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The WordPress Documentation Style Guide provides a set of rules and standards for writing developer and end-user documentation for any project related to WordPress.
The primary objective of the WordPress Documentation Style Guide is to help authors write clear and accurate information while facilitating consistency across all documentation. The aim of this Style Guide is to accommodate the global WordPress community having varied skills and abilities.


For an overview of the WordPress Documentation Style Guide, see Highlights.

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Editorial resources

Use these editorial resources for writing WordPress documentation.

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Reference hierarchy

  1. Project-specific style: Follow style guidelines specific to your project or product with first preference, such as necessary exceptions to this guide or terms that are relevant only to your product.

  2. This style guide: If certain guidelines are not there in your project-specific style guide, or there are no project-specific guidelines altogether, then use this style guide.

  3. External references: If the preceding references don’t provide explicit guidance, the refer the following external references:

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Additional editorial resources

Following are some additional technical style guides:

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