Editor, Media: Inline image toolbar obscured by selection, copy edit toolbar, iOS

Taping an image to bring up the inline toolbar results in a selection box around the image and the cut-copy-paste toolbar popping up. Depending on where you tap, the image toolbar can be unusably obscured. Tapping through to the buttons doesn’t always work. Editing posts that contain images is very frustrating on iOS devices. I often accidentally insert individual images into posts instead of galleries thanks to the media modal defaulting to individual insertion. Removing twenty images from content while dealing with the inline image bar is joyless.

Contrast with Android, which is well behaved.


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Editor, Media, iOS app: Can’t delete images with backspace

These screenshots show an attempt at deleting an inserted screenshot from content via backspace. A screencast would demonstrate this better, but here’s a captioned gallery.

This happens more often than not.

Version: Current iOS beta.

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