Request for Comment: Questions & Ideas for our Upcoming User Survey

Now with DevHub and HelpHub migration in full swing, we are ready to survey WordPress users about the usefulness of our documentation. 

In preparation, we’d like to collect topic suggestions from WordPress documentation team members and people who pay attention to the Make / WordPress blogs. Ideally, the questions can be reused yearly to gather information that will help inform our team’s work in the future. 

The goal of this specific survey is to learn “How complete is our documentation and how can we improve our user docs?”

Example: Where were you able to find End User documentation on

  • Yes, after searching and looking at a few pages. 
  • Yes, right away via the Support pages
  • No, I couldn’t find them and gave up 
  • No, I read about the Block editor on someone else’s blog
  • Didn’t know there was documentation

In this example, we want to learn how hard it is for those taking the survey to find the documentation for the block editor, the big change to how end users work with WordPress.

This survey, of course, is not just about the block editor, but all documentation.

Please add your comments by February 12th, and we will be able to prepare the survey in time for launch at WordCamp Asia, February 21st. 

We also need volunteers for the team to create the survey. Please leave your name in the comments if you would be available to work on the survey between now and Feb 19th, 2020.