Editor, Media: Inline image toolbar obscured by selection, copy edit toolbar, iOS

Taping an image to bring up the inline toolbar results in a selection box around the image and the cut-copy-paste toolbar popping up. Depending on where you tap, the image toolbar can be unusably obscured. Tapping through to the buttons doesn’t always work. Editing posts that contain images is very frustrating on iOS devices. I often accidentally insert individual images into posts instead of galleries thanks to the media modal defaulting to individual insertion. Removing twenty images from content while dealing with the inline image bar is joyless.

Contrast with Android, which is well behaved.


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Customizer, Preview: Visual survey of customizer device preview

Screenshots from my testing sessions for #31195 and #35875.

Macnchrome, sidebar expanded

Macnchrome, sidebar collapsed

Macnfirefox, sidebar expanded

Macnfirefox, sidebar collapsed


Tablets and phones don’t have device preview.

iPad Air

iPhone 6+

iPhone 5

Nexus 5

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Network Admin, Nexus 6

Upgrading Themes, Plugin, Core, and Upgrade Network

Adding a new site and editing the new site’s domain

Adding a completely new user and adding an existing user

Adding a theme, network activating. Adding a theme, then enabling and activating for a single site (ignore the php notice, unrelated. TODO: fresh screenshot of that step)

Add a new plugin

Bonus: Registering a new user and a new user/site from the front-end

Bonus: Various site maintenance tasks. Archiving, spamming, deleting, etc

Lastly, https network admin doesn’t create http sites. I can see this being okay/expected since having https://example.com doesn’t mean you’ll have a wildcard for the subdomains. Is there a filter/option/etc to indicate that you do?

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Android app 2FA, Nexus 5


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Scrolling beneath modals, Nexus 5, iPhone 5, 4.1-alpha-20141002

The media modal, attachment details modal, and link modal all have scrolling problems on mobile/touch devices. The page beneath them scrolls, resulting in stacked scrolling and a bad experience.

Nexus 5 Media Modal:

Nexus 5 Link Modal:

Nexus 5 Attachment Details Modal:

iPhone 5, all three modals:

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Toolbar menus on touch devices, Nexus 5, 4.1-alpha-20140930

The toolbar has a couple of annoying UX problems on touch devices.

First, submenus tend to become detached when scrolling.


Detached Visit Site submenu

Second, toolbar menus are difficult to dismiss. In the screenshot below, I want to be able to tap the dash icon again to close the menu. Instead it takes me to the dash. Tapping outside the menu works to dismiss, but there’s no safe place to tap. If I tap anywhere near the image I go to the image url. This is frustrating and discourages UI exploration. I can’t tap around without being directed to another screen.


Big menus make the problem worse.


To dismiss that menu without inadvertently following a link, you must tap + and then tap below that menu while avoiding images and links in the content below.

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Plugin installs, Samsung Galaxy S3 – 4.0-beta2

What struck me the most here was the amount of scrolling required, when a project had a few contributors, before I could actually read about the plugin it self.

Other things to note that may not be obvious from the images;

  • You can scroll the modal completely out of sight (I stopped to represent it being way gone). Very easy if you grab the action bar at the bottom and scroll it drags the whole modal, not the center content area
  • Scrolling before the content has loaded leaves the spinner showing, when content is loaded spinner is removed but content is already scrolled “out of view” as per the point above
  • “Install now” doesn’t prompt for confirmation if used in the modal, this is inconsistent with the regular listing
  • “Install now” in the modal doesn’t work if your device has gone to sleep and you wake it back up

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Sharing multiple images from Photos to the WP app, Nexus 5, 2.9.1

To get around the lack of multi-select in the Android WP app, I make use of multi-select sharing on the Nexus 5.

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