Plugin installs, Samsung Galaxy S3 – 4.0-beta2

What struck me the most here was the amount of scrolling required, when a project had a few contributors, before I could actually read about the plugin it self.

Other things to note that may not be obvious from the images;

  • You can scroll the modal completely out of sight (I stopped to represent it being way gone). Very easy if you grab the action bar at the bottom and scroll it drags the whole modal, not the center content area
  • Scrolling before the content has loaded leaves the spinner showing, when content is loaded spinner is removed but content is already scrolled “out of view” as per the point above
  • “Install now” doesn’t prompt for confirmation if used in the modal, this is inconsistent with the regular listing
  • “Install now” in the modal doesn’t work if your device has gone to sleep and you wake it back up

#android, #plugins, #upgrade-install