Editor: Trying to upload a video, iPhone 6+, Macnchrome

My journey starts in Press This on a wordpress.com site. I want to upload an image and a video. I upload both seemingly successfully, but only the image inserts. I go back into the media modal, and see this…

Notice also that the progress indicator is stuck and that scroll bleed is evident.

Maybe this is a wordpress.com specific problem. Let’s try a self-hosted site on Bluehost.

That’s a different error than on wordpress.com, but the effect is the same. I can’t insert a video.

Maybe this is an iOS problem. Next, let’s try desktop with Macos and Chrome.

Broken on desktop too.

Broken on desktop too.

Video insertion is broken on Macnchrome as well. The video does upload correctly. I can download it from this link and play it back.

Attachment page showing link to video.

Attachment page showing link to video.

WordPress* mobile web failure.

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Themes: Theme preview and install, iPhone 6+

Previewing and installing a theme on an iPhone 6+ starting on the add themes screen.

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Modal Scrolling on iOS

All of our modals have problems with scrolling on iOS. The page behind the modal scrolls when you swipe. Bleed through of the page beneath and sometimes stacked scrolling make for a frustrating experience. A few months ago, we made a big improvement to modal scrolling with the fix for #29909.

Ticket 29909: Scrolling beneath modals bad experience on mobile

Changeset 30707: Prevent scrolling beneath modals on mobile devices by removing overflow from #wpwrap when a modal is open.

That was the end of the scroll issues on Android. iOS has not been so straightforward.  Recently, scrolling issues with the theme details modal were fixed by setting webkitoverflowscrolling to touch.

Ticket 31381: The theme details modal has scrolling and toolbar problems on iPhone 6 and 6+

The attachment details modal, link modal, session expired log in modal, and plugin details modal still have scrolling issues on iOS. Here’s a visual survey of these modals on an iPhone 6+.

Screencast of the Link Modal on an iPhone 5 running iOS 8.2. The effect is even more disconcerting on the larger screen of an iPhone 6+ because more of the page behind the modal is exposed.

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Scroll bleed through and scroll position loss, view plugin details, iPhone 6+

When scrolling the plugin view details modal, the page beneath the modal scrolls. We’ve done some rounds of scroll bleed fixes. Perhaps time for another. The modal also stomps scroll position. After dismissing the modal, you’re back at the top.

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Scrolling beneath modals, Nexus 5, iPhone 5, 4.1-alpha-20141002

The media modal, attachment details modal, and link modal all have scrolling problems on mobile/touch devices. The page beneath them scrolls, resulting in stacked scrolling and a bad experience.

Nexus 5 Media Modal:

Nexus 5 Link Modal:

Nexus 5 Attachment Details Modal:

iPhone 5, all three modals:

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