Changing the nature of our weekly meetings

So HelpHub has already been deployed and other projects are in need of some focus.

I’ve been thinking about how to make our meetings more useful. Meetings that are just about updates aren’t the best use of everyone’s volunteer time.

Meetings that require involvement but no one is prepared for ain’t the best either.

So I’m hoping that we can improve how we run the meetings. I’d love for everyone to suggest something.

I’ll start off –

  1. Let’s rotate facilitators and note takers. Both roles have the ability to help someone really get into the groove and understand the Docs Team.
  2. Let’s change all meetings to Docs Team meeting (no special HelpHub dedicated only meetings)
  3. Let’s time-box each section of the meeting
  4. Let’s have focuses for each meeting. (e.g.)
    • Docs Team Meeting (60% time on HelpHub discussions, 40% other pieces)
    • Docs Team Meeting (60% time Docs Handbook, 40% other pieces)
    • Docs Team Meeting (60% DevHub discussions, 40% other pieces)
    • Docs Team Meeting (60% Flagship WordCamp contributor day discussions, 40% other pieces)
    • You get the drift!

Any better ideas? I’d love to hear them!

Summary for Docs Team Meeting 21 October 2019


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Today we started with new meeting format. In order to make meetings more useful we want to try to keep updates as short as possible at the beginning of the meeting (or maybe even during day prior to the meeting).

Most of the meeting will be dedicated to one specific part of Docs team responsibility ― HelpHub is published and it will no longer have dedicated meetings every second week.

The rest of the meeting time will be used for quick discussions/decisions on any other part of Docs team work.

Also, whenever possible, it would be good to close the meeting with clear tasks for the next meeting.

Facilitators and note takers will be rotating. At every meeting one volunteer will be assigned for the next meeting.

Read more and leave feedback/suggestions on new format:

HelpHub Updates

  • Content: 241 of 1068 (22.6%) pages were redirected. Last week was 230 of 1068 (21.5%).
  • Design: The team for WCValencia prepared some designs, but @estelaris needs to go through and to clean them up before presenting. Leave feedback for Home and Category pages here:
  • Development: Development is blocked and waiting for designs and GIT/SVN shared repo.
  • Localisation (Rosetta release): More Rosetta sites got HelpHub activated. We are waiting for #meta team to import original HelpHub content. @audrasjb is going to open Trac ticket to hide automatic link to forums for locales that don’t use forums at .org.

Common APIs

@leogermani is proposing moving all documentation on internationalizing API and localising WordPress core, themes and plugins to newly published Common APIs Handbook. He will try to create all the necessary pages this week. After review the old pages from other Handbooks and Codex can be redirected.

Read more, leave feedback/suggestions and offer your help here:

Next Meeting

Next meeting will have focus on Docs Team Handbook. Everyone are invited to review their parts of Handbook and indicate things that are missing or are out of date. A plan on adding/fixing these should also be made.

What is my part of Handbook?

Every project has its part in Handbook. You know the best how to contribute to project(s) you are involved with and, therefore, you know better than the others if Handbook is complete and up to date for that specific project.

The team page is mapping responsibilities and will be used as general guide for Handbook parts ownership. If you are missing from the list or your responsibilities have changed since Team page was created, do let us know and we’ll fix it. Or you can fix it yourself.

Next meeting will be run by @felipeelia and will happen on

Monday, October 28, 2019, 15:00 UTC

Transcript of the meeting can be found here:

Agenda for HelpHub Meeting 21 October 2019

The next HelpHub Meeting will happen in the #docs Slack channel at:

Monday, October 21, 2019, 15:00 UTC
  1. Attendance
  2. Select facilitator for next Docs meeting
  3. Content status @atachibana
  4. Design review – @estelaris
  5. Development (@milana_cap / @netweb)
  6. HelpHub Rosetta release
  7. AOB

Helpful Links:

l10n and i18n on Common APIs Handbook

This post is a starting point to discuss how we can organize the documentation around Internationalization and Localization on the new Common APIs Handbook.

Common APIs Handbook is the new home for documentation on APIs used across WordPress that is not specific to themes, plugins or any other component. There you will find docs on Options API, Shortcode API, etc. (Note that content is still being migrated so there might be incomplete pages).

This should also be the home for the i18n and l10n documentation. So let’s see how this could look:

Current documentation

Here is a list of the current documentation on this topic we have (and that I could found)

And then you have, at the top of that page, a link to documentation on both new Themes and Plugins Handbooks.

You will notice that we have duplicated content on these pages. “How to internationalize…” pages are very similar, with small differences in how to initialize text domains and where to save the files. “Localization” pages are pretty much the same.

Finally, we have the documentation on the new Javascript support for i18n introduced last year. This didn’t make it to the Docs yet:

What we could do

Here is my suggestion on how to organize this:

  1. Create an “Internationalization API” page on the Commons APIs Handbook with content from the current Codex page and the “How to Internationalize your theme/plugin” pages.
    1. These pages already have the same content
    2. Make sure to make it generic, in a way it works for themes, plugins, and the core
  2. Redirect Codex page to this newly created page
  3. Edit “How to Internationalize your theme/plugin” pages, leaving only plugins/themes specific information, and then linking to the “Internationalization API” page for general guidelines
  4. Add to the “Internationalization API” page the section about i18n support in javascript. If we have permission, Pascal’s post could be incorporated.
  5. Finally, we have to find a home for the “Localization” page. This is not properly an API, so maybe it could be an article on and all i18n pages could link to it

X-post: New Design for HelpHub: Home and Category pages

X-comment from Comment on New Design for HelpHub: Home and Category pages

Agenda for Docs Team Meeting 14 October 2019

Our next Documentation Team meeting is scheduled on

Monday, October 14, 2019, 15:00 UTC

in the #docs channel on Slack

Current Projects Updates:

  1. Content Migration from Codex to HelpHub & DevHub – @atachibana
  2. HelpHub development – @milana_cap and @clorith
  3. Inline Docs – @drewapicture and @atimmer
  4. Docs Team Handbook – @milana_cap
  5. HelpHub localisation
  6. Common APIs Handbook – @atachibana
  7. We have reps for other parts of Docs – let’s hear from them!
  8. Changing the nature of the Docs Team meetings

Open Floor

Feel free to comment if you have items to add to the agenda.

Summary for Docs Team Meeting 7 October 2019


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@milana_cap reported we’re waiting on @estalaris who is working on design tickets and @netweb reported that he would have notes on SVN issue coming and would post as soon as available.

Rosetta Release

@nao reported that the last piece we’re waiting for is:
HelpHub: fix role assignment for support users.
@kenshino confirmed.

@nao referenced 4 tickets in regards to enabling the HelpHub plugin: (pt_BR) (it_IT) (ru_RU) (ko_KO)
@nao also asked if it would be language by language (site) or network wide

@pascal confirmed if that is the last piece we are waiting on, that it should be ok to go ahead.

@pascal suggested to document the process and see that we have all the rights to perform all the steps. If we need meta too, we need to make sure to involve them in due time in the process

Change of Meeting Structure

@kenshino gave an update on combining the two meetings and how they are conducted. He’s working on a P2 post on this and that the transition will likely be late October or after WCUS

@kenshino asked that anyone going to WCUS let @milana_cap know.

@milana_cap will write up a P2 post asking who is going


@estalaris provided two screencaps of reworked pages and icon inclusion.

@kenshino asked if we could solicit feedback on Figma. @estalaris and @karmatosed suggested that we use something like a P2 post. @estalaris will do a P2 post soliciting feedback.

@estalaris will work towards closing the two open tickets on design as they were specific to items and solicit feedback on the provided screencaps.

@estalaris suggested that she could work with WordCamp Valencia for the mobile views.

@kenshino confirmed this would be a good idea to get others involved.


Agenda for Docs Team Meeting 7 October 2019

The next HelpHub Meeting will happen in the #docs Slack channel at:

Monday, October 7, 2019, 15:00 UTC
  1. Attendance
  2. Content status @atachibana
  3. Design review – @estelaris
  4. Development (@milana_cap / @netweb)
  5. HelpHub Rosetta release
  6. AOB

Helpful Links:

Summary for Docs Team Meeting 30 September 2019


@kenshino @atachibana @nao @pieter @milana_cap @leogermani @softservenet @aion @estelaris @pascal

Content Migration (from Codex to HelpHub & DevHub)

@atachibana reported we are now redirecting Functions in Codex to Code Reference (DevHub). 210/849 25.8% (last week 24.5% accomplished)
Details stats are here:

Anyone can join these tasks by following below steps:

@kenshino suggested due to the volume that we work on picking up the pace and push to accomplish progress at the coming WCUS

@milana_cap suggested we might be able to create a Documentation Twitter and push requests for assistance and updates there to encourage more participation. @kenshino affirmed that this is a nice idea and will check with @chanthaboune first before we proceed.

@kenshino reported he will be at WordCamp Tokyo and @atachibana suggested that that his thoughts were to encourage work on the Japanese Codex Migration.

@leogermani reported he will be at WordCamp Sâo Paulo next week and would be able to encourage participation at the Dev Day there.

@leogermani reported he is slowly working on hooks content and some functions and has 4 actively in process at the point of the meeting.

@leogermani QUESTION:
If the examples that were in the hook/function in the codex were migrated to the User Contributed Notes, I’m leaving the hook/function explanation without the examples. Unless the function/hook has a very atypical usage that I find important to be added in the Explanation…

Some people already migrated the examples in the codex to the user contributed notes. So if added to the explanation they would be duplicated.

@milana_cap suggested for filters we could add examples, otherwise open the code itself and see what can be filtered.

@kenshino asked if this was related to the “More Info” section and suggested @juliobox is the rep for that.

@atachibana expressed thoughts that duplication is too much. Original concept was moving examples to User Contributed Notes.

@milana_cap expressed she’s not for duplication either, but if there’s no example at all
the generated docs doesn’t show what you can filter, more often than not she had to open code for that.

@kenshino also expressed that it should be understood that the User Notes could at some point be pulled into the Core “More Info” section if they’re written well and also expressed concerns about losing attribution. @leogermani confirmed that this is the reason for his being in favor of maintaining the User Notes and we are losing attribution on the text produced in the wiki that is being copied to DevHub.

@kenshino expressed that this is a topic that needs more discussion and feedback on P2.

HelpHub Development

@milana_cap reported we are on waiting for @netweb’s workflow and design changes from @estelaris and it doesn’t make sense to move on without design, as we might have to change things. There are already things that should be changed, such as the home page.

@kenshino will follow-up with @netweb

Inline Docs

No discussion.

Docs Team Handbook

@milana_cap reported that there is supposed to be a Zoom call on this to set responsibilities for different sections, so that reps maintain their parts of it (and for an overall review)

Design Update

@estelaris gave a quick update on design (the #design team reviewed the files and requested few changes. Last week was difficult as there was a major Beta focus. She also requested feedback on existing tickets.

She reported that the new design changes accomplish:
1. all articles show in one page.Could be set up to 2 pages max (easier for user to find article needed)
2. no more issues with number of rows for long/short excerpts and we don’t need to rewrite them
3. less distracting
4. breadcrumbs allows easy going back to home page without clicking back on the browser

@softservenet asked about the previous Icons on the Grid Design. @kenshino asked if the Icons could be put next to the title.

@estelaris reported she would work on a version with Icons and @kenshino offered we can reach out to the Dashicons Team to get SVGs for this.

HelpHub Localisation

@kenshino asked @pascal about progress. @pascal reported he’s waiting for a GO from someone to deploy all Rosetta sites that have support.

@nao reported she’s finished the Handbook:

@milana_cap reported the Serbian team started creating empty articles to be sure the URLs are correct, categories, personas etc. After that’s done they’ll start actual translating and call more volunteers to join. They’re also looking into a separate Contributor Day to do that.

Common APIs Handbook

@milana_cap reported she reviewed and updated Dashboard Widgets API during WordCamp Nijmegen Contributor Day, a week ago.

@atachibana provided the API Handbook Links Spreadsheet:

Changing the Nature of Docs Team Meetings

@kenshino suggested that the two meetings, Docs team and HelpHub again be combined to one as it seems that will be more productive after trying the other.

• Docs Team: HelpHub (40 mins) and other issues (20 mins)
• Docs Team: DevHub (40 mins) and other issues (20 mins)
• Docs Team: Docs Team Handbook (40 mins) and other issues (20 mins)

@pieter suggested to ping for status the morning of the meeting and adjust agenda accordingly.

@milana_cap brought up that DevHub and the Handbook are not getting enough attention

@kenshino suggested that with a pre-ping, stats could be supplied right at the start of the meeting.

@kenshino will work on P2 post to lay out some ideas and a possible change implementation time might be October 15 if we do in fact change the format.

Agenda for Docs Team Meeting 30 September 2019

Our next Documentation Team meeting is scheduled on

Monday, September 30, 2019, 15:00 UTC

in the #docs channel on Slack

Current Projects Updates:

  1. Content Migration from Codex to HelpHub & DevHub – @atachibana
  2. HelpHub development – @milana_cap and @clorith
  3. Inline Docs – @drewapicture and @atimmer
  4. Docs Team Handbook – @milana_cap
  5. HelpHub localisation
  6. Common APIs Handbook – @atachibana
  7. Changing the nature of the Docs Team meetings

Open Floor

Feel free to comment if you have items to add to the agenda.