Summary for HelpHub meeting 14 January 2019


@kenshino @atachibana @dryanpress @zzap @clorith @softservenet @greensteph @fahimmurshed @subratasarkar attended.

Closing of Phase 1 Launch

Contents migration were completed.

Phase 1.5 was newly defined to solve high priority issues of Phase 2.

  1. Fix styling problems of sidebar, TOC and language locator to existing articles (@zzap)
  2. Migrate Codex language links to HelpHub (@atachibana)
  3. Setup redirect from Codex articles to HelpHub (@atachibana)
  4. Update Gutenberg related articles (Status)
  5. Migrate WordPress Version articles (Status)

Phase 2 discussion

By introduction of Phase 1.5, Phase 2 discussions were paused until February at least.

HelpHub contents

Phase 2 migration target was listed up here.
@atachibana will create all Codex pages table with help of #meta team.

Voice & tone – Writing Style

@kadair wrote the 1st edition, and now calling for the review. Please refer this article.

Maintaining Classic Editor & Block editor docs

@dryanpress and @clorith discussed about the soulution. plans were to identify all content in HelpHub and rename/re-slug i.e. Writing Content ==> Writing Content in the Classic Editor and create redirects to new equivalents.

Summary for HelpHub meeting 20 August 2018


@atachibana @tomf @kenshino @mapk @kafleg @tomjn @felipeelia @milana_cap

Phase 1 Updates

Last #meta meeting didn’t happen and we are still waiting for reply from them.

Phase 2 discussion

@tomf needs help in finding code for Contributor feedback functionality. We want to replicate functionality from Code Reference for start.

We need response from @mapk on new WordPress Version page design suggestion –

Bug Scrub

These will be reviewed and merged by @kenshino:

Assigned issues: Assigned @milana_cap Assigned @felipeelia Assigned @felipeelia Assigned @mapk

Help wanted:

On hold: For now keeping open. No for now, but we still want recognition for contributors.

Closed: Duplicate of 229.

Theme Versioning discussion:

You can view the meeting history in detail at: