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Hi Everyone,

Thanks for everyone who replied to the proposal for the WordPress Community Conduct Project. We have received lots of great feedback and positivity towards the project both in person at WordCamp Europe and online.

We’re kicking off the project on the Tuesday, September 5, 2017, 1:00 PM EDT on the WordPress Slack #community channel

Please see update post for more details.

We will spend some of the time during the meeting to discuss when the best time to meet will be for everyone who wants to participate in the project.

We look forward to seeing you all there!


Recap of August 2, 2017 Meeting

@aimeegc is working on the content flow audit process and is working to have something by the end of September.

@conradhallauthor has completed the first stage of content inventory and will now begin to identify the state of each piece with the help of @coachwp and incorporate testing feedback

@bethsoderberg and @melindahelt will take a look at SupportFlow and see what needs to happen there.

@coachwp reminded us about which will be helpful to the inventory that @conradhallauthor is working on

@aimeegc mentioned in regards to processing lesson plan testing feedback (Google Spreadsheet) “This may or may not be helpful, but the name for what we’re starting to veer into is actually a whole thing called Program Evaluation (taking feedback, results, questions, etc, and making sense of it to determine whether something is working well or not, as well as turning all that data and results into actionable next steps) so it was smart to have a person working on this only, and we may want to come back to that once we have a content flow to discuss. Just stating it for the record at this point. There are people who devote their career solely to this part of what we’re endeavoring to do”

@bethsoderberg brought up a topic from our last video call that we determined that folks are not actually using our lesson plans as a script when delivering the lessons. People are not reading them word for word (which we agreed is a good thing!)

We will not be ditching the current lesson plans, but would like to brainstorm, over the long run, what format we want our lessons to have.

Once we determine a format, we will reformulate one or two plans and test those, in order to confirm the new format. THEN we may work on refactoring existing plans to fit the new, tested format.

We discussed an outline format, similar to something that could be converted to slides by the instructor.

We also discussed the original assumption that instructors didn’t already know everything (and didn’t need to) in order to pick up a lesson plan and teach it.

@aaimeeg shared a sample lesson plan format:

@aimeegc shared the following from WordCamp for Publishers:

A lot of what I heard was about the frustration that WordPress developers aren’t ramped up enough for the kinds of developer positions open (in Publishing, but I bet this is true elsewhere), and it would be great to channel people’s desire to learn and get good at WordPress specific to goals and industry. WordPress developing is context-specific, so it would be great to see more support or direction being applied to what people want to do with what they’re learning about WordPress.

I’m not entirely sure how that should fit into our scope as it currently exists, but if our goal is to provide official training and skill building to become professional wordpress developers, through helping teachers of WordPress teach others, then it might be worthwhile to entertain how we might consider this need from our wider WordPress community

@bethsoderberg mentioned that this could potentially be addressed in the future workshop plans rather than individual lesson plans themselves.

Agenda for August 22, 2017 Meeting

Please join us later today at 19:00 UTC in the #training Slack channel for our weekly meeting! A brief agenda for today:

  1. Welcome
  2. General updates
  3. Brainstorm on structural needs for lesson plans

If you have any other items to add to the agenda, please list them in the comments.

We will need a volunteer to take notes for today’s meeting. Please let us know in the comments or in Slack if you are interested/able to take today’s notes!

Recap of August 8, 2017 meeting

1. Content flow and process (see Aimee’s post on this for quick reference)

  • Talked about item 1 and 4 in the post first
  • Item 1:
    • David’s share—copyediting a lesson used to be what group meant by “content flow.” Content flow is slightly bigger now to include the idea generating and pitching of lessons, then testing lessons and getting/using that feedback
  • Item 4:
    • Beth: general consensus on what the process should be or is, but implementation is where we’re getting stuck. Different people come and go, and they interpret the process differently. This creates inconsistency and confusion around what is most recent and up to date and the final choice
    • Scott and Melissa: Yes. We need to just state what is, and include that as a handbook page to clarify how to implement/improve documentation
    • Julie: we need to lock down a process to be THE process. We suffer from the open source collective action inertia. The process can serve as a president/decision maker
  • Item 3:
    • Have tried all the ways to manage/own steps
    • From what I am hearing, this is closely intertwined with volunteer management and expectations in open source community
    • Content management and documentation closely linked
  • Clues to track down existing information to help with getting this endeavor to have a definitive process underway:
    • Trello board won’t work, but may have most up to date information/data
      • Consider Github—then:
        • = handbook only
        • = lessons
        • Github = in between
      • Copywriting plugins to manage who is managing steps is a nixed idea
      • Constrained by Make site (its reorganization disoriented many). Anything else we use must be free and open source
    • Five buckets make the top level flow
      • Vetting ideas
      • Create lesson plans + edit
      • Test
      • Combine into workshops (curricula)
      • Maintenance
      • Onboarding/Welcome wagon/who writes a lesson plan and how?

2. Inventory of what we have

  • A bit of clarifying Q&A around observations so far
    • Theme lessons are not necessarily how to develop themes that meet WP standards, they are meant to teach people how to use themes
    • WP handbook versus our team—don’t match, but we’re teaching to a simplified bar
    • To include or not include plugin lessons—there is a moratorium on them so maybe put them to the side for now
  • Observation on lack of clarity around learner levels and lack of connection to pre-requisite knowledge assets
  • Style guide says to write a script (dialogue) for the lesson plan instead of the information to cover — conversation around script v. no script
    • Verdict: we are not about scripted lessons—if you do not know what you’re doing (yet), don’t teach it!
  • Conrad suggests another section in the lesson plan template on prerequisites for the teacher as well as the learner

3. Team goals

  • Not covered today

4. Next steps

  • Conrad will continue with preliminary inventory. Should be done by Monday next week (14). Next stage is an estimated further 3 weeks
  • Aimee will continue to move forward with content flow work. Will also need to take time because of client deadlines and speaking at WordCamp for Publishers next week
  • Other next steps rest of group can be working on:
    • How lesson plans are structured, reformulated
    • What are our goals around a usable lesson plan? (Based on experiences and insights from testing)


Agenda for August 8, 2017 Meeting

Today’s team meeting will be a special video call. Please join us in the #training Slack channel on  Tuesday, August 8, 2017, 19:00 UTC for the link to join the call. We’ll be discussing some big-picture team things on the call:

  1. Content flow and process (see Aimee’s post on this)
  2. Inventory of what we have
  3. Team goals
  4. Next steps

Please bring your ideas for team goals to the call. If you have any other large big picture items to add to the agenda, please list them in the comments. I’m looking forward to seeing you all very soon!

ALSO, we need a volunteer to take notes for today’s call. Please pipe up in the comments or in Slack if you are interested!


Where I’m getting stuck on content flow

Hi all,

Per our last meeting on 1 August, I am writing a blog post on my effort so far to create a flow chart to visualize our content flow. I am really pleased to have so much information involved to try to organize or at least look at with fresh eyes, but I’m getting confused. I ended up with more questions, which I’d like to get insight on and then I can move forward.

  1. What exactly do we mean by “content flow”?
    • We have at least three, potentially four, flows that could fit this bill, based on the information I got from others and collected in one place. If we are looking for just one master, then we can do that and have sub-flows.
  2. Who manages or should manage this content flow?
  3. How did the historic flow work?*
    • (Did one person usher something from beginning to end, or were there different folks in charge of a step and ushered various somethings through that step?)
  4. Where did it tend to break down? If not sure about specific steps that became problematic, then what might have caused a general moving away from this flow? What has been the ad hoc process in the meantime if that flow isn’t working?

This is probably enough of a place to start. I know it’s frustrating to belabor something like this, and I don’t mean for us to dwell on what “went wrong.” This is not a simple thing to articulate and lay out, let alone implement, and the fact that there is anything at all is above and beyond most teams I’ve worked with. I’m looking forward to chatting on the 8th!

Recap of August 1, 2017 meeting

Updates on lesson plans, testing, and copyediting in progress

“Enqueueing Scripts and Styles”
@estes.chris reviewed @jenwill LP “Enqueueing Scripts and Styles.” After much discussion it was decided to:
1. Add meaningful learning objectives
2. Aplit the individual examples (how to enqueue X, Y, Z things) into “Stretch your Skills” section. This will require a change in the Style Guide and the wording might change.
3. Add a note somewhere about how we’re not teaching PHP here in this particular plan

@aimeegc will do 1 and 3. @bethsoderberg might grab #2 unless someone else does first.

Updates from last week’s team call

Content Flow
@aimeegc is working on the content flow task and is working through the rabbit holes. We may discuss this in the next video call. @aimeegc will post in the blog on the training site.

Progress report on training Asset Inventory

@conradhallauthor reported: “As a newbie to the #training channel, I have made time to read a few of the posts from the team. The meeting recaps have been quite helpful. If you think of the training site and team in terms of a house, it’s essential to know the existing structure before exploring what’s in each room.

After you know the structure and room contents, you can start thinking about what changes to make.

I have started building an outline for the container that will hold the inventory. I’m using the “hot mess” as my starting point. Which, by the way, seems less of a mess than it may feel to those very familiar with it.”

Do we want to do another call next week?

Yes. We will be using Zoom and it will be at the normal time.

Agenda for August 1, 2017 Meeting

We’ll be in the #training channel on Slack today at our regular time: 19:00 UTC. If you can’t be there, please let us know if you have updates or thoughts through the comments of this post or in Slack itself and we’ll be sure to include your updates in the meeting!

  1. Welcome
  2. Updates on lesson plans, testing, and copyediting in progress
  3. Updates from last week’s team call
  4. Do we want to do another call next week?
  5. Other announcements/open discussion time

Recap of July 25, 2017 meeting

Please note this was a video chat so the notes are a combination of verbatim quotes and attempts to summarize as people talked through ideas. If anything attributed to you is incorrect, please leave comments below, and feel free to add anything you felt was important but left out.

Attendees by the names on the video chat:

@estes.chris (Chris Estes
@melindahelt (Melinda Helt)
@donkiely (Don)
@juliekuehl (Julie Kuehl)
@coachWP (Scott Becker)
@aimeegc (Aimee?)
@bethsoderberg (Beth Soderberg)


Leadership structure

Three people leading team meetings
Beth Soderberg
Melinda Helt
Julie Kuehl

They will be sharing duties at leading meetings

Two Notetakers

Chris Estes

Beth Soderberg said we will start updating WordPress Updates site

Discussion of Update site, which all teams are supposed to update. Our team has been a little rogue and we’re one of the newest teams. Only in the last year or two have we had the ability to make updates and as we’ve gained legitimacy as a team. One of the things we need to do to keep that legitimacy is to post updates regularly.

Team Goals

This is something we’ve lost site of. We’ve been very effective when we have a goal. When we don’t have one we tend to flounder about. A lot of people have been overwhelmed and as a result we’ve lost site of many of the goals we’ve had set for us.

Organize our website and migrate to

From Beth Soderberg pulling an old P2 Post
Yearly Goals:
1. Content flow solution
2. More solid copyediting process (ties into 1)
3. Proper handbook (ties to 1 + 2)
4. Outreach to local groups
5. An accessibility workshop

Melinda recommended putting one person as a POC for each goal. Also to create teams for each goal.

Julie: We’re missing project manager.

Beth: We also need to have migration to move to

Scott: We need a way of giving results of testing. Several members remember discussing that at WordCamp 2015.

Julie: There’s an argument to be made that this is part of the content flow.

Discussion of slides, arguments pro and con.

We have a history of disagreement over the issue of slides. It’s caused a lot of stress for people in the group who have had to deal with his over the years.

Julie: We have a lack of on boarding materials that act as a form of knowledge management, including an actual flowchart of the content flow.

Julie: We’re using our handbook to store our lesson plans, which is wrong, and maybe all of this should go into the handbook.

Conrad: A tool we’ve started using is called Air Table which takes Trello and creates relational databases.

Julie: That’s completely legitimate but we need to go even further back and figure out what’s not working. I don’t think we as a team are solid enough in what we’re trying to do and how we’re going to do it to choose a tool to solve that problem.

Melinda pointed out that we need to keep everything as centralized as possible, such as using P2, despite it’s failings.

Beth: We need to scrap it all and start from the beginning:
What do we need in our handbook
How do we fit them into workshops

Melinda: Take a project (accessibility for example) and have people make the pieces needed to complete that project.

Conrad/Aimee: Suggestion to make a content audit. Build on that, categorize with goals in mind.

Pbarthmaier: We should harness questions of Conrad and Aimee because they have a fresh view.

Conrad: Offers to make a spreadsheet of what we have and will incorporate testing results from Scott Baker.

Julie: Likes the idea but wonders if we need to do that before deciding on goals.

Aimee: Chicken and egg thing. Get the information and then see how it fits with what we have.

Melinda concurred because of the “hot mess” spreadsheet, incomplete items in handbook. We’re going to need the audit for each stage. There may be pieces out there we don’t know we have.

Aimee: Agrees with Julie that you need the structure but that you also need to keep your mind open regarding the goals and whether to fit the content into the goals or alter the goals.

Julie: We need to have the checkboxes in the audit (content finished, version, correctness).

Beth: Thinks we need to go through content first.

Conrad: Agrees and thinks he can check some of those boxes.

Beth: Conrad will have Edit access to the whole training site.

Beth suggested taking out Outreach to local groups
Conrad recommended taking out accessibility workshop

Julie recommended folding that into general workshops

Aimee: That’s more of a curriculum.

Scott: I had to make agendas when I did it and if I didn’t know WordPress so well it would have been more difficult.

Drafts have to be on make. Drafts cannot be on Learn. Only finished products can be on learn.

Beth wanted to point out that many of the problems we have exist because of how well we’ve done at forming a team and creating content. “Startup problems” as Julie called them.

Melinda: Post the notes and add comments to the notes and maybe next week do a slack meeting and push the next video mention out further.

Julie asked if anyone was particularly good at creating flow charts as we go through the content audit. Aimee offered to work on that. Beth offered to help Aimee understand which pieces are involved.

Aimee: would like to know from each of us what we do. This will help us to understand what we’re doing and how that fits within the goals.

Beth: I think that what we do at this point is “not much.” And that’s because we don’t know what to do. This has been a rough year for individuals on this team. Auditing what we do right now — we need to step back and reset. I think we’ve lost whatever process we have.

Julie: We can come up with a process and just start using it.

Agenda for July 25, 2017 Meeting

Tomorrow’s team meeting will be a special video call. Please join us in the #training Slack channel at  Tuesday 1900 UTC for the link to join the call. We’ll be discussing some big-picture team things on the call:

  1. Leadership Roles
  2. Team Goals
  3. Next Steps

Please bring your ideas for team goals to the call. If you have any other huge/big picture items to add to the agenda, please list them in the comments. I’m looking forward to seeing you (actually SEEING!!) tomorrow!