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I would like to ask regarding the translation plugin BuddyPress, currently listed Serbian language and that the translation began to work with the Cyrillic alphabet. I’m interested in if there is a possibility to add Serbian (Latin), which would serve to create a translation that would not use Cyrillic letters.

I started to do the translation, but I saw after a few translated phrases that provided for Cyrillic letters, and I’m interested to do the translation, which would use the Latin alphabet, because we are such a better fit in my projects.

As I have found meaningful place to ask this question somewhere else, I wrote it here.

#buddypress, #serbian, #translate

I have translated po file for buddypress on…

I have translated po file for buddypress on Serbian language. How to add it to language directory on so any1 can have it?

#buddypress, #language, #serbian, #translation