Recap of the Diversity Outreach Speaker Training meeting on Aug 8, 2018

Attending: @jillbinder @miriamgoldman @angelasjin @webrite @lswanson @dianewallace @cguntur @ncsumarit



  • I have some quick recaps
  • Check in who else has recaps
  • Running our next train the trainers

Jill’s Recaps:

Summer has been slow. I don’t think any more groups have run it since our last meeting, though I know that Seattle is running our training this evening. Hooray!

We’ve had a trickle of a few more folks being interested in running it coming in through our HelpScout queue
(via our form here: )

A lady in Germany is very interested in promoting our work. One of her questions for me is if anyone in our team attends WordCamps in Europe, particularly wordcamp nijmegen at start of september coming up.

@sheilagomes and @simo70 have been our most active Europe members so far, so I’m pinging them.

Though of course anyone in our group out in that area is welcome to respond.

Thanks to @kelliwise for promoting our group — we’ve had an influx of new members.

Miriam’s Recap:

Status quo here. Main thing is prepping for WordCamp Montreal this weekend. Our group is being featured in my talk.

I’ll be at WCLAX September 21-23 so will do outreach there as well.

@jillbinder: Wonderful! They are a hub of Women of WordPress out that way, so we might be able to leverage that to getting some to participate in the WordPress community along those same lines further and/or run these trainings themselves.

Melanie’s Recap:

I will be attending the September WordPress Toronto meeting where I will talk attendees about our group.

I will run the training for our group likely late September or early October.

Larry’s Recap:

I submitted our Train the Trainers lesson plan last week to the #training team. They haven’t accepted the pull request yet. If folks want to see the current draft, let me know.

I’ll be speaking at WC NYC Sept 15-16. Planning to do outreach there.

Chandrika’s Recap:

I have been working on the HelpScout.

Will have more time after the 15th. So, probably can do a bit more then.

Next Train The Trainers

@jillbinder: I’d like to talk about running our next Train the Trainers for the Meetups. We have gotten through a lot of our queue of meetups waiting to be trained and now we’re down to only around 10.

However, quite a few of those would like to run it this Fall, so I would like to see if we can get a training in in August.

I will be starting a school program in September, so I have a vested interest in getting more trainers on our team ready to be training. 😉

I propose:

  • Either folks watch Larry or I
  • Maybe even co-facilitate
  • If anyone wishes, they can even be the main facilitator and Larry or I can jump in as needed

A reminder that our current version is mostly hitting play on a recording, but there is a bit of speaking before, during, and after. We have that all scripted out!

The only “winging it” parts are the Q&A. But there you just answer what you can and let them know you’ll get back to them on anything you don’t know. If Larry or I are there, we can answer those ones.

@lswanson: I could do one Sat. 8/25.

+1 for co-facilitation – and for letting new folks lead with me or Jill as back-up.

@webrite: i would like to sit in on one, how do i make that happen

@jillbinder: @webrite That would be wonderful. We run them on Zoom, so you would be another “participant” on the Zoom call.

@webrite: I will be happy to join in and see this in action

@miriamgoldman: If you have it scripted out, I can do:

  • Labour Day weekend (September 1-2)
  • September 7-9
  • September 14-16
  • September 28-30

In terms of actually running the workshop, once I confirm my WordCamps for October, I’ll figure out when I can run it that month in Ottawa.

@angelasjin: I could do one during the last week of August
(although not on Monday the 27th)
I can do the weekend of September 8th as well.

@cguntur: How long is the training? 1hr? If it is 1 hr, then I can maybe do it on the 30th

@jillbinder: We leave up to 2 hours for it. The recording is 1h 20m, and there is time for talking before and after.

It is a good timeframe, and also we will probably look at shortening it in the future. @tinat found someone to shorten our video (I’m guessing it would shave 5-10 min), which I’m looking forward to finding out how that is going.

@jillbinder: I’ll be available to participate (and/or run) one of them. Looks like @lswanson will be able to do one as well. These all work for me except for Labour Day weekend. I’ll touch base with everyone else on their desired level of participation and work the trainings around that.

@ncsumarit: I’m hoping to run one with my colleagues in the Raleigh Meet-up in the fall and spring. I’m available to help run one in the future but should at least co-facilitate or attend one before then.

@jillbinder: Wonderful @ncsumarit! I forget if we have your info in our form yet so that we can follow up with you about this? Just to make sure we’re talking about the same thing, the ones that we are running right now are for training others in how to run it. Which is slightly different from just running it for a group. Though it would still be valuable to attend this if you wish.

@lswanson: To what @jillbinder just said about us all being on same page – if anyone has ideas about how to label our three activities – 1) local folks running the workshops, 2) community team folks training local organizers, 3) more experienced community folks training those trainers to run the trainings – I, for one, am all ears

@jillbinder: So far I am calling them Training and Train the Trainers. Other titles welcome.

@jillbinder: We will be using the calendar that @angelasjin set up for us last time to share with each other when the trainings are occurring.

@webrite: Where do I find the calendar.

@angelasjin: If you DM me your email address, I’ll add you to the calendar! Everyone who has access to the calendar should be able to add other folks to it as well.

@jillbinder: Thanks all for helping to move us all forward. I’m looking forward to the Fall when Meetups are in action and we are helping them diversify their speakers.



Info For New Members To The Diversity Outreach Speaker Training Team

Creating this post to have everything in one easy link that I can share as we get new members.

Purpose of this team:

Call for Volunteers: Diversity Outreach Speaker Training

What we’ve done so far and where we’re going:

Diversity Speaker Outreach Training Group Onboarding / Summary

Current focus for main team members:

Run the workshop! In person or online. Let us know if you’d like training.

Please let us know if you run it. We keep track of where it’s been run for our own info, to report to the WordPress community, and for our annual stats.

Bi-weekly Meetings

We meet 2nd and 4th Wednesdays at 5pm UTC in the main WordPress Slack #community-team channel. Usually it’s 30 min and we allow for up to 60 min as needed.


Out in the world and on the Community blog, for now we use the hashtag #WPWomenSpeak

Promoting our work

We send out this link to the world to explain to folks what we’re doing and have them express interest in running the workshop and/or receiving training from us. Please help spread the word!

Recap of the Diversity Outreach Speaker Training meeting on July 11, 2018

Attending: @jillbinder, @miriamgoldman



  • We had one or two new sign-ups to run our diversity speakers training workshop since our last meeting.
  • I don’t think any new groups have run it.
  • We get most of our signups from the monthly Meetup newsletter. There have been fewer lately but usually at least one comes in. It’s been our best promotion so far so it’s worth always doing.
  • The other best way to get the word out so far is talking about it at WordCamps, so a reminder to please keep doing that.


  • The schedule for WordCamp Montreal has been released, so I can talk about my talk now.
  • I’ll be talking about the importance of community, and how to get involved. When I get to the “get involved” portion, I’ll be talking about our team, and the important work we are doing, and how it helps the WordPress community evolve.
  • I’m hoping that I can get a case study to include. It’s a full length talk, so our team will get a significant feature.


  • Seattle is an excellent case study. They ran our workshop many times last year in different parts of Seattle, and between that and other efforts that they made, they had the highest number of women speakers at WordCamp Seattle 2017. 60%!
  • And quite a few of them joined *our* team because they benefited from it so much they wanted to give back.
  • It would be worth interviewing them to find out what other changes happened in their community as a result.


  • Oh, yes. Open call then to anyone on the team! Please contact me if you don’t mind being interviewed and having some bullet points featured in a WordCamp talk!


  • Montreal too. They’ve been doing amazing work with the workshop for years and have had amazing results in their community. @zoonini is the contact for that, of course.


  • That would actually make sense to tie in…since I’m speaking in Montreal. OK, will ping @zoonini later!


  • Oh yeah, of course. Speaking in Montreal and talking about how this work affected *their* community.
  • It would be nice if we get new cities too… which brings me to my main agenda item for today.
  • We are close to being ready to start following up with Meetups to find out how the workshop went for them, and to collect some more info as well.
  • @dianewallace and @miriamgoldman will be on this for us. I’m just in discussion right now with @andreamiddleton about some of the bigger picture items about it.
  • So we have a draft of questions to send to the Meetups, but Andrea and I are talking about the purpose behind it and given the purpose, how to let folks know how it’ll be used and if it should be long-form email questions or short-form likert questionnaire questions.
  • I’m currently partial to keeping it long-form and informal. Part of what I think the purpose is is to give folks support and care after they have run it. We help them all the way up and them boom, drop them. But we want to hear how it went, what can be improved, etc.
  • Also global WordPress is interested in hearing about what kinds of changes do different regions need to make, which can inform other global WordPress initiatives.
  • So this is the current draft, and it is subject to change:


We’re thrilled that you recently ran a Diversity Outreach Speaker Training and we would love to get some feedback from you on what worked and what we could improve.

1. Did you run it for a specific underrepresented group or for your general community? If a group, which one?

2. What worked well in the material provided?

3. Is there anything we could do to improve the material?

4. Did you find the workshop relevant for your region in the world? Did you have to change anything to make it work?

5. Finally, please feel free to give us any other feedback or ideas you would like to share we us.

Kind Regards,

The Diversity Outreach Speaker Training Team

  • I’m interested to hear what you think the bigger purpose should be, if you have any thoughts on that, anyone here or who is reading later.
  • I’ll likely defer to what @andreamiddleton thinks it should be, but it doesn’t hurt for us to think about it too. I sent her a proposal of my own thoughts, but that was right before this meeting so we haven’t discussed that yet.
  • But I was thinking that:

#1 (which group and what did they change for their region)
#4 (change for their region)

could be published for all,

and the rest would just be for our own info.
For example I heard from 2 groups early this year that slides were needed, so I made slides.


  • Agreed. Maybe #5 if there is anything that would be worth sharing publically.


  • So kind of an ongoing changes as needed as they make sense situation.


  • 2-3 would definitely help us evolve the material. Which should always be evolving over time!


  • Yes it should! Always be evolving. I can’t tell you how much evolution it has already gone under since we started it in 2013!
  • Ohh, maybe something about letting us know changes to the community, too. Like if speakers step up to be organizers and leaders.


  • Agreed on the changes to the community! I’m a perfect example of that, lol


  • Yes! Sooo wonderful, @miriamgoldman!
  • I also want to follow up with people in our team about their plans for running it, and if anyone wants to start training, or sitting in on train the trainers that @lswanson and I run.
  • Which is best done after they’ve run it themselves, but doesn’t /have/ to wait for that.


  • I’m hoping to get started on training later this summer/early fall.
  • As for taking on a trainer role, from the train the trainers training I did, that will be around the same time

My focus is currently on WCMTL


  • Yes of course. That is a big focus! And will be a big benefit to our team, too.
  • I believe @lswanson is still working on getting our Train The Trainers version of the workshop up online.
  • As posted yesterday, our meetings are now on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays!


  • I’ve updated my calendar accordingly so I can send out reminders as appropriate!


  • Thanks for the great work you who is here and the folks who aren’t here today, many of whom are pushing things forward for us — mostly as discussed in the last meeting.
  • Next meeting in 2 weeks, on the 4th Wednesday. 🙂




Slight change to Diversity Outreach Speaker Training meeting schedule

Currently the team’s meetings are every other Wednesday.

To make life easier for all, starting today/tomorrow (Wednesday, July 11th, 2018) it will be the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays a month.

Still at 5pm UTC in the #community-team channel on Slack.




Recap of the Diversity Outreach Speaker Training meeting on June 27, 2018

Start time stamp in Community-Team Slack

Attending: @jillbinder @miriamgoldman @dianewallace



Reports on what folks in the team are working on




A theme for today: People in our team have been doing great things and some of the items are stalled because I have been in heavy client deadline land for the last few weeks.


@jillbinder‘s report:

@lswanson and @jillbinder have been focusing on getting our team trained up so that we can start running the workshop, training others to run the workshop, and make group decisions.

I thiiiiink everyone in our team who wanted training has gotten it? Let me know. Plus we always get new members and we’ll want to train them too. We’ll keep running them of course. For internal to our team and external to our team.


@lswanson’s report:

@larryswanson ran a Train the Trainers session for our team on Saturday. He thinks it went well and says that @miriamgoldman @angelasjin and @Kelli Wise can let us know.

One of the things he’s working on is getting our Train the Trainers workshop up in the new #training Team’s GitHub system. “I hit a glitch in my GitHub learning experience so the train-the-trainer training lesson plan isn’t up there yet. Hope to get to that by the end of the week.”


@miriamgoldman‘s report:

@miriamgoldman: I can confirm @larryswanson’s report. It was fantastic. I have my notes at home.
I participated in the Train the Trainers workshop. Very good. My next step is to review the initial training video, and get myself comfortable with the curriculum.

@jillbinder: Awesome. We also have a recording of the first module fully played out (and with additional teacher notes) so that is available for anyone who wants to understand further.

@miriamgoldman: After that, I will set my availability to train others – being on the east coast it will help to have options. I will also be running the workshop MYSELF, upon determination of WordCamp Ottawa’s dates.

I will be working with @dianewallace on following up with those who have held the workshop. We just have a few logistics to clear up before before that can commence.

The obvious, I’ve been doing the reminders for the meetings. And organically promoting our team where I go.
I will be at WordCamp Montreal, and will be promoting our group there.

I’ve applied to WCLAX and WCPhilly so hopefully I will get in and promote there too. Also applied to WCUS too.

That’s it for our team. Since it’s a long weekend here, I plan to continue my community deputy training as well.

@jillbinder: Hey, a favour — while you’re going through Deputy training, could you tell me if anything is relevant to our group? That is an item that @andreamiddleton thought might be helpful for me in our team but it’s a long training and it went to the bottom of my to do list…

Our group is sort of in a no person’s land in between ready-made WordPress group structures, so she and I have been pulling and guessing here and there as to what is useful.

@miriamgoldman: Of course!


What @dianewallace and @miriamgoldman are up to:

@dianewallace and @miriamgoldman are starting up the follow-ups with Meetups who have run it. Diane has written a first draft of an email to send to them in HelpScout (and some are not in our HelpScout). I need to go through and do a second draft.


What @cguntur, @mariaojob, and @dianewallace are up to:

@cguntur has been doing a great job continuing to do our HelpScout queue every workday, even while she’s in India right now! She also wrote up some instructions to help folks write our Recap posts. (Which I still need to review.)

Next week Chandrika is traveling and wasn’t sure what her internet situation will be, so @mariaojob and @dianewallace will fill in her for her again like they did recently.


What @tinat has been doing:

@tinat was our representative at WCEU Contributor Day and in WCEU in general. She did a lot of promoting for our group and new Meetups and groups out there are interesting in our work.
On Contrib day she wrote a first draft for a “So you’re a WordCamp and you’re not getting diverse speakers applying, what can you do” (<– my unofficial name for it 😉 ) “Improving your diversity speaker roster” post. It’s waiting for me to do up a second draft.

She also got someone on the WordPress TV team to agree to edit our current train the trainers video down to tighten it up.

She might have done more, but that’s what I remember right now!


What @simo70 has been doing:

@simo70 has been continuing to run the workshop for WordPress and non-WordPress meetups in Italy. She ran one at a non-WordPress (I think?) in Milan recently. It went really well and she has very positive feedback from it!


@sheilagomes‘ report:

“One piece of news I have is that I discussed with our local group in our last meetup about starting a new meetup called Women in WordPress (Mulheres no WordPress, in portuguese, as we are a brazilian group), which would address topics on diversity and anything related to women’s issues and work related to WP. I’d appreciate it if you or others could point me to other similar initiatives.”

@jillbinder: Yes! You’ll want to talk to:

  • @bridgetwillard and @jenblogs4u have started up a Women Who WordPress group in OC and have been working to spread chapters globally. ( (Best logo:
  • @morgankay started up a WordPress Women series in Seattle. She’s a good resource too.
  • @cguntur attended that and may also be able to help from an attendee’s perspective?
  • @zoonini has done a lot of work for women in tech in general. I’m not sure if she has a specific women’s group but I do know she has collected a number of resources.

@miriamgoldman: That’s another of my lengthy to-dos. I’m considering launching a chapter here in Ottawa for our area, and obviously those from Montreal and Toronto who wish to join us can, if they are in town.

@jillbinder: That would be amazing, @miriamgoldman! Mayyyybe partnering with someone to co-create that so that there is a bit less on your to do plate for it? 😉

@miriamgoldman: Haha, yes @jillbinder. I’m talking with Christie Witt soon here.


Question from @angelasjin

@angelasjin just did the training with Larry and made a request for today’s meeting:

Can we discuss where all the latest materials and resources are currently housed?

@jillbinder: Answer:

We have 2 workshops in the #training team space:

The main thing that we are promoting, which is our Speaker Training and Diversity Outreach workshops. It is 5 modules, and the latest version is always at:

I made a handy link so I could easily point people to it when I’m public speaking about it.

And also it’s easy to share here, online, tell people about it, spread the word, etc. 🙂

The other is our Train The Trainers workshop. This is for: How do we teach people how to run our main workshops. I have a non-public version written out. Larry is hoping to have it up in the #training team’s new system within about a week. Once we have that link we can share it.



@jillbinder: Thanks @miriamgoldman, @dianewallace, and interested lurkers. 😉

Everything’s going great, I will be available to work on things again soon, and I will talk to you all again soon.


End time stamp in Community-Team Slack


Recap of the Diversity Outreach Speaker Training meeting on June 13, 2018

Attending: @jillbinder, @lswanson, @dianewallace, @miriamgoldman, @simo70, @angelasjin




First item is where has the workshop been run since our last meeting.

As far as I know, the place who has run the workshop since our last meeting was Montreal. Yay @zoonini! (Who was one of the key coordinators and contributors of our current incarnation of our workshop work.)

So now there have been 12 who have run it! Pretty much halfway to the goal of 27 for the year. If we have one or two more run it in June then we are exactly on track. 🙂

If anyone else has run it, please do let us know.


I’m hoping that once I connect with Larry and get the training, I can run it here (Ottawa) in September. That’s my goal.


Yay @miriamgoldman. That would be great.

I’m a stats fiend and I can’t stats without all the stats, so I want to know who has run it. Haha.

On that note:

We are training up our team internally to start running workshops themselves. I think most folk have received the training now or will soon with Larry before end of June?

Call out to anyone we are missing in our team who wants it? Let me know here or after the meeting.

I am highly encouraging our team members to run it if they can. It’s the best way to understand what we are doing in our team. Plus it’ll make a huge difference in your community.

Said workshop being Speaker Training which has optional Diversity Outreach components to it.


A thank you to @dianewallace and @maryjob who are filling in for @cguntur while she is in transit on a plane for a few days: They’ve been answering our HelpScout queue (folks asking for workshop training) and filling out our spreadsheet.

Here is a big thing that is happening: WCEU Contributor Day is tomorrow!

@tinat is going to be there and will lead items for our team.

In order of priority from highest to lowest, this is the list:

Likely asking for help from the WordPress TV Team:

  1.    Edit out the stumbles and pauses in our train the trainers video

Community Team:

  1.    For the Handbook- Write “How to build a diverse speaker roster”
  2.    Which Meetups have run our Speaker Training? Looking through the Meetup titles.

Training Team:

  1. Changing some of the workshop material with better methods I have learned since then
  2. Fixing some of the workshop material errors

It’s quite a bit, so I don’t expect all of it to get tackled. They’re all the options.

Any of these items that we don’t get to tomorrow will be available for anyone to pick up and do after. 🙂

I also have a little side project for anyone who has short amounts of ongoing availability for a small item that will have a huge impact:

It would be great if we could start following up with the folks who have run the workshop. Find out what worked, what didn’t, what they needed to change for their region in the world, what kind of support they would like next, and anything else they would like us to know.

Any volunteers who are here today?


I’d love to tag-team with someone on that.


I can help out following up.


Ohh, great idea @miriamgoldman. It could be a multiple person thing. And I know you’re too busy to be solo on something like this, you go-getter you.

Yeah @dianewallace! Alright, I will speak with you both after. It could be up to 3 people, so any other volunteers now or who are reading this later are also welcome.

There are some Meetups who would like to get trained soon for their upcoming WordCamps. Like within a few weeks from now.

If anyone feels comfortable running the recording and answering questions (and send me the questions you can’t answer), please let me know.

And if not yet but you want to work up to it, you could always shadow when myself or when @lswanson runs it.

I’m thinking of possibly even @angelasjin, @MelanieMartin, @cguntur? 🙂  Shadowing?


Yes please!


Other folks are welcome too, I just named them because they have expressed interest in doing this in particular. 🙂

The rest of the time is open discussion.

Any other questions or comments? Anything around running the workshop yourselves? Anything else? 🙂


Alright, I think this is a wrap.

Thank you all for all you bring, whether it’s doing things, bringing your energy, your ideas, etc.

I’m glad to have you here.




Recap of the Diversity Outreach Speaker Training meeting on May 30th, 2018


@jillbinder @sheilagomes @caroleo @Kelli Wise @lswanson


Ok, first a report on speaker diversity workshops ran since our last meeting. Verona, Italy ran the workshop last week.

At least a couple more are scheduled in early June.

We haven’t run any trainings as I’ve been focused on the logistics of trainings for our team.

I’ve been having folks fill out a doodle poll. If you haven’t yet, please do!

This is for running a training just internal for our group, so that more of our own members can start running it themselves.

The best dates right now are Monday, June 4, Wednesday, June 6, and Wednesday, June 13.

June 13 has the highest but I feel like it’s far away. I’m thinking we should run one sooner.

The folks who can’t make it those 3 days have different availabilities from each other. I had been thinking I’d run a second one, but a third might be needed…..?

Also I haven’t asked him yet but it’s possible that @lswanson could run one on a weekend if that would be helpful for people.

Any thoughts from those here today on the current votes and if a weekend day would be useful?

Alright, well I’ll chat with folks about it.

So for the rest of the time I wanted to talk about obstacles you’re having to running the workshop.

As mentioned last week, we’re a microcosm of the larger community. Our obstacles reflect what we’ll be helping folks with.

@caroleo, I know you’ve been working through some issues for running it. Can you remind us what those were?



My obstacles are other projects and limited amount of time

I was and I am involved in the organisation of 3 different WordCamps in the past 8 months.



I think you said you’d be able to do it later in the year, possibly?

Were you the one asking about venue sponsorships?



It’s getting better for me after WCEU.

Yes, that should be feasible.

Nope I don’t think so.



Yes, I can do a weekend training in June. June 2 and 23 best bets for me, but I can work with Doodle results.



Great! Let’s PM about times on those days and I’ll add them.

If people want weekend dates. I’ll check.


@Kelli Wise

I think I could run it if there’s a meetup that wants it.



Alright! Nothing to figure out on this topic today. That’s ok!

Let’s wrap up in 10 min. Does anyone have any questions, concerns, comments, etc on this or anything else in our group’s work?



Not yet.


@Kelli Wise

No questions here.



Between Confab last week and long holiday weekend, I’m a little discombobulated – should be back on even keel by weekend.



Thanks, @lswanson! We knew in advance that that was happening. Thanks again for the work you’re doing behind the scenes on the material for our two trainings: the main workshops and the training to teach people how to run the workshops! We’ll stay in touch on it, of course.

The Training team has asked me to give a report in tomorrow’s meeting about where our materials are at. You sound busy Larry so I’ll do up the report, but if you have the time to look it over before tomorrow at noon that would be helpful.



Will do.

Assuming the train-the-trainer lesson plan should still top my list?



Yes. The other one is waiting for me to send you items. And it is lower priority.



Action item list:

  1. Fill out the doodle poll for our internal trainings

  1. Let me know if you want weekend dates for our internal trainings. Larry is available June 2 and 23.
  2. Give me your thoughts on waiting until June 13 or doing one sooner, this coming week: June 4 or June 6
  3. The ones who can’t make those days have scattered availability. What should we do for that?

Alright. Thanks all for joining today. I feel that we’re in a great spot of forward motion and I’m looking forward to what we’re doing next, having more folks in the team run the workshop and then be more empowered to do more within the team!


/end meeting


Recap of the Diversity Outreach Speaker Training meeting on May 16th, 2018


@jillbinder @cguntur @meher @angelajin @simo70 @caroleo @sheilagomes @kelliwise @laryswan @zoonini


TL;DR: @jillbinder reiterated that our goal is to have 27 WordPress meetups run the workshop in 2018 (so far, we are at 10). We discussed promoting #WPWomenSpeak and that the new focus is having members of the team start running the workshop themselves in their cities/towns or online. We discussed their roadblocks, particularly increasing financial support for workshops (as related to booking venues and printing materials) and getting trained to run it.

Continue reading

Diversity Speaker Outreach Training Group Onboarding / Summary

My team asked me for a summary of what has been done so far so that it’s easier for them to onboard and start helping.

I put it in today’s meeting, and I’d like to have a separate post for it so that I have something to point to for the new folks joining us.

*waves hello to future new folks*




Speaker Training [and Diversity Outreach] workshops were created in the past. They have been extremely successful and this team was formed to promote the work and train folks globally to run it. (They are here:


  • Gotten volunteers for this team
  • Created a core message that we can send out about our workshop and what our team offers
  • Created a form that interested Meetups can fill out
  • Started promoting our message and form (
  • Started training the Meetups who request it on how to run our workshops
  • Recorded a “train the trainers” video so that it is easy to keep running


  • Improving the “train the trainers” workshop
  • Continuing to run “train the trainers” training for Meetups
  • Encouraging more people on our team run the workshop, in person or online
  • Encouraging more people on our team to train others to run the workshop


  • The cycle of promotions and training becomes a self-perpetuating system that continuously expands to reach more and more Meetups.
  • Our team decides how the material changes over time. When people make suggestions, because we’ve run it, we know what would work and what would not.



Thanks and welcome to the group. We look forward to working with you!



Diversity Outreach Speaker Training Meeting Length Is Changing

As mentioned in the Recap of our last meeting, we had a poll regarding our meeting length.

I originally created the 30 minute meeting time thinking that would be plenty, but we always feel so rushed. I proposed extending it to an hour.

We took a poll in the team and the 6 who replied voted 100% in favour of extending it to an hour.

The bi-weekly meetings will now be: 5pm – 6pm UTC
They are still every other Wednesday, and the next one will be in a week from now.