Deleting a site with iOS app 6.1, iPhone 6+

With the April 4th TestFlight build.

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iOS app site deletion, iPhone 6+

Testing site deletion with build on an iPhone 6+.

Some screenshots:

Here is the site after deletion:



  • On the delete confirmation screen, I didn’t read any of the text on my first time through. I saw a text input in a delete confirmation and assumed my password was needed. I pasted my password and noticed that it was shown in the clear. Hmm. I noticed also that the delete site button was still disabled.  Hmmm. Finally, I read the text and saw that I was being ask to perform a different kind of AYS gymnastic, typing in the site name.
  • Otherwise, the process was straightforward and worked.
  • Not pictured in the screencast: To test this I created a new site. If you are scrolled down the site list when adding a new site, you won’t see any acknowledgment that the new site was created successfully. You must scroll up to see the new site at the top of the list.


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Profile: Profile editing, WP iOS Beta, iPhone 6+

Testing profile editing with iOS app beta Looks good. My only note is making About Me a textarea. Horizontally scrolling through a paragraph of text in a one line input field is awkward.

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Editor, Media, iOS app: Can’t delete images with backspace

These screenshots show an attempt at deleting an inserted screenshot from content via backspace. A screencast would demonstrate this better, but here’s a captioned gallery.

This happens more often than not.

Version: Current iOS beta.

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Editor, Media, iOS app: Can’t cancel stuck video uploads, iPhone 6+

Video uploads often get stuck. This gallery shows a session where I could not cancel a stuck upload.

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Media, iOS app: Video overlays during image selection

I’ve noticed that I have trouble spotting videos when scanning through the media grid during selection. Videos are denoted only with run time.


WP iOS app has no icon overlay, only runtime.

Contrast with the standard ios media picker, which overlays an icon in addition to runtime.


The ios media picker has a video icon overlay

Google Photos has a play icon.


Google Photos has a play icon overlay

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Editor, Video: video player controls hidden behind editor toolbar, iPhone 6+

The bottom image in this screenshot is a video. The player controls are obscured by the editor toolbar.   
You can view the controls by scrolling…


However, as soon as you release the swipe the video controls elastic bounceback back behind the editor toolbar. Capturing that screenshot required holding a finger on the screen while pressing home and lock at the same time.

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Editor, Video: iOS app video upload session, iPhone 6+

I made several attempts to upload a video and had to bail to desktop to finish my post. The journey begins with an attempt to upload a 61 second video to a hosted site.


The upload fails. I’m somewhat near the edge of my wifi range, so I move closer in and tap the retry overlay.


I tap retry upload and wait for the upload to complete. It also fails. So, I tap retry upload again and lock the phone because I have other stuff to do.

I come back later to this screen.


I backspace over that placeholder image and retry the upload once again. This time the upload hangs. I watch it for about ten minutes and then tap “Uploading…”. This dialog pops up.


Tapping Yes does not cancel the download. After a few more cancel attempts, I restart the app and come back to what looks like an uploaded, playable video. Playback stops one second in, however.


I was unable to backspace over that video, so I quite my edit session, deleted the draft, and published the video from a desktop.

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Posts list: Double entry in post list after publishing, iOS app beta, iPhone 6+

I not always but often see double entries in the blogs list free publishing a post. Forcing a refresh clears the extra entry.

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Downloading app via front page, iPhone 6+


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