Shiny Updates User Testing – update-core.php

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The first user test on update-core.php:



1. Great confirmation to the recent changes we’ve done.
2. She provides some alternate ideas on how to order the updates in the list: by importance, or by update release date.
3. One of my concerns was whether or not it was easy to identify the different types of updates now that they’re all included in the same list. She was able to find a “plugin” to update just fine once she realized they weren’t all plugins.


“It was a super easy update process”
“if this is the way it is, you should keep it and never gonna think about changing that”

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Shiny Updates User Testing – Plugins

This is another Shiny Updates user test focused on the plugin flow of Installing, Activating, Updating, and Deleting. I tried to be more specific with the questions so that we could push the user in the direction we needed them to go without allowing them to ‘discover’ their own way through. While I understand this request, I’m not entirely sure this is the best course of action. Even with specific instructions, the user still had trouble.




2.22 – The user completely missed the ‘Activation’ task. My assumption is she considered ‘activation’ as part of the ‘installation’ process, or the fact that the plugin card doesn’t offer a way to ‘activate’ the plugin after install alludes to it not being a manual task. Or she just completely missed it.

3:05 – Rather than going to her list of installed plugins, she remains in the Plugin Dir and performs the update process from there by searching for the specific plugin I mentioned in the task. This caused a bit of confusion.

4:29 – It bothered her that the Updated icon and the Install Now icon were the same. I wonder if the Install Now icon should be something like a ‘download’ icon to help differentiate?

5:46 – When deleting a plugin with Shiny Updates installed, the deletion process still took her to the Bleak Screen of Sadness.

6:51 – After performing a bulk update on two plugins, an error appeared and no updates happened. She didn’t notice the Error Message at the top, nor did she initially notice the inline messages in the plugin rows themselves.

8:27 – The inline message in the plugin row after Updating the plugin still reads “Updating…” even though it’s done and should just read “Updated”.

9:18 – The green left border on the Updating message looked like the update only got so far. Because the message still reads “Updating…” she thinks that the dark green border is supposed to fill in as the updating process occurs.



I’m going to refine the tasks a bit more and work with @obenland to make sure the errors are resolved before creating more tests.

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Shiny Updates Visual Records

In preparation for proposing parts of Shiny Updates v2 to be included with WordPress 4.6, I assembled visual records of the various flows and interactions that the plugin touches.

There are six interactions across ten locations throughout the admin where plugins and themes can be installed/updated/deleted. I created two videos to illustrate the changes for the most common use cases on a single site: plugin install/bulk update/delete, theme install/update/delete. For multisite I took screenshots on mobile and for the actions that differ from single sites.

Plugins on a single install

Themes on a single install

Theme install on multisite (same as on single install)

Theme update on multisite

Theme delete in multisite

This one is a little harder to document in images since the theme (or plugin) disappears after the AYS message as soon as it’s deleted. See video above for delete animation.

Plugin delete in multisite

Documented in above video, this is to show how it looks on mobile.

Plugin install error

Theme install error

FTP credentials

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Plugin installs, Samsung Galaxy S3 – 4.0-beta2

What struck me the most here was the amount of scrolling required, when a project had a few contributors, before I could actually read about the plugin it self.

Other things to note that may not be obvious from the images;

  • You can scroll the modal completely out of sight (I stopped to represent it being way gone). Very easy if you grab the action bar at the bottom and scroll it drags the whole modal, not the center content area
  • Scrolling before the content has loaded leaves the spinner showing, when content is loaded spinner is removed but content is already scrolled “out of view” as per the point above
  • “Install now” doesn’t prompt for confirmation if used in the modal, this is inconsistent with the regular listing
  • “Install now” in the modal doesn’t work if your device has gone to sleep and you wake it back up

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