Recap of the Diversity Outreach Speaker Training meeting on June 13, 2018

Attending: @jillbinder, @lswanson, @dianewallace, @miriamgoldman, @simo70, @angelasjin




First item is where has the workshop been run since our last meeting.

As far as I know, the place who has run the workshop since our last meeting was Montreal. Yay @zoonini! (Who was one of the key coordinators and contributors of our current incarnation of our workshop work.)

So now there have been 12 who have run it! Pretty much halfway to the goal of 27 for the year. If we have one or two more run it in June then we are exactly on track. 🙂

If anyone else has run it, please do let us know.


I’m hoping that once I connect with Larry and get the training, I can run it here (Ottawa) in September. That’s my goal.


Yay @miriamgoldman. That would be great.

I’m a stats fiend and I can’t stats without all the stats, so I want to know who has run it. Haha.

On that note:

We are training up our team internally to start running workshops themselves. I think most folk have received the training now or will soon with Larry before end of June?

Call out to anyone we are missing in our team who wants it? Let me know here or after the meeting.

I am highly encouraging our team members to run it if they can. It’s the best way to understand what we are doing in our team. Plus it’ll make a huge difference in your community.

Said workshop being Speaker Training which has optional Diversity Outreach components to it.


A thank you to @dianewallace and @maryjob who are filling in for @cguntur while she is in transit on a plane for a few days: They’ve been answering our HelpScout queue (folks asking for workshop training) and filling out our spreadsheet.

Here is a big thing that is happening: WCEU Contributor Day is tomorrow!

@tinat is going to be there and will lead items for our team.

In order of priority from highest to lowest, this is the list:

Likely asking for help from the WordPress TV Team:

  1.    Edit out the stumbles and pauses in our train the trainers video

Community Team:

  1.    For the Handbook- Write “How to build a diverse speaker roster”
  2.    Which Meetups have run our Speaker Training? Looking through the Meetup titles.

Training Team:

  1. Changing some of the workshop material with better methods I have learned since then
  2. Fixing some of the workshop material errors

It’s quite a bit, so I don’t expect all of it to get tackled. They’re all the options.

Any of these items that we don’t get to tomorrow will be available for anyone to pick up and do after. 🙂

I also have a little side project for anyone who has short amounts of ongoing availability for a small item that will have a huge impact:

It would be great if we could start following up with the folks who have run the workshop. Find out what worked, what didn’t, what they needed to change for their region in the world, what kind of support they would like next, and anything else they would like us to know.

Any volunteers who are here today?


I’d love to tag-team with someone on that.


I can help out following up.


Ohh, great idea @miriamgoldman. It could be a multiple person thing. And I know you’re too busy to be solo on something like this, you go-getter you.

Yeah @dianewallace! Alright, I will speak with you both after. It could be up to 3 people, so any other volunteers now or who are reading this later are also welcome.

There are some Meetups who would like to get trained soon for their upcoming WordCamps. Like within a few weeks from now.

If anyone feels comfortable running the recording and answering questions (and send me the questions you can’t answer), please let me know.

And if not yet but you want to work up to it, you could always shadow when myself or when @lswanson runs it.

I’m thinking of possibly even @angelasjin, @MelanieMartin, @cguntur? 🙂  Shadowing?


Yes please!


Other folks are welcome too, I just named them because they have expressed interest in doing this in particular. 🙂

The rest of the time is open discussion.

Any other questions or comments? Anything around running the workshop yourselves? Anything else? 🙂


Alright, I think this is a wrap.

Thank you all for all you bring, whether it’s doing things, bringing your energy, your ideas, etc.

I’m glad to have you here.




Recap of the Diversity Outreach Speaker Training meeting on May 30th, 2018


@jillbinder @sheilagomes @caroleo @Kelli Wise @lswanson


Ok, first a report on speaker diversity workshops ran since our last meeting. Verona, Italy ran the workshop last week.

At least a couple more are scheduled in early June.

We haven’t run any trainings as I’ve been focused on the logistics of trainings for our team.

I’ve been having folks fill out a doodle poll. If you haven’t yet, please do!

This is for running a training just internal for our group, so that more of our own members can start running it themselves.

The best dates right now are Monday, June 4, Wednesday, June 6, and Wednesday, June 13.

June 13 has the highest but I feel like it’s far away. I’m thinking we should run one sooner.

The folks who can’t make it those 3 days have different availabilities from each other. I had been thinking I’d run a second one, but a third might be needed…..?

Also I haven’t asked him yet but it’s possible that @lswanson could run one on a weekend if that would be helpful for people.

Any thoughts from those here today on the current votes and if a weekend day would be useful?

Alright, well I’ll chat with folks about it.

So for the rest of the time I wanted to talk about obstacles you’re having to running the workshop.

As mentioned last week, we’re a microcosm of the larger community. Our obstacles reflect what we’ll be helping folks with.

@caroleo, I know you’ve been working through some issues for running it. Can you remind us what those were?



My obstacles are other projects and limited amount of time

I was and I am involved in the organisation of 3 different WordCamps in the past 8 months.



I think you said you’d be able to do it later in the year, possibly?

Were you the one asking about venue sponsorships?



It’s getting better for me after WCEU.

Yes, that should be feasible.

Nope I don’t think so.



Yes, I can do a weekend training in June. June 2 and 23 best bets for me, but I can work with Doodle results.



Great! Let’s PM about times on those days and I’ll add them.

If people want weekend dates. I’ll check.


@Kelli Wise

I think I could run it if there’s a meetup that wants it.



Alright! Nothing to figure out on this topic today. That’s ok!

Let’s wrap up in 10 min. Does anyone have any questions, concerns, comments, etc on this or anything else in our group’s work?



Not yet.


@Kelli Wise

No questions here.



Between Confab last week and long holiday weekend, I’m a little discombobulated – should be back on even keel by weekend.



Thanks, @lswanson! We knew in advance that that was happening. Thanks again for the work you’re doing behind the scenes on the material for our two trainings: the main workshops and the training to teach people how to run the workshops! We’ll stay in touch on it, of course.

The Training team has asked me to give a report in tomorrow’s meeting about where our materials are at. You sound busy Larry so I’ll do up the report, but if you have the time to look it over before tomorrow at noon that would be helpful.



Will do.

Assuming the train-the-trainer lesson plan should still top my list?



Yes. The other one is waiting for me to send you items. And it is lower priority.



Action item list:

  1. Fill out the doodle poll for our internal trainings

  1. Let me know if you want weekend dates for our internal trainings. Larry is available June 2 and 23.
  2. Give me your thoughts on waiting until June 13 or doing one sooner, this coming week: June 4 or June 6
  3. The ones who can’t make those days have scattered availability. What should we do for that?

Alright. Thanks all for joining today. I feel that we’re in a great spot of forward motion and I’m looking forward to what we’re doing next, having more folks in the team run the workshop and then be more empowered to do more within the team!


/end meeting


Recap of the Diversity Outreach Speaker Training meeting on May 16th, 2018


@jillbinder @cguntur @meher @angelajin @simo70 @caroleo @sheilagomes @kelliwise @laryswan @zoonini


TL;DR: @jillbinder reiterated that our goal is to have 27 WordPress meetups run the workshop in 2018 (so far, we are at 10). We discussed promoting #WPWomenSpeak and that the new focus is having members of the team start running the workshop themselves in their cities/towns or online. We discussed their roadblocks, particularly increasing financial support for workshops (as related to booking venues and printing materials) and getting trained to run it.

Continue reading

Diversity Speaker Outreach Training Group Onboarding / Summary

My team asked me for a summary of what has been done so far so that it’s easier for them to onboard and start helping.

I put it in today’s meeting, and I’d like to have a separate post for it so that I have something to point to for the new folks joining us.

*waves hello to future new folks*




Speaker Training [and Diversity Outreach] workshops were created in the past. They have been extremely successful and this team was formed to promote the work and train folks globally to run it. (They are here:


  • Gotten volunteers for this team
  • Created a core message that we can send out about our workshop and what our team offers
  • Created a form that interested Meetups can fill out
  • Started promoting our message and form (
  • Started training the Meetups who request it on how to run our workshops
  • Recorded a “train the trainers” video so that it is easy to keep running


  • Improving the “train the trainers” workshop
  • Continuing to run “train the trainers” training for Meetups
  • Encouraging more people on our team run the workshop, in person or online
  • Encouraging more people on our team to train others to run the workshop


  • The cycle of promotions and training becomes a self-perpetuating system that continuously expands to reach more and more Meetups.
  • Our team decides how the material changes over time. When people make suggestions, because we’ve run it, we know what would work and what would not.



Thanks and welcome to the group. We look forward to working with you!



Diversity Outreach Speaker Training Meeting Length Is Changing

As mentioned in the Recap of our last meeting, we had a poll regarding our meeting length.

I originally created the 30 minute meeting time thinking that would be plenty, but we always feel so rushed. I proposed extending it to an hour.

We took a poll in the team and the 6 who replied voted 100% in favour of extending it to an hour.

The bi-weekly meetings will now be: 5pm – 6pm UTC
They are still every other Wednesday, and the next one will be in a week from now.



Recap of the Diversity Outreach Speaker Training meeting on May 2nd, 2018


@jillbinder @cguntur @miriamgoldman @meher @Angela Jin @simo70 @kelliwise


We are going to jump into the priority list today.


This is how I coded it:

  • If a result was all blue, meaning everyone voted that it was Urgent I gave it a 7 and the deepest green
  • 6 was normal Urgency voting
  • 5 was only one vote different from Not Urgent
  • 4 was Tie
  • 3 was only one vote different from Urgent
  • 2 was normal Not Urgent
  • and 1 was everyone voted Not Urgent

I haven’t had the chance to look at the order within it,

but I do agree that Work with the WordPress Training team to design and test a “train the trainer” curriculum for training the Meetups to do our workshop (Training WP Meetups to run our workshop) is most important right now.

It is holding up meetups from running the workshop, as many are waiting for our training.

This is something that @laryswan and I are moving ahead on.

I’m wondering about the last item, it was marked as Not Urgent and Not Important. Will people remember to come to the meeting without having the meeting reminders?

@Angela Jin

I think so, especially if they are at the same time every other week. If we have an anomaly, the reminders are helpful


It is better to have an meeting reminder. It helps people to be ready at that time.


I think it is better to have a reminder. Especially the one hour and 5 min reminders.


Ok. If even one person wants it, as it’s not a big deal to do, we’ll keep it.

That means nothing is eliminated from the list, as everything else was urgent or important! Looking at the list, does anyone think something should be in a different priority spot?


It looks good to me


And I think I’ll add another column right now for who is doing what currently while you’re looking it over

Chandrika has some items she’d like to ask if others can take over now and/or in a month from now… I’ll mark her name next to the ones she’s doing now


Nope, all looks good to me.


Looks good to me as well


The big thing on my list is the meeting recap – anybody willing to take it up?


I would, but I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to make it each week. Sorry.


I was thinking the recaps could be less intensive if we mostly copy and paste the whole meeting, and just remove extra things that aren’t necessary.


The next thing is – anybody willing to do the meeting reminders? One reminder an hour before the meeting and another one 5 min before the meeting


I can do that @cguntur. At least 95% of the time, lol


Awesome! Would you know in advance when you can’t so you can ask if someone else can do it?


Yup, I’d know that morning at the latest, but I could normally give 24 hours notice!


Thank you @miriamgoldman


Ok, if we agree that the order is about right, I started marking who is currently doing what for the top items.


Empowering members of our group to do more (Teamwork)

Any suggestions for how we can do this?

@Angela Jin

This isn’t quite a suggestion, but perhaps can add some perspective? I think my “barrier to entry” is understanding where I can help out. You’ve got this great list of items, but coming in at this point, it seems like there is a lot of historical knowledge that I’m missing out on.

So perhaps a suggestion: could we buddy up on some tasks?


That, and maybe some sort of onboarding for new team members?


Yeah those sound good


I like the buddying up idea… that might even help me pass items on to other people if we start with buddying.

@Angela Jin

I’ve watched the training videos, and while they’re super helpful, I admit that I like the security of trying this out with someone first before jumping into it on my own


@miriamgoldman Tell me more about onboarding


Well, like Angela said, there’s a lot of historical background. Perhaps tied in with buddies, giving a history of the team, what has been done thus far, etc.


@Angela Jin is talking about being on our mini sub team Train the Trainers. That’s a great idea, Angela. @miriamgoldman So far I’ve been giving people a link to read all our meeting recaps… though at this point it might be a lot of reading!


Yeah – maybe a condensed version of past meeting recaps then?


I can add to our to do list creating a summary, and keeping that summary up to date?


Yeah that’s what I was thinking….


For what’s on the list right now, if anyone wants to do anything, whether it currently has a name next to it or not, that would be very welcome.


That would be nice. It is a little weird to jump in


Would anyone here be willing to buddy up with me for creating the summary?

@Angela Jin

I’d be happy to read a draft summary and ask questions from a newbie perspective. Would that be helpful?


Yes, definitely. Thanks!


so, to clarify – the items in red with urgency of 1 are the most important?


Ah, good question, I went the other way. 7 out of 7 most important, 1 out of 7 least important.

I went with green go and red stop.


Thanks. I was interpreting it backwards, then.


I created the 30 minute meeting time at the start thinking that would be plenty, but we always feel so rushed. I’m wondering what people think about having the meeting be an hour.


I think that’ll depend on the agenda. But, going forward, we might need more than 30 min


Or maybe someone else can create the poll for us! Anyone willing to do this?


I’ll do that.


Thanks @miriamgoldman!


We are at the end of the meeting time, but if anyone wants to stay to keep chatting they are welcome. We have a starting point and some great ideas!


Recap of the Diversity Outreach Speaker Training meeting on April 18th, 2018 + Action Needed

Start time stamp in Community-Team Slack –

Attending: @jillbinder @zoonini @cristiano.zanca @larryswanson @simo70 @Mary Job @tinat @meher


@jillbinder Not too much activity to report on the Meetups. I don’t think we’ve had any more Meetups sign up to run the workshop since our last meeting. The one that has run it in the time since was @simo70 at WordCamp Torino in Italy.

There are many who are waiting for training. Our Train the Trainers team have some training and scheduling things to work out.

I have a new project for our team. Somehow it has happened that behind the scenes, @cguntur and I, the co-leaders of this group, have amassed quite a long to do list. I started getting fearful of the list and doing fewer of the items on it, and I was reminded that the list should be prioritized, and it should not be I who prioritizes it. It really should be the priorities of our group. And so I have put together a google form for us:

Basically I would like the end result to be knowing what is “important” and “urgent”, and then in our meeting in 2 weeks we will finalize our priority order based on these.

I’d like to use the time today having us look over the form, ask me questions about anything that’s unclear, etc.

I have each section repeated twice so that there is a section for Urgent and another for Important.

@larryswanson I like accounting for both urgency and importance.  First thought is that rather than a binary choice, maybe offer a continuum. That said, definitely good to make us choose at some point

@jillbinder Good thoughts. Although I think it’s important for prioritizing to make that binary choice.

@tinat Are we voting for both? For example, what we think is urgent and what we think is important (and can not necessarily be both)?

@jillbinder Voting for both separately. Each section is repeated twice — once for urgency and once for importance. If I have typos in there that make it look like you’re voting for urgent vs. important, let me know.

Are there any items that you want more clarification on?

@larryswanson Questions look clear to me.

@jillbinder Just a note that of course you’ll be able to ask anything later, but I might not always be available while you are filling it out. (In which case you could mark those as N/A and come back and edit your answer later.)

I’m looking forward to everyone’s responses on prioritizing the to do list!

[Edit: Responses will be due end of day Sunday, Apr 29 so that we have time before the next meeting on Wednesday, May 2 to work with it.]


@tinat and @meher pointed out that the meeting was an hour earlier than they thought it would be. @jillbinder takes responsibility for confusing the time. We are staying with 5pm UTC from now on, so the rest of the meetings until the Fall will be at 1pm in New York time (rather than today’s which was at noon in New York time).

End time stamp in Community-Team Slack –


Recap of the Diversity Outreach Speaker Training meeting on April 4th, 2018

Start time stamp in Community-Team Slack –

Attending: @jillbinder @cguntur @simo70 @larryswanson @zoonini  @jenswish @torlowski @miriamgoldman

Today’s Agenda

  • Updates on where things are at
  • Promotions
  • Questions / discussions / anything on your mind for the team

Updates on where things are at

There were no workshops run since our last meeting. @jillbinder said we’re at 7 for the year so far and we’re about to have a whole lot more which is awesome. 17 people are waiting to be trained to run it and a handful more are running it without our training. We have 29 who have run it or are planning to run it this year! Assuming they all happen, we will exceed our goal for the year of 27. And we do expect quite a few more to want to run it as well. We’re doing great!

@jillbinder recorded a train the trainer video with the goal of creating something that the Train the Trainers team (a mini group within our group) and Jill will be able to use to run trainings easily. It was the hybrid version which is running through an overview of the material and doing a little bit of some of the exercises so they get a feeling of doing it.

Getting through 5 modules in 1h 20 min feels a bit rushed, but the 2 meetups Jill did it with who are planning on running it soon seemed happy and seemed confident to be able to run it.

Some of them on the Train The Trainers team found it hard to follow because it was too much in a short time. So they are planning on working through some improvements to it. Particularly the length of time it takes to run it, as 1 hour and 20 min is long. We want it to be an hour if we can.

@Jillbinder also has the completed slides in time for that training. Even though there were some issues with the slides, the ones getting trained seemed content with it. All 5 modules are in one set of slides so that they can be run in any order. I think we’re keeping those slides, and @larryswanson is also planning on creating some “most common configurations” of the modules that people can grab and use.

The last time Jill ran the training she only did 1 module and the folks who did that version have been running only that module. In this training she showed all 5 modules and this new group seemed really excited to run all 5 modules in 4 hours like it was done in Vancouver.

Promotions & Questions / discussions / anything on your mind for the team

@miriamgoldman is planning to run the workshop in Ottawa sometime soon.

We are promoting the form on this page – to let people know about these and to sign up to let us know that they are running them and/or that they would like training to run them. When someone is promoting, they can use material from that link & promote that link and use the hashtag #WPWomenSpeak

@torlowski said she is working on planning the WCPGH 18 currently. She said they had about 1/2 female speakers last year, but would love to see some diversity which is awesome.

As a note to everyone, particularly those running this for a WordCamp, ideally people in the workshop have the chance to practice at meetups first and then apply for WordCamp. Though we know that isn’t always possible, and it’s totally ok if they go straight from this to applying for WordCamp.

End time stamp in Community-Team Slack –


Recap of the Diversity Outreach Speaker Training meeting on March 21st, 2018

Start time stamp in Community-Team Slack –

Attending:  @jillbinder @cguntur @sheilagomes @larryswanson @Angela Jin @AfshanaDiya

Today’s Agenda

  • Reporting which places have run the workshop since our last meeting
  • Promotions we’ve done and can do
  • Update on where our train the trainers team is at
  • Get your thoughts and ideas on anything else relating to our team

The places that have run the workshop since our last meeting 2 weeks ago:

  • São Paulo
  • Online for remote, small cities in Italy
  • Milan

A special shout out goes to @sheilagomes and @simo70. Between them they have run 5 of the 7 workshops (that have been run at official WordPress things) this year, and they both have more planned to do as well!

Our goal was 27 meetups and some of these are at non official meetup spaces. There are WordCamps, events related to WordCamps, etc. If a corporate place is WordPress, then I’ve been counting it.

We have a list of 21 who have run it or are planning on running it. Our list is here:


A good handful of folks have retweeted the WordCamp US tweet, including WordCamp Central – thanks!

@miriamgoldman and @caroleo both talked to participants about it at WordCamp Miami while they were networking.

@jillbinder was a speaker at a local, fun, Vancouver event where she promoted this workshop to general public, that had some WordPress, other tech, and non-tech folks in it. In addition to getting the word out to WordPress folks, it was also to further her next goal of spreading this work beyond WordPress.

@sheilagomes has been spreading the word among the translators’ and developers’ groups that she is part of including a python devs group.

@larryswanson has been re-tweeting and sharing posts. He is the speaker wrangler for WCSEA18 and said they will be doing the training in Seattle. He is also planning to reach out to local PHP, JS, and other communities.

We got featured in the first WordPress Meetups newsletter last month from @andreamiddleton and their team, and we’ll be featured again in the one going out shortly. We are going to send out in each newsletter which places ran it since the last newsletter, to show people our momentum and to give people incentive to want to see their city/place on this list.

@jillbinder is now doing public speaking to non-WordPress specific groups and she has created a url that points to the workshop –

The description that we created on can be used as a boiler plate for the promo materials. That is the link that we’re promoting in all our WordPress promotions.

@AfshanaDiya said many girls seems to be interested in the diversity training in Dhaka, but not many women are attending the meetups. She is trying to increase the number of women attending the local meetups. She is planning to start a small initiative using FB communities similar to @miriamgoldman

We as a group suggested creating a women’s only meetups to encourage more women to attend the meetups similar to the women’s meetup in Seattle.

We also discussed about promoting on Facebook. The following is one suggested format if you would like to promote the Diversity Outreach Speaker Training on Facebook:


Have you ever had trouble getting women and other underrepresented groups to speak at your meetups and WordCamps?

There’s a workshop for this that really works, and we want to bring it to as many WordPress communities as possible.

Interested? Fill out this form:



@AfshanaDiya said she will take on a project to interview people about how to reach more women. She said she can write a post about this for Make WordPress Community. If you are interested in volunteering to be interviewed for this, please leave a comment.

Update on our train the trainers team

We’re still working on running the first official, to be recorded for widespread use train the trainers session. We need it soon as there are workshops running soon, and @jillbinder and I are hard at work at setting this up.

Thoughts and ideas on anything else relating to our team

We talked briefly about similar initiatives in other tech communities. One of the biggest ones is @jillbinder is in touch with the creator of that and they are sharing material and promotion ideas.

End meeting time stamp –


Recap of the Diversity Outreach Speaker Training meeting on March 7th, 2018

Start time stamp in Community-Team Slack –

Attending:  @jillbinder @cguntur @zoonini

Today’s Agenda

  • Co-leader!
  • Meetups update
  • Promotions update
  • Train the trainers update
  • Workshop material update
  • Discussions, questions, volunteers, etc.

Co Leader

I am happy to say that I am stepping into the role of the co-leader along with @jillbinder. If anyone else would also like to join our co-leading team, please shoot a message to @jillbinder.

Meetups update

8 Meetups have filled in our form to let us know they are going to run the Diversity Speakers workshop.

Places that have run it so far this year:

São Bernardo do Campo
A private company’s internal team

Places that are about to run it in the next couple of weeks:

São Paulo

Our goal is to run 27 workshops this year, and we are right on track. It looks quite likely we’ll have 7 or 8 in the first three months.

Promotions update

The promotions for our form are going well:

@andreamiddleton sent it out in the brand-new newsletter for Meetups. @miriamgoldman promoted it on Slack for Canada and in Canadian Facebook communities. @jillbinder promoted it in Vancouver Slack and Facebook Canada and @jenswish posted it to WordCamp US Twitter.

It will be awesome if more folks can re-tweet this –

If there have been any other promotions, please let @jillbinder know about that.

Train the trainers update

In the last meeting we were discussing the format for training Meetups to run the workshop…

We now have a new Train the Trainers team who are coming up with a plan.

They are working on some ideas based on the discussions from last time about how to run a hybrid training. It won’t be too long before this finalized as there are a couple of groups who would like to run it fairly soon and would like to be trained.

It will most likely be a recording that we can spread around. Jill will talk to the team to see if they would like to be “participants” in that recording. Having two participants would be ideal and Jill will reach out to the team if she needs people for that recording.

Workshop material update

Jill has been working to finish up the workshop itself and also on how to handle the workshop when it is split into several modules. That helps if people want to run just one part of the workshop or run them consecutively. The handbooks are now up at

The slides are almost ready. They are based on the work that Seattle did when they ran the workshop. Jill is working to refine them.

@sheilagomes has run the workshop twice and is about to do a third. She has her own version of the slides in Portugese (first module only).

Just a reminder of the types of promotions we can do:

  • Writing articles
  • Speaking about it in the Slack groups of countries
  • Speaking about it in Facebook groups
  • Speaking to people about it at WordCamps
  • People who are already doing Diversity work, ask for a mention in their talks or a tweet out to their followers
  • Asking former workshop attendees to write articles about how attending the workshop affected them
  • which posts to YouTube


You can use this hashtag for your promotion tweets: #WPWomenSpeak.

If you want to see all the recaps easily in one place, we’re using that same tag to mark them. So they’re all here:

In Summary:

  • We need more people promoting the workshop
  • We will soon have a recording (likely) for the train the trainers workshop

End meeting time stamp –