Coordinating Devchat

Running Weekly Meetings Running Weekly Meetings

  1. Publish an agenda (example)
  2. Script your agenda topics so you can copy/paste into devchat (example)
  3. Publish meeting summary (example)

As you’re writing agenda and summary posts, keep in mind the Post & Comment Guidelines.

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Daylight Saving Time (DST) Daylight Saving Time (DST)

Since the United States is generally one of the last locations to adjust to DST worldwide, the weekly devchat time gets adjusted after the US begins and ends DST. The devchat time changes the first devchat after the DST change, unless that week is a major national holiday or WordCamp.

The process to adjust the devchat time change is:

  1. Publish an update alerting people to the time change (example) at least two weeks before the US DST time change
  2. After the devchat time changes
    1. Update the time on the Meetings page entry for devchat (edit here)
    2. Update the time on the Weekly Developer Chats page
    3. Update the time on the Core welcome page