Dev Chat summary – April 1, 2020

@davidbaumwald led the chat on this agenda.

Full meeting translate on Slack.

This is the first devchat after the release of WordPress 5.4.


WordPress 5.4 “Adderley” was released yesterday, March 31, 2020 as scheduled.

@audrasjb shared the stats for contributors to the release. There was a total of 552 contributors from 48 countries, 32% of them being new contributors. For more accurate release contributors statistics, please fill in your WordPress profile (if you want).

Highlighted Blog Posts

@davidbaumwald shared the posts of Core Privacy team about the WP Consent API feature plugin proposal and the Guidelines for Internet Explorer 11 support in WordPress.

Upcoming Releases

@davidbaumwald reminded that 5.5 has been in Alpha phase for a while now.

Components Check-in

@audrasjb announced the release of version 0.4 of Auto-updates plugin which contains all features initially planned fot the project; as well as Themes updates and email notifications. Design, copy and accessibility reviews and feedback are welcome from plugin authors and WordPress developers.

Open Floor

@howdy_mcgee called for a feedback on these old Trac tickets: #29418, #39447, #46768, #37245, #38074, #37255 and #24142.

@azaozz shared the link of WordPress 5.4 master list in support forums. Please, go through this before posting a topic in the forums.

@ipstenu and @azaozz called for attention on respectively these two tickets #49753 and #4975, related to 5.4.

@howdy_mcgee pointed to #24780 and said he has made a document to track the supression operators in Core codebase.

@jeffpaul asked we should start taking a look at the 5.5 early tickets to review patches and look to get some of those in sooner. Here’s for reference the Trac query for 5.5 tickets.

@jeffpaul also suggested to schedule an early-specific bug scrub in the next couple of weeks to help move those tickets along. A few people voluntereed to lead these scrubs.

@bph reminded that the WPBlockTalk is happening on April 2, and everyone is welcome to register here.

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Dev Chat summary – March 25, 2020

@francina facilitated the chat on this agenda.

Full meeting transcript on Slack

This devchat marked week 11 of the 5.4 release cycle.


WordPress 5.4 Release Candidate 4 was released on Tuesday March 24, 2020 and everything went smoothly.

@audrasjb shared an update on WP Auto-updates Feature Plugin: it was moved from his personal GitHub account to WordPress/wp-autoupdates which is the new official GitHub repository of this project. The #core-auto-updates team will try to ship version 0.4 before WP 5.4 is released. This new version aims to handle auto-updates for themes.

@afragen asked for a review of some Trac tickets which are all associated with Theme compatibility checks and will likely have interaction with the auto-updates feature. The idea is to ship them early in WordPress 5.5.

@whyisjake pointed out that he really like the work that is going on in #core-auto-updates Slack channel and think that trying to land in the next few releases would be excellent. Related, He’d love to see #core-passwords (two-factors authentification – 2FA) land in core too. In his opinion, the plugin is so mature at this point that having it left out almost seems like an omission. @whyisjake is going to work on a merge proposal.

@clorith raised that it would be necessary to make sure that the 2FA proposal also highlights the concerns with how to address users locking them selves out (which was the major holdback previously).

@azaozz announced that the patch for image lazy-loading attribute is ready for testing.

Upcoming Releases

The current major is 5.4, scheduled to go out on March 31st 2020; please keep testing for all the bugs!

There are two ways do it:

Trunk has been branched to 5.5 on the beginning of March. That means 5.5 is officially in Alpha.

@francina announced that work for 5.6 –which is going to be an all-women release– has kicked off with an initial round of messages going out to the women that expressed interest. @angelasjin @francina and Chloé Bringmann are contacting them to hear if they are still interested, what skills they have and what expectations.

Components Check-in

@francina shared a proposal to change the Components Check-in. This is always done towards the end of the chat and feels rushed. There is never really time to dig into the topics they might bring up. Francesca shared two ideas:

  1. Schedule a weekly post where they can leave their status update, like the one for Community deputies.
  2. Adopt a Slack Bot that once a week will ask the maintainers for a status update: maybe in a new component-maintainers Slack channel. Core is getting very busy with Trac and Travis bots, and RSS.

@johnbillion added that trying a weekly post could be a good idea. Maybe every Tuesday so it’s ready for the dev chat on Wednesdays in case anything comes up.

@francina proposed to talk to #meta to set this up and test drive it for 8 weeks.

Open floor

@isabel_brison proposed to create a set of guidelines for Internet Explorer support. The CSS team kind of decided on starting to deprecate it, and “graceful degradation” seems a good way to go forward, meaning Core can use unsupported technology to make non-essential enhancements. Isabel wants to agree on what’s “essential” here, and created a Trac ticket to start the discussion: #49696

@paaljoachim suggested to punt default full screen mode to 5.5 as there is a pull request on Gutenberg project GitHub repository to provide an alternative approach.

@audrasjb pointed out that the proposal in this pull request would be a way better than the current implementation.

@whyisjake added that this is not a realistic change for WP 5.4, it’s a proof of concept, and not a fully tested feature.

@francina confirmed that @matt took the decision to ship WordPress 5.4 with this feature. Matt also commented in the Accessibility Team statement post.

@joyously stated it’s hard to contribute when concerns are ignored. @chanthaboune answered she can understand how they can feel ignored. A lot of that research gets done solo, and it’s often hard to remember to recap your own research. For full site editing to be a reality by the end of the year, the work can start bringing incremental changes. This change is feeling very jarring, but there is more worry about not have any mid-point between here and Full Site Editing.

@peterwilsoncc, @clorith and @audrasjb agreed that since RC4 was released, it’s not realistic to revert this change. The discussion can continue in a post-mortem post on Make/Core.

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Dev Chat Agenda for March 4, 2020 (5.4 Week 8)

Here is the agenda for the weekly meeting happening later today: Wednesday, March 4, 2020, at 09:00 PM UTC.


Highlighted Blog Posts

Upcoming Releases – 5.4 and 5.5

  • RC 2 to be released on March 10th
  • Trunk is now 5.5 alpha

Components Check-in

  • News from components
  • Components up for adoption (Filesystem API and Rewrite Rules)
  • Components that need help
  • Cross component collaboration

Open Floor

If you have anything to propose for the agenda or specific items related to those listed above, please leave a comment below.

This meeting is held in the #core channel. To join the meeting, you’ll need an account on the Making WordPress Slack.

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Feature Plugin: WP Auto-updates

In 2018, @matt posted 9 projects for Core to focus on in 2019. This roadmap was updated for 2020. Plugins and Themes automatic updates is one of those 9 projects. WordPress contributors did a lot of work on the two related tickets during WP 5.4 development cycle, but decided to give it more time for testing as it’s an important feature. This project is now planned for WordPress 5.5 and the feature is going to be tested in a Feature Plugin.

For reference, see the two related Trac tickets:

A lot of interesting points were discussed in the tickets above, including the scope of the feature and the user interface/design. Many thanks to everyone who already contributed to this exciting new feature ♥️

Now, the development that happened in the related tickets are moved into WP-Auto-updates Feature Plugin which is available for testing and feedback. Contributions from the WordPress community are welcome on the plugin’s GitHub repository.

Project overview

As a quick reminder of what this project is trying to achieve, here are the main features that are being worked on:

  • Ability for website administrators to opt-in to automatic updates for plugins and themes in the related WP-Admin screens.
  • Ability to enable/disable auto-updates on a plugin-by-plugin and theme-by-theme basis.
  • Email notifications to send regular auto-update summaries to website administrators.
  • Hooks and constants to help developers disable or programmatically define auto-update settings.

Design considerations

The current design of the feature plugin reflects the last ideas that were discussed in #48850. This is still a work in progress and the implementation will probably evolve, as WordPress contributors discuss the feature on GitHub.

Latest Plugin screen mockup in #48850
WP Autoupdates screenshot
Current implementation in WP Auto-updates Feature Plugin – version 0.1.2

Here is the proposed roadmap:

  • ✅ Create feature plugin
  • ✅ Submit feature plugin to repository
  • ✅ Get the plugin featured as beta plugin on
  • 🔲 Move the repository to GitHub account
  • ✅ Publish the feature plugin proposal
  • ✅ Open a dedicated Slack channel on Make WordPress
  • ✅ Organize weekly meetings
  • ✅ Handle plugins auto-updates
  • 🔲 Handle themes auto-updates
  • ✅ Handle plugins auto-updates in a multisite context
  • 🔲 Handle themes auto-updates in a multisite context
  • ✅ Add hooks and constants for plugins
  • 🔲 Add hooks and constants for themes
  • ✅ Add email notifications for plugins
  • 🔲 Add email notifications for themes
  • ✅ Add auto-updates information in update-core screen
  • 🔲 Validate design for plugins screen
  • 🔲 Validate design for themes screen
  • 🔲 Validate design for update-core screen
  • 🔲 Full documentation for new functions, hooks and constants
  • 🔲 Copy review
  • 🔲 Accessibility review
  • 🔲 Security review
  • 🔲 Coding standards review
  • 🔲 Inline Docs review

Last update: March 21, 2020

Next steps

The release of the WP-Auto-updates feature plugin is an early step in the process of having this functionality included in WordPress Core. Now, your help is needed to test, validate, and improve the current feature to ensure that it meets the needs of the WordPress community. Plugin and theme authors, hosting companies, WordPress developers and users are welcome to share their thoughts about this feature.

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