min as needed.


Out in the world and on the Community blog, for now we use the hashtag #WPWomenSpeak

Promoting our work

We send out this link to the world to explain to folks what we’re doing and have them express interest in running the workshop and/or receiving training from us. Please help spread the word!