Summary for HelpHub meeting 6 May 2019


@kenshino @milana_cap @atachibana @mkaz @kartiks16 @SallyinStC @felipeelia @tomf @kafleg @ibdz attended

Phase 1.5 – Development

@milana_cap outlined some VVV (local development tool) issues with Ubuntu 14.04 hitting end of life (EOL). It’s not absolutely a blocker to continue contribution work but it isn’t ideal.

@milana_cap also outlined 2 items that should receive a decision so that development work can start on it (small pieces)


A bug scrub was conducted on April 26 and the notes are available here –

Content Migration

@atachibana announces that migration of Phase 2 content is 100% complete.

@naomibush helped to transfer 19 Version (WordPress version notes) pages at WordCamp Atlanta, where she was leading the Doc team’s contributor day table.

@justinahinon added 4 new block editor pages based on classic editor docs.

As also discussed in the last Docs Team meeting, we’re shifting focus on the content front to doing redirections.

Gutenberg Developer Handbook

While not related to HelpHub, we also talked about the Gutenberg Dev handbooks that are being migrated to DevHub (

@mkaz outlined the following tasks that need to be done to release the handbook to the public

  1. Merge final PRs
  2. Publish to DevHub
  3. Confirm everything looks good
  4. Work with #meta to add redirects and disable previous auto-sync
  5. Confirm all looks good over week or two and rename to have just one manifest and retire old handbook

HelpHub Localisation

There have been technical suggestions from the meta team and I think we’re going to wrap up on what the Community and Docs team suggest as a first step.

We haven’t done that officially but I think we’re still going to recommend setting up the HelpHub plugin on Rosetta sites (other handbook CPT for community team) so that people can actually translate content right away.

If GlotPress becomes the tool we can use for long form translation, we can shift back to it when needed

You can read a transcript of the meeting at