Meeting Agenda for December 14, 2017

Please join us later today at 20:30 UTC in the #training Slack channel for our weekly meeting! A brief agenda for today:

  1. Welcome
  2. Github setup updates
  3. Assigning out tasks from lesson plan audit
  4. Continuation of any other WCUS Contributor Day discussions re: next steps
  5. Open announcement/discussion time

If you have any other items to add to the agenda, please list them in the comments. If you have progress updates from WordCamp US, but will not be able to make the meeting, please comment on this post or leave a note for the team in Slack. We’ll see you soon!

Recap of Meeting on December 7, 2018

@bethsoderberg welcomed newcomers and folks who were first timers at the WCUS contributor day.

Note: The Community team meeting conflicts with this. So far we’ll just keep it on our radar.

This meeting is to recap WCUS for those not there and use these notes to start an outline of next steps where we can take.

WCUS Accomplishments
Began to define new processes to make them more scalable
Set up GitHub repository
Audited all the lesson plans in preparation for migration, including those missing images or in need of updating
Brainstormed new lesson plans due to changes in WordPress
Started a new handbook

Goals Defined
1. create handbook based on new workflow
2. move lesson plans into github
3. reorganizing our website
4. fix the broken images
5. update for 4.8/4.9/gutenberg
6. make workshop recommendations from existing plans
7. accessibility workshop
8. consider team roles

Question: Should images wait until the migration to github?
@juliekuehl answered that it would be more efficient regarding the images.
@juliekuehl provided a link to github:
@juliekuehl provided a link to an LP there:

So it is decided that images will wait but we can start assigning out the rest of the content updates now so long as they are text changes done in

@juliekuehl suggested bringing down LPs on Make as they are moved to github

github workflow:
@juliekuehl : We opted for a repo for each lesson plan.
It’s not to terrible to simply copy over what is in Make
It’s cleaning up that takes time
It needs to be converted to markdown

@juliekuehl : Put together a screencast of how to work within github. But the workflow for maintenance and governance might still need work.

@donkiely and @pbrocks suggested ways of automating using either tools or websites that convert to markdown.

Discussion on moving them all over vs. having a workflow first. @juliekuehl suggested assigning lesson plans in Make for copy edits and having @pbrocks do the screencast of working in github. @lapinell will transcribe into an accessible format. @juliekuehl will coordinate on the content of the screencast.

@donkiely asked about ways of keeping track of high-level view of the status of LPs.

@juliekuehl said github projects can handle that.

@Josh McIntyre took these awesome notes:

Here are some highlights:

#1 – we need more people to help lead team meetings. This is a task that anyone who is familiar with our team/workflows/current priorities can take on. Feel free to reach out to me/@melindahelt/@juliekuehl if this is something you’d like to take on moving forward.
#2 We also decided that we’d like to have regularly scheduled team video calls to check in that way quarterly. Our proposed dates for these are the last Thursday of March, June, September.
#3 Our last big check-in of the year would be at WCUS contributor day as it has been in the past
#4 We need to write a handbook

@esteschris and @donkiely volunteered to check our Support Flow emails – these are emails being sent through the contact forms on our make site. BUT the first time @esteschris tried to email someone back the other day he ran into permissions issues. Also suggested changes to contact form at Please review by next meeting.

@juliekuehl : I may do the same for the GitHub topics/labels/etc

@pbrocks put the orientation repo on

Working on content edits over the next week:

Last thing:
@bethsoderberg p.s. I have tried to change the meeting time everywhere it is listed – if folks could tell me if they spot a reference to our meeting time in the wild that is wrong/has an old time, please reach out and let me know!

Meeting Agenda for December 7, 2017 Meeting

Please join us later today at OUR NEW MEETING TIME 20:30 UTC in the #training Slack channel for our weekly meeting! A brief agenda for today:

  1. Welcome
  2. WordCamp US Contributor Day recap and planning re: next steps
  3. Open announcement/discussion time

If you have any other items to add to the agenda, please list them in the comments. If you have progress updates from WordCamp US, but will not be able to make the meeting, please comment on this post or leave a note for the team in Slack. We’ll see you soon!

Plan for WordCamp US Contributor Day

Hello team! Tomorrow is WordCamp US Contributor Day. We have a few main groups of priorities for contributor day tomorrow. We will plan to split into two groups to deal with the following priorities. Contributors can work on just a piece of this or move to the other group mid-day if they’d like. They are as follows:

Priority A: Audit of Lesson Plans to Identify Needed Updates

  • Audit existing plans for WordPress 4.9 (and, really, 4.8 as well based on summer 2017 release date) and make a list of plans that need content updates.
  • As part of the audit, we need to make a list of any plans that need to be copyedited again.
  • We have learned that the images missing from some lesson plans can not be recovered, so as part of the overall audit would like to replace screenshots included in the plans.
  • We should take a hard look at WordPress 4.8 and 4.9 and create a list of any new features that need to be addressed in the “WordPress 101 Track.”

Priority B: Building a Team Roadmap for 2018

  • We need to finalize our new meeting time.
  • We need to take the ideas discussed over the summer regarding our new planned workflow and create a plan to implement these ideas. I am anticipating this is a huge task that will take much of the day. Our notes on next steps for implementing a lot of this are contained in this meeting recap post from 9/12/2017.

We have not heard from team members who can not make it in person about times for a video call, so we are not currently planning to have one. I think we should plan to recap WordCamp US on a team video call in a meeting over the next few weeks instead. Tomorrow we will document everything we do and share through the Make site and Slack.


11/21 and 11/28 Team Meetings Cancelled + Asynchronous Planning for WordCamp US Contributor Day

Hello team! Last week we decided in our weekly team meeting that we will not have any more formal meetings before WordCamp US. This means that our regularly scheduled meeting TODAY, 11/21, and next Tuesday, 11/28 at 19:00 UTC in the #training channel of the WordPress Slack will NOT happen.

We will adjust the meeting time after WordCamp US. Based on the results of our Doodle survey and multiple conversations over the course of recent team meetings, the weekly team meeting is likely to be rescheduled to Thursdays at 19:30 UTC after WordCamp US. Please post any last comments/thoughts/issues with the new meeting time on our post about the survey as soon possible.

We DO still need to finish planning for WordCamp US Contributor Day (in Nashville on December 3rd) as a team. This conversation should continue asynchronously in the #training channel and in the comment thread of our 2017 WordCamp US Contributor Day post. We will formalize an agenda in the next week and a half as WordCamp US approaches. If you are not available to attend WordCamp US in person and want to participate in a team check in at some point that day, please comment on the post with your interest and availability that day (please include time zones with all times or use UTC time!).

Please ask any questions you have as comments on this post or in Slack! I am looking forward to seeing many of you at WordCamp US and regrouping virtually with all of you in Slack.

Thanks team!

Update, request, and question for the Speaker Training [& Diversity Outreach] Modules

I wrote this in today’s Training team meeting, and Beth asked me to make it a blog post so that everyone can read, digest, and comment.

  1. First I wanted to let you know what’s happening with the Speaker Training [& Diversity Outreach] modules:

    It works. We’ve had more women speak at meetups and WordCamps as a result of it in Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, and Montreal. Partly because I hadn’t finished the modules and partly because we weren’t putting in good promotion, most folk haven’t known about it. So I’m:

    • committing to finishing them asap, and
    • @andreamiddleton and I have created a “Diversity Outreach Speaker Team” working group

    The group was announced on Community yesterday. ( We’re going to create an “army of Jills.” ;D I’m going to train people to run it, train them to train others, get promotion going, and make it a self-perpetuating system so that I can walk away in about half a year and it will live on.

  2. As part of this working group, I wanted to let you know I will be doing some live training on WCUS Contributor Day. If you’re interested in participating or could send along others who would be, that would be great!
  3. Quick update on where the modules are at:
    • I have this week finished merging the refinements that the Vancouver team made with the changes that new contributors have added
    • I have reviewed all the new contributions

    To do:

    • Create the Agendas for each module and update the descriptions
    • Figure out a format for the Workbook so that it’s open source for changes (or editable by the gatekeeper(s))
    • Revise the workbooks with all the new content changes
    • Reconsider the current format of how the modules are broken down. Cities have reported to me that it’s confusing.
  4. Lastly, I also wanted to revisit an idea we had previously: having a gatekeeper (was that the word?) for changes to the workshop. @bethsoderberg said this was something that was implemented successfully previously.

    I think it’s important to do because:

    1. Being a highly interactive and thus also could easily be a tiring workshop, right now there’s a really good pacing to it that keeps people energized, and I want to make sure the new info keeps the pacing.
    2. Changes need to be coordinated with the workbooks.
    3. Someone offered to do translations of the material, and that will need to be coordinated too.

    I’d like to volunteer to be the first person to do this. Right now I’m the one who knows the project the best. (It is more my strength and passion rather than this other work I’ve been dawdling on for a long time. 😉 )

    I’d like to propose that I also train the working group to take on this role so that we will always have folk to do it. Plus I’ll have people to go implement the changes if I get busy or sick again.

    How does that sound?

    If good, let’s discuss the logistics of how this happens another time.

Agenda for November 14, 2017 Meeting

Please join us later today at 19:00 UTC in the #training Slack channel for our weekly meeting! A brief agenda for today:

  1. Welcome
  2. General updates
  3. New meeting times – we are so close! We’ll take a look at the survey here.
  4. Planning for WordCamp US Contributor Day
  5. Open announcement/discussion time

If you have any other items to add to the agenda, please list them in the comments. We’ll see you soon!

X-post: Call for Volunteers: Diversity Outreach Speaker Training

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Recap of November 7, 2017 Meeting

@melindahelt: We’re going to have a quick meeting today. Please note @bethsoderberg Doodle and post on WCUS contributor day. They are at and

Also please note the Doodle breaks into 30 minute segments instead of one hour. That’s to help anyone with availability.

If you are not attending WCUS, still keep an eye on that as we hope to have ways for people to be involved, at least for a little while, remotely in the past we’ve been able to schedule a brief hangout to involve all folks.


WordCamp US 2017 Contributor Day Planning

WordCamp US is approaching and will be in Nashville in early December, with a contributor day on the Sunday, December 3rd. Since this will be an opportunity for many contributors of the training team to meet in person we want to make sure we’re gathering a list of all of the items we’d like to address as a team beforehand to make the most efficient use of our time together. That said, for those who are not able to make it in person, we will work as a team to make sure that you are updated and able to participate as much as possible in what we’re working on this day.

We’ll chat about this subject over the next few weeks in team meetings and will use this post as a place to store our thoughts and asynchronously share our ideas.

Please add your ideas in the comments!